HORSE PROBLEMS | Red Dead Redemption - Part 8

Published on Nov 11, 2018
Oh my poor horse...
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  • Mark, u ran ur horse over, then 15 seconds later u run another horse over, dam, ur a god mark 👌👍😂

  • You absolutely deserve no damn pelts for being a such a muppet lol :P

  • Oh my gosh XD The apple cord on Mark's hat I love it

  • Someone needs to make a compilation of all the times Mark has run into a tree while on his horse. 😂

  • Sometimes in this series I forget I’m watching Mark, it seems I’m just watching a movie and out of nowhere: *peasants*

  • All those pelts he has lost crashing into things would've made him a lot of money by now

  • 13:30 these are the reasons I watch Mark, we feel your pain by laughing at it. So sorry, but its why you are fun to watch.

  • Mark, possums don't live in swamps...

  • Your hat is beautiful

  • Oh my Lord!!!!! I LOVE THE COWBOY HAT Mark!!!!!!!!!!????

  • 1:26:27 love the sound effect 😂

  • I think this whole letsplay and just all of US-tv, proves why RDR 2 lost for Game Of The Year to Fortnight. Because its too complex for practically everyone. Weapon cleaning, clothing, facial changes, stores, weapon modification, equipment upgrades, crafting, eating and drinking, pelts, horse care, unique weaponry, interaction, unique encounters. Most everyone I see just jumps from mission to mission, without exploring, or working on Author. Its a big game, yet no one is giving it the time.

  • Excuse me if I’m wrong about this because I’m only 8 episodes in and the reason why I’m watching this a month after the videos came out is because I already finished the game so I don’t know if mark bought weapons after these episodes but why doesn’t he go and buy new weapons or pick up new ones like when he killed billy midnight there was a really good weapon and when he was in the gun shop why didn’t he just buy a new revolver

  • LMAO

  • Start of dutch getting mad

  • This is so funny I keep laughing when you burp into the camera

  • who name's there horse shooumpl

  • Late reaction

  • It is probably too late, i know i'm watching a past episode but for anyone that doesn't know.... hold R1/Rightbumper to back up your horse/ carriage

  • i live for when you run into a tree and yell "MY PELT"

  • 1:15:47 he reminds me of Ingo from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

  • just . . . 1:02:15 . . . Stylin' boi

  • I really like markplier, but his goofiness is getting my nerves. I mean I like his way to play, but he has never been this sloppy. He doesn't clean his guns or horse, rides to trees, and loses animal pelts. He doesn't get extra things because he doesn't concentrate. Of course game walkthroughs have to be entertaining, but this is too much 😞

  • You can use a lasso to get dead animals out of water

  • 6:26 Mark: wait,where’s my hat? Me:...

  • Mark's let's plays are just big ol' "I LOST MY PELT!!!" simulator lol

  • who else thinks marks kinda going the wrong way with things in this game

  • wait y was the affair forrest gump related, havent seen the movie in a while.

  • I feel like Dutch will turn out to be the Harrison Wells of this game. For those of you who don’t know, The Flash reference.

  • Must be hard being a Shwoompl

  • Markiplier has Proven once again he's a man of doing not thinking again during video games

  • Every time he's in some forest I'm like: HIT SOMETHING!

  • 1:02:16 It never gets old XD I'm losing my shit every time... god damn hilarious.

  • He did it, he reversed!! Like I thought he'd played plenty games on consoles, but apparently not lol

  • "whoops sorry. Whoops sorry. Nooooooooooo. NOOOOOOO. NOooOOoOOooOoOoOo." *Does something stupid* "Why do I keep doing stupid things?!" *proceeds to continue doing stupid things on purpose* - Markiplier's Red Dead Playthrough.

  • Poor Shwoompl must have brain dablage by now

  • Emmet Granger is actully Emmet Brown from Back to the Future after his wife left him and he's lonely

  • OMG! @ 1:18:51 the song markiplier was complaining about was a song I sung in Choir called Dome Epais!

  • Swoompl is the real victim here

  • Mark: tHen wHy doN't YoU sTiK to THe fUckiNg RoadS?

  • 41:26 Mark should be a voice actor

  • This will just be 40 hours of mark losing his pelts and raging over it

  • Why didn't he just attach the hat to his headphones?

  • 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • 37:45

  • Two of the best words in the game: "muneh" and "shore"

  • I know Mark is way ahead of here at this point, but I'm playing alongside him and I'm around this point so I had to wait until I did stuff to watch. I'm struggling to not wake people up in my house by laughing too hard at all the shit Mark's horse has gone through. I might have to make a crash compilation 😂. Crashing horses in this game is sad but a couple times I had to pause for a few minutes to laugh when I crashed. 🤣🤣

  • After so long on his quest, his harrowing adventures through the wild, with gunfights and deer stabbin, mark finally finished. He got to the end. After so many hardships and trials, he FINALLY....finally...managed to pat the dog

  • I wish skinning animals was that ridiculously easy in real life

  • E

  • 34:10 The cursed "ramp"

  • Random unexplained noise at about 1:26:26

  • "I'm up to 300 bucks already!"...... Mark... please rob the bank soon lol

  • Okay Mark, that’s it, we’re having your horse riding licenses revoked. You’ve been slamming into too many trees too many damn times. 🐎🐴

  • 7:15

  • 1:14... the moment I noticed marks ‘hat’.

  • Mark: gasp “This is lit!!” The guy then calmly snuffs the flame out with his hand. 😂 thought it was way funny

  • Nooooo, you should've picked up that gun! (90 mins in)

  • *markiplier quote of the day* "Never lasso a horse with dynamite"

  • swoompl has 3 broken ankles and a minor concussion at this point

  • 40:20 bars

  • 16:11 that’s a good boy

  • 10:43 party in the USA by Miley Cyrus

  • The Hat 😂🤣

  • 38:39 the song the guy is singing in the background on the game 😂 I found it way funnier than I should have 😂

  • 1:06:26 PEASANTS

  • Who dis

  • 18:03 horse shook right when he took a sip

  • Mark... never ride a horse... ever

  • 8 parts into the game and now he figures how to back up a horse *sigh*

  • Tiny chicken coops are around $200 so...yeah....

  • ok, the shooting of the lemoyne camp was pretty rad.

  • schwoompl "Every day. Every minute, every second of my existence is suffering. My life is nothing but endless pain. But I endure. I serve a higher purpose. I do it for my master."

  • When mark said "I dont like racism"( serous )maybe when pewdiepie said the n word on live stream mark doesn't talk to pewdiepie anymore...


  • 45:00

  • 45:32


  • I find it oddly satisfying every time Mark goes out to hunt deer and collect pelts Anyone else?

  • 43:53 Holy booty!! Now that’s what I call some fine shooting partner!!!

  • I think game may be having a bit of an effect on mark

  • What the heck was that sound at 1:26:27?

  • I wish I could afford a PS4 or a Nintendo Switch. But I don't make enough. I would love to play this game. I wish I didn't have to pay so much for my healthcare and my monthly visits to doctors and at least 10 prescriptions, sometimes more per month.... I wish I wasn't so disabled and sick. By the way, stop running into trees.

  • I saw that Crash Bandicoot on your homescreen, and I want a let's play

  • 1:32:52

  • Markiplier failed at so many draws now

  • *pissed off* *pets dog* Okay, i'm a little less piss about things now. When video games mirror reality.

  • Mark wonders if the world gets more populated after he kill almost 60 people

  • I love mark ❤️ I wish he’d take the game more serious 😂😭

  • 26:38 "Wow, two whole dollars..." Mark is really sarcastic here, but according to an inflation calculator I used $2 in 1899 would be worth around $60 USD which is pretty damn good money if you ask me

  • shwompl has drain bablage

  • If I had a nickel for every time mark lost a pelt for some silly mistakes, I’d have like, fifty dollars by now

  • Every time Mark runs full speed into a tree or rock or something I just lose it laughing it’s perfect especially when he goes ‘now I just have to be careful’ right before. comedic timing at its finest

  • The sniper in the barn had a legendary rolling block rifle.

  • Huckleberry Fin That’s where this family feud comes from! Ha figured it out, took me a while!

  • R1 to reverse the horse orbwagon

  • Maaaark ur gator skin

  • mr granger died in the yamcha pose 5:28

  • I’m going to make a drinking game. Every time Mark crashes into something on Shwoomples I’m going to take a shot. Edit: RIP MY LIVER

  • 1:26:24 caught me off guard, Mark's expression afterwards has me cracking up