How Do We Launch Satellites Into Space?

Published on Nov 30, 2015
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Most satellites are launched into space on rockets. A satellite orbits Earth when its speed is balanced by the pull of Earth's gravity.

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  • Embarrassing. Satelites are a hoax and part of the globe lie. Obvious CGI, can't show real footage of a launch after all these years????? Can't because they don't exist. Period.

  • Most satellites are launched using 308 holden motors, built by captain kaos

  • vari god

  • Where is a real footage from a satellite in space?? I did not find once on the internet. I dont want to see CGI, just real footage... like when its going from earth to space. where do i find it???

  • They stopped uploading videos because you ppl kept complaining

  • *Dead Channel.*

  • Bring back this series!

  • The earth is flat you ignorant bitch.

  • You don't mention how does it get the velocity to get into orbit, also if the rocket goes up the momentum should still be up. and then down... and not orbiting around.

  • satellites simply don't exist.

  • you don't.

  • Are you sure they need rockets? Cant they just use balloons or something?

  • ????????

  • Gravity is the force that holds all of their lies together


  • Hi, I want to get in touch with you, how can I do this?

  • Where are pictures with other satellites from ISS (let's say...) ? How do sattelites get protected from meteorites? Wake up people... Their deception even affected their minds... we live in a lie!

  • Why did you stop uploading video :(

  • Hi! Just wondering if you have a script of what you are saying. It would be a huge help for my physics assignment!

  • If our planet had a lot of satellites, then why at the NASA Live Stream , i don t even saw one of them, i think space traveling, is just a fake, if u don t belive me, then search on Yt and u will find the answers .

  • I'm pretty fucking sure we can't get satlelites from the ground on earth to space take all your science fiction and fuck of

  • if the velocity-gravity balance is a bit off then the highest and lowest point of the orbit just differ by a few kilometer. it doesn't come crashing down to earth or fly off to the moon


  • how come there are no videos of launching a satellite?? not one real video hahahah wtf . flat earth maybe onto something

  • This is the last remaining test tube channel

  • What happened to this channel?

  • The film footage doesn't look real?

  • good

  • super

  • This is not true and is false education. You can find a movie on youtube were the put the satelite attached to a ballon what goes up in the air. And the people who are doing this are doing it from antartica. Just typ in google (Satelite in to space with ballon. So this is how the hole project works. Tell people that the are yousing very expensive rockets with satelites and this al is getting paid with the average peoples money. And then the keep al the money and put the satelite in to space with ballons. Dont belive me ... just make your researtch. Also if you wanna learn try to see the Rocket hitting the dome of earth. Then you can see that the Nasa is also big lie.

  • RIP testube

  • lol is u ded

  • earth is flat.

  • The only force is Gravity! Gravity is the force makes satellite goes around Earth. There is no other force. Please do not spread wrong ideas.

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  • we no longer believe such things!!

  • A video on how satellite are launched into space but when it comes time to show one the thousands of satellite it show's a cgi image of a satellite lol.

  • turn off your background music


  • whats dark matter

  • Will this be renamed Seeker 101?

  • Interesting

  • 20 sec intro and 25 sec conclusion in 1 min 45 sec video! Great job!

    • with very little information and misleading title. Wow!!

  • The only real image in the entire video was of a satellite dish at the end. Why do you think is that?

  • I came to see a satellite getting launched into space..where is it?

  • how powerful is Dominican Republic

  • Rip TestTube 101

  • Why arn't a single one of these satellites visable from the so called ISS?

  • Why did you stop making daily videos I loved watching these videos everyday then you just stopes making as much

  • Plz make more videos. I was never a hater I was always ok with the air force and the imperial system plz make more videos

  • Make a video about EMP bombs how they work and the range such a bomb can have

  • velocity is a force... thanks for the info! Thumbs down and unsubscribed instantly

  • Explain how data is transmitted 80 million miles away back to earth from voyager probes? And explain how apollo astronauts made it through the van allen radiation belt?

  • when you said this episode is brought to you buy the us air force, i thought that was literally the end of the vid

    • Me too lol 😂

  • Change the channel name from TestTube 101 to TestTube Air Force please

  • It's not that big of a deal, but at 0:56, "But there's another force. That's the speed or velocity at which the satellite is moving" should be restated as "But there's another force. That's the force related to the speed, or velocity, at which the satellite is moving".

  • Quick question I never got an answer to in a level. Since gravity causes things to accelerate uniformly, why do things such as the moon not speed up forever.

    • Velocity is speed AND direction, so gravity changes the Moon's velocity by changing its direction not its speed. The moon falls towards Earth, but instead of speeding up that force is used to change direction.

  • You gave such a easy problem an incomplete and incorrect answer

  • For a second I thought the video was only 22 seconds

  • Stop with the air force propoganda

    • +SAHM not advertising, education

    • Not propaganda, but advertising.

  • Velocity/speed (which aren't the same things) aren't a force, neither are they in perfect balance with the earth's gravity, whatever that means. A slight change in velocity doesn't cause the satellite to fly off to Andromeda or whatnot, it just causes a small inclination.

  • Hmm, I'm suddenly craving to join the US Airforce. Fly high, and bomb random targets. Sounds fun.

    • You missed a few: Wear a badass full-body jumpsuit. Get to fly a plane for free. Actually get treated like a human.

  • A Brit promoting the US army is so comical.

    • NorwegianKicks a pom doing anything more than headbutting a mirror is even funnier!

  • The velocity is not a force... When trying to be educational, maybe you should try actually telling stuff that is true?

  • how could you possibly get such basic physics wrong? pretty embarrassing

  • The speed at which the satellite is moving is not a "force." This is Newton's First Law, which states that an object will keep moving with the same velocity in the absence of a force. This fact, combined with gravity, is what causes the satellite to follow an orbital path.

    • ok fact core get back on wheatly

    • 7

    • +Shirshak Bajgain ok Man

    • @geo745 they both are supposed to work in same principle . Didn't compare but i presented some similarities

    • +Shirshak Bajgain did your compare the moon and a man made satellite, wow

  • I'm pretty sure velocity is not a force... but it does prevent satellites from falling back down.

  • space magic