How Dennis Rodman NEVER Talked To Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen!

Published on Nov 13, 2016
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  • Party animal dennis rodman is a Goat than LeBitching and complaining

  • road_man

  • The Fucking Worm 😅😅😅😅😅

  • So? I don't talk to lot of my coworkers, but have no ill-will for them. I just don't find them interesting.

  • rodman was so cool

  • 5:27 but he wouldn't join the dream team if Isaiah Thomas was in it


  • To bad the players, these days don't have the same mentality that players had back in those days. Whether you like a player or not, do what you have to do to win games.

  • Cause he had very little skill.

  • I don't belive that

  • I think it sucks! You mean to tell me Michael never spoke to one of the best players on his team! The man they couldn’t beat when he was a piston? If I was Dennis i would have left ASAP! I wouldn’t help someone win a championship who wouldn’t even speak to me! I would have joined up with Carl Malone and the jazz and kicked some bulls ass!

    • William Henry I bet if Rodman & Jordan had sons, they'd do all the talkin' on the court now 😉 they definitely lead the way for the next generation 😊 let's try keep it goin' aye..

  • That part where Rodman was tripping up Carl Malone and making it look like it wasnt his fault was so great x)

  • This guy is joke and never will be the caliber of Michael.

  • Rodman did things his way. He might be strange to you but on the court you NEVER saw a man give more effort than him.

  • Who is Dennis Ronman and Markel Jodan?

  • team work is now illegal in the nba for many reasons..

  • In an episode of Open Court, Steve Kerr told about a story when Phil asked him and two other players to go out and party with Rodman.

  • Best rebounder I have ever seen at that size

  • Never talked to Scottie @ 6:02 he talks about a conversation with Scottie???

  • makes sense

  • Haw Dannis Rodmon nevah tolkd to Maikl Jordn and Scattie Pippn.

  • Micheal respected Rodman so much he put Rodmans hair colorways on his shoes 😁

  • Best EVER!!!

  • What a great video!!! I never cared much for Dennis, but knew he had some level of geniality!! BTW, is it true that Rodman said he wants to be buried in Chicago once he dies???

  • Dude dont even give an ounce of credibility to that stupid as heck gambling conspiracy. Nobody gives a crap about Jordan's gambling in over 3 decades so why lose the face of your sport over something so stupid? Would you suspend lebron james today for liking to gamble? Of course not! That's the most ridiculous BS I've ever heard. Seriously if you or anyone was in charge of the NBA and your star attraction came and said, "I wanna retire in the middle of my prime.' Youd offer up your wife, youd fondle his jollies and you'd give him your last penny to keep him in. Dont be stupid. Short of rape or murder youd stand by your star no matter what and even then some scumbags would even cover for their star even in cases of murder or rape. And if your star did do something to warrant suspension youd be honest about it and try to throw him under the bus to show you wont stand for that crap and get the public to turn against him so you can shift the spotlight to another up and coming star like Kobe *snicker* (see what I said earlier?) Or Shaq.

  • แปลที

  • Dennis Rodman has more championships than Isaiah Thomas Detroit pistons. And how ironic he won 3 with the bulls. And 2 with the bad boys Detroit pistons. I respect his game when he played in NBA when the greatest defensive basketball players ever.🏆💪🏀

  • Never heard a more BULLSHIT rumor in all my life. Stern "NEVER" wanted Jordan out of the nba, lmao!! He was worth any 3 other players combined the nba had! He didn't give a SHIT about anything Jordan did.

  • That clip with Rodman flipping n floppin' all over the court with Karl Malone had me dying. I forgot all bout that shit in the 90's. That was such a fun team to watch...Golden State who?

  • you (and Rodman) said he didn't care where he played, but 30 seconds earlier, you said he hated playing in San Antonio. So, did he care where he played or not?

  • i love DR! He added a whole new dynamic to the game...u hate him until he plays with u instead of against. very emotional guy. EXCELLENT STRATEGY IN EACH GAME!

  • 9:40 lol

  • Hahahaha rodman said

  • Mao said Jordan was impacted aids

  • This was the real ultimate Dream Team forever of all time

  • Always suspected, and maybe he should have had a conversation as to how to invest his hard earned money after basketball, Dennis was a great team player, Jordan was a leader.

  • The best reboteador ever

  • Sedih cerita nya gw ampe nangis gara gara kagak ngarti ape yg di omongin

  • Rukawa and sakuragi

  • Dennis my hero

  • That type of shit would be considered attempted murder in today's Nba

  • This was a great! Video. I Loved watching these guys play when I was a kid. I had no ideal Rodman never spoke to the team.

  • When rodman came in bulls in 96 they got the most win in a season 76- 10 really need rodman

  • I mean it's not too complicated .MJ was actually jealous of Rodman and his charisma taking over the city . Rodman came out of Nowhere to Chicago ,and took the city over overnight , almost away from MJ and Pippen completely . I mean Chicago loves a party guy because that city is a party City . MJ and Pippen were exciting skill wise on the court , but not exciting personalities like Rodman was . Then you add in the fact that Rodman was on the Bad boy Pistons teams that MJ , Pippen struggled to beat for MJ 7 years, 4 years for Pippen , and Almost 7 years for the team itself from 84 to 1991. Rodman blocked alot of shots by MJ and Pippen and roughed both of them up pretty good .Rodman was a part of the no shaking hands walkout with the Pistons in 91against the Bulls in the Playoffs . That didn't go over well with MJ and Pippen . Plus Rodman brought alot of unnessesary distractions towards the Bulls with his dual life on , and off the court . It was tough for MJ and Pippen to fully embrace Rodman because one moment he would play like an All-star , the next minute he'd play like a Rookie and miss free throws . Rodman would do whatever he could to try to score as well to the detriment of the team at crucial times and when he did score he would try to get alot of adoration and attention for it that rubbed MJ and Pippen wrong .Showboating really . Rodman was demanding the same pay as MJ and Pippen as well , at one point .MJ was making 30 million a year , Scottie 20 million a year , and Dennis making 10 million a year . Rodman wasn't happy about the slight of pay being so starkly less than MJ and Pippen .Rodman was a Rebounding Champion multiple years , doing alot of the dirty work for the team's success , was a DPOY award winner , and All defensive NBA winner for multiple years . Dennis could have averaged 15 to 20 points a game if he were allowed to, to earn more pay .. I mean obviously what would these guys talk about or have in common if they did talk away from the game anyway ? Rodman was a party animal , and not much of a parent , or person of respect at the time . A gambling , drinking womanizing , drug taking degenerit really . The other two guys were family men at the time and married . Not much of the party types . Oil and water really with these three guys In a room .

  • The Pistons were the most bogus team in history. No talent Pistons the only way they could win a game was to cheat and throw flagrant fouls.

  • Rodman knew it was bad blood between them from years past as rivals. So, Rodman stepped in and handled his business.

  • It truly is weird if u foul and smash all the bulls players and then join them...

  • Reporting: reason? too good of a video !

  • I'd rather talk to Kim Jung Un than Michael Jordan.

  • The mothafuckin' WORM!!!

  • I remember this!!! Dennis stayed on ESPN for playing ball and he stayed on gossip mags and on E for entertainment tv show and other media outlets for partying or smashing Madonna and other girls and we can't forget about the hair he had something new everygame!!! Dude literally wanted to party and just play ball and Mj and Pippen just left him alone. They were asked plenty of times what do you think of it hell they even asked Phil a lot about it and they really didn't care cause he was beasting on that court!!!

  • its true...amazing days watching them play...the worm def did this thing in the court so you couldnt tell him anything.

  • sin disciplina y haciendo lo q queria fue el mejor, Rodman mi idolo

  • I love it!!! I'm a True "Bad boys" fan. Never was a Chicago bulls fan til they picked up Dennis. I knew then it was on!!! MJ was not gonna win 3 more unless Chicago picked up someone just as crazy as or if Dennis Rodman himself.

  • @2:52, not sure what year this occurred, but where's #23, LOL!?

  • Jordan is the boss, Rodman c'est d'la merde.

  • LONG VIDEO SHORT: Dennis never talked to Jordan and Pippen! period..

  • Ultimate enforcer, owned the paint in the big man era. MJ and pip knew it. Anyone who wants Ws would want dennis on their team past present or future

  • electric endorse consult zdquggr law locate rush either via railroad spring format.

  • And rodman if pro-Tromp, love it

  • Dennis Rodman was the man , his playing b-ball did all the talking

  • Legend

  • 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Dennis been hell on the court now! Lol funny dude

  • I understand that the league was rough and hard back in the days. But you cannot just assume that all of today’s players are ‘weak’ or ‘soft’. Some players today are actually weak and others not so weak. You just have to understand that kind of roughness is not allowed anymore. So blame the refs and officials rather than the players. If you took today’s players and made them play in Jordan’s time, some of them would become aggressive right off the bat, some of them would be forced to become aggressive and they would soon earn respect, and some of them will forever be weak.

  • pushing pippen is dumb

  • AWESOME video!!!! That's when basketball was worth watching!!!

  • Jordan pippen rodman legends 😄😃😀😇😎


  • Love rodman

  • Rodman was so underrated, but what he did took skill, and allowed MJ and Pippen to excel at what they did. Teamwork!

  • Rodman grew up with a white family with white brothers and friends...he's a punk rocker type, not surprising that he had nothing in common with Jordan and Pippen

  • Awesome video, loved the way Rodman played the game

  • Clash of Ego That's all Dennis was the final piece in the jigsaw , aggressive talented smart creative and crazy He drew a lot of heat from scottie and mike

  • Work ethic. But Dennis is also a big introvert. People don't realize.

  • I Maybe European but I still feal more then grateful to have enjoyed these great players in the 90s

  • Rodman is one of the greats!

  • Olajuwon!

  • the Pistons back then were little bitches throwing a cheap shots

  • Yes love Dennis

  • Dennis Rodman my opinion he wasn`t Professional enough to start a conversation with Michael and Pipen (See Dennis isn`t professional) How ever he did accomplished his job.....Not bad for an idiot haha(My Opinion)

  • So we gon act like John Sall wasn’t whupping Jordan and Pippen azz right along with Rodman??

  • Im from Seattle. The 95 Sonics were the closest Seattle came to a title since 1979. So when i say i hate the Bulls, i mean it. Of course, i also kinda secretly loved them because...well..Jordan.After seeing this video i have a ton of respect for Rodman. He showed up, and did his job. Period. Simply, "You arnt gonna like me, we'll never be friends, but i will die for you to win a Championchip." Thats why they were the greatest team of all time.

  • Thank you! I really enjoyed it! I didn’t know most of the things you told.

  • Detroit Bad Boys were smart. You play against Jordan and the bulls In that era! You do what you can to stop that team and the greatest ever in MJ. Great rivalry!!!

  • Ah who cares

  • I wish I could grow like Rod😧

  • All your videos are in essay format for real just noticed that

  • Sounds suspicious. He was paid to be quiet about MJ.

  • Learn your history lame don't hate on the Detroit Pistons

  • Good video

  • Probably because he was a Piston

  • Rodman was... not exactly what I would call a role model... :-) But yes, he played his heart out with the Bulls. :-)

  • He was always slapping &whooping Scottie pimping ass he tried Jordon 1time Mike let him know I ain't no damn Scottie I'll fuck ya ass up he backed off Jordan they was so scared of Dennis they traded somebody for D.Rodman

  • John Salley was a bad boy too and a Bull the same time as Rodman

  • Great work

  • Rodman, RODman. Not rawman, or you can just call him The Worm

  • This was back in the day when players let you know what time it was. They had to respect Rodman, because they knew he was crazy and would get in that ass if necessary. Back in those days you could choke someone and get fined $500.00. Ok Dennis, you just keep up the D and rebound. Me and Scotty are gonna stay over here.

  • Basketball had personality back then. There was an excitement about it. Everything's just........ so vanilla now.

  • Jordan didn’t quit playing because of gambling. WTF!!!!!!!

  • F yeah, great video 90s bulls were epic.