How Extreme Is The Weather In Our Universe?

Published on May 16, 2016
We love talking about the weather here on Earth, but what’s the weather like for the rest of the universe?
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  • I think nasa just smashes keyboard after typing Hd Or something else

  • Wow the never ever visit red Jupiter has a weird orbit

  • Holy moly

  • *"Fart storms"*

  • My weather would be..... raining DIAMONDS!!! (Normal temperature diamonds)

  • It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter

  • How about HD 100546b The Most Massive Brown dwarf or Gas Giant

  • Weatherman: the weather today will rain dollar bills. Me: OMG OMG OMG Weatherman: dollar bills that are heavy Me: aaaaaaaaaa *DED*

  • It has reached an amazing 106°F

  • 99:00

  • Yay Science 😂

  • You should do what will happen if all bees die

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  • Jupiters red spot .is getting smaller because like every storm it stops ⛈☀️ hundreds of years the storm might stop

  • You are my favorite US-tvr. I love your videos.

  • I forget what the planets were, but aren't there also planets that rain diamonds or neon?

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  • Moon rian

  • What about the weather on TrEs-2B

  • It rains rocks on COROT 7b

  • Rain money

  • What whould happen if thete was no government

  • Doesn’t Neptune and plots have diamond rain or something?

  • Blocko: Not only you would be amazed but you would die from the intense heat. YAY SCIENCE! Hahahaha (it happened 2:30 in the video)

  • what if dinosaurs never died ?

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  • Did you know that Saturn rains dimonds

  • crystals uh i'll be rich

  • In Egypt it had dust wind rain thunder and snow and HAIL and lightning for two DAYs straight and now we r flooded

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  • What about Mars

  • Aye! Stormchasers! My dream job! And TIV 2! :D Im happy now.

  • Hey Blocko, Please talk about a new organ in the human body next. David Muir reported it on 📺 tonight on ABC 7.

  • always dropping brain food for people 👏👏

  • Them-hey lets call them hb dud duh dub Us-um really Them-OUT

  • 900 degrees celsius, still not hotter than the weather here in kuwait.

  • "YAY SCIENCE!" um... help I'm dying here XD

  • I LOVE your channel

  • Constant rain of marbles

  • 10 degrees

  • I would want rain at night and sun in the day

  • What about Uranus? spot like jupiters

  • Lol it was snowing in the UK

  • It will rain candy

  • Why do phones have battery

  • tornados that are made out of sweets that you want the most

  • by the way i'm not an English guy so... im from philippines which my language is TAGALOG

  • i new It!! the sun is white sins i was in grade 6 i said to my classmate the sun is WHITE NOT YELLOW and she said Whatno it doesent are u crazy and i said lets say it to our ma'am (science teacher ) and we said ma'am what is the suns color SHE SAID yellow..........(our teacher in science is really great at teaching in science ) and i believe her and im in Grade seven like right now and i watch it agian By the way i liKE YOUR VIDEOS and i saw i new it the SUN IS WHITE HAHA MY MA'AM IS WRONG ! HAHAHA =)

  • Dude his audio is different every video. Seriously. LATE GUY RIGHT HERE. ITS 2018

  • It's sad how some people don't believe these facts and rather believe that the earth is.... well, you know. xD

  • 2:04 what my friend told me for my cardboard robots name

  • Sun

  • Jupiter rains diamonds

  • There's a planet that rains rocks/lava because that planet is hot enough to turn rocks into a gas and then it rains rock/lava. :) (Too lazy to Google that planet)

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  • if earth had rings

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  • Talk about the weather pls

  • And a update to Jupiter

  • *But you will die from the intense heat* *YAY! SCIENCE*

  • My ideal weather is winter wonderland aka snow every where

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  • The extreme weather on me is usually just acid rain

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  • Yea some planets rain diamonds

  • I know that there are in weather in planets but weather in the endless space

  • Weather in space!?

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  • I wish he’d use Fahrenheit instead of Celsius 😐😐😐😐

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  • Is there a planet that rains tacos? IT'S RAINING TACOS!

  • stars?

  • You guys are complaining about how it's real!y cold! Well be thankful you don't live on a planet that is like the sun! 🌞

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  • If I created my own planet, it would be fall everyday.

  • You should do a video about why does Saturn rain diamonds

  • *Lol **2:35*

  • the funniest part was when he said: "sadly youll also die from the intense heat. YAY SCIENCE!!!!!!"

  • oh wow I never knew exo - planet existed we might see exo there where's the exo-l rocket ship

  • We have some very weird weather on your Opus big planet or a key

  • 2:13 that's not doubling its temperature! It needed to be 1000°

  • When you say "Welcome to life noggin." I get satified

  • For the star thing I thought it said crystal meth

    • the star would be having a great time

  • don't judge me but i thinnk I THINK ,THINK uranus rains dimonds. wait, why is there blue poop in the toilet.

  • You forgot to say that the molten glass rains sideways...due to wind. Basically a spherical tornado..

  • The Hot Jupiter that heats 2x you said 500 2x makes 1200... Good math dude..

  • "Yay Science"