How I Became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air | STORYTIME

Published on May 10, 2018
The full story of how an ex-girlfriend, Arsenio Hall, Quincy Jones and flowing libations all led to the creation of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."
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  • *cAn* *YoU* *sIgN* *mY* *bAbY*

  • crazy story

  • So, Will Smith is a US-tvr now ?

  • 5:02 is that al b sure on the end? 💀

  • That's amazing I had no idea. Still one of my favorite shows to watch for hours

  • Vonitos recuerdos grasias por compartir bonitos recuerdos 👍🙂👍

  • That was also tremendous luck as well

  • It’s so refreshing to see will smith on US-tv lol

  • "And listen to your girlfriend"

  • El rey del rap o el rey del bario hola

  • You must be broke muffucka

  • who was your girlfriend back then

  • Don't think he was drunk.. he was on other stuff probably.

  • looking great at your age!

  • That girlfriend better be well taken care of

  • "always say yes" stranger: want sum heroiiiiiinnnnn? me: Yes

  • “So I signed it” DEAD

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  • Please, anybody, what's the title of the song playing from 4:51 - 5:29? Anyone?

  • I don't think you need all the camera angles for this, just the front one would have been better. You don't need to do anything to flashy on youtube, just be relatable and people will love it! In my opinion. ...big fan, just wish we could connect with you more in the videos!

  • WILL SMITH!!!!

  • That’s hilarious what a great story!

  • Hi.

  • of course he can remember the whole conversation...

  • Will Smith coming to youtube is the best thing that happened in this decade.

  • "A Failed Morris Day Pilot", written by Rogers Nelson. You ain't saying Prince wrote the pilot to what became the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, right ? x'D

  • Lmfao *double plastic*

  • The moment he actually tells us the time how he became the fresh prince of bel-air 😂

  • Wonder what happened to that baby he signed...

  • Everybody knows how he became the FRESH PRINCR OF BEL AIR. It’s the intro into the show. Is there any other explanation.

  • *wow I love this story so much* 😂😂

  • Still so handsome

  • Best series ever

  • 👑GOD'Bless🌟Everbody'who'Love'WILL'SMITH'The💫Girlfriend🌟Quincy'Jones'is👑GOD'ORDAIN💥🎁'for'this'Business📠📞🎬🎥📹📈📺📡💻💽💛🌳🌼🐝

  • imagine if he had never listened to his girlfriend this talented man would be lost in the world

  • Is his first girlfriend his first wife ?

  • No he didn't say "double plastic"

  • Always loved Will Smith - absolute legend!

  • Who else is watching it and this

  • Best show ever made

  • will smith would be good Obama in a Movie

  • This nigga sold his soul .. End of story look it up on US-tv

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  • Great story!

  • Dad: Great story

  • “No paralysis, do analysis” 😭

  • You probably won’t see this but I made a parody of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song for a project. I got a perfect grade on it. Thanks for a great project idea :)

  • That girlfriend grew up to be Miley Cyrus. Feel old yet?

  • And here I thought it was because you got in one little fight with some guys that were up to no good

  • Tell them what else you had to do ...Lol

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  • More! More! I want to hear more!

  • Quincy Jones was like a Supreme Court in regular life

  • Is that falcon

  • Who actually needed this video? Everyone knows the story about how his life got flipped and turned upside down. He got into one little fight and his mom got scared and told him that he was moving with his auntie and Uncle in Bel Aire. Duh

  • Playing this for my husband because I need him to listen to me. Lol

  • I Love it

  • My favorite will smith!! love you man!!

  • Some might say this is a story all about how you life got flipped turned upside down and you want us to take a minute just sit right there you’ll tell us how you became the prince of a town called Bel Air

  • Now this is the story all about how Will's life got flipped turned upside down.

  • Is that girlfriend Trey's mom? 🤔

  • The real hero is that girlfriend. He should send her something nice if he hasn't already.

  • So glad i found the channel, what a great story. Time to binge-watch :)

  • "Listen to your girlfriend."

  • My dad made me pick a book at the book store one time instead of a video game when I was younger, I picked a fresh prince book, about Will Smith that was one of the stories obviously, but what stuck with me was how talented he is, and how hard of a worker he was to become one of the best.

  • Did you ever know a Nadja Moculzki?

  • Will.. if you're reading this. Two questions. In the Prince of Bel Aire, your character will played by you, caught a cab from Philly to LA.. How much exactly did that cost your mum or did Uncle Phil pay for the cab? 2nd question, you said you arrived around 7 or 8.. in that missing hour, what was will doing? Unless he was tired and just vaguely remembers arriving at 8. Ohhhhh one last thing. Can you recreate a cab ride you think will would have taken to get to get to his aunty and uncles.

  • This is my favorite video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Great story mate

  • Hooray for drunk Quincy

  • 👌🏽

  • This is the best mini videobiogarphy anybody has ever done. Hope, faith, gratitude, it all becomes stronger. That girlfriend must have been full of faith, because God had your back.

  • Loved the video. One sentence stood out the most for me and I hope that I can keep that sentence with me forever. Respect ✊🏽

  • Tell the story of how you and jada met

  • You're Awesome Will Smith!

  • Anime

  • Will if you read this talk about your fall out with the first aunty Vivian. I heard she was a pain in the neck but let's hear it from the horses mouth

  • I've always liked Will Smith, because he doesn't use profanity, and he draws the line ,whilst most of mainstream Hollywood is doing anything and everything, there are some things a *"Will Smith"* will not do to embarrass himself, or dishonor his family. I used to love _The Fresh Prince of Bellaire_

  • Dead @ "how did he (Quincy) make thriller like this?!?! 🤔"

  • 💛💛

  • Man....France is really psychological Hell compared to USA my god....

  • Man u told the story like we all want a story to be told 😂 great, man !!!

  • I know how you became the Fresh Prince of Balair... A couple of guys, they were up to no good, started making trouble in your neighborhood. You got into one little fight and your mum got scared, she said "Your moving with you auntie and uncle in Belair".

  • Your an actor now

  • “Ooooo, can you sign my baby? “So you too big to sign my baby?” Bahahahhaha

  • Will is great , next USA president; very Smart man , everything america needs

  • Happy Birthday Fresh Prince!

  • This is like a compilation of the most-used royalty-free music used by US-tvrs.

  • Who else lives in Philadelphia?

  • “ you could take 10 mins & change your life “. Wow !!


  • Amazing!!

  • The past week I started to watch the serie...

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  • I almost gave up on comedy before this comedy.....always say yes...#WillSmith 🐐🤴🏾