Hannah's House Q+A

Published on Nov 29, 2018
How's Hannah now?
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Teenage Feet in Morgue with Copy Space
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  • Ive watched this through a few times now and I just noticed the Forrest Fenn Treasure reference

  • That outro tho.. is outro a word?

  • I think you should have AJ in on all your episodes

  • Please bring AJ back!!

  • I subscribed because Shane told me to.

  • sardine in the attic

  • I NEED that (wheeze) mug

  • *sees Shane's coffee cup* Me: *wheeze*

  • Lol I love the [Weeze] mug

  • I have seen a bunch of your episodes, but didn't realize that I was not subscribed.... I subscribed. This video did it :-p

  • Now that I've gotten to the closing remarks, I'm going to say it again. Please, please DON'T bring AJ back on the show. It hurts me to watch him manipulate Ryan. He's such an easy mark, it's not even funny. No offence, man, but you wear your emotions on your sleeve, and it makes you insanely easy to pull information from.

  • Hannah, you need to smudge your house, wether you belive it or not it doesn't hurt.

  • *Shane Has Entered The Chat.* *Demon Has Left The Chat.*

  • Um Some people like and collect crystals not for any supposed metaphysical properties but maybe because, they like crystals. I studied gemology and pretty much all gemstones are made from crystals. There are exceptions, like Amber, pearl , opals and jet. Just because you have, collect and like crystals doesn't mean you think they are connected to the "woo".

  • when will the hotdaga come back

  • It's a metal hook for the clothes in the closet hanging at 6:23

  • Are you guys doing anymore True Crime seasons or Supernatural seasons? Please do I look forward to it all the time. Please do.

  • the eyes of appletater appear

  • So everyone's realised the "eyes over the shoulder" are a coat hanger by now right

  • The 'eyes' look like the corners of a couple hangers.

  • Didnt people used to wear white at funerals, not weddings?

  • Could the "eyes" mentiones not be clothes hangers? Like light reflected onto them?? no?

  • Where are you guys??? There's no new vids!

  • My god Shane’s face at the beginnings are always hilarious

  • Love the show! Take a look into the Wolfe Manor in Clovis CA. Probs like a 5hr drive from L.A. hope you guys find something !

  • Could you do the uss Lexington in corpus christi

  • My dudes...AJ is a mind-reader. case closed.

  • What happened to the rest of the vids, they are not there anymore

  • I miss them, come back boot bros

  • Yall should investigate Dear David

  • You guys need to do the Atlanta Monster!!!!! Was Wayne Williams the murderer of all those young boys?!?!?

  • She should probably get rid of her crystals. Who knows where she purchased them and who they may have belong to and what they did with them. Could explain the paranormal sounds.

  • Why doesn't BuzzFeed Unsolved post anymore cases with Ryan and Shane since last month?😖😖😖

  • shane i saw a guy at a funeral the other day who looked almost exactly like you and he was sitting next to me so if you were at a funeral recently :0 coincidence? i think not

  • I actually did subscribe right when Shane said to 😂

  • Ryan I dig your authenticity, but Shane kills me 😂😂 "whoa, calm down bud"

  • You did see a tiny set of eye right, did you think that body fit on the attic?

  • I used to enjoy ghost hunters but after watching you guys for awhile I just cannot watch them. They are so fake. I would much rather watch you guys who are funny and authentic even if nothing happens.

  • Hey guys, i don't know if you've done an episode on it yet. but a year or so ago I read an interesting book about the "Ripper of Austin - unsolved murders in the late 19th century Austin TX. He usually attacked maids with an ax, some have speculated he moved from tX to London and became Jack the Ripper (unlikely, in my opinion). But it is an interesting historical event.

  • I do give off good vibes

  • Shane and I have the same glasses

  • ryan sounds like an annoyed wife when shane was meeting aj, when he whispers “what is wrong with you” i cackled 😂😂

  • You should visit the Seattle Underground, under Pioneer Square. After fires destroyed many of the buildings there in the 1800s (they were all made of wood at the time) the city raised the street level a couple stories and rebuilt the town above it, but the old roads and a lot of the old buildings are still down there. So there’s basically a 19th century ghost town underneath the city near the waterfront - It’s supposed to be pretty active (or at least just creepy in general).

  • When u gonna do they Madeline McCann case

  • Buzzfeed Unsolved is literally buzzfeed's saving grace. Guys, please explore Asia. Our shite is waaay creepier.

  • Don't know why but Ryan looks EXTRA here 🔥

  • I loved AJ! Yes, please have him back 👍

  • Thumbs up because there was no hotdaga

  • Hannah’s house be fake

  • You guys should go to port Arthur

  • Does anyone know when they come back? In 2019?

    • Annemaria Dunne They’ll never come back after what happened.

  • You guys should do an episode at the Old South Pittsburg Hospital in south Pittsburg, Tennessee :)

  • Where is ruining history

  • Those 'eyes' are just reflection off a coat hanger. When the camera angle moves slightly you can see it a bit.

  • shane, i envy you. you have a calm mind. i get scared of everything, and sleep isn't always the easiest for me. you on the other hand can sleep like a baby in houses haunted by ghosts and demons.

    • +James Dawson i dont believe in demons tbh. i believe in ghosts, but i dont think they can do me any harm, but for some reason tho i just dont like anything related to the paranormal...

    • Om Um But when you know that demons and ghosts don’t exist it’s easier to have a calm mind. I am personally more scared of creaks in my house and nosies because of potential robbers or murderers.

  • Invite AJ for the upcoming els I love AJ

  • I think the eye beams are just hangers shining

  • You did got me at the last episode. I love the creepy videos.

  • Hey guys i have a suggestion: most of the places you guys visit that are haunted tend to have witnesses that wither live there or go there frequently. So what im thinking is what if you guys go to a place and live in it for a week or so, because maybe you dont have as many supernatural encounters because the ghosts/demons arent used to you and/or arent ready to make contact with you because you arent there for long

  • You should vist crybaby bridge

  • AJ sits at home, watches you on youtube. Starts laughing..

  • Oh woah. Does Shane have a lisp? Interesting.

  • #boogara4life

  • If you guys go to the uk again you should go to the skirrid inn, I’ve been there loads and I’m convinced something is going on in there, and I don’t believe in ghosts for the most part. If you go there take a dog with you, I took my dog and he went absolutely crazy and barked nonstop, it’s seriously creepy!

  • Does anyone remember when they found out about the concept of ghost? Because I have no clue and it’s not something you just know since you’re born like an instinct or something

  • Honestly, I’m just upset that the ghost and haunting episodes aren’t called Buzzfeed Ghostbusters.

  • lol yall r funny

  • I collect minerals, fossils, and rocks for fun. Not for spiritual reasons.

  • NEW SEASON?????????

  • You got me on this one, Shane Subscribed

  • ur phone screens are getting dark and u need to touch them so it dont turn off

  • Shane's callout actually got me????

  • I’m a skeptic and I collect crystals not because I think they give off eNeRgY wOoOo but because I just think they’re pretty

  • I demand ricky goldsworth back

  • You need to do the death of Kurt Cobain, it is very controversial, and is also unsolved, like if you agree!

  • Ryan and Jackson sound like the protagonists of Horror movies. It's a little creepy

  • He got me with this subscription

  • The burnzone part caught me off guard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • The next place you go, you can use a Pendulum. They help you find objects and communicate with ghosts Here’s a link how to use them, us-tv.org/tv/video-t2Ve8S0FOog.html

  • R-Ryan’s arms 🤫

  • Crystals don't draw spirits or cause spirit activity at all. They can help cleanse the energy of a room but they won't cause stuff. I'm a witch and have over 75 crystals myself and do alot of research on them . I don't know everything but I do know a bit


  • You guys should do an episode about the lost man in the Paris catacombs.

  • Bring back aj!

  • For the next true crime season could you please do the burger chef murders. I live in the neighborhood of the body dumping site and I found the whole case very fascinating. 1 like = more of a chance of them seeing ❤️❤️

  • what happened to the hotdoga?

  • You guys should do an episode on the Villisca axe murder! please please please

  • T H E R E ' S ( W H E E Z E ) M E R C H

  • Do a compilation of all (or some of) the footage you don’t put in the episodes.

  • I have a question... Where is the best place to look for records of local 19th century houses? I’m not sure our local ghost hunters wanna talk to me...

  • i've actually been binging almost every single video of yours for two weeks, and it somehow slipped my mind to subscribe, because the videos would just show up on my reccomended so much that i guess i felt like i was already subscribed. but now that shane told me to subscribe, i actually did, so ryan, you really did shane wrong, he got me to subscribe.

  • Do a episode on the missing airplane MH370

  • Oh my god. I need that (Wheeze) cup

  • They should do a vid on the cinncinati music Hall

  • I am pretty sure all of us want to see a vid on cicada 3301. Am I right fellas

  • *When watching that video someone said something about mirrors being portals and now I’m very scared cause I have my own room and a huge mirror :/*

  • i just subscribed....thought i already did lol

  • How do u guys not have a billion subscribers

  • Where are you guys at and why are the books organized by color of font??