HBD Ally Hills!

Published on Dec 12, 2017
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  • Clickbait, no Ally Hills at all.

  • 3:33 music too loud, no like

  • I'm confused. Like I've watched a bunch of these vlogs and I know they are together but it just doesn't seem like they are. There's no affection at all!? So?!

  • 6:32 Low-key she looks like Nat

  • 6:30 who is that girl in black jacket???

  • Who is the right side girl at 6:30 ?

  • where is the backpack from? it looks gorgeous

  • Hey, where's your backpack from?! I loved it

  • lolz for everyone asking where Ally is, I had to cut out the part she was in bc someones finger was over the mic so it was just random noise and us talking so you're just going to have to use your imagination on how wonderful the clip was. Hey Ally want to collab? I love youuuuu!

  • now I get the crogmas thing hahahaha

  • Joanna so cute

  • 🎂

  • I love when Jojo and Cammie are together

  • I really don't need another bag, but LOVE the backpack... :) You're always so stylish!

  • U R HOT.

  • Soo are we just not going to talk about the hand grab between Ally and Amy 5:51 "lol jUsT fRiEnDzz ThO ShEs LiKe mY oLDeR siSteR gUyZzz".... tbh why are they denying it especially when its really obvious af at this point?

  • but wheres ally in allys birthday party ahahah

    • sadly I had to cute a huge part of her bc someones finger was over the mic so it was just muffled random noise

  • I am a joanna i see an human i click

  • PLS does anyone know the song at 5.39?

  • ooh yes lulu's is great

  • Happy birthday to the beautiful Ally Hills!!!=))

  • Sempre bellissima 😘❤️

  • Where is that backpack from!!?

  • Would you be able to tell us which jeans you're wearing in this vid? I want them!

  • I get it ! Crog mass aka the c= Christmas 😂

  • I wish everyday was christmas

  • That backpack is rad!

  • I love you guys and i love Joanna too.

  • I wanted to know more of how the threesome with Jojo was this time? I bet it was awesome as usual.

  • The sexual tention between Jo jo & cammie is unreal there so gonna end up 2gether again ❤️

    • Cammie Scott You and Kara are the cutest and so nice to each other. It's refreshing.

    • yeah she's like please get out random girl, I am trying to take my girlfriend on a date!

    • It was an awkward moment when Jojo saw Kara at the backseat of her car

    • Igaf yes watch this space

    • Erin Mccambridge again?😳

  • Where's Ally? :( I dont see her

  • the narcissist in me really loves this vid but also i love me some good cammie scott content too


  • But where was ally?

  • I don't know what kara said at 0.14

  • please do a hair styles for short hair Video💗

  • Bia means food in Irish. That's all I have to contribute.

  • Make a hair routine video please!!

  • Love you cammie💋💋💋💋💋💋

  • Always love Cammie's vlogs!!! Love from Manila! xx

  • Where's ally hills?

  • Cammie’s Vlogmas is my vitamin

  • Happy Birthday Ally 😊

  • Damn cammie, gorgeous as always. 😉 come on, like this if ya seen it. 👀👀👀


  • Love a girl who actually loves her food/eats a big meal. ❤️❤️❤️Jojo

  • Such a beauty, i was drown looking ur eyes. Im really happy watching ur vlogs. HBD to ally the missing celebrant.

  • I'm looking for ally hills

  • Kara won the whole vlog just from the whole “fetch” comment. Hahahahaha...I laughed too hard.

  • Where's the birthday girl ? 😂😂

  • No :( more fatshaming. All the ”thats why i need to eat salad” etc. please think about this.

    • Vardagsvegan it's a joke christ

  • Ally at 6:14 talking with some lady

  • What does Kara do for work? I would love to see the black friday haul Cam!

  • I love vlogmas.. I get to see you, your girlfriend and friends everyday yayyyyyy

  • Vlogception!

  • Where did you get your necklace from? I love it!

  • TITLE: happy birthday ally *shes not even in the vid😕

  • I seriously love your life more than mine

  • You are so pretty, Cammie

  • Omg y’all were listening to Grace Vanderwaal! Love her and y’all sm!!

  • cammie expose cara more hahaha vlogmas with her

  • I hear grace vanderwaal playing in the car yasss

  • pls link the backpack it’s so cute but i couldn’t find it!

  • All my favorite youtubers uploading at the same time,BEST DAY EVER😍😍❤❤

  • Hi Cammie ^^ (or Bonjour in my langage) I need to tell you that the more I watch your videos the more I want to try Vegan food... I am not Vegan but the food attract me a lot and I do think that I need to eat more vegetable... I need to try it XD so thank you! By any chance do you know a good vegan/vegetarian cook channel? Or can you share some recipe ? ^^ have a nice day 👍

  • Crogmas

  • Crogmas😂

  • haha the end was like "every daaaay (nooo i dont want to)" 🤣

  • What does Kara do for a living? Curious. Love ya x

  • Hahaha Ally wasn’t at her own party? Legend