GIGANTIC Toad Found in Japan!

Published on Nov 9, 2018
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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are in Japan and they come across one gigantic amphibian - the Japanese Toad! This toad is so huge, you’ll have to see it to believe it!
Get ready, you’re about to see Coyote and the crew catch one GIGANTIC toad in Japan!

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  • Offspring of toads mutated from our atomic bombing of Japan

  • i love frogs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think I seen a huge frog like that in my pond a few years back

  • Hey it's that guy from naruto

  • This dude is a real life Pokemon trainer

  • His skin looks like a golden marshmallow

  • That's Is Naruto un mode Kurama AND mode sage


  • 2:13 you call that thing little?

  • 3:42 The toad probably thinks that the giant creature holding him is lecturing him lol

  • new sub blol

  • I'm still Envious of how CLEAR AND GLOWY his Face is😶

  • Sage naruto who? (Issa joke)

  • Coyote: Oh, look at that pudgy little belly! >:3 Me: I wanna poke it. o_o

  • Hypnotoad!!!

  • This reminds me of naruto sage modes


  • 🐸Oh my gosh it is so cute. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww🐸

  • 2:57 I'm trying to escape from this dude and he won't let me... send help. That's what that toad is thinking

  • So brave

  • in awe at the size of this lad

  • Ckiyoty:its ok little fella Towd: let me free HELP ME I DONT WANT TO BE TOUCHED


  • sage mode

  • The chirping. I had to rewind it like 160 times. so cute.

  • Is it just me or did the bumps on the toad's foot have something that looks like herpes?

  • Lol coyote, i knew once you said thank god it hasn’t peed on you I was like,ohh it’s gonna pee on you after u said that and it did..😏

  • I think I found a toad almost that big in Colorado

  • Big boye

  • Kirk hammt is you!

  • Jaraiya sama

  • It's the famous frog

  • Who's the third cameramen/women? 1:33

  • Aww what a cutie

  • I can tell it's a boy

  • I have it as a pet !!!!!!!

  • Buff toad

  • I want an army of that specific toad.

  • To bad he didn't get to spend more time with this toad might have learned to harness nature energy to attain sage mode

  • Ha ha! you got peed on!

  • "Hey look a toad!" *toad tries to escape* "Get it!" *coyote drags it out of its home and picks itvup*

  • Beautiful

  • I’ve seen a wild toad the size of my head.

  • wow that toad should be in the next dragon ball z movie named coma. toa.d 🐸

  • Everybody gangsta until toad goes wild ;)

  • You should do a video on Canada Moose. They are a UNIT of an animal!

  • 6:32 I was thinking daaamn coyotes voice got deep,but after 6 seconds I realized it was Mario

  • hahahaa 5:07 perfect timing

  • gamabunta

  • 0:24 was so fast I had to slow it right down to ×0.25. 😂

  • I once saw a bigger than yours toad and its colour was like a snakee

  • I wanna frog now?😐

  • Your intro makes me die, because I can't even hold a pitbull

  • Gamer toad pee

  • You found Gamma Bunta, Naruto watches carefully to make sure you don't harm it :P

  • I think it might be a male because it chirped! Male toads will chirp when touched in certain places because if another male toad thinks it is a female and tries to mount; they will chirp to say "hey! i'm a male too!"

  • Coyote probably has sage mode now that he has had training with the toads

  • That's where the Ogama toad and the bosses from Nioh came from!

  • I was waiting for it to pee on you 😂🙈

  • - Oh look! It’s chirping! - Aww.. The most sincere aww I’ve heard lol

  • music at the end?

  • Poissin dart frog and be brave and stay wild cyaaaaa

  • The toad looks cool and it is playful. Also I have been peed on by a lot of toads that I catch

  • all hail hypno toad

  • THIS COMMENT IS FOR MARK: I love it when Mark saws Aww or Oh WoW!. 📹😊😁🐸

  • Sooo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  • This is amazing!

  • When is japenese giant hornet coming out


  • are those okay 2 have as pets

  • 🐸

  • I feel bad

  • Hahah poor coyote he got number 1 on him poor you

  • Hey Coyote you should come to my house I have a lot of forest in my back yard

  • I dare you to find some animals inside the suicide forest of japan. Hehehehe

  • Toad: I’m going to Kermit suicide! Logan Paul: Great lets film it

  • Ok I’m a girl but it’s cute

  • The toad is cute

  • Please come too San Angelo Texas I have a couple of cool lizards in my back yard

  • Look at his eyes on the thunbnail.

  • Awwe I love it's little chirps, my fowlers toads chirp like that all the time

  • It look like a leaf

  • Stay calm and put the animal under control

  • Try to kiss the toad she is cursed princess

  • The toad is sooo cuuttee🤩🤩


  • "That is a Japanese Toad, bright gold that sparkles around it's body" IMMA CALL IT DIO

  • Your eyes in the thumbnail 😂

  • Ewww frog pee 😫😫😫😫😫😫😩😩

  • The toad is so cute

  • Your really brave to do all of this

  • Your really brave to do all of this

  • That toad is so cute

  • TOADaly awesome Get it? N-no, just me? Okay...

  • Is it just me or is that toad AS THICK as Kermit the frog and wears miss piggy

  • Even the toad looks Japanese

  • After a week I will took my final exam but I'm watching this istead of studying 😂

  • Wash ur hand before eating before u get sick..

  • Gamabunta!

  • Thanks!