How To Forge Thor's Infinity War Weapon

Published on May 10, 2018
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Thor may have lost Mjolnir in Thor Ragnarok, but what would it take to actually make a new one? Kyle hammers out the details on this week's Because Science!
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Artist: Andrew Bowser
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  • 5:00 perfect black body black body black *BLACK!?* **angry KKK member noises**

  • Im just surprised how thor survived 5000 or more kelvin


  • how does he write without the letters reversing?

  • And all of this is ultimately pointless because you should never, ever cast a weapon in a mold. That shit would be awful and brittle.

  • The machine that holds the neutron star has a higher melting point than Thor’s storm breaker

  • how many comments have you gotten about you looking like Thor?

  • Don’t worry Kyle I laugh at your jokes

  • You look like thor.

  • M'GOD!!!

  • they stole the dwarf from Narnia

  • Wasn't Thor indoors while opening the aperture? If indoors, he'd be able to talk just fine.

  • Isnt a black hole denser and has more gravitation ?

  • So Thor is this powerful, but he can be stabbed effortlessly with a knife and possibly die.

  • Now consider that Cpt. Marvel is at least as strong as him in the MCU :O

  • I am curious: wouldn't standing on a neutron star turn you into a neutron soup? Instead of spaghetti

  • thor?

  • "If you want to avoid spoilers then close the video now" *Shows clips from Infinity War*

  • The vacuum of space.

  • Maybe the reason Thor can breath at Nidavellir is because the dwarfs built a artificial atmosphere around the star. I mean as you can see in the Dyson sphere where they make the ax there is nothing protecting them from space for example the giant hole the neutron stars energy comes in from.

  • But wait there's more. The handle ended up being made from Groot's arm. Which is made of wood. Not exactly a dense material, all though considering Groot is a sapient alien tree I think I can cut him some slack.

  • First off Odin did not enchant storm breaker obviously, possessing storm breaker does not require worthiness only mjolnir had that enchantment, do people seriously forget that detail

  • But THor isn´t human :D

  • Melting Point of the crucible in which it was cast?

  • Dude... Your channel is so good I have actually considered becoming a patreon to your channel... I hate to admit it but everytime I watch you I literally laugh out loud... Keep going discount Chris Hemsworth!!

  • What if anyone could pick up thors hammer? Would that be bad?

  • So who is the Mightiest Avengers then; Hulk, or Thor? I mean, I always bet Thor. Dude put an indent in Hulk's FACE with Mjolnir, and caused Hulk to get amnesia from the blow. It also sent Hulk back to Earth from the surface of the Moon. ...good times.

  • So... He can take the force of a neutron star, but a taser knocks him out like a fresh pledge at a toga party. Basically, Thor is a non-newtonian fluid? The harder you hit him, the more resistant he becomes?

  • THOR himself explaining how his weapon is forged. MY LIFE IS COMPLETE

  • I think it’s pretty obvious that the Asgardians have some way to mimic and reduce the gravity or mass of objects or else Thors hammers would be just total wmds by simply sitting on a table. My personal head cannon for how Thor’s hammer works is it increases its “gravity” to equal the force being applied by the person trying to wield it, which is why people can kind of wield it in space, the opposite force creates the swing while the swing itself would kind of cancel itself out like what would normally happen if you throw a punch in space, you’d just kind of float around and spin and have no force in the punch. What do you think about that version of Thor’s hammer in space, I saw your video on it and that version is a bit more accurate with the comics so I’d like to know how the science works out on that.

  • That guy was a dwarf. Not an asgardian.

  • Thor is the God of Thunder, Loki is the God of lightning. Loki represents mischief which is pursued by vengeance, just like thunder follows lightning. The people who originated this mythology did not seperate their psychology from their environment. To their perspective lightning was a sign of the God Loki much in the same way a foot print is a sign of the person who left it. The clouds of the storm were the troubled brains of a dead giant and the mountains were his teeth. This is why Marvel did the myths, which were the basis of a religion, no good.

  • So Thor Odinson is the strongest there is lol fuck captain marvel

  • He writes all this backwards

  • Is it only me who doesn’t pay attention to the spoiler warning?

  • Due to the gravity of the star, however diminished, would it be possible that it pulled in a thin atmosphere from it's surroundings? Or from the dwarves/people who lived on it up until recently?

  • track down the dwarves who made it and make create another in norse mythology two dwarves made it the hammers name is mjolnir

  • OK, my name is Luke, and that signoff just weirded me the F out.... What did I miss? WHY DID YOU SAY LUKE???

  • The gravitational pull of being that close to a neutron star would of spaghettified Thor if he wasn't orbiting it fast enough.

  • Only that everyone can pick up stormbreaker. As long you can carry the weight itself, but the "worthy" part was an enchantment made by Odin specificially for Mjolnir.

  • Kyle, I defy you: who is the powerful one, Thor or Superman?

  • "I'm not worthy" lol 😂

  • That shade being thrown lol

  • Sorry matter how good you get at science you can’t get Jane back...

  • it's funny when he mentioned, "I need a haircut"

  • If this guy goes to the guy he himself could actually look a-lot like thor😂😂😂

  • Hehehe... “lord of thunder... lord of thunder... lord of thunder...

  • the hammer made of "nutronium", would also have its own gravity (because of its mass), would be the biggest BOMB on earth because of the half-life decay of said nutronium and if for some reason Thor got excited about all this going on and DROPPED the hammer........being alive would not longer be a thing you do since the energy of the impact would be more than that of an atomic bomb as the hammer sinks to the core of the Earth and his hammer of nutron star stuff need to stay the hell away from anyone who is not an immortal God

  • Wow you look like thor

  • 4:53 *SHOTS FIRED*

  • What would happen if the Decimation/Snappening happened?

  • Asgardians can survive in the vacuum of space.But for the movie I guess it was more dramatic to have Thor be able to talk in space. Even though there is no air.

  • Thor is not a mere man . . he is an asgardian ( more resistant than average human), and second he is odin son ( i'm sure if he received the odin's force in infinity war) so that hel pa lot.

  • Wait, Kyle - small question: When you did the calculation for Uru melting, did you take into account that it started at less than room temperature (space is cold)?

  • I just saw a connection between God of War 4 and this movie

  • Ya u just look like him, but not worthy as thor is

  • Groot is worthy of thor hammer he picked it up to make a handle for it

  • I dont understand a shit he is saying but im watching anyway

  • 🤣Asgardian air sacks

  • That's yata science

  • 2:58 U looked sideways for the value lol

  • It's called a "Dyson Beam".

  • Tell us the mass of of the weapon

  • Why am I watching Thor making a copy of his weapon

  • Stormbreaker had no enchantment on it... One does not need to be worthy to wield it.

  • Thor talking about Thor. Legitness!

  • Make a hammer out of thor’s armor, full star blast at point blank

  • "Thats a yatta watts'.........Kyle go home you're drunk again. XD haha

  • You are worthy. Thank you for making science fun and entertaining.

  • Note: it actually could be forged out of neutron star material, a hypothetical variety of neutronium was found that is super tough

  • Wow. Thor you're so smart! XD

  • Great, but one major flaw. You don't have to be "worthy" to pick up Stormbreaker, Odin's enchantment didn't carry over. The directors have said this point blank.

  • who knew thor was so good a science

  • Ah yes I knew I was starting to get old when I actually started understanding the math

  • Thanks for the spoiler warning really appreciated.

  • Now that I think about it, since Thor is the God of Thunder, shouldn't he be able to make everyone deaf by producing multiple super-lound booms on demand?

  • A weapon to suprass Thanos

  • Dwarf realm has an atmosphere duh

  • thanks for telling us how to forge your weapon but i think its way to complicated, if i decide to be a superhero i just go with a normal hammer

  • No one point out the forever alone face? XD


  • This video is awesome but his statements about the neutron star being the most extreme and dense material/object are incorrect cause there’s a little thing called black holes......

    • Skinny We is which are not even confirmed. Still technically a theory. A lot of supporting evidence but just a theory. I personally dont think they'll ever be proven because the gravitational force is so immense they pull in light. So that means we can't see them. It's sad to think well never witness something so cool.

  • Why are dwarves so intelligent??

  • you're not worthy because you're a discount thor and you deserve a discount exit :P

  • What I'm hearing is "iron is star cancer" :)

  • "Whats an Asgardian to do when facing an enemy?" Well you would know Thor.

  • I personally believe that when something has an exponent of four, rather than saying to the fourth, we say tetracubed. Hypercubed wouldnt work because hypercubes don't have to be limited to 4 dimensions. Also, we could extend this rule to even higher exponents (Petracubed for 5, Hexacubed for 6, Heptacubed for 7, etc.). It sounds cooler, and I think it would be more natural to say once someone understands it.

  • Did anyone else laugh inappropriately when they realized the midget was a giant?

  • thor talking science.. *hHhhhHhHhHmmmMMMMMmm*

  • "or buff grimace" 😂😂

  • 11:10 but you thor's other brother!

  • So a Neutron star is basically a black hole, without a swirling vortex that will instakill anything caught in its pull?

    • Ctrl Alt Rmx Music I'm 99 percent sure it'll still instakill you.

  • Since Mojlnir was made from the heart of a neutron star, I guess that's why it was so heavy and only he could pick it up.(Or anyone worthy)

  • Does anybody get this

  • When it comes to Thor, they can literally do whatever they want because "magic." Why doesn't he melt? Because he's a cosmic being. Why don't his clothes melt? Because they're being worn by a cosmic being.

  • Chris Hemsworth this is self promotion plz don't do this we want our old host back

  • Coolest science channel on the entire internet. Bill Nye of the younger generation!

  • In the comics mjolnir was forged from a dying star not a neutron star which is a zombie star so the movie got it wrong

  • What’s the melting point of Thor