How the Squid Lost Its Shell

Published on Apr 17, 2018
The ancestors of modern, squishy cephalopods like the octopus and the squid all had shells. In ancient times, their shell was their greatest asset but it eventually proved to be their biggest weakness.
Special thanks to Franz Anthony for the beautiful cephalopod reconstructions. You can see more of Franz's tremendous work at
And thanks as always to Nobumichi Tamura for allowing us to use his wonderful paleoart:
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  • Coleoids are incredible creatures. They're incredibly intelligent, incredibly adaptable, and incredibly tasty!

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  • Was anyone else surprised that Nautilus was not an extinct species and is in fact, a modern day squid? Like seriously

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  • I think Eons videos in general are fantastic and I watch old ones when I have free time. However this was one of your very best, partly because cephalopods are about the most interesting of all species to me. And now Nautiloids. Please do more on the amazing family here. For other topics, I would think more on making chemistry more understandable to the average person - I was 40 before I really got a clue on how chemistry makes the world, and not simply through the Haber-Bosch process. Thank you.

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  • The correct plural of octopus is octopodes, not octopuses.

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  • I mean it's interesting, but let's be honest here, a lot of this is just guessing. It shouldn't be stated as fact. Sure there's the fossil record but it's not like it's 100% complete, you can't actually observe the animal in action. And some these fossils are exceptionally rare, maybe only two or three examples of the species have ever been discovered. Just not a big enough sample size to rule out coincidental characteristics. Can we construct very reasonable and entirely possible scenarios from highly specific observations? Yes absolutely. Having never observed the actual scenarios taking place on more than just a correlation basis, is it reasonable to state these predictions as fact? No. It's not that we shouldn't discuss it, but we really need more to go off of before these things become accepted facts. Because "Scientists" or a magical sounding word for a university employee that studies material samples along with the observations and reasoning of others like them, are humans. They're normal people with mostly normal lives just like you and me. It's media outlets like this that cloud that into a mystical image of something very abstract, which has very little to do with what these people actually think and do in real life. When really it's quite straightforward. There's no magic in science, there's no abstract in biology. There are things we know, and things we guess are probable based on what we know and/or want to believe. All great topics, fascinating ideas, very real possibilities, we just can't loose sight of the difference between the two.

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  • Why is this so familiar, almost as if we humans had experienced all of that in a different order in only a few thousand years... The pioneers = pilgrims, arms race between the fish and the cephalopods = Cold War, and a few other things, the mass extinction = world wars and the before and after, something about it is repeating in short amount of time...

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