Published on Jul 5, 2018
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  • In my whole life I've never seen a baby voluntarily playing with this babytoy thing! 😂

  • Why is the baby sleeping in a storage room? This is not very sweet isn't it? You organized everything, but where does the Baby has it's space? Between pots, pans and big boxes...? Sorry, I don't like it. I like how you tried it, but please try and find another solution. Maybe get rid of more things? Good luck, you sweet Woman! Hugs!

    • Nina M the baby actually sleeps in there? That’s terrifying!

  • Whoa! first time watching your vlog. Is that your usual style? the choppy kind of patching together your filming? I'm not going to check out others before your response.

  • I dunno I feel like any house with room for a piano ain’t that small 😂

  • You say it is the babys room but really it is a storage room with a crib inside :/ Rest of the house is lovely though.

  • Unsafe child’s room 🤨🤦🏻‍♀️😱

  • It looks like your baby sleeps in a store room.

  • I so love this, my favourite thing is to get rid of things and seeing boxes and bags going to charity makes my hart glad 😁 I'm currently doing massive clear out, we moved to bigger house last year and I still keep things I don't need!! So I got lots to do. Looking forward to see rest of the house. Ps. Love IKEA 👌

  • Great vlog! I'm so happy that I found your channel :)

  • Looks amazing, congrats on making your home more livable.

  • Looks amazing, congrats on making your home more livable.

  • You sure are a pretty girl. Great job. Thanks for sharing.

  • what’s the name on the draws under the bed ? :) searching for them but can’t find them

  • the result of cutting out all the speech-pauses ---- it is absolutely tiring to listen to what you say.

  • A nightmare that room for your baby. Looking you sleep your baby in storage. Better to buy another shelf unit or even two and put in in the living room or share with the o e that you have..

  • Wouldnt it be a good idea to put the mud romm and storage room together and put the little one next to your bedroom?

  • Poor calvin. Very unsafe items precariously stacked - look as if they could have fallen on him at any moment.

  • are you guys on your third kid? Your bed is in plan site, wide open. How to you have sex? Aren't you afraid your kids will walk in and see you? Personal question, but very curious.

  • Do you have any info on your flooring?

  • I would be careful putting canning jars right beside the crib like that. I've had less breakable items that close I wasnt thinking about that got grabbed by my babe!

  • I have the same dinner table :D

  • Your House is not small!!!!

  • I love your house. Is SO cozy

  • This is the first video of yours that I've ever watched. I love your energy and how positive you are! You have a beautiful family and a beautiful home. Subscribed! :)

  • "we live in a tiny house" uh... No

  • I'm in the UK and I am always amazed by the size of the US and Canadian homes. I live in a 3 bed house but my living room and kitchen are smaller than yours. There are 5 of us.

  • Why can't the kids share a room? Turn your "room" into the storage room. Bedrooms are for sleeping.

  • it all looks fabulous! Just want to emphasize that you make sure to fasten all shelving to the walls :)

  • Your kids are the cutest omg😍❤️ happy babies😊

  • What a tremendous and successful purge/organization! Just be sure to secure all those tall shelves to the wall so they won't tip over, if you haven't already done so. Sweet home! Your kids are SO cute and fun to watch!

  • "The Israelites before they got to the promised land." 😂😂😂 That makes so much sense!!!

  • I’m sure there’s worse things in the world, but your baby is basically living in a storage space...

  • Creates a bunch of free space -> already planning how to fill it back up

  • Where'd you get that cute little couch?

  • Hi good job on reorganizing but heres a tip if u are able to do it. Place floating nightstands/shelves instead that way u have easier access to the smaller under bed storage. And if u still need more space coverage just slide under the floating stand one of those square boxes with lids, they are padded and have them in different sizes. I actually use an ikeas kitchen item that is small but big enough as a night stand. They used to have them in white but now they offer them in brown blck or birch which is ok i guess since u can always paint them. I dont remember the name as it is mounted on my wall and the tag is behind it but the dimensions are 14.5 in. L 15 in. W and 9 in. H. The inside opening is just about 7.5 in tall and 13.5 in. W. And judging by the space im pretty sure it will fit.

    • Hey i found it in ikeas website its called tutemo and it goes for $35. It is displayed vertical but it def. functions horizontal as well.

  • Maybe do a minimalist vid - get rid of more :)

  • Great ideas however a children's bedroom should be just that not a storage room. Please do not but kitchen things in his room . I feel claustrophobic just by seeing the baby's room.

  • Irrelevant but you look like brunette Jane Levy.

  • It's so nice to see an organizing and decluttering video for someone who doesn't have the perfect house for the size of family. Good job making it work! It looks like the dining room is actually your bedroom. Is that right?

  • Love the video! Great job decluttering! I'm not sure, but think I heard somewhere that it's not good to be breathing around too much plastic.

  • good topic, but the presentation is so teeeheeeheee and lame, i can't hang. the MOMMMMYYYYY!!!!!1 thing is annoying. yeah, i'm a young (not TOO young like an idiot, thanks) mom and pregnant again. still way annoying. going to look elsewhere.

  • Sarah you're so lovely and your family is gorgeus! Just up hold the baby machine a little bit womann! Lol There's almost no room for all of you. Wait until the Lord gives you better conditions! 😅

  • Great ideas! When I was living in a small space a while back I was almost forced to organize and declutter quite regularly. But now that I"m in a bigger home I'm definitely more spread out and have a lot more stuff. I know I can live with less, but it's tough to get rid of things once you're used to having it.

  • “The isreal lights before the promised land” I’m crying. 😂

  • Awesome tips! Love you

  • You are so pretty!

  • I love I know Ikea too. Love your content.

  • I would move baby. Maybe he could share with his sister? Or, I think at least one of those shelving units should go and the crib turned so there's a little more space, but the main concern is something falling on him.

  • You did a great job! This motivates me to do some decluttering today. xo

  • your one piece jumpsuit is so adorable. where did u get it if you dont mind me asking

  • Calvin’s room is the size of my room.... and I’m 16. He’s FINE. Y’all stop hating. He literally sleeps there.

  • Your kids are SO ADORABLE!! Awww love the video btw

  • Those Kugis drawers look great in your home and I LOVE those brass type baskets for your room separator

  • 9:23 your girl already got the feet of a dancer! Well done with the decluttering! I share an apartment with three other people. The forth person is coming in two days, and today I did a massive redo of my room to make space for the 4th persons bed. It was such a hard job! (I will make a video about it) I was pretty upset as well, because I had spent so much time decorating my room. I have to leave in 5 weeks for educational reasons, so I guess my room had to change.

  • I love your channel! You guys did such an awesome job with the decluttering and organizing. Decluttering can be so hard but it's so satisfying when you get it done. ☺️ Also, I absolutely love your under the bed storage... It looks so clean and like such a great way to use that space.

  • I just came from your beauty channel and I almost bought a kallax shelve for my office but instead I went for a Hemnes which I love Hemnes it's my favorite style of furniture in IKEA. IKEA stuff is middle range good and expensive stuff is always really heavy I don't know how people clean and move expensive furniture around every month. My mom has some expensive stuff and her room and living room we deap clean 3 times a year because of the heavy stuff and my boyfriend always helps or we just can't do it in one day. It looks much more organizes and airy. I acumulate so much stuff I don't need that this weekend I'm going to take some photos and put at least 10 pieces of clothes to sell =D And make some money to buy the rest of the things we need in our house =) Good luck with the rest of the cleaning. Loved the video

  • Thank you for inspiring me to declutter my own house !

  • I don't even know how you guys live in such a small space with a family of 5 soon. You're amazing

  • Wow I would love to organise my house. Brilliant job. God bless your family.

  • U are amazing!!!❣️😘

  • I really like your dectutter. I don't see why anybody would hate on you and the way you keep the little household. I saw your Mamma hacks and I was impressed how you raise and deal with your kids, they are gonna be amazing grownups one day. Congratulations!!!!!

  • Wow you have done a great job with what you have to work with! Wanna come organize my closet? lol Calvin's room is like night and day! What a difference!

  • You’re making the best of a small space. It looks great! Don’t let the haters get you down!

  • Everything looks fantastic!! We are a (very very soon to be) family of 7 in a 2 1/2 bedroom 1100 sq ft house and we do this all the time. Hit up IKEA, declutter, and organize as our needs change. It always feels so good to have a fresh space. We get comments all the time about raising a family in such a small house but when people visit our home they are often surprised by how nice it looks and feels. Looks like all your hard work paid off!

  • I love this video. Your home is lovely and your family seems so happy. I'm saddened by all the negativity you're receiving. It baffles me.

  • Storage room and cleaning stuff and onions and Fungus and baby in same room . Very bad idea !! Cleaning stuff and storage accumulate lot of germs and dust . I am sorry to say , ur house needs experts advice . Things are just stuffed In .

    • shikastachiron baby is part of storage. It seems !!

    • it is no baby-room at all. just storage.

    • I had to pause just to see if someone else was thinking the same as me about the baby and the onions in the same room lol... Thats sooo wrong, like noooo dont put stuff on babies room, children need a clean space, with lots of natural light if possible not...onions and a bunch of stuff with dust and germs...

    • I think simplifying their lifestyle would help to get rid of excess, especially with small children around.

    • Also what if the one of the box fall out? I don't want to imagine ... Even though you have tight spaces move the baby bed Nice work

  • YOUR HOUSE IS SO CUTE!!!!! great decluttering inspiration!

  • Please tell me you secured those shelves in Calvin’s room to the walls so when he starts climbing they won’t fall on him? Why would you put a massive glass cake stand and cover in the babies room he’s going to knock it over get shards of glass everywhere and hopefully he won’t hurt himself but it’s still not safe?! I’m only saying this because my nephew almost had a dress or fall on him.

  • I'm from Sweden and I on maternety leave from IKEA. And I just love hearing the swedish names with an english accent! 😂

  • I watched this yesterday during my lunch break. Wanted to go home and purge the junk. Lol Love this

  • Wow! Great job! :) Calvin's room is looking awesome! ^^

  • I was thinking I need a bigger house cuz I’m pregnant with number 3. Now I’m like no we don’t.

  • This is so satisfying to watch :P

  • You are so talented at making the most of your space!!! Love it!

  • I recently have gone through my whole (3 bed 2 bath, sry. Lol) house and just given away and trashed so much stuff we didn’t need. Less is more except for food. Lol

  • Your house is totally cute! Well done! Our house is small too. Not everyone gets it! We live in a house that is 1000 sq feet with a teenager and five dogs! We're happy, and I can tell that your family is happy too. :)

  • You are so lucky to have so much space! I live in the Okanagan in BC and am living in my parents' basement. I have 2 rooms. A corner of the basement living room, and my old bedroom which is now my son's room and also storage for all the things that came home with me when I became a single mom. Fabulous job girl!

  • Sooo satisfying! I absolutely love a good clear out. Makes such a difference to life :-)

  • You have a super cute house and some happy kiddos, great job mom😊

  • Organizational videos are sooooo satisfying to watch tho~ great job mama T!! It’s pretty amazing how your able to work with a smaller amount of space to your advantage (o^^o)

  • Wow, no joke your room is tiny

  • Just found you today, your vid popped up from me watching the 30 day declutter challenge. Who plays the piano? And do u sing?

  • way too much plastic. uugh. maybe put a curtain in front of the light blue boxes.

  • Ohhh! I’d love to see a canning video from ya! 😝

  • Hello, Could you please link the shelves and the storage box name from ikea?

  • I love the blue boxes in Calvin's room. what are they call? It will be great if you can list the ikea things that you used. I love how you make use of the space.

  • Wow that was such a huge change

  • Amazing job it looks completely transformed! Love it! I’m here for decluttering and organizing all day! 🙌🏻 I myself live in a studio/bachelor so I’ve also had to do and continue to declutter regularly and also be creative with storage and creating multi use spaces out of one small area! 💜

  • Taaa-daaaah! 😕

  • That little boy is hated by his parents? 1. They named him Calvin. WTF? Nobody who loves their child names him Calvin. 2. They shoved a crib in a storage room and are trying to pass it off as his bedroom. Um no. Kitchen supplies in a baby's room?! Please.

    • Anisa Romano I don't think your name is very nice. I don't actually care what your parents named you, but following your logic I have to assume that, since I don't like your name, your parents must hate you? Hmmm....maybe that's why you're here being so negative.

    • Anisa Romano well that’s a really stupid thing to say. Just because you have some half baked theory doesnt mean that it’s true. And I dont care if you respect my “opinion” or not.

    • My hating the name Calvin means ... that I think it's a terrible name. I have a theory that people who give their kids terrible names don't truly love their kids. I might respect your opinion if you didn't resort to name-calling.

    • Ahhh yes. The baby who could care less about materialistic items will definitely despise having kitchen supplies in his room.

    • Anisa Romano who are you to say he is hated?? If you even watch her vlogs you see how much they love their children. And just because you dont like the name Calvin doesnt mean anything. You’re an idiot.

  • Thanks this was motivating. I had planned to declutter this weekend and I ended up taking the piles of crap and papers off of my desk and shelf midway through this and put them in my living room. I like to keep my living room clear so it will make me address it immediately! Right in the walkway!

  • I LOOOOVE IKEA! You did so much better with all these organisation hacks! Would love to see how you organize your kitchen!

  • It looks so good sarah!! Honestly I know your house is small but I love it, I think it’s so cute

  • Building stuff together is lovely 😊

  • So good, what a difference! You could totally hang a pretty curtain in front of the shelf with all the storage bins in Calvin's room--I have a suuuuper similar setup and used the LILL curtains from IKEA to hide everything and am in looove

  • You can hang some curtains on that new shelfs in Calvins room, so it doesn't look like storage room. Just an idea. 😊

  • Calvin’s room is too cluttered with storage for a little baby 😔

    • Kara L. Why does he care? He literally just sleeps there.

  • More decluttering!!! I am a minimalist at heart but we are living with my in laws currently while we save up to buy a home. Which means we have very limited space. I would like to see where and how you store toys! Also just more space saving :)

  • Genius...... and it looks so nice!!! You did this so quickly considering you have two littles and one on the way... Love the Kalax as a wall divider. Perfect for your mudroom. Love that it can be used on your bedroom side also. Love the drawers under the bed and the shelving in the baby’s room and the matching plastic totes are so nice and fit perfectly plus the third shelf too. Great ideas xx nice work 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Lol Sarah you need to change your about page on ur channel. It’s no longer just baby Ivy!😂😂❤️