How Do We Stop Asteroids From Destroying Us? | Life Noggin On Stage!

Published on May 10, 2018
If an asteroid threatens Earth, how do we go about stopping it?
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Written by Sophie Bakoledis
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Sam - @PixelSami
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  • Hope you enjoyed this very special on stage episode of Life Noggin. They made me look so tall up there! Thank you for watching, and thank you to everyone who helped make this silly idea come to life! ❤️ Please check out those amazing people in the description. See you on Monday for our regularly scheduled programming! Wanna watch more?:

  • This was godly awful.

  • Bruh I didn't know the guy who voiced life noggin was hot

  • Elon Musk: I got a plan! Lets send a car into space to stop Beerus. People: THAT'S A GREAT IDEA!!!

  • This is the funniest thing ever

  • Blocko thinn

  • I have a really big fear of astroids 😭

  • Hold up. Question. Aren't Meteors/Meteorites/Meteoroids the ones that hit Earth? Asteroids just orbit the sun and are different from the Meteor Family in some ways, but asteroids don't hit planets. Dwarf planets don't count. I may be wrong.

  • just kick them LOL:D

  • Umm I dissent get what was happing in the back roud

  • Watching the people in black run around was so funny

  • I hope Ceres doesn’t dystroy earth

  • I did not know that cool anyways

  • WAIT ON STAGE?! I GET TO SEE HIS FACE-he is a block person in real life

  • I don't like the stage play

  • Am I the only one looking at the black guys dancing.(not trying to be racist)

  • I see blocko in a black suit

  • If you turn your brightness down you can barely see the men ahah

  • Shut bucks at it

  • 3:16 Best part

  • Let’s make it we should go from holy Hollywood and blow it up please ❤️ this

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  • I love this 😂😂

  • Wow

  • I like how Pat is so creepy at the beginning

  • Woah giant sock people

  • Niceee

  • Jesus: Just say sorry on the astroid you know its me yall cant stop me.

  • That funny and poor blocko he cant even see and poor that black (no offense) suited guys are axting as well.

  • Cool what are the people doing hahaha LOL

  • do it in an nimation

  • I could see the people dressed in black lol

  • I will be dead in 200 years cause I am ten and you know people can't live up to 210 years old so I would be dead

  • 3:43 umm. a meteor just hit the earth's bottom lol

  • It's hard to focus on the video with the people in the the background

  • May 9 is my birthday



  • Omg plz no

  • Welcome to life noggin

  • hell yeah this for the job


  • The answer is rayquaza


  • I liked and subscribed =) like ya videos especially this one

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  • I saw the people moving the stuff.

  • But if you explode the rock then some of rocks will still hit you

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