HOLY GRAIL FOUNDATION?? Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation REVIEW!

Published on Nov 9, 2017
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Today I’ll be trying the NEW Huda Beauty Faux Filter Foundation! This $40.00 foundation promises to give you full coverage, flawless, long lasting Instagram skin in a bottle!!! I tested the foundation out for 3 days and have some serious thoughts to share with you! Do you think it works? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!!
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The Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Foundation is $40.00 and is available here → bit.ly/2zqL9IS
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  • You look gorgeous!!! I am getting this foundation!

  • Gorgeous!

  • She actually starts putting the foundation on at 7:05 Your welcome.

  • Love that you are sincere and true my favorite beauty blogger 😍

  • q u e e n

  • 7:05 is what you cAme for

  • I tend to blush a lot like my whole face becomes bright red and this is clearly blocking me in my life. I tried everything. Could you recommend make up that works ? Should I use this foundation + green base ? I know that when i don't blush or people cannot see that I blush I express myself a lot more freely ...

  • Thanks for trialing this over 4 days!! That’s so much more informative and shows that you care- awesome review 👏🏽👏🏽

  • May I please know what color you used on the Huda foundation

  • I like the Huda Beauty Foundation, i Just recently got it but the girl from Sephora gave me a lighter shade :/

  • If it works, it works! Fav atm is born this way, i know this is an old video, but i just got around to looking at huda beauty foundation, so hopefully, it works as well as it does for you

  • Holy grail war? I’m the only web here sorry

  • she started wearing primer at 6:39.. welcome

  • primer name and link

  • My DB luminous foundation

  • intro until : 07:05

  • I was confused Bc u were 7 minutes into the video and still hadn’t put it on 😂 but no hate I like to hear what you have to say Ly Nikki

  • Kannst du dich bitte zu Artikel 13 äußern!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dang this girl can talk, 😱. 6 mins in and she hasn’t put any make up on.

  • I hate it when I wanna kno what shade I am the bottle makes it looks too dark but when I swatch it ITS TOO DAMN LIGHT

  • Do you put it on your lips so your lipstick looks better?

  • When you’re here using £1 makeup from Primark..

  • 7:04 she starts putting the foundation on

  • Omg put the damn foundation on

  • Loved your video! My favorite foundation is Kat Von D lock it. I’m going to try this one now..

  • 7:05. thank me later.

  • Omg girl, you don’t Even need makeup! You are so beautiful😍 and you are so freaking funny😂👌🏼

  • Do the following a tuturiol without sound!

  • It took her 7 minutes to put on the foundation.

  • 7 mins of intro srsly?

  • Your brows are so unnatural and....weird in this video..its highly distracting

  • It took her more than 7 minutes to put on in foundation.

  • Plse donate the brush to me😂😂💛💛

  • Trying the product starts at 4:05

  • Makeup 💄 collection please....

  • When she put that on it was like a mask. Lol.

  • Youre funny I like you

  • U talk like this even in your real life? I mean off camera?

  • This foundation and concealer may be my new routine

  • Hey Nikki. What other primers would you suggest with this foundation? In particular dry skin. Do you also use moisturiser?

  • My favorite foundation is A fit me Matt + poreless foundation. For normal to oily skin. It refines pores and modifies, it matches normal skin tone, neutral seamless finish! My color is 112

  • Can I have the brush please

  • Always trust a full coverage queen for a good coverage foundation!

  • Jesus fucking christ nickie it's been 6 minutes get the the foundation please

  • What highlight brush do you use?

  • u put so much highlight on ur nose then it just disappeared

  • Why americans are like this lol wtf

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  • She starts applying the foundation at 6:53, you can thank me later 😇

  • When she said “I am a mixer” Me: LITTLE MIX

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  • حلو والله يا كافره

  • Starts at 7:06 you’re welcome

  • Do you use the sponge dry ?

  • I love this foundation but after a few hours it literally melts off my face!! it doesn’t last long at all for me. Any tips?

  • We like it

  • What brush does she use for her concealer? 😍😍

  • 7:02

  • Can I mix huda beauty with milani foundation

  • Hure

  • Love the review Nikki please upload more videos like this 😘😘

  • Literally love you !!!!! You are sooooooo gorgeous and the BEST makeup artist EVER !!!!!!!!!

  • How would you compare this to the Estee Lauder foundation??

  • My fav one is dermablend

  • Have you found any dupes for this foundation?

  • Does it. Oxidise or am I going crazy?

  • I have dry skin do you recommend me this foundation ?

  • i do not wear foundation only concealer but when i go out nars natural radiant foundation i use


  • Would it cover my lots of acne? Lmao

  • I enjoy your videos but geez girl ... just way too much unnecessary blabbing .. it took 7 minutes before before you got with the actual application .

  • my fave foundation is covergirl nateral beauty

  • How rudely u have thrown the brush it's great actually i❤️ this brush so soft and big

  • I love her eyes😍😍😍


  • Hahahhaha

  • Can anyone tell me how long this foundation lasts while wearing it everyday? Like, more and less?

  • What shade did you use????

  • Nikkie: Hey guys it bare face tutorials here today Me:😕.😑.☺.😊.😀.😁.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • i tried this foundation and HATED it!! i moisturized just like i do every other time and it was soooooo dry and crackly. i had high hopes but oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Omg this was my first Time watching her channel and my ears are burning. I’m like GIRL JUST USE A DAMN PRIMER already fuck!

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  • She starts applying it at 7:04. Just so ya know.

  • 7 minutes of TALKING

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  • IT took her 7 minuets before she put in the freaking foundation!!!!

  • Where can i order this expensive Foundation?

  • Can it cover up my A level results though?

  • That shade is way too pale for you

  • Here in 2018 and realized vid was posted on my bday

  • If u want to know what time she starts with foundion it is at 7:03

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  • Thrift thick said this foundation is light to medium coverage. I don’t understand

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