Gordon Ramsay Served The Smallest Portion Of Mussels He's Ever Seen | Kitchen Nightmares

Published on Feb 6, 2019
Upon seeing his Mussels Marinara, the first thing Gordon says is "Are You Sure?".
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  • Everyone in this restaurant is a bunch of weirdos

  • 0:06 Daga Kotowaru!

  • You have to be a moron to go on this show

  • wecannNothavefreshmusselswhenthemenUISEXTREMELYLARGE

  • Did I sErVe yOU? 😂😂

  • 1$ per mussel


  • "Nicole" is quite obviously high on opiates

  • 9 out of 10 Kitchen Nightmare episodes go like this: Owner, "Let's ask Chef Ramsay to help us!" Chef, "Hello." Owner, "We are so lucky. A world famous three star chef is here to help us!" Chef, "Food is no good." Owner, "Our customers love it." Chef, "You only have 2 customers and they have 20% off coupons." Owner, "That's how we do it and we aren't going to change it." Chef, "Let me show you what good food tastes and looks like." Chef, "I analyzed your market and this new menu will be perfect." Chef, "I redecorated so this place doesn't look like a public restroom." Chef, "Stop arguing with each other." Chef, "Clean this refrigerator, before you kill someone. Owner, "Oh my gosh. You are right. You are brilliant. We love you." ... One week later ... Back to how they did it, before. ... One year later ... Out of business.

  • The food and waiters look disgusting.

  • I love when he gets on the owner's lol

  • I’m not sure how this works, but don’t these restaurants pay chef Ramsey to critique their service and their food? So when he gives them advice they say no way I’m not changing a thing? WTF

  • Gordon Ramsay is basically the Simon Cowell of the culinary world.

  • Gordon: the sauce is disgusting Sauce: why me :-(

  • 1:10...?? What? Why is he reacting like that? Name calling and disrecpecting... Has he seen his show called Hell's Kitchen?

  • There's a new asian restaurant nearby where I live. They had this "Today's Special: Seafood Supreme" for £15. I ordered it and it was a hald cup cooked rice, 1 mussel, 1 king prawn, and 1 small fish fillet.

  • “I did NOT overcook it boss” “...this is so over cooked”

  • Well, the chef is right though. When you see a very long menù you should KNOW that 90% of that is frozen, because it's impossible to keep all of those fresh ingredients without throwing away almost all of that....so it's pretty obvious.

  • "You disagree with the flavor?!" hahaha

  • Well if you’re going to only try one mussel, might as well serve you a small portion

  • The people in these restaurants always turn on each other so quick.

  • Muscles and marinara... Lmao who would eat that wtf

  • So..Gordon is bothered by the waitress saying folks swear at her.. erm.. He swears all the time at others? Also there's a lot of Furries posting i noticed

  • I need more mussels!!! *Goes to gym

  • Nicole is on something powerful.

  • I did not over cooked it! this is so over cooked

  • I wouldn't eat there. Food looked terrible and Not Fresh

  • Kind of messed up maaan calling her a moron, u can see she has a mental issue or something. Or maybe shes been on drugs ? Who knows.

  • Imagine you go to work high as shit and you have to talk to Gordon fucking Ramsey

  • It always comes down to the restaurant having a large menu and staff not knowing wtf they're doing.

  • the waitress looked like she took 1 too many acid tabs that day...

  • Im sure shea a fine server but i saw her walk to me and be like: WHAT WOULD YOU WANT FOR YOUR ORDER?!?! I walk out

  • Chief Gordon Ramsay should try the rib eye stake at California pizza kitchen.. I say it was the best at the time i ate it .

  • Nicole sounds like Dorothy from wizard of Oz lmao

  • Everytime I've ordered muscles I got 6 so he got more than I've ever got

  • 5:25 her face

  • Fry's Food has awesome frozen muscles. 3 dollars for like 20 of them.

  • *I did not overcook it!* *Gordon* This is so overcooked.

  • Yankee dankee doodle shiet

  • Why is she bowing to Gordon🤣

  • That waitress is high on lsd i bet this!

  • “It’s just how it’s made and I’m not going to change that!”

  • But why they got a crackhead as a waiter tho

  • You only can get smaller portions in Gordon Ramsay's restaurants

  • Gordon says: overcooked veal, but raw flour....

  • Nicole IS ABSOLUTELY a fucking moron

  • the smallest portion ramsay has ever seen or as i like to call it all meals in expensive restaurants.

  • Tweakerrrrrrrrr

  • Every restaurant ever: Gordon will want to suck my scrotum, my food is so good. Gordon: it's bland.

  • It's fuckin disgusting

  • I went to a Pub and ordered mussels as an appetizer. They gave me a bowl full of enough mussels to feed an army.

  • did anyone else notice 4:32? the guy in white

  • Has to be one of the trashiest restaurants featured on this show.

  • It is 2019. Don't upload interlaced videos.


  • why does nicole seem so off though

  • 1:02 look how concerned Gordon looks haha, yeah Gordon cause you totallllllly abstain from name calling and disrespect in the kitchen pshh give me a break

  • Baby vomit.

  • I like Gordon,, but really, can he talk about portion sizes with the ones he serves that require a microscope to locate before you tuck in?

  • Anyone notice how the bad food is cooked by poc!!!!

  • The waitress that is serving Ramsey is a bit NUTS and looks like she wanted a "clownish" theme.. 15 layers of the same color make-up then PULLED her hair back to make it look like a wig behind the hair band. Her behavior, and that mouth should have gotten her fired... The owner is a MORON, saying even if Ramsey hates the food she is not going to change it, so why call for Ramsey's help? Waitress Nichol is nice and honest but seems a bit stoned...

  • 1:11 Gordon: wow Meanwhile in hells kitchen

  • "Its been beaten the crap out of" Sooo They beat the meat????😏

  • "A lot of name calling" Ramsays kitchen is literally a GTA chat server

  • To be fair, you really can't have fresh mussels on a menu that's 5 pages long in a failing restaurant... not saying the excuse is good, just that it makes sense

  • Why does every chef wear a doorag

  • Gordons hair bothers me its so messy and dry lookin

  • Y’all still don’t think this is staged? Lol


  • 2:29 😂😂

  • Baby vomit...😂😂

  • U can do something about it your the owner aren’t u ?

  • Hey I may be crazy but if it’s bland or needs more salt get some salt🤦‍♂️

  • she drug addict

  • 1:03 There's a lot of...name-calling... Gordon: Visibly tries to not call her a donkey

  • 2:10 I did not over cook it mom Gordan:this is soooo over cooked Me: lol

  • if you're a woman, gordon will either call you darling or a bitch...there's no inbetween.

  • 3:45 well so that means that he has eaten Baby vomit as well. I know what he said when he ate the vomit. Its *'RAW' 'BLAND' 'HIDEOUS'*

  • Just throw lamb sauce on everything and it'll taste perfect

  • Nicole sounds stupid af her voice is ruining my psyche

  • Don't go to the circus to hire restaurant employees.

  • That girl was so high on something.

  • Even if the plate of mussels tasted at least decent then a fair price would've been 2 dollars or so for the quantity.

  • i like the server lady...

  • If flour is raw how come veal is over cooked?

  • Got me confused there. Add a "was" before "served"

  • I dare u to make Pakistani dishes like chicken achari handi, dum biryani, kheer, etc

  • Gordon Ramsey I’d let you eat me😍

  • The owner seems like her tits gonna pop out anytime out of her shirt


  • Hot wings don’t sound so bad

  • I’m very confused on how triggered everyone gets by his comments. They obviously know who he is and how intense he can be so they should at least get themselves prepared..

  • Why serve him a large serving,hell just call it horrible and return it ;save food!

  • Wonder if Gordon has ever been happy

  • that is the problem with most restaurants that are under performing they have too much on their menu and they have to freeze everything. They need to realise their restaurant needs a theme and a specific set of dishes that fit the theme of their restaurant.

  • Ahh Dio He made a JoJo reference

  • We refuse to serve substandard food But serves less than substandard food which is even worse

  • Lol.. I can buy 1.1 kg of mussels for 8 dollars frozen and not in a shell

  • that does make sense. if you see a restaurant with a giant menu, unless they have nonstop customers, there's likely to be a lot of old inventory

  • Nino would have finished that plate