How Dennis Rodman NEVER Talked To Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen!

Published on Nov 13, 2016
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  • How did you get that goat covering 'Hello' from Adele for your outro? 🤔

  • Thats how it was back in the day, still is just more lowkey now. Teammates competing for #1 thats how you get monsters

  • Commentator on this video needs to stop saying s*** like they never would have won another championship without Rodman. Are you serious?

  • He would've still win the 6 REGARDLESS

  • Dennis Rodmans a fucking Tranny weirdo Jordan and pippin didnt want to talk to his wierd ass

  • No way they never spoke....

  • Does anyone know the name of the song playing at the end?

  • Great video. Objective and factual.

  • Steve Kerr and two other players accompanied him when he partied. Steve Kerr mention this in open court.

  • Hakeem, Rodman, Pip, MJ, Payton. Let's see your team scores 90.

  • Give Bron Dennis Rodman!!!😂😂😂 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆 🏆

  • No matter what this man does he'll forever be known as a champ and hero even if he did cross dress and do a flick or 2.

  • Excelente Pienso Que Sin Dennis Se Le Hubiera Hecho Mas Dificil El Obtener El Campeonato

  • The wurm wiggles into yo brain and make you do dumb shit.

  • To sum it up, Dennis Rodman was Bad Ass. He used to play 48 minutes per game and then immediately jump on the exercise bike and ride for another hour after the game. Who does that? Cheers to you Dennis Rodman. Thank you for the 2 championships in Detroit. We will never forget. Oh yeah, and screw you Pippen and Jordan. You had all the refs on your side. Without them, 0 championships without Rodman. Just sayin. Here's to fierce competition. Life would be so boring without it. Peace brothers and sisters.

  • Rodman really didn’t get that many blocks or steals, he wasn’t exactly like that he’d get you stops and force turnovers with his aggressive defence, and by getting into the head of his opposing player

  • Rodman was all that ...but one of his main things he was there to do also is to take away attention from MJ's gambling....Rodman was always in the media

  • Rodman’s a Badboy Piston! 🖕🏼

  • Kids from now days they say that golden state is the best team ever and I told them they never play the bulls from the 90 imagine Jordan guarding curry pippen guarding kevin durant and rod man guarding Desmond green and Tony kucok on Thompson is a wrap

  • I see why they didn't talk

  • Rodman is the defense GOAT.

  • Dennis Rodman could party every day of the week and he would still outlive us all!!

  • These are real men. On the court only thing that matters is winning. Nowadays you cant even have one argument without all the media screaming about how the team is gonna trade away their best players cuz they arnt good with “chemistry”. Ya’ll soft asf hate that shit, wish i grew up in the 90’s so I could watch real men play the game.

  • . Mlm

  • This video is SO GOOD

  • Dude you wanted 4 k likes, now you got 8M views and nearly 50k likes, happy new year 2019, Great job

  • What could they possibly talk about...attires???

  • I’m sure he talked to mj on the court they wanted to win championships

  • real basketball today game harlem globe trotters lol

  • Narrator needs some heavy speech therapy.

  • Dennis Rodman is the greatest rebounder in the history of the game. He was also flamboyant off court, Scottie and MJ didn't want to be associated with that, and Dennis didn't want his own star power and talent to be overshadowed by them either. That is why Dennis moved the way he did. He was protecting his own legacy as opposed to just being the second guy behind MJ. To say he just wanted to play and party is a bit of a mischaracterization. He partied a lot after the league more than he did while being in the league. He stepped up his costumes and more piercings after the league but did have the colored hair during the league. Those antics caught the eye of the material girl. He was the only one on the team with a pop star girlfriend, Madonna.

  • Somewhat how Lisa was wit TLC....

  • Rodman is just not rite in the head, my opinion.

  • Derick Fisher!!

  • I wonder who bang Madonna more ,rodman or vanilla ice.

  • Dennis is only 6'6 the NBA put 3 inches on his height. Pippen was listed at 6'7. He was actually much taller than Rodman. Jordan was listed at 6'6. They were truly the best in my era. Today basketball wouldn't stand a chance. The inside game would cause a lot of guys to foul out today. Imagine anybody on the worriors guarding Shaq, Kareem, Akeem, Patrick. Imagine. Everyone wants to shoot outside shots but rebounding and fouls will kill you.

  • Rodman is great in his own right. He never had to talk to them at all. He just did his job. Anything to win.


  • Jordan has a nasty attitude. The only reason he scored many points was he was a ball hog. Always thought he was a phony, never liked him.Many players in the NBA were superior in talent to Jordan.

  • It’s business

  • Talking is overrated.

  • In today’s NBA, that play at the 3 minute mark, Those Piston players would get suspended for at least 3-5 games.

  • Worm is just cut from a different cloth - he is a lunch pail player. He is sincerely one of my all time favorites

  • markelle jordan

  • LBJ talking about being the Goat. But he never played during this rough basketball era. Today's basketball is pretty soft as a cotton defense so to speak.

  • It's odd everyone forgets about Rodman's drag queen days. LOL

  • There is a "theory " "narrative " espoused by M Franzese( think) that's the spelling. He's an ex Mafia Boss. He's on record stating Jordans Fathers death and his gambling are connected. He was forced to take a break. There is an interview with Patrick- Bet David where Jordan is spoken about. Great content as usual.

  • If he said he didn't speak to them, who are you to. Say he did. You're not him nor were you there.

  • Very interesting bro. Like left

  • Bullls rules, GS sucks

  • Cool story!

  • FuCK'em like da nigga said it's a JoB dem motherfuckers not his friend's fuck friend's get money or die ALMIGHTY dAT Part BLOOD 👎

  • the era of REAL MEN on the BOYS allowed...😎

  • Love Rodman It ain’t only about partying Dude lives a crazy lifestyle

  • Rodman wasn't a threat to neither one. Rodman game didn't require have the ball. He was a defensively minded player and rebounder.

  • The significance of history today.

  • easy to conclude: imagine Rodman played for Magics or Rockets instead of Bulls for 96~98 seasons

  • hanamichi sakuragi

  • Rodman is right. Playing basketball is a job to him. Thus you don't have to talk to his coworkers, period! Dumb people would not get it! Rodman job was to win titles! PERIOD!!!#

  • Business. They had a job to do.

  • Let's face the facts Chicago had the 1990s

  • I hope he gets the deliverance he needs.

  • i can believe they never talked, i use to perform at concerts and when platinum artists rolled around you get so busy you end up saying hi to them and thats it sometimes because your to busy doing your own shit. and when you leave your so exhausted and have to see these people all the time youve already spent half the day with them working so when you leave the last thing you wanna do is be around them. all 3 of them were mega stars, with jordans ego there was no reason for jordan to want to be around rodman. especially with the endorsements that jordan had, rodmans bad boy image could fuck up gatorade for jordan lol.

  • I liked how Dennis Rodman took off his game jersey and gave to a fan after a game basketball players today don't do that

  • IQ 72.

  • That's how he played, and that's what made him so effective. The other team had to contend with the Bulls + Rodman. Which was impossible, because Rodman, like the opposition, was reading and reacting. With Rodman's size, speed, intensity and unpredictability, he was quite disruptive to the opposition. Then, of course, the Bulls had players that could beat the opposition at their best. Factor in opponents bedazzled by Rodman and you've got a championship team.

  • Nice video mate

  • *_The way you pronounce their Names is just fucking cringe._* 🤮🤮

  • I'm not sure Dennis got in Karl's head. Looked to me like they were both having fun wrestling

  • He played a part of they winning could ball and make shit happen for them to win ! But he was crazy and weird so they stay out his way too he didn't kiss they ass he just knew he was part of it too...

  • My friend was Bulls fan,he use to say'We can't win with out fruity".


  • Of course they talked, Rodman is incredibly obviously the type of person who likes to do and say things that attract attention

  • MJ was an arrogant prick.

  • Is call teamwork. They needed someone with that aggression


  • Rodman will be etched in our future history books

  • I have never heard any of these players’ names in an English accent😂

  • Michael Jordan is a UNCLE TOM ass N×gga who thinks he is a Kracka !!!!!! I don't support Jordan or his shoes ✊✊✊

  • Who the fuck is Dennis Runman

  • This was awesome!

  • I bet he had all types of orgies! I wonder if he's ever fucked 13 strippers at the same time and did lines of cocaine like I have.

  • It's Michael Jordan. Not "mighkel jewrdin"


  • They was to soft for Rodman he played hard

  • Just like at any job I don't care how anti-social or hated an employee is but if he does his job and does it to perfection that guy is okay with me. Rodman might have been a headache at times or hated by alot of players but dude was a great defensive player that without a doubt helped the Bulls wins those champions.

  • He scored a bucket off a tip off that's legendary

  • Dennis was a weirdo and a head of his time with his antics

  • Not surprising dude, guys then were professionals and didn't have to be "Friends" to win, they just did their jobs. I'm sure there is someone at work you don't speak with, but you still collaborate with them and get work done....this current society is just so mentally soft and too dependent on some pseudo "happy family mentality".

  • 11 minute video that only needed to be 3 minutes. Turrible.

  • This JEWISH boy dont know wtf he's talking about scottie and Michael and denise are good friends tell this day they spoke on the court and locker room till this day there cool with each other u know yea denise had his bad days were he didn't talk to nobody or his team mate cuz he was mad lol it happened it's normal it's called being a man hahhaha get over it jew boy stop hating on Rodman fucken hater trying to make denise Rodman look bad so🖕🏾u jew boy u don't know shit about denise Rodman besides trying to throw salt on his name 🖕🏾 u again! I'm out DENISE RODMAN ALWAYS BE A GREATEST BASKETBALL PLAYER IN MY BOOK AND LEGEND 🏀🏆🥇⛹🏿‍♂️👍🏾

  • They won championship's!!!!!!!

  • The fact that he has evaded imprisonment or overdose all these years is amazing to me.

  • To everyone giving well deserved credit to Rodman for North Korea, lets just remember Dennis took that to Obama and got ignored. Trump 2020!

  • You forgot how in 1995 Jordan returned to basketball with the help of the Looney Tunes

  • WARRIOR 🙏🏿

  • Who is Dennis Roman?

  • those pistons would have killed LeBron and these pu**y players now

  • This guy's stamina was unbelievable.

  • God, I wish I would've recorded all those Bull games from the 90s!!!