Published on Apr 9, 2018
It’s time for a brand new challenge on my channel: The Google Picks My Makeup Challenge! It’s simple: type in the first letter of your first, and last name, add “look” at the end and the first image on the images page is what you’ll take inspiration from! Look at colors, textures, mood, settings and use it all for the ultimate Google approved look!
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    • a model with purple and pink clothes on

    • I got a ghostly grey close up pic of old Robert Downey jr. face.....really?

    • I got a red, orange, blue, white and black car. I don't really know what to do.

    • A man

    • A five year old on a swing in the park

  • You should totally do a pink lemonade makeup look

  • I think adding a greyish shade for the road to the under eye or even a grey lip would've made it really interesting

  • I Got A Car...😂😂

  • Ok everyone just to Google MM look.🙄 I got a pink dress with frills and I hate frills and pink and dresses!

  • I searched up ew and it came up with a lady wearing all black with a rainbow background 😂👏🏼

  • Once more please

  • I got a bicycle, not a motorcycle mind you, a little kids bike.

  • my look was with black and gold

  • I thought you would ask a google home mini and ask it to pick a number

  • My innicials are EH and I'm canadian XD ❤

  • I'd love to participate even months late but my initials are CM. nope. Don't Google it.

  • Bane ni video me sirin

  • The eyelook looks like a faded version of the romanian flag lol

  • Pansexual eye look

  • Mine was a dark concert with yellow strobe lights, I have some ideas! (JS)

  • I searched up PH look and some black and white Kpop thing came up, I don’t even know what that means.

  • MK are my initials so I got a Michael Kors look book

  • Wait Tati Lashes... As in the US-tvr Tati? I thought her company was skin care?

  • Today I discovered there’s a horse named JD look. 😑

  • My initials are CL, so I searched that and it just came up pictures of girl transformations...

  • I hate hate that Nikkie always looks So beautiful she is so pretty with or with out makeup

  • I typed "Et look". you know what I got?! FREAKING ET, the extraterrestrial.

  • Do u ask yourself why beauty guru's do they're eyebrows off camera?

  • Mine is ER and I assumed I would get an ambulance or hospital of some sort but instead I literally got a real makeup look. But the next one was a picture of a movie about Hitler 😂

  • Does anyone know what nikkies last name is

  • Its awesome!❤️

  • I typed in AC look and it just came up with yellow and black bikes sooooo.......

  • I searched “gr” because that’s my initials and it came up with a pic of a gummy pizza 😂😂

  • I looked me up and the first image was of a bike

  • Well my initials are IG so all that comes up when I type up “IG look” is people telling you how to get the a perfect insta page...

  • My initials are AA

  • I got a very sunset looking pizza😂

  • Mine came up with a girl wearing some weird clothing😂😂

  • LOL! I got Saudi Arabia’s crown prince

  • I got a pic of a multicolored person w/ a cloud shirt and a beige skirt🥴

  • I got a picture that compared Ed Sheeran to a baby identical to him 😂 "ed look"

  • This wouldn’t work for me cuz my name is et sooo..,,,

  • I got a motorcycle so I was like I don’t think so 🙄

  • It's cute..... I love the eye makeup 💕😘

  • What tf does EG have to do with my little pony?

  • I actually really liked the way this look turned out, way to go Nikkie! Slay girl! Slay! 😊💖💋💄💍👠

  • Oh man, I got creepy old man.. but I can work with the pretty background that is provided in the image. Lol 😂

  • I got a motorcycle. why!! a yellow black and red bike!!! this is a challenge

  • my inspiration pictures was a truck n t colour was BLACK

  • I tested my moms initials and she got nice stuff considering hers are the same as Kim Kardashion Wests

  • I got pictures of bloody nives held by COD characters!

  • I typed cm look. Do not type cm look I'm done.

  • 8:38-8:40 that's me when ever I am trying to do makeup

  • The image for mine was that baby that looks like Ed Sheeran (my initials are ed)

  • You should search your fave makeup brand then look and recreate that look using none of that brands products..

  • My initials are mjf.... It’s a shirtless dude

  • Anyone else realised she just did a pansexual eye look😊😍😂?

  • I tested it out and I got a natural glow look OMG NICE

  • I Searched TD LOOK and a man was the first pic 😂😂

  • My initials are MV and I got a picture of a BTS member from one of their videos.

  • mine was just red

  • I got a bicycle..! 😰

  • Aww It looks like the pansexual flag in pastel 💞

  • Am I the only one who realized the houses were the pansexual is that the first thing I notice about everything, btw..I'm a call ur look pan pride since it's pan colors, even tho ur not pan...just. .ye...don't judge me

  • When ur initials are EW

  • sigh... my frickin’ initals are ET. im not even gonna try.

  • My initial is NT and when i searched on google, it came out all the blue fog generator 🌚

  • More focused on your nails than your makeup!!!!!! Anyone else??? Like is you also!!!

  • mine is a picture of a man lifting weights lol

  • Cherry blossom really sounds like the red headed girl from riverdale 🤷‍♀️

  • It looks like it it’s raining and rain means glitter, thanks😂😂

  • Mine are CR and I live in Costa Rica :v

  • Ayeee anyone else from New Jersey feel proud when she typed in “NJ look” and a picture of buildings in NJ came up??? Or just me?

  • u should try a using cheap makeup from target and kmart love you so much

  • I got kpop looks XD

  • the lil circle pendant moves up every time she talks and i keep looking at it. great vid nikkie

  • That pic is downtown Westfield, my cousin lives there, that's so cool! Those buildings are so pretty in real life, especially in the winter, the pastels are a nice aesthetic.

  • Where are my pansexual boisss


  • OK Nikki.... love you but that glitter took of all of that yellow eyeshadow. it would've looked a lot better if you would've done a cut crease.....

  • Mine is mm look...I got a two toned pink dress from like the 1950’s...

  • My initials are LG so I just got pictures of phones 😑😂

  • follow the road ✌🏿😌

  • my initials are AS and the first thing i get is a man talking abt vocabulary..what to do??

  • I looked mine up and up came shoes

  • This reminds me of a carebear look😂

  • My initials are hm so when I searched up" hm look "it showed up H&M clothing

  • first I did my first and last name initials and I got a video of a group of guys rapping so , then I did my first middle and last name initial and got a picture of a gun

  • I got a yellow bike 😔

  • You know, i'm learning english with you, love u

  • When u searched up my initials it just shows me an LG phone 😞😓

  • Pan colors yay

  • all I got was "look ma no hands!" comics -_-

  • Its like a pansexual pride look on her eyes

    • Sofia Fioravanti the pink and the blue just needs to switch

  • I got a black shower😂

  • Mine was terrible

  • I Love it and by the way u Should go somewhere like that and u look so differvent with makeup

  • I had a bike it was white red and black soo it was bootiful😂😂(SR look)

  • Well Tati did it

  • My initials are DC so when I looked mine up all I saw was superheroes

  • I got all pictures of yellow bikes.

  • What brush did you use for foundation?

  • Nikki, your soo creatife with your make-up!! RESPECT

  • when your initials are mj and you have to do a mf Michael jackson Inspired look