How To Forge Thor's Infinity War Weapon

Published on May 10, 2018
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Thor may have lost Mjolnir in Thor Ragnarok, but what would it take to actually make a new one? Kyle hammers out the details on this week's Because Science!
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Artist: Andrew Bowser
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  • 4:55 Well damn, I guess he wasn't afraid to throw *shade* at *luminosity.* Yes, I know, I'm leaving...

  • i did not understand anything i am only 13

  • This is why "Infinity War" is the most inconsistent, narrative-wise laziest movie ever made by the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When you're dealing with such forces, yet the same Thanos who get easily punched by Captain America or Star-Lord swatted off and broke both physically and psychologically a god capable to handle such tremendous amounts of energy, that is literally stepping on a lot of s**t.

  • the core probably would have attracted a bunch of air composing gases and created a bit of an atmosphere especially if people used to use the bifrost to get in and out or if the forge had been intended to be living space originally

  • "That's a Yotta-watts..." *instant regeret* Best of Kyle 2018 :D

  • Actually Stormbreaker doesn't require "worthiness" just raw power. Mjolnir requires the user to be worthy but Stormbreaker would just be too powerful for anyone but Thor to lift in it's completed state. Also his armor is probably some Uru alloy and he is Asgardian so it makes sense he could withstand that much energy and not die... in the MCU that is.


  • Lol rip Luminosity

  • I hope my Science teacher back in my school days is like Kyle, and maybe I will have a alot interst in science 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pity I’m late for the corrections, but from what I got from what they’ve done is that they harness the beam of hyper accelerated particles and waves coming from the star’s magnetic poles to heat the metal. So the energy calculations should be actually for the pulsar energy output instead of luminosity of the star itself, otherwise the forge would be better suited to harness the energy of a blue star instead, since the luminosity is much higher and could get a better effect. Although the pulsar energy a neutron star or a quasar coming from the magnetic poles is much higher and focused than just harnessing the heat from the star, so I think this would make much more sense.

  • So that means the Stormbreaker blade would weigh as much as the Pyramid of Giza. HOW FUCKING STRONG IS GROOT?!

  • Aaayy I have a friend named Kelvin should I break the news to him

  • I thought this was about Stormbreaker, and not the forge itself. The video is still very interesting but the videos title should have had been called something like how the space forge in infinity war works

  • I only clicked because he looked like Thor in the thumbnail

  • They did not forge Stormbreaker they cast it... would Stormbreaker have bits of burned thor in it???

  • TO: Because Science. If you've haven't seen yourself in the mirror lately you could pass for the son of Thor or at least play as the stunt double LOL.

  • Couldn't Thor just be doing the motions of breathing even with no air there?

  • When you said what happens if you are near to a neutrón star, i thought that it's exactly what happens in steins;gate when they try to send matter... That is the most acurrate anime ever

  • speaking of Thor, you look like Chris Hemsworth

  • How powerful Thanos and his minions must be to defeat a ship full of Asgardians. I know Thor is special among Asgardians, but there's special and then there's special. Basically, who needs the Avengers when you've got a few Asgardians around? Infinity War should never have happened because Thanos would have been laid out by any Asgardian five year old.

  • Does he write backwards??

  • This channel gets 2k more subscribers a day

  • What about time dilation

  • So basically you have a weapon with enough power to literally melt a planet with it's mere gravity field alone by just existing, let alone being swung at the bloody thing. I imagine the amount of strength needed to survive wielding such a weapon would mean you could probly mulch Thanos no problem with your hands. Meaning, that Axe would probably atomize Thanos and Earth probably by being swung at effective speeds. Now the real question, what is the handle made out of that it could even stay intact.

  • Has anyone mentioned that in the movie stormbreaker isn't forged at all. Its cast.

  • I guess it's called "Hamaxe" but i'm not sure

  • Don't cut your hair!

  • Black hole material is more dans that neutron star material

  • The power is Thor’s not the hammer.

  • Just imagine what the forge was made of

  • So what's stronger, a neutron star or a black hole?

  • Bah! I wish I had seen this video before today. I created a science lesson for my students about this exact topic. The math took a while, and I enjoyed it, but I'm sure my students would have rather watched this. And Infinity War.

  • I had a question since Thor is a God and wasn't able to be burned by a neutron star and is humanoid what type of matter would he be made of to be both humanoid and resilient enough to withstand the vacuum of space and being burned by neutron star all while looking like a regular person from Earth his hair didn't even burn what type of hair follicles do you have that won't be burned by a trillion plus jewels

  • What's the gravity of Thor's hammer? That scene in Avengers: AoU, would Tony Stark's house be collapsed to a black hole just from the gravity of Thor's hammer sitting on his table?

  • I think next question is, "how many brain cells does it take to aim for an arm wielding a universally cataclysmic weapon instead of the chest of the one wielding it?" Seriously, why bother telling Thor to take your head? All he had to do was chop through your arm, Mr. Purple People-killer.

  • It didn’t contain the power it was like a catalyst or a conduit for his power

  • Can we talk about how much this guy looks like Thor?

  • Thor is simply explaining how he resisted the star in this video

  • What about black holes

  • come on man get with the times! if you want to look like Thor....cut the hair😋

  • Some Nerds might say, you done did wrong by saying that Neutron stars are the densest material because of black holes, the bad fat little big brothers of Neutron stars... but here I come in your defence before I even know if it is neccessary xD Black holes could be denser, assuming they do still have mass. But while we do not truly know what happens behind the event horizon of a black hole, where matter would travel at light speed, one popular opinion is that behind that there exists a singularity in space time, or a hole, so to speak, through which most of the matter vanished which was once used to form the black hole, with a kind of imperceivable "matter storm" around it that sometimes shoots out in form of Quasars (right word? dunno). So a black hole would not be denser, since density is mass over volume, and there would hardly be any mass left inside the black hole. So, if someone actually tried to correct you here... you are welcome :P xD

  • someone has already

  • black holes are more denser than nutrons

  • When did Thor become a scientist??

  • STORMBREAKER DOESN'T HAVE THE "WORTHY" RULE! That was placed my odin at the beginning of Thor 1 on the hammer

  • Thanks for these Kyle. Here is a question for you. What is the wind scar from inuyasha?

  • Bruh we are looking at Thor right now and he’s teaching us how to make this thing smh

  • Do you ever find yourself accidentally writing things backward out of habit? XD just a funny thought.

  • maybe it's just me but these dwarfs built a forge that harnesses the power of a neutron star and none of them thought it a bad idea to put the opening leavers for the door of said star right in front of the burnie part? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Everyone says he looks like Thor, he looks like Felicity Smokes twin.

  • when the ship was destroyed by thanos, thor was just floating around in space, nothing happened to him at all. so... yes of course he could breath, talk and scream.

  • Did the handle of Stormbreaker turn to dust?

  • Bruce's pants are stronger

  • Another one, If Thor is that strong that he can withstand A FUCKING NETRON STAR HOW IN THE WORLD DOES THANOS DEFEAT HIM!, BECAUSE HE KILLED LOKI?! And as well you don't need to be worthy to lift Storm Breaker because it doesn't have the curse/enchantment that Odin, and only him can give as Thor is not the king of Gods yet. You know I noticed these in the theatre but I didn't think too much. And why didn't you mention the time that the Axe stop THE FUCKING POWER OF ALL SIX INFINITY STONE LIKE WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN THIS MOVIE!

  • I wonder how he did not mention black holes? Unrelated, but still worth it!

  • In the video you said that the energy used to melt the metal for Thor’s axe could vaporise 48 billion people down to the bone. If that’s the case, what in Valhalla is the strength of the atomic bonds that comprise our bones? I’m just poking fun here. I’m assuming that you meant that you calculated energy it would take to vaporise humans DOWN to the skeleton, not including the bones themselves.

  • 0:34 turn back?! I never turn back a challenge...( what am i doing with my life 😭).

  • If Stormbreaker acts like Mjölnir and Thor can call lighting to it could he just fry anything he struck it into?

  • I got a question would his hammer actually be able to sit on Earth’s surface without being driven to the core?

  • Thor is just about immortal due to him being a god. If no one has noticed he has the heat of lightning flowing through his body in ragnorok and infinity war. He could take the heat because of those reasons. And did anyone else notice he said that your “words” would be frozen, but he was being pelted with heat from a star? How would it freeze? But still like these videos.


  • Hey kyle ive watched a lot of because science videos and i have to say they are really great and they bring a smile to my face but i just wanted to know how to be well intelligent

  • Ok but how did Thore's clothes survive?

  • Bro you hair and vids are amazing 💪🏼

  • Not trying to be a hater but you don’t need to be worthy to wield storm breaker it has a different property then Mulnor

  • I really have doubts asgardians need to breathe. That's more of a petty mortal thing to need. :p

  • him: i like you her: i don't him: please stay with me her: can you please stay away from me like 4:05

  • With Stormbreaker Thor must have the ability to control every aspect of the weapon in order to plunge it into Thanos’s chest even though it’s having to overcome the power of an entire universe of force that’s being used by Thanos by way of the Gauntlet to try and stop it.

  • She: If I jump here, what would be my acceleration? He: 1 She jumps and die He: million :'(

  • What material is the forge made out of? It's surrounding the star and able to hold melted Uru without melting. What force in the universe would be able to exceed the energy of a neutron star to cast that material? Why isn't there a weapon made out of this stuff?

  • Did I just watch Thor revealing his secret formula to make my own Mjolnir?

  • Science-Thor talking about Real Thor is so meta

  • HEY!!! Thor's hammer doesn't contain his power, it focus it

  • hmm single most extreme? so these ultra dense cores are most insane than black holes? very interesting. what about quasars? how about grbs? it seems there are a few things more extreme but keep trying to sound like you know what youre talking about

  • Shit it is 666k views

  • Are you Thor's long lost forgotten brother?

  • Come on Because Science. You don't actually have to be worthy to wield Stormbreaker. I could wield Stormbreaker,and I masturbate with my hand after it falls asleep so it will feel like someone else is doing it. Yep! New rules for this weapon. LoL But you do have to be strong. So maybe I couldn't? Oh well at least you don't have to be worthy :)

  • Tells spoiler before the spoiler warning.

  • Why did Thor fall away from the star instead towards it?

  • thor is breathing in space because he is a god😂

  • Stormbreaker isnt mjolnir, its a common misconception, but you do not have to be worthy to wield stormbreaker.

  • So how much would his new hammer/ axe thing weigh

  • 4:51 epic burn my man, epic burn!!!

  • That may all be so, but Thor still should have aimed for the head.

  • *The god of THUNDER* and -lightning-

  • Haha I pointed out the logic in the post credit scene when i watched aiw

  • Assuming a size of 20 km diameter, and a density of 4.5 * 10^17 kg/m^3, a neutron star impact on Earth would be horrifying. Because it doesn't rip Earth apart, Earth's orbit is changed, and Earth is completely vaporized. Basically everyone dies.

  • It would take a neutron star the size of Lake Michigan to be the mass of the Sun

  • He has killed 3000 enemys and never thought of getting a better axe before?

  • Magnetars are fucking scary.

  • Lol they probably do have Asgardian airsacks

  • Thor and teen Groot can wield the ax

  • go get that haircut then please

  • black holes are denser than neutron stars

  • Thor in IW: Tanked the full unbridled force of a neutron star for a few minutes Thor in Ragnarok: Gets electrocuted by a glorified taser.

  • Here is a dime solution as to how much energy is needed to forge Stormbreaker. Take the total energy usage of earth, multiply it by about ten thousand, and the throw everything out the window because movies can do what they want without any explanation as to why.

  • if the neutron star has enourmous magnetic field and if it was spining why not just bulid a normal generator :v

  • I don't think he's sponsered by luminosity 😂

  • All I know is groot’s sacrifice will not be in vain.

  • Kyle, why do you talk about your dad so emotionless? I'd be psyched if Thor was my dad!