GRAPEFRUIT PEEL STEAK Bistec de Toronja | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity

Published on May 11, 2018
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Invented in Cuba in the 1990s bistec de toronja, looks like a breaded cutlet but is made of the white spongey pith of the grapefruit. Here's how to prepare and the deets on how it tastes.
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This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to taste a grapefruit steak.
"A Time to Remember" courtesy of and royalty-free Sprightly from iMovie. If you're reading this, you know what's what. Comment: "🍋😬"


  • It looks more like fish. Maybe some nori would make it taste like it. Also maybe if you use a marinade it would do something about the bitterness.

  • Try pomelo pith since it's less bitter

  • I’m not a cock, but have been a foodie at heart growing up watching Julia and always cooking for myself as a single person, but have never ever heard of this. However, not surprised as almost anything fried would taste good to me and I am a vegetarian who has eaten many meat alternatives.

  • Watched your video and instantly tried making it for breakfast. Garlic and ketchup definitely help to make it palatable, but was still a fun experience to try. Thanks!

  • 🍋😬

  • Interesting... im travelling in Cubs... just today they talked about this and also making meat substitute out of banana skins.... boiled, ground up and seasoned

  • What a fun thing to make for a bit of snack to bring when there are people who don't eat meat in the mix. I love alternatives that are different fun!

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  • I just had some in my fry daddy. I ran the steak roller over them after seasoning them. Then I floured them and rolled them again, and lightly floured them like chicken. Didn't use the egg though. Then I deep fried them. Tasted good, but the catsup took them to the next level. My family ate them😃. I even told them what it was., thank you for sharing. The pulp has vitamins and stuff.

  • Love this recipe, no doubt I would quick pickle that rind, or poach in a savory broth before frying. Thanks for doing the hard times series!

  • Would this work if you hate grapefruit?

  • Love love love your videos! You are the BEST at describing the taste of everything you make. These videos are my morning coffee...with my morning coffee 😏

  • I want to see someone make this as a signature dish on Hell's Kitchen! 😂😂😂😂

  • Grapefruit steak: try soaking the "cutlets" in the buttermilk mixture you used for the friend chicken to counteract the bitter, then dredge in breadcrumbs.

  • When times were tight, my mom would make hot cocoa with rice. Basically it was Nestle quik chocolate powder, sugar, carnation milk, water, and cooked medium grain rice which was at room temp. Make sure cocoa mixture is hot, pour onto amount of rice you desire. Make sure you have a big enough bowl. Most of us here in Hawaii still eat it today!

  • If you boil pith a couple of times (put in cold water, bring up to a boil) before cooking, it removes the bitter oils!

  • I would say marinade the pith before breading and frying it up.

  • Try soaking the grapefruit pith in milk....overnight if possible.... you will be amazed how it neutralizes the bitterness.....also works for liver !!

  • HAY hay

  • Could you use a microplane? I do that when making citrus curds and the grapefruit version is really good and a beautiful color.

  • Can you please try salad dressing

  • This is was informative and makes me wanna try it just to taste it

  • Wondering how it would taste with marinara sauce?

  • 🍋😬

  • Cuba is in the tropic, how could people starve? It’s year round sunshine! Eat some fruits or vegetables and bury the seeds in the ground, several months later you can harvest them!

  • Omg you burp talked at the end of this video! I officially love you !!

  • would i dare say it??? :O

  • You could probably soak the uncooked "steaks" in a broth and then drain and apply the dreg and coat. Was interesting to watch.

  • I'll have to ask my husband about this and see if he ate something like this.

  • What a cool fun channel. I love cooking and always look for find the most in expensive way to make things.

  • I'm sort of a foodie,that's why i'm here and had just recently discoverd Clara' s "Great Depression Cooking" and wanted to compliment you on your enthusiasm for the "o!d ways". Thank you, your and old soul in a modern body,.lol😇

  • "It's gonna be a little bit like a german Schnitzel" fyi Schnitzel is *Austrian* But still nice video

  • I was born in 1960 and was very poor the first several years of my life. We lived in rural Oklahoma without indoor plumbing, AC, or heat other than a wood stove. Water was heated and poured in a big tub for baths. We raised, grew, or killed what we ate which included rabbits, squirrel, opossum, raccoons, deer, fish, etc. In the cold months when the chickens reduced their egg production and we did not have as much milk, I remember "chili tomato gravy" because we always grew and canned lots of tomatoes. The tomato gravy was poured over everything. There was also a spoon cornbread made with hot water. I ate so much fish and deer that I said I would not eat it when I became an adult--and I don't. I do remember the mock apple pies because Ritz crackers were really cheap--but, this was after we moved to town where there was a grocery store. We also ate poke sallet--a greens dish from a poisonous plant. We also had watermelon rind preserves.

    • Interesting story.Thanks for Sharing.

  • If you cook it a bit longer the bitterness gets a little better. Also, you wouldn't eat this with no sauce. Also...marinating the cutlets in somethibg like worstechire helps a lot!

  • Hmmm,wonder if pink grapefruit would be less bitter.try steak sauce

  • Verrrry interesting 🤔🤔🤔

  • I think I'd try what the person below said, salt it up, and then also like eggplant, press it for 30 minutes with something fairly heavy. That works for eggplant. Interesting channel. Just found it and I'll be back.

  • what if you were to boil the pith steaks first??? Might remove the bitterness??

  • If u soak it over night in salt water and then paper towel it and then egg and bread it its way better.

  • Great video! I've never heard of this. It sure looked good. You make an excellent host for videos/TV!!

  • Honey and mustard would be a great compliment maybe

  • Just found you here at YT! For an educational and interesting channel! Your beautiful smile doesn't make it worse - and I'm a married woman :). I will follow you firmly now. Thank you so much for all the interesting things you are doing. Many greetings from Norway and a good New Year!

  • Delicious, now sprinkle a bit of lemon on top, to cut the oil, this is done on the italian "Milanese" steaks. Oishi kata!!!

  • I love that you talk through the video. I wonder if naval Orange pith might be better.

  • Marinate in soy & sugar

  • I am not able to open your Winston site. Would like a T - Shirt

  • lmaooo "drill" we gotcha emmy

  • It looks good! Reminds me of fried fish. I wonder if tartar sauce would go well with it?

  • I'll bet it's really high in vitamin C!

  • Try boil the peel first to remove the bitterness...aloha Emmy