How SpaceX is changing the Space Industry

Published on Mar 2, 2018
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On February 6, SpaceX launched their new “Falcon Heavy” Rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.
In a spectacular and very media-effective stunt they sent a “midnight-cherry-red" Tesla Roadster as test-payload on it’s way into deep space.
The rocket has the ability to put more than 140,000 pounds of cargo into the lower earth orbit, much more than anyone has commercially requested them to do. That makes it by far the most powerful operational rocket in the world. And SpaceX is already developing an even more powerful one.
The BFR, which will be more than 106 meters high and carry up to 550,000 pounds into Lower Earth Orbit.

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  • At this point NASA is virtually useless due to its beuracracy and that capitalism has proven from to time to time reigns the most efficient and least costly, NASA should literally be replaced by SpaceX and have access to all their funding. This could drastically cut SpaceXs timeline to reach its goal of colonizing mars.

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    • Mary joy Gelizon No there will be thousands of ways to die on a trip to mars so mars exploration won’t be a way for rich people to get away.

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  • The SpaceX BFR system is a very long rocket and with so much weight I worry it will break apart before reaching orbit, coupled with the fact the front and rear are designed to come apart once actually in orbit, that's going to be the highest likely point of failure for this system. Further if you do reach orbit successfully but then due to mechanical failure the two halves won't detach you could have a major loss on your hands. If SpaceX really can perfect this BFR system, it's definitely the way to go for mars colonization with only a $7 million re-use cost. I would hope if Humans are living off planet and dependent on these supply missions to Mars, SpaceX should have at least 1 redundant launch site & BFR system or you could have a "the martian" movie style failure. Colonizing Mars is definitely possible IMO, many will die in the pursuit of it, but that's to be expected & within a few decades you could have a substantial colony up there. If the USA does it first then technically the entire planet of Mars would be a state of the USA I believe. If they can transport drilling equipment to the planet they could create underground habitats to withstand surface weather & that would be a lot stronger colony. Surface building is a bit pie in the sky I think because of the harsh environment on the planet. Perhaps temporarily. Underground would be the safest strategy in the long term- if they establish an oxygen garden down there and can grow food they could stay permanently and expand it ever so slowly over the decades.

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