How Master Butcher John Ratliff Is Making New York’s Best Salami - Prime Time

Published on Mar 26, 2018
Ends Meat, in Industry City Brooklyn, is the home to some of NY's best whole animal charcuterie. Join hosts Brent Young and Ben Turley, owners of The Meat Hook, for a masterclass in salami making with John Ratliff and a conversation about the state of affairs in meat production.
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    • _Master Butcher John Ratliff_ is the gold standard for how everyone should know and do their jobs.

    • wait what kind of staphylococcus culture?

    • Eater .

    • Ridiculous . . . how much experience and mentoring/apprenticing did Brent Young and Ben Turley have to go through to reach that level !?!

  • I never understand this idea of continually sold out products, why not raise the price to match the demand? Maybe some of those people who are disappointed that they cant buy the product would be happier spending a large amount for it?

  • 710 vegans disliked this video

  • That ending... pure cringe.

  • Annoying aging hipsters

  • stoners lol

  • A f..king talk show bye bye

  • I have a dumb question, when he said he put the meat in for the first fermentation he said the temperature was 40 degrees. Did he mean 40 F, or 40 C?

  • Ratliff is a beast, passionate and undersrand the hum interaction of being a true artist and showing emotions 8’ what he does! I love the retail side of it!

  • Is This what pepperonie is?


  • Props to his beard

  • wow my new hero

  • 0:51 I thought those are human corpses!

  • This feels like walmart brand Modern Rouge

  • The soundtrack sounds like the techno music you expect to hear at a fancy hair salon.

  • That Hatch New Mexico Chile

  • WHO SAYS THAT HIPSTER IS A MASTER BUTCHER!!! He is a JOKE!!!!!! Lol.. RIDICULOUS! He must shave before processing food... it’s THE LAW!! (Even in NY)

  • This is great and you guys are such a cute couple! :D

  • That tache!

  • I'm starting to drool just watching this...

  • So they make meats, then deny the sale of them to customers and limit the amount they can buy?..... Why does this channel feature nothing but the doucheyest of douche bag chefs, butchers and owners?

  • He looks like a meat Justin Timberlake

  • Good to see Travis Brown keeps himself busy outside of the cage!

  • John Ratliff looks like smaller verson of Travis Brown from UFC :D

  • more info on doing capicola and other cured meats would make a great episode!!

  • The humility and respect for the product really gets me.

  • This guy seems like he loves to make meat, but hates the customers because they dont know everything he knows. Hipster meat.

  • fall in love with a salami? pathetic

  • what a weirdo? a beautiful salami? give me a break

  • Is Erectile Dysfunction.

  • mmm salami..... the only thing good about ny. :P

  • ...shave your forearms... )

  • Is that Biff from back to the future?

  • I love that dude

  • Too much swearing...

  • Massive respect for the man. So passionate about what he's doing.

  • Why did they beep him? Passionate and totally believes in what he is doing!! Plus I’m British so swearing doesn’t bother me 😊👍🏻

  • "we don't make salami , we make sausage" video person: hmm i'll name the video best salami. (5 minutes later...) Here's our salami. *shook*

  • 254 36th St Unit 38, Brooklyn, NY 11232, We need to support this type of business. I will go there again soon.

  • Great video, great butcher, great job guys. Science and Art heavily weighed in the science arena, so glad I found you guys.

  • Awesome!!!

  • Short guy looks messed up in this video. Like he's high or something. Maybe coming off some coke bender the night before. Look at him.... Shifty eyed, unconfident. He's not normally like this.

  • You should definitely call one of the salamis 'Ham and Shoulder'...

  • Man...would I love to be an apprentice there!

  • A culture of something "icillium"...... with Staph ? Whaaaat ?

  • the dude with the mustache is just creepy

  • Auction it . Whoever pays more

  • Gays and Salami who knew?

  • i made a venison salami that i soaked for an hour once a month in a salt and vinegar solution while it dry age cured in my fridge for 6 months. you can't really call it salami anymore it was a beast in its own field, the flavor was insane it was salty with a hint of vinegar then at the end, a spicy nutty flavor comes out. it goes well with beer and i even chopped some up and added it to a hamburger. my next project is a cured whiskey and wine bresaola