How Does A Planet Die?

Published on Jan 28, 2017
Eventually, Earth won’t exist the way we know it today. Thanks to Best Fiends Forever for sponsoring this video! Click here to download Best Fiends Forever for FREE:
Could our knowledge of planetary death save the human race?
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  • Soo can we kill the sun for killing mars?

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  • While the Earth is dying from global warming and asteroids can cause havoc all over the planet. We don't have to worry about Planet Nibiru(Planet X).

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  • I am a space expert and I have a theroy of how our plant dies also I have a custom made plant (not really) and I want to share how it looks to you and how the earth dies is from globle warming and it will burn down and my plant thing is that my plant I have in mind (It may not be real) is that it has no sky but it still has water,100 moons, 5 or 10 suns, rings like an x it is just awsome

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  • How did the 1st humans learn to live?

  • Global warming is NOT only human caused. The Earth naturally has cycles called its glacier periods (ice ages) and inter-glacial periods in which the orbit of the Earth has changed and naturally melts and we are currently in an inter-glacial period. This causes sea levels to rise and greenhouse gasses to increase. It’s not entirely human caused, a lot of this stuff would’ve happened to the earth even if there wasn’t humans here. Let’s not forget, agriculture actually is the main contributor to the additional levels of methane in the atmosphere. Human activity is not the root cause of global warming, but it is indeed a significant factor.

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