Honest Trailers - The Greatest Showman

Published on Apr 10, 2018
In a world of superhero franchises and reboots, we're reminded that theatre kids need something average to love too! - It's The Greatest Showman
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Original Music By Matt Citron
Voiceover Narration by Jon Bailey
Title design by Robert Holtby
Producers - Dan Murrell, Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, and Max Dionne
Written by Spencer Gilbert, Joe Starr, Dan Murrell
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Supervising Producer: Warren Tessler
Production Coordinator: Tina Choi
Edited by Kevin Williamsen and TJ Nordaker
Post-Production Supervisor: Gracie Hartmann
Post-Production Coordinator: Carolyn Croce
Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
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  • Honest Trailer for Love, Simon!!!

  • 1:58 Daya did her own stunts

  • This is the Greatest Honest Trailer, And the sun can't stop you now watching it come true,.. wait those dam songs just stay in your heads, curse you Hugh Jazzhands and your catchy musicals ..

  • "cause Zac is a hunk, and we're both super fine" HAHAHAHAHA

  • Please do Netflix Death Note

  • Actually, I think Zendaya did a lot of her own stunts

  • "Laugh all you want An elephant never forgets" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


  • Tbf zendaya did a lot of the trapeze herself

  • I love the greatest showman!!!!!! I hate to ship people but Zac And Zendaya is the cutest.And im not a fan of Zalex.....if they were not together... i imagine that they are😍😍😍


  • We this was stupid the greatest showman is great you guys made it sound like it’s the worst well it’s not s

  • I’m doing a project for school about Pt Barnum and literally he was so horrible. Like incredibly racist, sexist, and exploited people for cash. He drank too much and he remarried super quickly after the wife portrayed in the movie died. Plus the woman was half his age lol. He never saw his children and missed the death of his two year old daughter. All around a bad guy. Good movie tho 😂

  • "writers just made up our parts" greatest lyrics ever written.

  • Please do Ready Player One honest trailers

  • Wait, the people behind Dear Evan Hansen made this? Huh, no wonder I didn’t like this movie! It all makes sense now!

  • Please make an honest trailer for the Ocean's Trilogy before it releases the Ocean's 8 😭

  • small hugh Jackman steals a loaf of bread at the beginning Me: "Did you learn NOTHING JEAN VALJEAN?!"

  • Pleasssseee do a Newsies honest trailer!! (Broadway or movie, both are good)

  • I like how you managed to include the real P.T. Barnum history. This is him in an alternate universeee.

  • Why didn't they just say it was someone else since most of this movie has very little to do with the real life character.

  • Even though the real story is actually one of pain, suffering and cruelty, I still think that this adaptation of real life events is a beautiful story that was important to tell.


  • Do Ready Player One!!!

  • Philip Carlyle was based on Jonathan Bailey, Barnum’s real partner, idk why they changed his name

  • Man I love this movie It’s cool that they changed the songs to what the real P.t Baurnum done ✅

  • I got a Zac Efron ad for Hugo Boss right before this.

  • when the honest trailer is better than the movie :-)


  • Pretty Much if Wolverine made a musical!


  • HUGH JAZZHANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT!! XD

  • 2:54 You know they are kinda similar. The real Hugh just wears a more serious expression and has the realistic additions of sleeplessness and unhealthy lifestyle.

  • I didn't even know P.T Barnum really existed I thought everything was fictional tbh

  • These songs are better than the movies

  • Love this video! Shedding light on the fact that he was not a very good man while making it funny and lighthearted. P.T. Barnum is my great, great, great grandfather (my grandmother’s maiden name was Barnum), but whenever I tell people that, they are impressed and happy. I end up having to explain to them that this movie, while great, doesn’t she’d light on the side of Phineas my family knows. Before it closed, I went to the Wringling Brothers circus, and it was disappointing that the same ways Phineas and Bailey treated their animals was being administered. Not exactly proud to be related to him, but still pretty cool! Great job guys!

  • I'm kinda disappointed in you guys for not saying the movie is historically inaccurate because real life isn't a musical. Kinda missed that.

  • Boy you guys are hugging history way too much. If the movie was a truly fictional (not of P.T), then you guys would be stuck with High School Musical and Wolverine jokes.

  • honestly adore this film but cried laughing at this video aha, also love the fact that ma boys pasek and paul got nothing but praise!!

  • Its always hilarious when you guys do a musical and redo the lyrics. This is one of your best...

  • P.T. Flea from A Bug's Life is more accurate to the real life P.T. Barnum than this film's version xD.

  • Still a great movie.

  • In serious terms, I still think this movie is a great one - especially for the message and the timely release :)

  • I went into the movie knowing nothing about it and loved it

  • Ok. You’re just hating because you know you can never be as creative and amazing as that, I know it is not historically accurate, but it’s not like they wanted it to be 100% correct either. This Is Me is actually a very powerful song, and applies to my life in many ways, so it makes me really upset that you hated on that song.

  • I like the These two didnt exist song

  • Best Honest Trailers ever!!!

  • Hahahahahah THATS P. T

  • DO READY PLAYER ONE!!!...please?

  • I’m glad that you got all the historical inaccuracies in there because that’s why I decided not to see it

  • It's not fair to judge the enjoyment of a movie based on historical accuracy, that's the point of creativity; to take something whether that's from inspiration or your own imagination and make something wonderful from it. This movie left me leaving the cinema with a smile on my face and the feeling of wanting to dance. The plot was pretty average but the feeling you get from watching this movie is nothing but positive.

  • fun fact: zendaya did the majority of her stunts. (i think all but i'm sure there's a good few that she didn't do)

  • please do a Honest trailer of, A Wrinkle In Time!

  • Can you guys PLEASE do The My Little Pony Movie soon!!!!!! PLEASE!!!

  • Everything in this was super accurate it was still a great movie thought except they didn’t use a body double for Zendaya I had to do a project in a film class at school about stunt doubles in recent movies

  • This was my favorite movie and I shouldn't have watched this Fml...

  • he is singing with the freedom of someone not being forced to play Wolverine anymore

  • Zendaya actually did most of her own stunts, unlike you said

  • Do the The rocky series!!!!

  • Do the The rocky series!!!!

  • The rocky series!!!!


  • are these like disses?

  • I’m so glad someone finally pointed this out😂

  • That song you edited makes me laugh

  • Ahhhh my favorite movie

  • This movies plot was way to cliche


  • as much as I love the greatest showman the parodies were the funniest thing

  • If you ignore the fact that it's far from reality, it was actually quite enjoyable and I shed a few tears. Simply because the movie celebrates differences and it's difficult to grow up and love them. But, yeah. Historical seen he was absolute garbage and shouldn't be celebrated AT ALL.

  • This is funny but TBH Zendaya did most of her stunts

  • M'logan! :)

  • Please do one on phantom of the opera!

  • Could you please say "I say Vol and you say Tron" in your awesome voice?

  • I love this movie but it's deeeeeeefinitely not accurate lol

  • Honestly this kind of ruined the movie for me, not that is wasn’t funny, it was VERY FUNNY, the movie has just totally lost all its magic now

  • that was really funny loved it even though i love the greatest showman.


  • What is this taking the mick

  • This musical about P.T. Barnum starring Hugh Jackman wasn't historically accurate? You're kidding me! I enjoyed it because I thought it was the latest Ken Burns PBS documentary. Next, you'll be telling me "The Flintstones" wasn't a reality show depicting the joyful interactions between our Paleolithic ancestors and dinosaurs.

  • Am I the only one who realised in order for the Beard chick to stop being an outcast she needed to shave? Like most of the men don't have beards so there is clearly equipment available.

  • I liked the movie (and still have some hangover weeks later) but NEVER GOT OFFENDED by this video. Why is everyone going crazy that it mentioned that it's not historically accurate? The video isn't bashing the movie, it's just being honest. Hello, it said "Honest Trailer".

  • Well done honest trailer. Hoped you'd be this bold with Last Jedi

  • Here come the cries of all the theater kids from liberal arts campuses. Saying why a comedy channel and comments are wrong because they have their own opinions.

  • I LOVE THIS!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Do A Quiet Place 😍

  • Actually, Zendaya did the tricks herself.

  • Title ideas that came to me for TGS *What the circus was like before Bailey joined* *PT Barnum's Life turned Positive* *How To Fake A True Story* *A PT Barnum Fantasy* *The Happy Version Of The Circus* *How A Wikipedia Article is Written* And *The Greatest Lie Behind The Story*

  • Do you think y’all could do one for Supernatural??

  • THIS IS TERRIBLE!!!!! I HATE IT. THE GREATEST SHOWMAN IS GOOD AND YOU JUST KIND OF RUINED IT. Just my opinion but the movie is actually good and this kinda just actually ruined the magic of the movie. So yeah that’s my small rant

  • Please do MEAN GIRLS


  • Now imagine if PT referred to the other dude who might use such initials. You know, the one who sits in an office with no corners and sends messages with a limited character count.

  • This is still in the cinema

  • the song parodies were spot on!! rofl

  • Do Sweeney Todd

  • im dead

  • Do the Disaster Artist!

  • Please do Scorch Trials, and the Death Cure. I mean you did all the hunger games movies, why not finish Maze Runner?

  • P.t Barnum was a real person in the early 1920s I think apparently he hung an elephant by a crane. But I Absolutely love this movie and how it's made