GIANT Shave Ice Challenge (ft. Morgan)

Published on Jun 20, 2017
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When in Hawaii... Eat Shave Ice!!
I've had many Shave Ice in Hawaii in my life, but never have I been to Shimazu before. Saw that they had a Massive Shave Ice on the menu, so I had to check it out..
..With Morgan...
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  • This is why you don’t do eating challenges with professional eaters.

  • he said it is not a challenge but when you see the title of the video it said challenge

  • They are like a kid eating an icecream

  • This is my favorite! Both Matt and Morgan doing this BRAIN FREEZING CHALLENGE - BRRRR!

  • He lives in Hawaii?!

  • Just imagine the pain they are in my teeth hurt from watching this

  • Hopefully you dont need to CHOP OF YOUR LEG DUDE...😅😅

  • Hi

  • Bet Santa would want the toilet back

  • Matt has his lips coloured

  • The only two guys i've seen that can successfully pull off long hair 😍👌🏾

  • Dude enjoy food

  • I am having a bad cold for two days and after watching. This i am feeling better thinking i am not alone

  • Morgan is good

  • The reason i went to this because i thought it was cotton candy

  • I feel your teeth freezing

  • Incredible lol

  • Morgan sounds high.

  • M

  • I want one! .

  • tu tu... tu a manger

  • I can finish this in one min

  • Time is money so you should have done 13 minutes because it was 13 dollars


  • my hands are always that shaky... now I know how I look.

  • 0:13 this is not going to be like porn what the fuck

  • If that was me I would have sour apple all over it 🤤

  • Wow, your metabolism must be faster than when my dad ran out on me

  • I can hear some coughing out of flu at mid-night.

  • Haven't gotten *frostbite* yet? *Pun Intended*

  • When is Matt stonie ever full?

  • iMovie class editing

  • Holy heck!! Hey your eyes are so pretty!!

  • What is a shave ice?

  • Best stoner ever

  • That brain freeze holy matt was shaking lol

  • Jai une question quand ta finit de manger tu vomis

  • Ooh gola ganda..! \(-_-)/

  • Do you have a black hole on your stomach??

  • Good thing it’s mostly water so not much goes to waste if you don’t finish it

  • سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم ❤️.

    • مرحبا

  • استغفر الله واتوب إليه ❤️✨

    • هههههههههه😂

  • How are you not fat?😂 The logic ( Mind blown )...

  • You would get brainfreeze for 5 days

  • My teeth would hurt! ☹️

  • انا أكرهك ❤️❤️ الحين الأجانب يحسبوني اقول أني احبه هههههه انا اذا في واحد حط قلب يعني يحبه وما ادري وش يقول ههههه

  • מה זה

  • My teeth couldn’t handle that

  • Ur so pro dude


  • 6:44 his eyes 😍

  • hoe can he eat a big shave ice and he is slim

  • yes. me 2

  • On five o clock u will die

  • Waw

  • Matt has good taste, Morgan does not


  • 1 @davion_naomi

  • in Asian countries it's name is gola so cool

  • Morgan is a beautiful man


  • 4:14 "the snozzberries taste like snozzberries"

  • Legends say his digestive system went into a coma...

  • He has u o be high

  • How does Matt still ha e teeth

  • Gola

  • The strowberry looks laki a blood

  • Rip the throat

  • Bet Morgan can out smoke Matt!

  • あいめうでうs

  • ?

  • Just simply do a water drinking challenge

  • The brain must have 100 toilets right now

  • 1:01 it sounds like dragon tales

  • Did anyone else see buttered popcorn

  • C est quoi ton secret pour ne pas grossir

  • that is so big you are good

  • At the middle or blue and the red it’s purple

  • morgan the slowest eater vs the fastest eater lel

  • So big

  • Omg his left eye

  • If he didn’t talk so much in his videos while he’s doing the challenge he could easily accomplish his goals.

  • Matt you win

  • Come muito algodão doce

  • Bish I cant even finish a goddamn slurpee

  • Your body probably hates you

  • Are you in a relationship?

  • H Ho Hol Hola Hola q Hola qu Hola que Hola que a Hola que as Hola que ase Hola que asen Hola que asen c Hola que asen ch Hola que asen cha Hola que asen chav Hola que asen chavo Hola que asen chavos Hola que asen chavo Hola que asen chav Hola que asen cha Hola que asen ch Hola que asen c Hola que asen Hola que ase Hola que as Hola que a Hola que Hola qu Hola q Hola Hol Ho H

  • 0,0002 calorie

  • His Mind: Hey Teeth Lets Eat Ice Cream His Tounge: Yeah, Lets Do It Teeth His Teeth : Find Lets Go Just A Little Ice Cream His Stomach: You're Right Teeth Meanwhile.... His Teeth And Stomach: WTF Is This His Mind: i Dont Say I Want The Little One His Tounge: Yeah Stomach Left The Group Teeth Left The Group Diabetes Joined The Group

  • How did they get through diabetes

  • *Diabetes Type 2 has joined the game*

  • H He Hel Hell Hello Hello n Hello ni Hello nic Hello nice Hello nice t Hello nice to Hello nice to m Hello nice to me Hello nice to met Hello nice to met y Hello nice to met yo Hello nice to met you Hello nice to met yo Hello nice to met y Hello nice to met Hello nice to me Hello nice to m Hello nice to Hello nice t Hello nice Hello nic Hello nic Hello ni Hello n Hello Hell Hel He H

  • How don't you get fat

  • Lubisz chłopców

  • I never heard of shave ice before

  • I can,t eat you,re food

  • This looks so good

  • the video that inspired the phrase, " I can't feel my face,"

  • There called snow cones right? Not shave ice