Hands-On with VR OmniDirectional Treadmill!

Published on Apr 13, 2018
We step onto the Infinadeck, the omnidirectional treadmill seen in the movie Ready Player One. This treadmill lets you walk freely in virtual reality, in any direction. We learn about how it works and give our impressions on the state of the technology today. Plus, a preview of the new Oculus Studios game Defector--an action spy thriller from the developers of Wilson's Heart.
Shot by Gunther Kirsch edited by Norman Chan
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  • I have 26$, can I have one?

  • The guy with the Jean's and jacket he doesnt seem to be tracked very well hes on the very edge his feet keep coming off the treadmill part

  • Control algorithm.. good god these fucking hype machines... I'm so tired of seeing people market this shit like it's the first time it's been done. This has been around for a very long time.

  • Guys - Change the TITLE to add your review for Defector! People would LOVE to see this interview, but like me, had NO clue you had this interview after the treadmill review...

  • I had a blast with Wilsons Heart! Will definitely pick up Defector.

  • What makes this treadmill better than the others that have the disks on your shoes and you actually slide on the surface?

  • Skyrim + Infinadeck = You Ripped

  • It’s the ultimate walking simulator.

  • Nobody besides arcades will realistically be able to afford this within the next decade or so, good way to get them back into the mainstream.

  • Really neat! I feel like if there were set checkpoints to guide the user on a predetermined path, it would alleviate all of that initial awkwardness. However, any deviation from that path would be risky at faster speeds.

  • Fall damage irl is fun and all but what about Yaw VR?

  • They're basically looking to get acquired by someone big.

  • Destin Explained the Infinadeck more In depth on SmarterEveryDay channel.

  • Honestly I would much rather the inclusion of a harness and a larger surface area for something like this. The ideal would be to set this up in a smaller room and have a harness that can also be used to simulate a seat so that you can get in and out of vehicles, etc.

  • All of them are walking like they have a stick up their ass. Is it capable of working if you walk like a normal person?

  • 9:19 To be fair, I often look down at my feet when I'm walking in real life.

  • 10 years from now we'll look back at this video and see how stupid we looked.

  • *ANKLE WEIGHTS and or HEAVY BOOTS make a HUGE difference, allow you to jog with little practice & walk way more normal* Personal experience

  • 18:32 I really thought Kinect would make a comeback with VR, I think those two technologies go so wall together but no, even if Microsoft is trying to push VR/AR, there is no Kinect usage for it right now.

  • Here's the problem with that is .... I'm lazy

  • A larger treadmill, partnered with the same sort of software they use for those pneumatic-controlled flight simulators, would probably make this killer. Enough space so you get a sense of inertia, as well as giving the system enough time to pick up on quick changes of direction.

  • “Magnets” was that a Stargate SG1 reference? If so, well played sir!

  • God, I just wish all these VR tech companies would come together. Everyone's perfecting single parts, but only single parts.

  • 16:55 Walmart simulator.

  • Here's an application for virtual reality, Space Exploration. Lets say that we land a probe on the moon or mars, the Scientists or engineers could then use the technology to get a better look at what they're doing or where the exploratory craft is. Then they could also market that experience back to the Public to help recoup the costs of the mission.

  • Please tell them I have a much better design. If they wish to work with me, please contact me through gmail or through this comment.

  • Hello oasis.

  • I wonder if having the sensor at your front rather than your back might help with that forward tracking, as then you have more room infront of you for the tracking to kick in before you run into the rail, or the side of the treadmill. I might be wrong but hat makes more sense to me.

  • The max speed of this would have to be limited by the size of the treadmill and the latency. If you end up moving faster than the distance from the centre of the circle over the latency and suddenly stop running, the treadmill will not be able to adjust to the sudden stop before you bump into the railing. But that's not really an immediate issue they will run into soon so... ~∆~

  • Imagine building a house to code VR style...

  • unfortunately there will never be a mass market audience because of the cost of materials and living room space. This makes software development that includes the treadmill very risky. Side stepping and jumping is also very dodgy. I dont want to retrain my mind for walking, I need to be safe in the real world. Motion sickness passes, im happy jogging on the spot for an RPG.

  • Five minutes in he mentions how difficult it would be with a normal treadmill that only goes in a single direction. Holy shit that's what I really want, is to be able to stand on a treadmill and walk or run without touching buttons to switch speeds.

  • Can't wait to see the price tag. $13,000.00 That's where this stuff is going to fall short.

  • I don't want to be 26 right now... UGH!

  • Very interesting. Seems like we may be able to actually 'walk' around in the vurtual world soon.

  • I can already tell this thing needs a larger surfaced area. Looks all too easy to step off of the thing with a little too much stride.

  • The platform is too small for any sort of natural walking pace

  • This IS the future of gaming. I can't wait to see more

  • On Smarter Everyday's video of this treadmill the sides were off so you can see that it's actually a bunch of treadmills on a track-like system.

  • Easy. A grid of infrared sensors at the feet. The quicker the foot moves the quicker the treadmill picks up speed.

  • You need an actuator below the 360 threadmill to cancel initial and final inertia.

  • its great if a game world is completely flat..

  • they are basically trying to change human instinct. they will never make this thing work 100% the way they want

  • Why is it taking so long?

  • EEG controller would get rid of the need for prediction software. You're already thinking the direction you want to go, all it requires is base training, then improve over use.

  • "It's a patented technology, so I can't get into it too much" LIES! That's not how patents work!

  • Hm..Testeds Infinadeck company looks different than Destins (from Smarter Every Day) Infinadeck company. I wonder who got the PR look and who got the inside dev look..

  • This thing is amazing. The biggest problem it has to overcome is predicting your movements. It has to insinuate your movements. Once it is able to do that, you can run and make sudden changes in direction.


  • how about making shoes with treadmill-soles

  • "It's a patented technology so i can't go into too much detail about it" then what use is the patent

  • Children's center of gravity is lower, weight and mass is lower, and i think importantly their stride is shorter. When he said they were not limited by size, I was questioning whether a moderately larger platform would help. Fantastic point with the independent foot movement. Think about standing, a lot of it is the resistance between your legs, NOW, when you lift one leg to walk, the whole platform shifts, the rug is literally being pulled out from under you. I wonder if the same mechanical system could be used for, instead of 360 walking, just independent belt movement one-direction for each leg.

  • clunky janky thing is all I can say

  • Everyone is like "oh it's so clunky, flawed, etc." yeah well newsflash, it's NEW technology! The RPO book/movie takes place 27 years from now. I'm sure by then there will probably be products like this that replicate walking PERFECTLY to the point where we won't even be able to tell the difference.

  • Hey TESTED, have you seen SmarterEveryDay’s video on this treadmill, he got to see inside the technology build.. However I think the KATVR seems like much better technology for walking & running & even sitting.. This treadmill here seems like a step back from what the guys at KATVR are doing..

    • SparkyMTB Completely different approaches to the problem. The treadmill is friction based. KATVR is frictionless. Kat is essentially being strapped up and on ice skates and constantly going on an incline.

  • Play Fallout without the use of quick travel. I would be in great shape.

  • 2:30 "Its patented so we can't get into too much detail" - but if its patented, all the information about it would be online somewhere, wouldn't it? Plus having it patented means that you could talk about it, and if anyone tries to copy it, you can take them to court since you own the patent. Having both the patent and making a video about it while NOT being able to talk about it makes this video pointless.

  • The only thing that i am not liking about the infinadeck is that the knees do not move. I don't know if that is just me but its just really bugging me

  • They put the logo in the movie?! That's called advertising and I DO NOT appreciate commercials inside my blockbuster films. SMARTEN UP PEOPLE, you are PAYING for COMMERCIALS.

  • love the nike killshots

  • Поки що занадто воно обмежене.

  • They should use 3d tracking cameras around the perimeter to monitor the users movements (limbs etc) and perform momentum calculations on the fly to adjust motor response in addition to loaded map terrain data from whichever VR game is being played.. For that smaller rig it seems like it would be better to use a few lightweight bungee like harnesses that can retract into the base and are at your mid waist and glide around the perimeter of the base as you turn. That way they could use tension/torque calculations adjusted to your height and weight and it would feel less restrictive/wobbly when walking or running. That's if they increased the friction on the conveyor belts. Also! If they had a larger holo-deck sized treadmill they could do some neat things. MAGNETS. Magnetize the lower half of the belts and let them glide on rails over small magnetized balls suspended in a porous foam-like material between the belts and the base. You could easily increase the strength of the magnetism to increase resistance/friction so it feels like you're walking on an actual surface and not on a treadmill. Another advantage to this would be that you could shape the treadmill on the fly according to terrain data from any VR environment. You could use mini hydraulics attached underneath to pull/push sections of the tread up or down to match terrain data. Rough ideas but you get the idea. They're probably already working on something similar. I hadn't finished the video before I made this comment.. I was like 10 minutes in so when I restarted and heard him say "MAGNETS!" exactly as I had thought it. LOL

  • The future is going to be so weird.

  • Maybe combining this with teslasuit.io

  • They made a cool walking platform that's smaller and less weight 4 years ago.

  • Haven’t seen this since that old Battlefield 3 videos

  • KAT WALK is better.

  • none yall get pussy huh? nerds.

  • should use a bunch of balls to walk on that roll in all directions


  • A friction-less surface and soles with adequate harness would work better impo.

  • There is one problem matching the size of the treadmill to standard ones. When you walk or run on a normal treadmill, your brain is not trying to center yourself. Instead you are making room in front of yourself to make longer strides. In this way, this machine should do the same. If you are moving forward, the machine should not put you back in the center, but further back opposite from your momentum. This would also create a buffer zone when you start moving for the tread mill to process the speed before jolting your body into a zero state of motion. It would still have to move you, but the transition would be less movement needed since its not placing you in the center. I don't know much about this though, I honestly just find this stuff fascinating. I feel all it takes is someone thinking about it in other ways to really make it perfect.

  • This is like an episode of communtiy

  • Very nice

  • "Hands" on VR. Ha

  • You guys are getting closer to your ready player one matrix world

  • This won't make it anywhere. Those giant poles block people from crouching down, so this won't be the model that explodes. Some other models such as the KatWalk Mini, WILL skyrocket because it is doing what people are looking for.

  • ready player one much

  • It needs to be 50-100% larger and that railing needs to fuck right off - other than that I think this can be really big once the kinks are worked out and the vertical size and price can hit some affordable level. Once VR goes truly mainstream it might be a plausible thing for consumers. I think one of the biggest things they need to get just right is the responsiveness and acceleration. If the ground keeps moving after you make a stop that will be incredibly jarring (and no doubt why he stumbles so much in the demo). Accurately predicting what your state of equilibrium is and providing an instant response to when you stop will probably require some sort of basic simulation of your body (which is plausible, your computer could easily do that based on sensor data or even camera input and tell the threadmill). If it only tracks your feet and head (like I suspect is the case here) I have a hard time envisioning that ever truly seamlessly as an illusion.

  • ready player one?

  • Jeremy! If you'd like to see the underside of the treadmill, watch Smarter Every Day's video on the Infinadeck. There's a shot of it "naked" on the bottom.

  • Click the link to download the video www.youtubemy.com/watch?v=mi3Uq16_YQg

  • This would be awesome for vrchat

  • You'll never see a dumb ass nigger build something like this.

  • Ready player 1 is coming to life

  • Just us a ball or something

  • It would take a very large treadmill to keep the treadmills acceleration unnoticed instead of throwing you off balance.

  • 14:22 Why did he think it would be frictionless? That's stupid. There is friction between the ground and you every time you step! That's why walking on ice is more difficult. Because there is not enough friction to keep your feet in place.

  • I think it needs to be smaller and more precise before it's ready for sale.

  • maybe a wider one for longer stride

  • SmarterEveryDay has a video that show the engineering for the Infinadeck treadmill us-tv.org/tv/video-fvu5FxKuqdQ.html

  • Guys, no shit it's clunky and flawed right now. This is new tech that they're just now figuring out. They're not gonna get it perfect the first time. Do you all even understand how inventing new tech works?

  • Can you jump?

  • Not quite the Oasis Yet but we are getting there😂

  • Vr fortnite

  • imagine an open room with that kind of ‘flooring’ so you can literally book it and still be centered in the room

  • 1st of all, the surface is too small to even comfortably walk on, you could also see it a couple of times that their feet were going off the surface and touching some of the sideboards. 2nd, When they would want to walk in a different direction the surface would just push them back to the middle of the treadmill and at that time you could see them just struggling to stand while it calibrated itself. 3rd, if you're gonna teach people how to walk naturally, again, then you're obviously doing something wrong.

  • Needs to cook for about 10 years imo... I'm happy to see so many companies developing for the VR industry tho

  • i think it needs like more sensors on the sides of the treadmill that can see how fast your feet are moving in a specific direction so that the treadmill can accelerate beforehand or so it can tell how fast you want to move

  • I wish I could test this, when they work out more flaws. Now if we had a suit that gave a sensation, when you fall, get stabbed, or get shot, in a game, you have a minor feeling that it happened in rl. That would make it so close to reality that you would get fully immersed in whatever game you were playing.