How Dennis Rodman NEVER Talked To Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen!

Published on Nov 13, 2016
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  • I remember this!!! Dennis stayed on ESPN for playing ball and he stayed on gossip mags and on E for entertainment tv show and other media outlets for partying or smashing Madonna and other girls and we can't forget about the hair he had something new everygame!!! Dude literally wanted to party and just play ball and Mj and Pippen just left him alone. They were asked plenty of times what do you think of it hell they even asked Phil a lot about it and they really didn't care cause he was beasting on that court!!!

  • its true...amazing days watching them play...the worm def did this thing in the court so you couldnt tell him anything.

  • sin disciplina y haciendo lo q queria fue el mejor, Rodman mi idolo

  • I love it!!! I'm a True "Bad boys" fan. Never was a Chicago bulls fan til they picked up Dennis. I knew then it was on!!! MJ was not gonna win 3 more unless Chicago picked up someone just as crazy as or if Dennis Rodman himself.

  • @2:52, not sure what year this occurred, but where's #23, LOL!?

  • Jordan is the boss, Rodman c'est d'la merde.

  • LONG VIDEO SHORT: Dennis never talked to Jordan and Pippen! period..

  • Ultimate enforcer, owned the paint in the big man era. MJ and pip knew it. Anyone who wants Ws would want dennis on their team past present or future

  • electric endorse consult zdquggr law locate rush either via railroad spring format.

  • And rodman if pro-Tromp, love it

  • Dennis Rodman was the man , his playing b-ball did all the talking

  • Legend

  • 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 Dennis been hell on the court now! Lol funny dude

  • I understand that the league was rough and hard back in the days. But you cannot just assume that all of today’s players are ‘weak’ or ‘soft’. Some players today are actually weak and others not so weak. You just have to understand that kind of roughness is not allowed anymore. So blame the refs and officials rather than the players. If you took today’s players and made them play in Jordan’s time, some of them would become aggressive right off the bat, some of them would be forced to become aggressive and they would soon earn respect, and some of them will forever be weak.

  • pushing pippen is dumb

  • AWESOME video!!!! That's when basketball was worth watching!!!

  • Jordan pippen rodman legends 😄😃😀😇😎


  • Love rodman

  • Rodman was so underrated, but what he did took skill, and allowed MJ and Pippen to excel at what they did. Teamwork!

  • Rodman grew up with a white family with white brothers and friends...he's a punk rocker type, not surprising that he had nothing in common with Jordan and Pippen

  • Awesome video, loved the way Rodman played the game

  • Clash of Ego That's all Dennis was the final piece in the jigsaw , aggressive talented smart creative and crazy He drew a lot of heat from scottie and mike

  • Work ethic. But Dennis is also a big introvert. People don't realize.

  • I Maybe European but I still feal more then grateful to have enjoyed these great players in the 90s

  • Rodman is one of the greats!

  • Olajuwon!

  • the Pistons back then were little bitches throwing a cheap shots

  • Yes love Dennis

  • Dennis Rodman my opinion he wasn`t Professional enough to start a conversation with Michael and Pipen (See Dennis isn`t professional) How ever he did accomplished his job.....Not bad for an idiot haha(My Opinion)

  • So we gon act like John Sall wasn’t whupping Jordan and Pippen azz right along with Rodman??

  • Im from Seattle. The 95 Sonics were the closest Seattle came to a title since 1979. So when i say i hate the Bulls, i mean it. Of course, i also kinda secretly loved them because...well..Jordan.After seeing this video i have a ton of respect for Rodman. He showed up, and did his job. Period. Simply, "You arnt gonna like me, we'll never be friends, but i will die for you to win a Championchip." Thats why they were the greatest team of all time.

  • Thank you! I really enjoyed it! I didn’t know most of the things you told.

  • Detroit Bad Boys were smart. You play against Jordan and the bulls In that era! You do what you can to stop that team and the greatest ever in MJ. Great rivalry!!!

  • Ah who cares

  • I wish I could grow like Rod😧

  • All your videos are in essay format for real just noticed that

  • Sounds suspicious. He was paid to be quiet about MJ.

  • Learn your history lame don't hate on the Detroit Pistons

  • Good video

  • Probably because he was a Piston

  • Rodman was... not exactly what I would call a role model... :-) But yes, he played his heart out with the Bulls. :-)

  • He was always slapping &whooping Scottie pimping ass he tried Jordon 1time Mike let him know I ain't no damn Scottie I'll fuck ya ass up he backed off Jordan they was so scared of Dennis they traded somebody for D.Rodman

  • John Salley was a bad boy too and a Bull the same time as Rodman

  • Great work

  • Rodman, RODman. Not rawman, or you can just call him The Worm

  • This was back in the day when players let you know what time it was. They had to respect Rodman, because they knew he was crazy and would get in that ass if necessary. Back in those days you could choke someone and get fined $500.00. Ok Dennis, you just keep up the D and rebound. Me and Scotty are gonna stay over here.

  • Basketball had personality back then. There was an excitement about it. Everything's just........ so vanilla now.

  • Jordan didn’t quit playing because of gambling. WTF!!!!!!!

  • F yeah, great video 90s bulls were epic.

  • Isiah didnt make it to the dream team BECAUSE OF MAGIC! DO YOUR RESEARCH!

  • he was a hell of a baller! one of the best defensive player's for sure! a true champion

  • It's not hard to believe... when you wake up and you are driven to a goal, there is no need or want to exchange words with like-minded individuals. If you've never been driven, then it would be hard for you to understand.

  • was he the same Dennis Rodman in WWE?

  • imho during jordan's reign was the golden yrs of basketball imho. most talented players in the history of the sport. there's magic johnson, larry bird, jordan, malone, barkley, ewing, the bad boys, the 1st olympic dream team & so many more top rated guys during this era. when jordan retired after his 6th ring, i too lost interest in the game due to life's journey after teens. no time for tv, just pure work & party. i was born on 23rd of jan & 23 has been my lucky # way before jordan played in college. weird.

  • In Chicago we liked Rodman... and the group ain't complete without three point machine.... from the outside, Kukoch. Was there a typical fifth man.... I just remember kukoch was their 3 point scorer and it helped often when the other teams guarded Jordan and Pippen

  • Dennis Rodman doesn’t give any fucks.

  • Rodman best the jazz without Dennis Malone would have 2 rings.

  • Correct yourself Jordan was 6-6


  • Rodman a goat

  • He said he’s a little wiser looking like that lol

  • Best days of basketball

  • Amazed today's players don't hire him to teach them defense & rebounding

  • Could any of the divas of today play in that era

  • I don't think they hated each other - they feared each other that's why they avouded talking.

  • ROdman was also a bad guy in a Jean Claude Van Damn fliclk

  • That was fun. Great micro-documentary

  • Love the respect from Jordan to Rodman, hard work is appreciated if you show it.

  • This is a solid vid

  • Thanks to bugs bunny Michael Jordan came back

  • That's bullshit.

  • Should do a video on that time Delonte West became Lebrons step dad

  • Rodman was the shit! And how he operated with the bulls was exactly how we operate in the military. We may hate some people in the platoon and never talk outside of work, yet we always came together as a team on missions. That is just how it has to be some times if not always. There will always be those fucks you can't stand or hate yet they will always be apart of your life. When it counts, suck it up and drive on. Go RODMAN! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A TALK WITH RODMAN FOR SURE.

  • No different than anyone else’s job, go to work, real work..not a game as a job. Do it with ppl u probably don’t like and have zero to do with outside of work at all. Not that crazy. U can thank that douche LAbron for ruining the NBA with his dream team lopsided best friend crew and how it’s all watered down just like wrestling,football and every other awesome thing in life...ppl destroying life because everything is danger first. Don’t smoke weed or do drugs u will die, but Rodman does it but gets a pass because he does his job and is awesome at it with no problems and ppl look up to that..but the construction worker who has a functioning heroine addiction down the street who has had the addiction for 10 years kept the job for almost that and comes in, works, no issues and busts his ass is a loser because if he just so happens to get caught with it on him or in his car he gets arrested, put on probation with piss testing in front of some guy every two weeks but can’t do it because he can’t just drop a habit he had no issues with for 10 years until now so he violates, loses job and thrown in jail now he withdrawals and almost dies in a cell, comes right back out and shoots up the normal dose because he wasn’t ready to stop and was forced and wasn’t mentality ready and dies because his tolerance was down from jail or he gets out jobless, addicted again,with record...just ruined a guys life with harassment and invasion of privacy over a drug that made him get through a day and live life and wasn’t hurting no one...point is let a person do what they want in life if they aren’t hurting anyone. Serving and protecting my ass..there’s no black and white without a grey area in this shit, making laws that nobody knows, not even the police...wake up ppl and educate yourself on life because it’s becoming ridiculous ...already has

  • I don't have a conversation with my QB in 4 years is not that difficult

  • "NEVER" turns out to be they actually discussed but never socialized as friends or buddies. Nice clickbait title, have my thumbs down.

  • Very rarely or maybe never is NEVER!!

  • This dude dresses sus af

  • Who is mackel jorden

  • "were a little older, a little wiser" *proceeds to be best buds with kim jong un lmao

  • 💯% Sakuragi

  • Dennis disarmed Kim jong uhn.

  • Dennis rod is a fruit and he’s a bball scrub he ain’t nobody.

  • Dennis Rodman the Worm

  • Dennis Rodman is and was the best! He really has a big heart and cares about people but you wouldn't know it.

  • If not for Rodman, Orlando and Shaquille would have been a dynasty. Remember, Rod got shaq to foul out every game in the 95 semifinals all by himself. Think James could have handled Shaq back then? Don’t think so.

  • if he said he didn't talk to Scotty or Michael leave it at that. and shut up

  • Jordan VS James who is the better player?

  • So because there is a DENNIS RODMAN there’s a MICHAEL JORDAN 🤔🤫🙈💩😉 THEY DON’T MAKE THEM LIKE THAT ANY MORE 👽💨💨

  • Respect. Play to Win!

  • You can hate Rodman if u want but he played his ass off! He was undersized under weight for a power forward but ran players into the ground, and drove opponents nuts! Never got tired! Before going to party which he certainly did he would do 45min to 60min on stair master or olyptical after every game!

  • Disliked the second I heard this guy mispronounce Dennis Rodman's name

  • They did on the court had too but never outside of basketball! Only during basketball seasons while on court or practice

  • I would talk to the crazy man either. Rodman is ridiculous.

  • I never talk to anyone from work outside of work either. Work is work and my personal life is my personal life I don't mix the two. It doesn't strange at all to me.

  • didnt he marry himself? lmao Rodman was the cerebral assassin on the court.

  • ... and then helped end the 70 year war between the two Koreas.

  • You did a great report on this well done

  • Its a business, co workers arent your friends.