Gordon Ramsay vs Madelaine Petsch In VEGAN MASTERCHEF COOK OFF!

Published on Jun 6, 2018
Check out who wins the challenge on Madelaine’s Page: us-tv.org/tv/video-7aZj_XeqozA.html
To celebrate this summer’s all new season of MasterChef, and his billionth view on US-tv, Gordon is set a mystery box challenge by fellow US-tvr, and star of Riverdale, Madelaine Petsch!
There’s only one thing Gordon doesn’t know……it’s a Vegan Cook off!

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  • Shes fuckin annoying

  • Oh I love gordon♥

  • I was so excited for them to cook off but its so staged and cringey

  • Hoo says vegans don't eat meat

  • lots of Push Ups here...i see😂

  • would smash her

  • she got so "huge" like that because she's vegan?

  • Chef ramsay!!i want you to cook Nepali dish!!and upload in US-tv!!

  • she was also on f the prom

  • Very nice chef

  • this is so lame

  • Oh my God

  • Who won

  • to hear someone critique gordon is ______________

  • Aww come on guys, yeah a little cringe-worthy and yes, obviously fake, but I thought it was cute nevertheless. 😊

  • Isent she that one girl from river dale

  • This was awesome! Please, Gordon, do more!

  • its cherylll !!

  • Aka as Cheryl blossom 💐🌸🔥

  • "Ur dream box!" "My WHaT?" *throws box lid* *gordon instantly regrets waking up and going to work*

  • so, gordon can't cook?

  • 4:11 thank me later

  • He’s a cheat

  • This is so stupid!...who won?!?

  • CHERYL :0

  • That was savage and I did not expect that😂


  • Just seeing Gordon makes me hungry for some reason.

  • No this is just so fake no stop

  • This is cringey! :/

  • She has some nice racks

  • So what if this was a ringer and a set up?! Just kick back enjoy the fun. Lets see how many of you could ACTUALLY make what Madelaine starts to make on your own or are you too busy calling Ubereats to actually cook your own food? It was an advert for Master Chef. Pulling a TV star in for exposure. Who cares? Fucking lighten up.

  • Gordon getting graded what has happened to the world?!

  • She's pretty hawt

  • Fucking click bait

  • Has gordon got a face job

  • Honestly she looks like one of my sims characters 😂😂😂

  • Gotta day Gordon is too funny

  • Cheatin bastard hahaha

  • wow... Christina just had to show up and ruin the damn segment....

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  • Fuck her hard tonight bust her clit

  • Hey tofu is delicious!!

  • She's like Emily bloom but ginger and not considerate enough to let the world see her fanny

  • I am dead at;Lol grandma hair's. 🤗🤗🤗

  • How can he be the greatest chef if he can’t cook vegan

  • 3:31 me: oh that must be a pro cooking tactic to make flames faster. Amazing. Nope he's just burning her recipe ;-;

  • Lentro

  • Gordon n your team, i call this an insult n mockery for veganism. If you do not have the balls to cook vegan don't either make a joke out of vegans. Ty.

  • I'm not even vegan and I'm sick and tired of mainstream chefs not giving a damn. People have dietary restrictions. Big deal. You're a chef. Stop complaining. And also really? Cauliflower steak? Do you really have no imagination? I get that vegans can be annoying but that's mostly internet vegans really. But just because some people from that community are asses does not give you the right to straight up bully everyone from that community. If someone wants to make a positive change in their life, as a chef, you should support them and help them achieve their food goals.

  • how is she similar to gordon ramsay??

  • Hallo Gordon kom Suid Afrika toe vir 'n Lekker t-bone steak braai. Baie beter as al die garnishes en haaskos wat julle in daai 5*s eet 🤩

  • I loved this video. Too good, comedy was great. I want to see more like this.

  • Shes a redhead i wanna see her naked on 1ofporn site.. damn ill be masterbating

  • Nice ass

  • I wish I was Travis

  • Gordan your a little cheater

  • She is so gorgeous.

  • Good lord what a cringefest.

  • Her boobs is nice wow, i dont care the food

  • You cannot have a tasty meal without meat. She is pretty and has nice boobs.

  • Omg I used to hate cooking. Ohhhhh but I love it now I live you

  • lmfao

  • I hate u the end wtf

  • Fake and cringy...

  • Hello

  • Shokugeki no Gordon

  • Shokugeki

  • My dude the cliff hanger 😂

  • 0:19 The HOTTEST get it?

  • Why he always act boyish around female celebrity?

  • You should do one against the food network stars like bobby flay

  • ' I'm not tasting it I'm hoping it won't kill you' quote of the day 😂

  • Rubber Rubber Rubber !!!

  • He cheated, it was scripted, what a waste of time. Gordon, give my 9 minutes back.

  • she is so much beautiful

  • *scrolls through US-tv* *scrolls through US-tv* *scrolls through US-tv* *Sees Madelaine* “OMFG RIVERDALEEEE ASGLJFKL” “Oh it’s a food video” *thinking* “FOOD IS ALWAYS GOOD AND I MISS RIVERDALE” Pls don’t tell me I’m the only one😂

  • definitely switching to her channel :P sorry gordon,, she is too damn hot

  • what is with the dumb 3rd leg showing up and acting like a dumb american?

  • She's your daughter ?

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dear Chef Gordon Ramsey, If you ever visit Philippines, I would wish for you to visit my mother's simple family mini restaurant. I love her with all my heart but, management isn't her forte. She graduated as a Chef but, all these years of failure in the business made me realise, she is not as good as she thinks she is. I do love her cooking, even before she took up culinary study. May God forgive me but she has ran a hell of a lot of business to dust. All her efforts just blows before she could get any real profit. The restaurant looks nice small, but tidy. I’ve seen you go through much worse. So if you ever find the time, feeling adventurous and maybe finding yourself in Mindanao, Philippines please give me a call. p.s I know that this is a long shot. i always go big, i got that from my mother. So maybe it will not work just like my mother's dreams.

  • Haha this was so good

  • Gordon , if you haven't figured it out yet - you have a narcissistic disorder, thanks to your alcoholic father and passive co-dependent mother. what you do in the kitchen towards the different contestants is called bullying! unfortunately thanks to your absurd behaviour, Tilly also has developed as a narcissist.... what a shame...

  • She is mad gorgeous.

  • *S A B O T A G E*

  • I enjoy the having the opportunity to take part in viewing staged performances, however varied the genres may be. What I do not want to take part in, is viewing skilled, hard-working, established artists entertain the majority of the viewing pubic to maintain popularity. I feel shamed by the obvious insincerity. I love watching people try and really win. Win like everyone can.

  • At 639 what's her name I completely forgotten

  • ياليته مترجم بالعربي حتى كتابه بليز ترجمو كلامه😢

  • fck this is bad acting, yall are chefs not fucking actors

  • She thinks she can beat Gordon ramsay😂,his poop will be more tastier than ur fucking noodles



  • I swear I’ve seen that girl before, isn’t she in riverdale or somthin

  • This is one of the best videos I've seen all day! Great content! Would love to get your opinion on my channel :) have a good day! xx

  • Passengers (2018)

  • Did she called Gordon "buddy" lol

  • 2 words... Great banter

  • she got the Balenciagas on damn cuz

  • Vegan recipes makes me barf and shit at the same time