HORSE PROBLEMS | Red Dead Redemption - Part 8

Published on Nov 11, 2018
Oh my poor horse...
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  • I live for the fast edits with fire and choir music x'D

  • "That's not even a tree!" but it was

  • The cringemeter broke watching Marks playthrough, but he's still a loveable youtuber, even for being a goofball all the time.

  • Actually someone should make a compilation from how many times you’ve lost PELTS.

  • Ya know the name of game’s really racist but the game its self isn’t

  • Love the hat markiplier, it might have shrunk in the wash a bit though 😁😂

  • I can’t tell if his hat is fake or not

  • This is one of my favorite play throughs with Mark cause he really enjoyed the game and played it how he wanted too.

  • kelanechoda paglachoda kuttar ba66a

  • It said “Opened Cocain Gum”...... smh

  • Remember the alternative universe were Shmoopl was abandoned.

  • Shit this is long. If you got it I love you.

  • 1:00:32 TF kina laugh was that?

  • You can give your horse medicine to heal them

  • at 1:32:55 mark missed a rare gun, big oof

  • Mark: Wait! Where's my hat?! Hat has been gone for the last 3 episodes. Reminder before playing a game: Take ADD meds. Lol.

  • It’s annoying that Mark thinks that time doesn’t matter in the game, he just wastes time.

  • 13:29 thinks he got a lot of pelt But he doesn’t then goes back to the Horse and said:NOOOOOOO all my pelts !!.me:Though if you look back he only Has 1 on his hors

  • Markiplier:NOOOOOoOOOOOoO! I lost my few deer pelts Markiplier a while ago: wait where is the LEGENDARY bear pelt welp ill get it later (never gets it)

  • *does backflip off horse* “this is how I dismount” 😂😂😂 omfg I died

  • 0:14 Glitch horse replay button

  • 55:07 * gets cart stuck * Random NPC: “Hey, stupid!” 😂😂😂

  • Is nothing easy?

  • has mark been able to keep ANY pelt in literally any episode?

  • 13:47 pelts that you harvested poorly that can be sold for cents and cannot be used in crafting?

  • Bottoms up Lenny!

  • Watching Mark run like a maniac off road and regretting it every time is my lifes blood

  • "You can't speak, you turned idiot" lol Hosea is great.


  • If you let pelts or anything stowed on your horse sit too long it gets rotten and falls off.

  • he caught me off guard with that cowboy hat

  • 17:28 that’s bandicute

  • opossums were night creatures so no wonder you couldnt find one

  • Love the cowboy hat. Really suits you Mark.

  • "OH... you CAN back up!'" omfg I died laughing.

  • Omg why would he just leave the fox like that?

  • poor many trees/rocks did you hit by now? xD

  • apparently it's impossible for mark to figure out you hold down R1 to back up the wagons and coaches. jesus

  • The music at 1:19:00 I actually know!! I can sing that

  • I feel so sorry for your horse

  • He found the Sorting Hat in the swamp.... Guys....

  • Mark Becomes Emperor Palpetine at 13:50... After joking about Endor and losing his livelihood all in a single stroke.. lol

  • Pressing x while not in cinematic mode doesnt make your horse follow your gang members, it just makes you match their speed.


  • Mark: I never have enough money Mark again: *donates over 400 dollars to the camp*

  • Oh Mark, I wish you’d let the deer with the sad eyebrows you did with the cute crawfish from RE7 End of Zoe 😢

  • Midnight had a golden Mauser

  • If only mark knew how much money you get from the bank robbery

  • AH MY PELTS died. You think you get a reward for dying? No. You get penalties.

  • 45:30 it sed opened Mark it sed opened 😑

  • It would have been epic to have shot the knife out of mid air when EG threw it. (Not to mention I think that is how you are supposed to complete that encounter)

    • I just like how he blew up the shit pile with dynamite.

  • "Get. Whomped." -Markiplier, 2018

  • Sadly you can’t have a possum hat...

  • mark...please...for your sake...stay on a road and slow down. poor arthur won't have any brain cells by the end of your playthrough.

  • 41:19 Thank you. Watching you try to fit a hat that was OBVIOUSLY too small was annoying.

    • That's the joke.

  • Someone call PETA bc this poor horse must have terrible brain damage.

  • 13:37-14:00 has me dying! Sorry for your loss though 😂😂


  • omg the mini cowboy hat 😂😂

  • Look Arthur is cosplaying Mark, good job Hosea.

  • Get a new horse dude there are better ones

  • Mark: I need money *walks right pass the opportunity to rob a bank and make 14000 right away*

  • not gonna address the hat? ok

  • New drinking game take a shot everytime mark looses a pelt or animal from dieing

  • 44:02 wow

  • 1:19:56 MARKY YOUR GATOR

  • Never watched when it came out, I watched it while waiting for midnight to bring in the new year. I looked at the time and shouted happy new year. I finished watching then was going to go to sleep. This comment deserves this: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Lol 2019 comment

  • who else thought the cowboy hat was fake

  • It's covered in pig sh*t but 'weapon is clean'. Good job, Rockstar. X)

  • Your Hideing from mark and he says ima pull a double wammy of fun your last few moments are in fear as he says to bad i dont have the shotgun for this

  • The longer mark plays the more Arthur looks like bob ewell

  • 1:19:37 sounded more like a car crash than a horse spill haha!

  • Ya know that bear pelt u had?? It's at the trapper by the way

  • rip shwoompl that poor horse probably has a lOt of brain damage by now

  • Mark, you should get a wild horse and then sell it at the stables


  • Oh my god I’m excited for the next episode.. let’s get huntin markyytmoo

  • Marky you could have changed your clothes on the cabinet near your bed

  • I think Shwoompl is brain dead by now.

  • That hat just just no

  • Lemony Raiders XD

  • Mm m

  • 1:19:38 Aaaaand he lost the gator.

  • Oh my god how many pelts did you have on Shwoompl when you got him stuck? Lost so much money with that dynamite reset.

  • 23:08 I love the sassy head-waggle.

  • Every episode gets more annoying 🤷‍♀️ No hate still love merk ❤

  • Don't read the comments if you don't want any spoilers.

  • 1:19:37 why do I feel like that was on purpose...

  • I always want Mark to hit a tree XD

  • Watching mark play bugs me Soo much, why do I do this to myself

  • 1:02:43 *me finding out Hentai Haven isn’t shutting down*

  • oml that poor deer ;-;

  • 1:26:28 It's funny how Mark doesn't even notice how Charles just teleports to his horse and carries on like nothing happened

  • Tiny cowboy hat mark

  • 00:04:45 shitsplosion.

  • Mark's horse ran head first into a tree. It gave him brain damag-amage-amage-amage.

  • "this is a great cart!" *Runs into house and hits Shwoomple*

  • And he dropped his gator skin crashing into the tree...

  • 20:20

  • Bruh he lost his crocidile pelt in 1:20:00