GRAPEFRUIT PEEL STEAK Bistec de Toronja | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity

Published on May 11, 2018
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Invented in Cuba in the 1990s bistec de toronja, looks like a breaded cutlet but is made of the white spongey pith of the grapefruit. Here's how to prepare and the deets on how it tastes.
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This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to taste a grapefruit steak.
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  • Fuck Castro

  • Cool video and series! I want to try making this, maybe comparing it straight with one prepared with a marinade.

  • that looks really interesting. I totally wanna try it.

  • We don’t talk too much. Our brains are just mouth-linked. Like Italian brains are hand-linked.

  • And you can soak the stripped peels in white vinegar - great cleaning spray!

  • I grew up eating the pith of toronjas, limas/limones and naranjas! I love them! I also love eating the skin of many other fruits. My mom got me into eating them as a child. 😋

  • What do you think about an overnight marinating?

  • I watch these videos to be called a beautiful lovely

  • With that taste, maybe it was meant as a liver replacement instead of steak?, Possibly a sugar/vinegar marinade would help? It was so disappointing to hear it was bitter, it looked so good & would litterally be free.

  • Made this today and found it quite good but I really need to work on negating the bitter taste. As a trial run of: will it work, is it remotely edible and can I inflict it on my family? It works. It’ll make a brilliant salad sandwich and it tastes great with mayo, so maybe add some sweet chilli sauce to the mayo and soak the pith in brine for a couple of hours. I’ll keep you informed.

  • Tartar sauce might be a good choice

  • That is amazing.. Wonderful video.

  • I think I might try this but treat it like chicken and marinade it in soy sauce first and then crumb it. I’m thinking that if I then put the patty in a either a sandwich with salad or a toasty with cheese and a sauce, it might make for a nice lunch...and payback to my mother who is making me eat gherkins - which I utterly detest. I don’t mind vegan or vegetarian food but for the love of all that’s holy take the damned mini gherkins out of the salads and put them on the side so I can avoid them. I got 7 of the suckers last time and I wanted to puke.

  • you to soke that over night first ! in stuff

  • If you salt and press them like eggplant and pour off the bitter water, then rinse them off to get rid of salt and rehydrate, maybe then it wouldn’t be bitter? After that, maybe marinate in some bouillon with a splash of soy sauce or bisto?

  • Ooomg imagine this with pomelo skin

  • Thats a milanesa

  • That looks crazy, lol. So I have a suggestion for you to use the 'outer peels' of the grapefruit (oranges and lemon) without the pith. If you boil strips of skin it will leach out the bitterness, I think you do this twice. Then you boil in sugar and water, then roll in sugar and air dry for candied citrus peel. I think with your' steak', it might work out to boil pith too, but it might soak up too much water.

  • Emmy you know why I follow all your posts? Because you have a vibrant and charismatic quality. Like a child in search of the world and all it's wonders.. I just love your curiosity and how real you can engage that all by yourself, it makes me smile. Keep up the fantastic fun in your searches🍡🥃🥨👩‍🍳🧚‍♀️

  • I really like your channel this is a great are so much fun if you lived in my town you and I would hang out and cook together lol...I talk a lot too .....would you please be my imaginary friend?? I really liked the weiners extravaganza...😁I know its not called that but....any way my house or my bedroom and kitchen are an old internment house from the Japanese internment camps in my tiny Town in British I was glad to see you share the story another terrible embarrassment in Canadian history. David Suzuki lived here during that time (I am sure you know who he is) I like to tell people I live in his house it could be true and it could be a lie 50/50 chance. An old timers friend here told me what it was like was not good for the people interned the had to buy kits from the mill and build there own homes. This is a beautiful valley in the Kootenays but there was some racism but I am told that mostly local folks were compassionate and she tells me her Father hired some of the men and they were excellent workers .., anyway there are many stories.....but one more thing ask me about the cat I found behind the wall while renovating...I hope you read this my son is 20 he introduced us during the 🐉 s beard episode....we are going to try that one day....your channel makes me more.....I talk alot too thing....I always used to call my son and his little friends kinda stuck so I use the expression too......thanks so much for your channel and if you are ever on "location" in the Kootenays we could get together to cook bannok...or dukabore wedding borscht .....😁....or oh man I gotta million ideas. Sigh Emmy is my new imaginary friend👍😁😳😐🤗 have fun!

  • bean salad sandwich cook pinto beans mash beans until just a little chunky add miracle whip two tablespoons well rounded one to two tablespoons of pickle relish one med onion diced rinsed drained do this to keep onion from becoming bitter combine and on a good two slices of Italian bread spread one or as much as you want make sandwich eat

  • Maby some old bay or soy sauce

  • you have to boil them in water first to remove the bitterness, only then you dry them, dip them in eggs and seasonings, then coat them with breadcrumbs or flour and then fry them. Hatarakimasu

  • "Don't you love being skirted in the face?" ohhh Emmy the things you say

  • Perhaps the bitterness can be soaked or marinated out of the piths? Par boil first ?

  • 4:45 thanks for this tips!

  • Maybe if you tried marinating it in a salty sweet mixture it would cancel out the bitterness

  • I hate to break it to you, but I think your husband is putting party jokes in your pussy at night. Hard times...grape fruits....steak. It’s the ancestors whispering their inspirations in tongues. Since yours makes you money you must be their favorite honey❣️ We just have to share that good voodoo recipe, MyFriend❣️

  • Looks like a delicious fish fillet.. If you marinated these in salmon water for a minute, it might be ok.. 👌🔥🐟😳

  • I wonder though, could you boil them till the bitterness is all gone, and then lay them to dry before this whole process?

  • So interesting! I had no idea you could go this way with grapefruit!

  • I used to get told by an old teacher that I had so I feel you :p

  • I would like to see someone serve this to Gordon Ramsay and pass it off as chicken or pork without showing him how it was cooked that would be funny LOL

  • That is AMAZING!

  • I almost wonder what it would taste like if you marinated it over night and grilled it

  • Omg

  • Can you soak it in milk would that help or wash the pith in cold water to remove some bitterness keep trying

  • Grapefruit Bukkakeru

  • What if you soaked it in chicken broth, would it cut the bitterness?

  • There can't be much nutritional value in the pith. But it would fill your stomach...

  • try to make ritz apple pie with the grape fruit as the apples, the sugar should make the rind like a sweet tart.

  • Hmmmmm, I wonder if boiling it or soaking it would make it a bit less bitter

  • i loooove this series! Thank you so much for these great impressions of how people got avay over these hard times.

  • Maybe it would've been better if it was marinated in something?

  • You should try making DREAM CAKE. It's a popular cake here in Philippines. Btw I really love your video❤ keep it up👍

  • Would this work w other citrus?

  • I have the same peeler :D

  • The period you mentioned I'm sure is called El Periodo Especial (The Special Period) I was born in the height of this period but my dad was lucky enough to get us to America before my first birthday. This video is wonderful :)

  • I wonder if marinating it would make a difference? Love you Emmy, great video!

  • Does anyone else watch these just to hear her talk? She is so intelligent and has a beautiful mind 😉

  • I wonder if you soak the bitterness out in a strong beef stock a couple of soaks?

  • Maybe marinading it before breading and frying would help the bitterness.

  • God bless the Beautiful people of Cuba so they never need to ration their food again. 💕

  • so asik andai:(

  • It's like the poor man's poor man's ribeye.

  • My family in Cuba would use orange peels instead of grapefruit. I'm sure that's much less bitter than the grapefruit.

  • Maybe you could do like a dry rub or even marinate it like chicken? Idk definitely want to try this, have been trying to go vegetarian for a while and I love steak so much so I hope it’s a good alternative

  • When I make candied orange peels I boil them in water then drain it and repeat 3 times, to remove the bitterness. I wonder if that would help in this case.

  • I vote you try this again with some of the comment recommendations like soaking it in water and squeezing it out to remove the bitterness and/or try marinating it. This would be a great way to not make waste if it can work

  • I wonder if you have to boil it a couple of times just like you do lemon/orange rinds to make it candy...

  • I wonder if the Grapefruit could have been marinated in something to get rid of the bitter taste before frying.

  • I wonder if you can poke holes and marinate it 1st

  • Hm. I wonder if the bitterness could be combatted by marinating the pith beforehand.

  • Vegetarian veinerschnitzel?

  • You should try some moder Venezuelan cuisine. I'm just kidding, tree bark tastes like crud.

  • Chinese people know that you are suppose to boil the grapefruit first so that it is not biter.

  • Vegetarian steak.

  • They probably used lard to give it a meat flavor and because being Mexican we never throw the lard away.

  • #Keto .... Lmao.

  • Vegans must be loving this dish! Minus the egg I guess 😃

  • I bet you could culture the pith with tempeh mold to make it meatier and increase the protein content.

  • I'm hungry so this looks delicious lol

  • To be fair anything that is breaded and fried will taste halfway decent - one could fry up a flip flop like this and it would taste alright

  • I‘d love to feed grapefruit pit to my vegan friends XD

  • The peels of grapefruit have many great applications - infuse gin with them, use them for baking, cooking seafood, put them in jam, self made juice or ice cream

  • that might work with a large orange

  • I think emmy got high off of grapefruit

  • Hi Emmy. This one is really interesting! Maybe the vinegar and the sugar that's in ketchup would make it a nice marinade to mellow or significantly mask the bitter flavor. Not sure how absorbent the pith is but you could tenderize it with a meat mallet or score it with a knife before putting it in a ketchup bath for a few hours. Anyway, I present a theory. :) Another of your readers here in the comments suggested boiling to remove bitterness and to soften - that would work. Thanks for all you do for us. -T. :)

  • I died at dont you just love being squirted in the face

  • More like milanesa de pomelo

  • Maybe if you soaked the pith in salted water for half an hour or so first, it would lose some of the bitterness?

  • Interesting triumph, I wonder if oil, or bacon fat was used or reused to help with flavor.

  • “Don’t you love being squirted in the face” 😂

  • Lol great thing @emmymadeinjapan but you forgot the most important part you had to put the toronja skin in watter and press the water out with your hand and change the water for every time you press the water out with your hand. It takes the bitterness off same thing with dulce de toronja.

  • You are hilarious. Love your witty banter. Subscribed to you just for that. heartlifting.

  • 🤤 You belched out an entire sentence... I kinda want to unsubscribe so I can subscribe all over again.

  • I would think that You would want to salt that for a while, like bitter melon, then wash the salt off, then season, then fry... The pith is the most bitter part of the grapefruit

  • I know from making citrus peel candies that they need to be soaked in water and the water changed. Maybe soaking in salted water would help.

  • I'm an only child and my teachers said the same thing about talking too much!

  • Hi emma I am going to talk to some of my aunts ( both my parents have passed) Im almost 40 the youngest of 6 and my Dad was born in 1929 They went through some hard times in Texas .The one thing my dad always made from his childhood was fried cornbread and pintos that was something they ate a lot!!

  • What if you hate grapefruit?

  • I love how she had to label the drill so we wouldn’t think it was a dildo lmfao

  • i bet a little spicy marinara sauce would work.

  • Wonder if letting them soak in beef broth might before seasoning and breading would help. Kinda like tofu takes up the flavor of whatever it's cooker in.

  • If you try this again, soak the pith in vinegar for a bit.

  • I probably would try it with mustard.

  • Maybe tried some different kind of seasonings like oregano maybe thyme or something

  • Maybe marinate in a little chicken stock

  • Emmi, I'm Cuban. You missed a crucial step with those grapefruit pith steaks. You had to either boil them and throw away the water 3 times, then bread and fry, or soak them in water overnight. That improves the texture and gets rid of the bitterness. Trust me, it works!

  • It looks more like pork chops then steak