How to Add Insanely Colorful Graphic Designs to Your Summer Rolls - You Can Do This!

Published on Mar 6, 2018
Today's episode of You Can Do This is all about edible printer ink, a technology that has been around for a bit but has never really found its way culinarily, until now. Join host Clifford Endo as he uncovers what might be the best food to print on.
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Our Video Crew


  • what brand of paper is this?

  • in Brazil, we use this kind of paper to decorate cakes, it's a HUGE success with kids for a long time now.

  • Why not just use rice paper?

  • I like it!

  • This is an ok idea, I don't know why so many are hating on the video.

  • anyone know the name of the woman portrait he printed ?

  • I'm just imagining some schmuck trying to save the rice paper wrapping coz it's got someone's business contacts printed on it

  • I'm gonna print a burger meat pattern on a vegan roll.

  • lame

  • 3:31 so close

  • You would need to replace your printer header, to make sure that non-edible ink residue does not mix the edible ink

  • Eater just needs to stop with this guy and his You Can Do This... Straight up a week series compared to the others... You guys cant keep doing this...

  • I got to admit this is pretty damn cool

  • You sort of laughed it off, but this would go down amazingly well at a restaurant or something. If you ordered it, you could also choose a design or your name, and they'd print it onto the food! That'd be sick

  • i dont like this :(

  • So do these edible ink cartridges just fit into any random printer? Do you need to buy a special printer for it? Can you use your own printer? Would that be safe? That's important info don't you think? I guess you didn't have an extra minute to explain all that?

  • This is your best idea so far, and you have had a lot great ideas

  • too much junk nowadays

  • Dude that's awesome. Yes, it takes special equipment, but I appreciate going back to the original concept of going the extra mile to do something kinda crazy but kinda cool. Well done! As someone said, this could be a legit niche thing for an event or corporate branding company.


  • Are those inks edible ?

    • Natalie I did. I meant to ask if it toxic to individual health.

    • Justin P Did you bother to watch the video?

  • Brilliant idea thanks for sharing

  • genius..

  • Is there any special preparation involved if i used my printer with non-edible ink before? Like leeching out residual ink? Or just pop edible ink cartridges in and go?

  • What a fucking champ! The only reason why I subscribe to eater. Love your crazy ideas!

  • I didn't even know square wrappers existed... 😲

  • What would happen if you deep fried the paper? Does it puff?

  • you know that printing dust is toxic ? The matte slippery feeling on newly printed papers are toxic. That what i was taught.

    • Oh ! That's great ! Then there's nothing to worry. :3

    • This printer is made to print with FDA approved edible ink on potato paper, thanks for watching!

  • Red Flannel on so I know this is going to get a low score.

  • Freakin' amazing!

  • great, now this is going to be a trend in 5 months. Its made for instagram.

  • Neat! I always love your wacky-ass ideas!

  • go away...

  • Are you using a regular printer? If so, I hope you got a brand new one for that, or it would contaminate the food with (toxic) regular ink.

    • Exactly. On one hand, that's a terrible thing, people needlessly dying from ink poisoning. On the other hand, natural selection in action. Like tide pods.

    • The amount of people that are going to just buy the colors and swap them into their regular printer without adding a new print head... 😂😳

    • We bought the printer specifically for this task. Thanks for watching!

  • interesting.

  • This is cool

  • Print out the bill so you can eat that! Must be a hit! Who doesn't enjoy that?!

  • why wouldn't you put the paper on the inside so that there was no textural difference from the outside? The wrapper is transparent

    • You are most likely correct. Hadn't really considered that

    • I guess once you put it inside the hydrated wrapper, it wont show as well because it gets wet from both sides and the inks might bleed and make a mess. Maybe not, Just my thought.

  • I wonder if you could use this stuff to do a dye sublimation sort of treatment. Houndstooth chocolate truffles. Tiger prawns with tiger stripes on them.

  • 1:01 - Might I recommend an old Steve Reeves movie?

  • Thank you for Summer rolls instead of spring roll.

  • Here we have an excellent idea! Why are so many people finding fault? It's shocking. This could be fun! It's edible paper and ink. It's OK to have it once in awhile. It's OK to relax.

    • I actually found this one somewhat interesting because I like photography, but the only real info we got about the edible ink cartridges is that they exist. No info on what kind of printers they fit in or if you need to buy a brand new printer. Isn't that important info? We are dealing with food here.

  • im gona print a hairy leg

    • Why a leg? Why not freak someone out and use a scroto photo. LoL

  • Honestly I stopped watching when I saw he wasn’t using circle spring roll wrappers. I didn’t even listen to see if he explained why.

    • What a silly thing to be elitist about

  • Awesome video - reminds me of a social experiment where scientists cast different coloured lights onto food to see what effect it had on the consumer.

  • But, why are you using Square rappers?

    • Because he's not into edgy ones. Too much dirty language and stuff.

  • This guy is using square paper to do the rolls. Ugh.... Jk love you guys !

  • How fun! So many things to make!

  • You are insane, sir! Well done.

  • In Germany we have edible paper with flavours, every kid ate those before, don't you have them, too?

    • No we dont, maybe because you guys are a little different in germany

    • UK,we do.