Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)

Published on Apr 14, 2018
My friends and I team up to help find a key piece of evidence for the Columbus, GA Detective Unit!
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Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)


  • Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to team back up with the Columbus, GA Detective Unit on future videos! This was awesome!! haha (Wow! This video is currently #3 Trending on US-tv. This is crazy!! Thanks guys!)

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    • DALLMYD just now realizing that you are talking about Columbus GA, not Ohio. I probably live withing half an hour from you

  • How much do you think his eyebrows cost

  • A gun?!

  • That's crazy

  • I love you guys

  • 10:56 wtfat jk😂they look pretty nice!!!

  • Can I hire you guys to find jumanji for me?

  • looks kinda lika a musket

  • That’s the moment he realized he’s phone was in he’s pocket

  • That could either be a BB gun or a 22 long rifle

  • You got your braces off!!!! 😂

  • It’s not a B.B. gun I think its a trench shotgun

  • Someone were I live robbed a store with a screwdriver

  • title should say “helping LOOK FOR”

  • Snitch

  • Ever since he found that one pistol after his years of diving. Then all of a sudden, his channel has over 20 finding a gun video. Pretty suspect

  • #RoadTo4Million

  • He found a gun clip but he never mentioned it

  • Could you please make a video about the equipment that you use

  • Snitch

    • MoreNascentionsZ i wouldn’t care because there dead already

    • TheTRUESNEAKERHEAD tony what if someone killed a family member of yours and they were helping the police to locate the weapon, would you still call them snitches???

    • Snitch? Somebody Died Because of this murder. Finding the gun can put this case to rest and finding the killer.

    • Shut up and get some help

    • Hey at least they're finding the truth.

  • They cut the part out where the police run out at the end and yell "April Fools!"

  • The gallon jug is used to tigh down trot lines for fishin

  • You should make up some pvc tubing search grids fill them with stainless steel shot..

  • Hi this is Thor and I thought I'd say this because it's a good idea and you like take the Popkins home in a bag and then brings of your store and get some money and then you don't eat the money.

  • thats a pellet gun and they still make those

  • How is it that when you look for a gun you can't find it but go to a huge lake and find an M14?😂😂🤔

  • Found a staple gun 😂

  • Imagine if they found a body in the water

  • /_(._.)_/ \_{▪,▪}_/ wow

  • I was scuba diving and I found Atlantis... \_(._.)_/

  • Is it just me or I thought he was laughing not the metal detector 😂

  • Im all ways down there but someone did find a gun down there in the woods the creek leads to a path and he fount it in the woods

  • You are police hoarders

  • the bald guy looks like Bemzema The Footballer

    • brad bower you're soooo right !!!!!!!!

  • i think in the milk box is poop

  • i thought the metal detector was him laughing 😂

  • its the back of a boom box

  • Your brows r from another planet

  • Dont the police have their own diving teams for that!

    • nalka33 taylor not all departments

  • Good luck finding the gun

  • dang, im looking for your channel for 3 months just because i forgot your channel name..

  • Oddly satisfying the way the dirt comes off the objects underwater


  • Thats an air riffld

  • Show the gun at 9:20

  • Vid starts at 0:01

    • JOSEPH BUSSELL thank you so much I hate you tubers who waste so much time explaining stuff I can’t thank you anymore for saving me that one extra second

    • x_Swrv i know right

    • JOSEPH BUSSELL thanks bro, you’re a life saver

  • Porcupine

  • video starts at 0:01

  • You guys are awesome, especially how you guys care about the environment and clean up along the way. Mad respect for y'all.

  • Before u picked up the stapler it looked like an upgraded clip

  • You guys are cute 3 of you i dont know your names sorry

  • 2.2K potential suspects & counting

  • I would have taken the gun apart Then spread it out across different places

  • Did they find it

    • No but they said that the detectives are going to give them a call about a smaller area to search

  • I put my best like ! 👌

  • I was lowkey straining my eyes to find other weapons they missed 😂😂💀

  • I believe that black plastic backing was from a magnavox boombox just like the on in link posted below. I actually had one. Lol

  • nice video

  • You know these guys are trust fund babies because they have nothing better to do with their time than to beat you over the head repeatedly with virtual signalling. Look I brought a trash bag, i'm a good person, did I tell you about my trash can? I found a beer can, please watch me put this beer can in my trash bag for 12 seconds. I'm a good person. Don't you think I'm a good person? We're here helping the police here. We're good people. Please look at my trash bag. Look at all the trash I removed from the water that no one will ever swim in.

    • SurgeTheUrge lol it just 12 seconds

    • even if that's true they're still helping

    • What are you doing superman

    • I like how this kid spent the time to talk about trash

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  • That large black plastic thing looks like the back of a boombox. See the battery compartment?

  • Any update on this yet? Parts 2, 3, 4?

  • Top of a fish tank

    • Čhêłšêå Vłøgš yo no it's not

  • Back to a radio


  • its a back of a boonbox

  • Congrats

  • Littering should be as a heavy crime as a DUI... or more..

  • That was an air rifle

  • Weeeelll... You found a gun... A stapler gun! Bud dum chhh! 😂

  • That's a nice vulpix

  • 6:18 that looks like a slide of a handgun, please like and get put as much attention as you can on this so we can help out with this

  • It looks lie a lot of tools from the construction/maintenance of the bridge got thrown/dropped in the water.

  • 12:37 haha ^^

  • Quem é brasileiro e assistir ele

  • Could of killed someone with a stapler gun 😄

  • So much dang pollution

  • I remember when he had 200K Subs

  • What if Turns out to be in the woods

  • Back of a boom box

  • FTP

  • 6.17 looks to be a slide off a hand gun

    • Austin Marsden before you call someone stupid, make sure you are correct. It was neither a slide or a mag. It was part of a staple gun.. watch at 10:11

    • Austin Marsden no it’s not there’s is a big difference between a slide and a mag and that isn’t either of those

    • Your stupid it is called a mag

    • U mean 6:17

  • That gun is a pellet gun, i have similar at home myself

  • Dis boring as hell


  • i want to do that

  • U need to stop diving look at ur face pimples everywhere

    • Musawar21 sameer21 what does that have to do with anything?

  • Little toy cow was an awesome find.

  • Looks like a break-barrel pellet gun

  • Cool your THE coolest youtubers evver.

  • This gun look like a gas pump

  • That looks like a kar or a world war 1 pump shotgun

    • pixelqgaming wtf.. a Kar98???! No way.. a kar shoots 7.62 the barrel was no way near big enough to fit that bullet in and it doesn't look anything like it

    • pixelqgaming or a shotgun

    • pixelqgaming A kar, you serious😂 I think you have never seen a Mauser before.

  • I like turtles

  • The turtle at 12:35 convinced me to subscribe.

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