Published on Jul 5, 2018
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  • I use IVAR in my house. Love it. I notice you have used 2 complete units where you can assemble it with the centre beam attaching 2 sides.

  • Calvin's Room, 👶 LOOK'S like a Garage Storage !!! All that Food, in His Room ? You Need HELP !!! Too Much Crap , like the Piano and the Bookshelve's. You're Burying Calvin, in Shelves !! 👎

  • Why put the baby in a storage room with things that may fall to the baby's head bad idea.. maybe you should have separate your storage room to the kids room..

  • Wow your eyes are sooo beautyfuel

  • This reminds me of us living in a flat when I was small, so much! :D :)We would have storage even by the ceiling! :D I liked those days and like your smart preparation for an upcoming member of you family!

  • So the baby is in a garage...... It gives me anxiety............what if there was an earthquake? Please get rid of things.....please!

  • You made a foyer with the kallax; you can relocate the round mirror onto the kallax to formalize the entry-mudroom. Love you

  • The baby could accidentally pull down the boxes on him.

  • Dont like the storage close to the crib,the baby can grab whatever you put in there.Still the hiuse have ti bw decluter more

  • That cute little laugh tho 🤣makes my heart melt ♥️

  • try organizing your presentation and quit rambling about unnecessary information.

  • I have a box room it can only fit a bed and a small ikea wardrobe it’s really annoying science I’m nearly a teenager and when I get older I want to invite friends over but their is no space 😫

  • Store your stuff somewhere else and give the baby a proper room.

  • Hmm... the second he starts standing in his crib, that’s no longer going to be his “room”. 😂😂

  • Thats not a tiny house

  • I’ve never seen so many bins in my life. I have a small dresser for my three kids, that’s it. It’s not about organizing, but most about having little stuff. My house is small too.

  • If you have a small house why would you put so many shelves and draws? Get rid of stuff . Adding shelves means you are adding more and more stuff. Making the house still look cluttered and unorganized. I’m sorry but I saw many stuff you could have done way different and have gotten rid of a lot of things

  • They baby is super happy and very adorable. Watching him laugh made me smile. Great video! Gave me ideas! Thanks!

  • Your desk and laptop area is large .. you could remove that desk and have floor to ceiling storage for all the things you dotted around the house and in children's room .. In a very to live comfortably you have to ce ad minimalist as possible's room really can't be storage room it's not safe .. move stuff to the living room or get rid if not essential to everyday life

  • Cant get past the voice yackity yack

  • "We live in a tiny home" girl, no. No you don't.

  • I would be very worried that something could fall on the baby or he could climb out of his crib and something from the shelf could fall on him. I really like you and your videos but this is not safe!

  • Please make sure that the baby won’t be able to reach the cord!

  • It doesn't look like a safe room for the baby!

  • The whole video my mind was like.... No, no, no. You purchased extra storage stuff BEFORE decluttering, so now you have empty spaces, which are things you spent money on. It’s better to, declutter then buy storage things based in what you have. And the baby’s room is SCARY! I’m just scared and relieved things didn’t fall on him before, and I’m hoping things don’t fall on him now, even after you “decluttered” And all that storage in his room will just collect dust, which is bad for him 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Agree.. plus kids store cum storage I'd not a good idea at all

  • I have never commented on a video before but couldn’t resist! I’m cracking up at your Israelites joke and the potential before the promise land!!🤣🤣❤️

  • That poor baby that’s not a safe room at all for him. A baby room is not an extra storage room.

    • I totally agree because there is too much plastic where he sleeps! It doesn't look safe with the all bins all the way up to the ceiling next to the crib.

  • You should totally be sponsored by Ikea! Your video was showing dramatic changes to your house and it was all ikea stuff, recommended again and again very nice way...So affiliate/sponsor ship to your next video like this....

  • You have a really nice appartement! Can you move the book shelfs to the living room and the shelfs for canned food into the kitchen? The cleaning supply next to babyboy seems unhealthy..the dust particles can go into the lungs. Overall i love your house

  • Congratulations! Everything looks so nice and clean after the decluttering! I litteraly can feel your happiness.

  • Israelites before the promise land.....IM ROLLING this......I'm subscribing....I live in a 915 sqft apt....with a 17 yr old teenager that's like a TWO YEAR OLD !~!!!! Did you get to a point of just wanting to toss EVERYTHING and start anew LOL....I'm a single momma so its like...OMG lol

  • Great video👌🏼

  • Awesome

  • I think it’s a bad idea I would move the baby out that room. Where would number 3 baby. Put that storage where you put the other things.

  • Not a tiny house..... and I feel like minimalism is definitely not a thing here. There is so much clutter and stuff shoved everywhere. You shouldn’t use your babies room as a storage room. Get rid of all that shit and give your baby a safe environment.

    • Jenny V I was thinking the same. I rather not have a lot of things and give my baby a proper space. If it was me I would get rid of everything. I also live in a small home with 3 kids and a husband ☺️. We really don’t need a lot to live.

  • Wow, amazing transformations and it's awesome how much you were able to get done with little ones around! :)

    • No comment on "baby room"? Your the reason this was recommended to me

  • Impressive and congratulations

  • First time seeing your channel, what a beautiful happy family . God bless you all. All the grownups having a great time and the little darlings giggling makes this a really special video.thanks for sharing

  • Nice video. I love the storage and I love the upbeat of your family together.. Sweet, cute and helpful. Thanks for an inspiring video. You have a beautiful family.

  • I’m around 2:30 in and how is that a tiny house?!?! Your kitchen is bigger than our 4 bedroom house

  • Onions in calvins room? Why?

  • That room is only suutable as a storage room not suitable as a childs room. No toys, beautiful childrens wall paper or lighting stimulating a small childs senses and comfort. Might also br dangerous if some of those big boxes falls down, sorry.

  • You did a lot. I have to agree with the others that the baby shouldn't be in the same room you use for storage. Can you move the storage stuff out to the shed and give him the room?

  • I would get rid of everything in the babies room. Put that junk in your empty under the bed storage. What an awful nursery room. Poor kid!

  • Oh. This is an advertisement for IKEA. She could have mentioned that she is being paid by IKEA to promote their products.

  • You not declutter anything 🤔🙅🏼‍♀️.... just put a lot of ikea stuff in your home.... And the “baby room “ looks like s storage room... 😰😢😔...

  • Wow thats a really cute house

  • You are sooo pretty!!!!

  • Do you not wanna put up a curtain so you’re room is a little more sectioned off of the kitchen?

    • I was an afterthought child..I slept on the room of my own. Plus my mum was a hoarder..our rooms were full of her treasures. MAKE SPACE..NOT BABIES!!!

  • I’m going to start canning and store them right beside my babies crib she says 😱😱