GIANT Bowl of Lucky Charms CHALLENGE (5,000+ Calories)

Published on May 23, 2018
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One MASSIVE Bowl of Lucky Charms!! Probably the 5th or 6th Cereal challenge I've done to date. Honestly probably one of the more enjoyable ones too..
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  • How have u not got diabeetis

  • How do you move foward if your floor is w

  • Who else basically eats this daily😂

  • Do Kellogs Corn Pops Cereal Next!! Please Matt.

  • Dude I had a 5th of that and had diarrhea for 3 days

  • whenever i get hungry i just watch matt's videos and boom i aint hungry any more

  • Umm i ussually take 18 min to eat a normal bowl of cereal lul -.-

  • Call me up and we can eat together LOL😂😂😂😂 No litterly i will help eat all of that😀😣😮😆😄😮😀😁

  • Thanks for the link

  • Everyone's childhood nightmare, having to eat the actual cereal part of lucky charms

  • I think it is funny that 4000 calories is kinda normal for long time viewers when it is the double amount you need in a day 😂

  • who puts their cereal before the milk

  • Can you do the just marshmallow cereal from vat19

  • This is every 5 year old’s dream

  • Yo people have the funniest comments on his videos

  • who else wanted to stick their face in the bowl before he poured in the milk?

  • Hi my name is Matt liver stonie and am a cereal killer Matt 10 years from now in some rehab center

  • Just buy a huge glass flowerpot man

  • Eating lucky charms but fruity pebbles behinds u

  • He could buy 2 whole boxes of cereal and only have one box of fruity pebbles!?😂🤣

  • My boys epic games

  • I wanna fight you for waisting cereal like that lol

  • Umm, Amber Lynn already did this😂😆😂😆

  • Video starts at 4:11

  • Irland is happy

  • The color is white

  • 0:06 When I get dumped

  • Whats the milk name

  • Wow, you criminal, you cereal killer!

  • Damn, and he still had milk left over after he finished the cereal.

  • Literally my brother ate that mutch once

  • big are your poops?

  • Imagine he would of put the milk first 😂 you know how many ppl would be mad

  • Him at the toilet:LUCKY CHARMS ARENT SO LUCKY


  • Just imagine having to eat that for breakfast every morning

  • Now I know why they call them lucky charms

  • Thats. Me i love lucky charms

  • This is such an intense breakfeast O-O

  • 18 minutes is the time i eat a regular bowl of cereal

  • I can only eat two bowls of cereal before I start feeling like shit

  • Thats quite a breakfast

  • Me before school just so I can be late

  • I have this every morning

  • Speed it up and he looks like the 1990 flash first episode when he eats cornflakes

  • How can you eat that much soggy cereal

  • 10-25-18 and when I look at that fortnite ad it’s not rlly that popular anymore

  • The debate is rainbow

  • You should do this again but with only the marshmallows in the lucky charms

  • اذا اكو واحد عربي خلي يحط لايك

  • Skip to 3:15 literally a third of the video is a fortnite ad

  • How can you eat all that cereal and then be like OOP I'll eat those marshmallows don't mind if I do

  • Damn if that was Cinnamon Toast Crunch could u just imagine the milk after all the cereal ugh must be damn good

  • When Goku invites him to Dinner 😂

  • I just had lucky charms for the first time and I felt sick even though it was just a regular bowl

  • Omg he got sponsored for fortnite

  • Video starts at 4:50

  • now do it with just the marshmallows

  • HAHAHHAHA I love how the thing he complains about is his hand when his internal organs are being DESTROYED 😹 Had me dying

  • it makes me cringe as to how much oestrogen you consumed from that milk

  • Go to Costco's, buy a huge block of cheese and eat the fuck out of it.. Do it brooooo

  • #BreakfastIsImportant

  • His house should be made of food

  • *LÖÖPS*

  • Wow that is a lot of cereal but I have to tell other parents to tell kids do not play fortnite because it might just cause them to skip school

  • I pick off the marshmallows

  • i don't know who do they promote fortnite to....i mean like every one plays fortnite

  • i cant even afford to buy one box and you areeating three at the same time

  • how is he eating that much and not geting weight lol

  • Este señor caga piedras

  • :30 this is what your bowl sees in the morning

  • My brother still can defeat you in this.

  • Toilet joined the chat

  • 4:53 *eeh* PS: he looks so cute when he smiles😂

  • This is me when i hear someone comes to my room....

  • There magicly tasty

  • I was eating cereal while watching this... I was jealous:/

  • Me sorprende que a este wey no le de un infarto de tanta caloría que come xd

  • how do you stay skinny every vid

  • Столько ешь , но такой худой

  • *Diabetes Has sent you a friend request*

  • Play more fortnite

  • All apart of a BALANCED BREAKFAST

  • Rip camera

  • Can you do hot cheetos challange

  • *M A G I C A L L Y D E L I C O U S*

  • So he ate the camera too?!

  • How do u stay in surcharging good shape

  • He’s like Barry Allen he has to eat over 840 tacos worth of calories a day just to stay alive😂

  • Damn u good at fortnite!!

  • Как ты столько жрешь и не толстеешь

  • Is lucky charms pork?

  • Put some fruity pebbles mixed with lucky charms If your wondering why I mentioned fruity pebbles look at top of refregerator

  • Kanka döküldü onlarıda ye 💩💩💩💩❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👌👍✌👊 Subscribe

  • He has really pretty eyes

  • It look so yumi

  • i hope your LUCKY your toilets there for you

  • "For all of those who don't know what fortnite is" Bitch please

  • How can he not get fat from this, yet I get fat from eating an apple...?!

  • Nice shirt matt 🙌