How SpaceX is changing the Space Industry

Published on Mar 2, 2018
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On February 6, SpaceX launched their new “Falcon Heavy” Rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.
In a spectacular and very media-effective stunt they sent a “midnight-cherry-red" Tesla Roadster as test-payload on it’s way into deep space.
The rocket has the ability to put more than 140,000 pounds of cargo into the lower earth orbit, much more than anyone has commercially requested them to do. That makes it by far the most powerful operational rocket in the world. And SpaceX is already developing an even more powerful one.
The BFR, which will be more than 106 meters high and carry up to 550,000 pounds into Lower Earth Orbit.

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Climb it High by Marc Robillard - Intensified
Okay by K. Solis
After Grief by Ian Post - Made in Berlin
And Make a Tradition Out Of it by Evolv - By Here Now
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Climb it High by Marc Robillard - Intensified (Again)
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Binary Stars by Gravity

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