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Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

Published on Dec 3, 2018
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  • She a legend 🙌🙌


  • "Live"

  • I found out this song on the headphones 🎧 ad🤪 Like if u did 2

  • She is the best I swear

  • Where them plus size women at

  • Yay autotuned fashion

  • model name 2:19 ?

  • Definitely need that body

  • I thought she was lip-sinking that’s how good her voice is!!

  • Never knew she had a voice like that.

  • #Ego

  • Slayyy


  • She is beyond gorgeous‼️😘

  • Her voice is so addictive 💫👌

  • I'm so impressed with halsey. She plays so well on this stage..

  • Halsey made me confused of my sexuality, she dominated the runway.


  • 3:20 whats her name?

  • only pureness

  • yes she is sexy as hell yeah beautiful

  • Every VS Show I focus to whole models but This Show made just for Halsey.. I cant stop listen your beautiful voice

  • Halsey is part of the VS models don't fight me on this

  • 1:54 - 2:06 love her hair

  • Does anybody think that Halsey is x10292929 times prettier than entonces of these models??

  • 3:20 Who is she ?

  • Can't take my eyes off Halsey!! She defines SEXY!!!!!

  • This song is so catchy 😍❤️

  • isit about g-easy?

  • Was she lipsync ing?

  • hear the power in her voice

  • Bella Moms and Her Boyfriend is so Sweet💔

  • 3:31 cute

  • Every women in this vid is so beautiful, stop the body shaming

  • Halsey is bae

  • When I Saw Halsey I thought: OMG! Best actuation tonight! What a beautiful voice, gorgeous woman, she slays! ♥ (Brazil)

  • The moves girl 3:12 I LOVE IT. 😍❤️

  • Omg i only focus on halsey's body. Damn! 🔥


  • Name of the models from first to last?

  • Those girls slayin me 😭

  • yea fuck u tay- lor

  • Who's that queen at 2:00 ??

  • Anyone see Kendall.

  • that performance was everything...I couldn’t concentrate on the models at all. Halsey’s voice and appearance stole all the attention! Her walk was so sexy!!! 😍😍

  • Definitivamente, Halsey se robo el show con su voz y cuerpo. 😍

  • I can find any diffrence btw live and album live is even better

  • It's a shame that Halsey is a typical idiot millineal, elitist. I'd still fuck her though.

  • I'm addicted to you halsey your so amazing, Nothing compare to the model walking on stage.🖤💕

  • 2:53 at 2:57 WHOAAAAA !!! BONER ALERT !!!

  • Honestly she is different from every singer, her voice is so magical

  • One like one 😍 emoji. (None will like but I’ll do it anyways )

  • *Halsey stole the show*

  • None of these women suit me, unfortunately. I'd be done before they climbed into bed :)


  • Halsey look faaaabbbb!!

  • Stuning see 3:20 anyone know she's name ?

  • I'm not Halsey fans but she look pretty in this performance and her voice was cool

  • I rewatched this video over 59 million time s

  • i love VS angels but i cant totally focus on them bc Halsey just on the side and doing her thing is just... 😍 plus she has a voice of an angel (for me)

  • Perfect Halsey , her voice is amazing 😍😍😍

  • I stan her and her voice 💗

  • يمممه تجنن 😭💛💛💛

  • اععععشق هالللزي 😭😭😭😭🖤

  • Can we talk about her model walk starting at 3:04 ? Best I've EVER seen!!

  • natural beauty and killing it🏆🏆🏆

  • I know halseys very beautiful but realistically she's not prettier than the VS models

  • Anyone at all know who the model at 2:15?!?

  • Got me thinking she was lipsyncing. It's so good!

  • this video has been in my timeline for a while now and every fucking time i see the thumbnail i think it‘s fucking james charles hjkjdkfkskd

  • Ohmygod Halsey is so cute in this.

  • Halsey you are absolutely beautiful please Marry me?

  • Taylor where are you?

  • Is it just me or the are the model's energy really low?...

  • 1:37 who ? She's cute

  • 2:20 Abel is like 'there's ma girl' 😆

  • does anybody who whats the model name in 2:00?

  • Halsey ist so schön, sie könnte selber da mitlaufen!!!

  • My gay ass loves this!!


  • Fuck she’s so amazing

  • Excellent..

  • Halsey is even more fabulous than other girls =))))

  • best performance 😍

  • i love the starting voice

  • No tea no shade but she looks like an malnourished twink in the thumbnail

  • my song 😍😍😘😘🌹🌹

  • When wow is not enough

  • Oh my gosh, that wink on the last part of the song blows my mind away..

  • The whole scene was beautiful, vs models were beautiful, halsey was beautiful but her crafty eyebrows remind me of those old Chinese kungfu master eyebrows! >.

  • Had to watch it a few Halsey so much ❤

  • Omggggg what happened to belllllaaaa😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • None of them can fucking walk i’m cackling

  • This is the most lesbian video I've seen

  • This is the most beautiful fantasy bra ever

  • Wtf

  • Eres arte halsey

  • Aaarrgggg the way the wknd looked at Bella I.cant.omg

  • Gosh, Halsey looks part of those Vs models