GRAPEFRUIT PEEL STEAK Bistec de Toronja | HARD TIMES - recipes from times of food scarcity

Published on May 11, 2018
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Invented in Cuba in the 1990s bistec de toronja, looks like a breaded cutlet but is made of the white spongey pith of the grapefruit. Here's how to prepare and the deets on how it tastes.
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This video is NOT sponsored. I just wanted to taste a grapefruit steak.
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  • I wonder if you used a pommelo if it would be milder. Pommelos also have a super thick pith.

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  • What is Winston? I missed this lol

  • Rub sugar into it. Fry it in bacon grease.

  • Another tranya drinker. ;-)

  • Pretty sure it’s bitter because you left lots of skin on still when you peeled it. There were lots of little lines of skin left between where you used the peeler. The bitterness is quite intense from grapefruit so you have to make sure allllllll of the skin is gone

  • Try it again, but this time marinate it first.

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  • There are some 1940s ration cookbooks. They have some very interesting recipes in them. I have some of the recipes that I can send to you, if you want to try them.

  • I'm gonna "ketchup" with the rest of your videos. You are awesome.

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  • I wonder if some mushroom powder seasoning would help make this taste a little meatier?

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  • What kind of nutritional value could it possibly have, though?

  • Im vegetarian so i would leave the egg alone but that looks amazing. I'm not sure texture wise but worth trying. I'm surprised I've never seen this before.

  • Whoa! I learn so much from you! 😱🤔😋

  • MY PEOPLE! I’m Cuban! People don’t talk about these meals much anymore. It’s nice to bring some light to our culture

  • Emmy, I definitely recommend you check out Great Depression Cooking on US-tv. Sadly, the woman has since died, but I think you’d enjoy her little recipes from her youth during the Great Depression.

  • as a child of cuban immigrants i’m always taught to appreciate the amazing food choices here. also, we eat grapefruits all the time at home 😂 mom likes to make candied grapefruit and we eat it with cheese :P yum edit: i asked my grandma about this and she said she used to soak the grapefruit in mojo. it’s basically marinade.

  • I really appreciate your happy, uplifted attitude. :-)

  • *"I love learning about culture and history through the lens of food."* Same here.

  • I swear you have the best channel on US-tv. Great video, as always!

  • Dang I thought it was fried meat seasoned with grapefruit

  • Try to make the famous pizzas found anywhere in Havana! There are tons of myths around them, like the "cheese" on them is actually cardboard. I think they were also invented during the Periodo Especial (the same crisis in the 90's when Bistec de toronja saw the light). Nowadays is still a very popular and cheap fast food option in Cuba. If someone have an accurate recipe on this or more info about this pizzas, let us know. I'd love to make them by myself too!

  • so dope for having a cast iron skillet, id marinade in vinegar and liquid schmoke fam, your show is fly tho (SUB ALERT)

  • I wonder if the pith has any food value... im going to look up the nutritional value...

  • this is so interesting. My parents used to do the same with pomelo peels. The pith on those are a lot thicker. They would soak it in water.

  • Love this series❤️ amazing how people when in hard situations make due

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  • Congratulations your choice of hard times cookery! My area is WWII hunger and I have lots of resources for just that kind of information in rationed UK and Italy of the era. if you want to check anything out. Meantime, my friend from Appalachia talks of Flour Gravy which contains only browned flour, salt, bacon grease and milk or water and is served over biscuits.

  • I love grapefruit, but I can't eat it. I take Pravastatin for high cholesterol and grapefruit, even the juice, can make me deathly ill. Life sucks.

  • They could of made eggplant parmesan

  • Vegan recipe

  • Chinese dehydrated lemon orange and grapefruit with sugar candy is so good

  • Great series idea.

  • BBQ sauce doesn't compliment this I LOVE you 😁😂😂🤣🤣😃😃😄😅 you are so well spoken I could listen to you sell me a bridge.💓💓💓

  • Maybe steaming it a little bit, and then breading and frying?

  • LOL I love how she specifies that was a drill in the background at 8:51


  • 3:35 im gonna pretend i didnt hear what you said Emmy 😂😂😂

  • A very creative idea emmy !

  • I eat neither steak nor grapefruit.

  • A *pear*ing knife.. on a grapefruit. 😂 🍐🍊

  • Why doesn't she flick that bug off her nose ?

  • You should check out Great Depression Cooking. It’s a channel with videos by Clara an amazing joy of a woman. She unfortunately passed pretty recently but I’m still getting through her videos so she’s alive to me!! I love her and I think you will too! ❤️❤️

  • Plz make more sting Army packages

  • When you fry egg plant if there is a lot of seeds you have to soak it, or its bitter. So maybe a nice plain or flavored soak will help. Marinate it, but if it's a plain water soak remember to change the water a few times over a few hours of soak time.

  • I don't even know what you made 😍😍

  • just as cute as a button!!

  • I love this idea! We live near poverty, so this will give my family a little more ideas.

  • First lightly boil in salty water. Then add a tiny bit of vinegar to the egg mixture ! Or as well you can soak an hour in buttermilk also.

  • You gotta check out Townsends for some 18th century recipes!

  • drill

  • Longhorn: you can't fake steak Me:

  • They did look like chicken cutlets while you were breaking them. Hehehe :)

  • By the way I have a degree in History and from my studies I remember that there were actually verifiable cases in the United States of people cooking and eating the sole of the shoe during the great depression.

  • This is one step above eating the sole of your shoe, huh? I was born in Cuba shortly after the Marxist / Castro Revolution and all of immediate family was out by the end of the sixties, with my maternal grandparents and a couple of uncles and their wives and children getting out by 1980. I have lived in the U.S. Fifty years and am presently living through the toughest economic times of my life after having been upper middle class and middle class most of my life until about half a decade ago when I became physically disabled and went bankrupt at the same time. But even being poor here in the States does not come close to what the people in these undeveloped, third world, Caribbean nations that have espoused socialism or are controlled by corrupt strong arm dictators experience. Cuba and Haiti are great examples, but Venezuela is an even better example right now.

  • I will probably try this since I am pretty broke right now lol

  • I believe a balsamic vinegar could work also

  • Try soaking it in salt water for a couple of hours, then draining it on towels, or straight up marinating it in salt before rinsing. It works for eggplant. It might for grapefruit as well. ETA: Whoops! Commented too soon. :) That said, it might be worth looking at Israeli eggplant recipes for suggestions. Hell, even roasting the skins over a flame briefly might help.

  • On the recipe you took it from it says in comments to soak in lemon juice for a little bit first.

  • “Don’t you love getting squirted on your face” lmfao!!

  • Seems like if able to counteract the bitterness it would make a good vegetarian option :) If it’s able to substitute the egg then it could even be vegan too!

  • This would be great for April Fool's Day

  • Isn't it silly to serve it with a lemon slice?

  • In the great depression my grandma made hobo burgers and became a part of family dinners

  • does it have any nutritional value or is it just 'filler'.

  • Bioflavonoids!

  • i never knew you could use that for anything but cleaning or the occaisional zest in baking.

  • i never knew you could use that for anything but cleaning or the occaisional zest in baking.

  • i never knew you could use that for anything but cleaning or the occaisional zest in baking.

  • Ugh your ideas for these videos amaze me.. You are so creative and your mind is adventurous!

  • 10:17 "You often don't have a choice... Do you?" Queue split-second of apocalyptic flashback. 10:19 Emmy's back! "Allright, so there you have it!" :D

  • You should make soda cracker pie or "mock apple pie". It was a cheap substitute for apple pie in difficult times.

  • You have calming voice.

  • I LOVE this video series idea wow !!!

  • "Don't you just love being squirted in the face." The wife and I lost it...

  • I definitely want to make a vegan gluten free version of this! I would definitely marinate it first to give it a better flavour :)

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  • id order but i only wear tanktops

  • different

  • Wish sammich

  • Wow! I love this idea of showing recipes from food scarcity. amazing what ideas people can come up with. thank you for sharing :)

  • i love watching you, your personality is so warming it brightens my day :-)

  • I love your shirt!

  • Go girl

  • I wonder if blanching it would help

  • im weridly intrigued to try this

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  • Excited about this series!

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  • Well Done Vid with a good Concept. I can dig it!

  • You might try this recipe using pummelos instead. I think they would be less bitter and have a different taste.

  • But what would be the nutrition of this? Fat, Flour, a coating of Egg.... If you are using part of an egg anyway, why not just fry the egg and put it on a slice of bread? I don't get how this helps stretch anything, and the nutrition would be superior in the egg sandwich.

  • I would soak it in a Cuban mojo de ajo- it might temper the bitterness

  • Here in hong kong there is a dish (i guess its cantonese) called ha tze yao pei (蝦子柚皮) which directly translate into pomelo peel with shrimp roe .its a very traditional braised dish in hong kong with a lot of preparation,not much household or restaurant have this today.i did not have it before but still very interesting to see country far away using similar ingredients!

  • I get that it's supposed to be nothing wasted, low resources cooking,'s literally the inedible part of the fruit. You might as well be grinding apple seeds to dust and mixing it with water.

  • Interesting video and channel concept! Maybe try soaking peel in milk or yogurt for an hour or so before the breading. Then make it like eggplant parm with cheese and sauce? My Eastern Europe family dealt with little food always and made black puddings, pigs feet, etc. with parts of animals usually discarded and always had big gardens for food. They pickled all kinds of veggies, herrings, etc.

  • Excited for your new series!

  • So excited for more of this series!