Gary Payton weighs in on LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison | First Take | ESPN

Published on Jun 4, 2018
Gary Payton joins First Take and weighs in on the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison.
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  • Lebron's basketball IQ to me is a fancy excuse to get the ball out of his hands at the end of games.

  • Lebron guarded 2011 MVP Rose, Michael guarded John STockton. lol

  • The only thing you need to know about Lebron james, is that he got outplayed by Jason Terry in the finals. End of discussion.

  • Why is this even a debate? MJ is literally head and shoulders above, Leb... LeBr.... WHO?

  • i think part of the reason why jordan will always be the greatest ever in most of people's eyes because he dont have a goal to surpass... bird is the best alongside magic but media back then is not as popular as today.... back when lebron was drafted media overhyped lebron... so evryone will always pick jordan as the greatest ever... evryone is saying jordan is the GOAT..

  • .. The cause of this debate should blame to jordan, because he retire a season MVP and a final MVP..

  • Not salty. Speaking facts to yall Lebron fanboys

  • Jordan didn't cover Barkley! Pippen and Rodman tried. Jordan knew he'd get schooled and be gassed by covering the round mound!

  • The game of basketball has come so far. You can tell by one of the greatest defenders ever saying don’t switch like it’s bad to do it. It’s an evolution of the game

  • I knew the basketball players back in the day! Now I can't remember any of these cats.

  • Lebron never been a great defender

  • Ask anyone on the street... no. 23 which basketball player is that? Top of the mind.... Will always be MJ. Nuff said

  • 🤔NOBODY brings up Jordan losing YEARS of potential stats due to 1. College Career and 2.Two Early Retirements .. LeBron had a Headstart in NBA🤔

  • Si MJ ser a el mejor de la Historia Pero en mi opinión personal era muy egoísta y casi nunca pasaba la bola. Solo los últimos años empezó a dar los pases . si el equipo tiraba 100 tiros 80 eran del MJ. Le valía madre los demás jugadores

  • Kellerman makes Bayless look like a genius.

  • Lebron=PED

  • Lebron can block you in the back but MJ will block u in front, who is better

  • Lebron doesn't play defense unless it's a chase down block once every 3 games. Watch guys go around him all game long then he'll call out a teammate for not helping out fast enough.

  • this nonsense about lebron being able to guard all positions, thats ridiculous. thats only true in 2019, because there are no real centers anymore. could lebron actually guard shaq, hakeem, patrick ewing, hell no. lebron gets all his defensive accolades from these great help defense/weak side blocks, etc. show me when he shuts down anyone great with his on the ball defense... change my mind

  • Kareem >>>>>>>>> Lebron

  • Um Byrd and Scottie were both better all around players than mj. My is not even the best shooter, Byrd or curry might have that. Byrd even have a better killer instinct than mj. So mj is not even the goat. I never seen LeBron take the best player. And I never seen mj be the facilitator so what's the point. What's better. Well since its a team sport than a facilitator is better. Mj is overrated. Byrd was better. Scottie is better all around. So how is mj even the goat

  • Lebron James Quits under preasure and you cam see it in his face....... THE GOAT Michael Jordan enjoyed and thrived under preasure!!

  • GP speaks the truef

  • maybe LeBron should consider retiring before he tarnished his legacy! with his faults, failures, & seems as though he’s retrogressing!

  • Thank you GP aka the Glove. The league was different, required better, more skilled, tougher players back in the day. Just my opinion, but the league today is just not comparable to the era of MJ, GP, Scottie, Dominique, Barkley and so on..

  • People still talking about who is the GOAT? It is simple, Brian Scalabrine is the real GOAT. Air Ginger!

  • GP you can't touch an dude today it's all offense they it's so much easier he couldn't fuck with Rodman guarding him

  • I think Jordans will to win is what sets him apart as GOAT

  • Jordan couldn't guard A.I. though...

  • Just ask which players you prefer for your team if you were the owner. It would be LJ for me. You need no special coach or teams to the Fi nal

  • and for got to mention he was so skilled he would beat you with his mind when he got older that shows how good he really was

  • he was still. great. player when he play for the. Washington wizards he was better than half the player in the league at 40 years. old

  • Lebron is terrified of being exposed in a 1v1 situation. Look at his body language when he's being guarded by elite guys like durant or pierce or Kobe, he wants to get out of there.

  • The difference between LeBron and Jordan, Bird and Magic is those three didn't just want to win the game. They wanted to destroy you. They wanted to watch you cry. They wanted to make you seek counseling. They weren't satisfied with just winning. They also were always clutch. They didn't learn to be clutch over 5-7 seasons of their careers. They came into the league snatching victory in the last moments. LeBron has a history of excepting defeat before the game was over. Jordan never excepted defeat until the clock said 00:00.

  • Hilarious... Lebron = soft

  • Lebron is muscular and bull strong. We live in an era where strong, big and dominant is praised. MJ is simply on another level. He simply has superior championship smarts and leadership. Most important Jordan NEVER choked. While Lebron, time and time again chokes.

  • 3:00 stephen falls asleep

  • When did Michael ever get tired? Lol

  • Let's go without teams and stats. LeBron beta James can't beat a lot of players 1 on 1. Jordan, Drexler, Kareem, Duncan, Doc J, Magic, Bird, Iverson, Kobe, etc. #goatMJ#23

  • This is why blacks stay down with low IQ mentality! Who cares about shooting basketball? Look and listen to the audience a bunch of apes and gorillas! People of color must work to gain respect in the modern dsy business world instead of trying to be ballers and wearing bling bling! I am so happy to see people like Kobe and Shaq doing so well after basketball.

  • Lebron’s stat stuffin bitch ass doesn’t have that killer instinct Jordan had and that mamba mentality kobe had.

  • Its a soft league today.

  • Lebron will never be as good as Jordan even if he play for 100 more hrs he just don’t got it in him Jordan is in a different level

  • If Magic hadn't gotten sick Lakers would have won more championships

  • All he needs is Magic Johnson

  • I would have like to see James try to stop The Mail Man back then. LeBron and Kobe in a 1 on one. I am taking The black mamba.

  • MJ 100000000000000000000xxxxx

  • MJ is a born leader, LBJ is not ... MJ never choked, LBJ at times refused to take the big shots

  • JOrdan Didnt Choke he wanted always wanted the BALL when its time and he Delivered seen both players play .. JOrdan was better trained fundamentals were better.

  • Let's just call Lebron the GOHE (Greatest Of His Era)

  • millions and millions and millions of comments on this over the past few years..... I'm going to make this SIMPLE..... people compare lebron james to Michael Jordan, they don't compare Michael Jordan to any damn body because MJ is the standard! period!

  • We ever going to acknowledge that scottie had to guard MJ everyday in practice? One of if not the games most relentless scorer? We ever going to attribute that to being as to why scottie was so lock down because he had an assignment everyday that no one else had. So he was able to max out all of his athletic potential to go with his ball IQ

  • Why are these people talking about LeBron as if he didn't create super teams to win 🏆

  • Who were the 4 all stars on Seattle?

  • Town bidz Oakland

  • LeBron is tired and out of patience. Wants the GOAT without trying. I didn't know that basketball was a verbal sport. Learning something new everyday.

  • If you have to say yourself,you reaching...😠

  • Jordan played over 40 minutes for 82 games in a season 9 times. How many full 82 game seasons has Bron played? Jordan was all over the freakin court. Do you forget what he was asked to do? Only be the guy in the biggest moment of the biggest games constantly and win. Every time. Be the best scorer and the best defender year after year. Best chase down defender I have ever seen. Lebron is asked to do more? Come on.

  • Lebron has to do everything, he doesn't have help....uhhhhh NO!

  • U can't be the goat when ppl always have to find an excuse or reason to be the goat..


  • 3:00 mark: "In Washington" Really? You dumb shit. Are you really trying to make a comparison to a 40 year old Michael Jordan not taking the toughest defensive assignment? You sir are a f****** moron.

  • People do not get it. LeBron doesn't have to prove he is better.

  • thats the most toxic room i've ever seen

  • Madd respect to The Glove. Great opinion sir.

  • So he tried to use Washington 2 tarnish his legacy!!!

  • Who the heck cares who is better. Its just stupid. I like mike.

  • LEBRON JAMES: Mostly Second Place with records of Twice 0 Win - 4 Losses in Finals MICHAEL JORDAN: Always Champion in Six Finals.

  • Smith again is full of himself. Does Smith forget that he too out MVP Rose in the playoffs.

  • Nba today and stat chasers and clout demons. Bad referees allow the travel weak ass fouls etc that boosts a lot of ppls stats and covers up bad habits. Ex. Towns is amazing for twolves my fave team this season when Rose is starting. But he travels every game and commits careless kind of clumsy giant offensive and defensive fouls and he goes berserk everytime. Im like i love you dude but you just fuckin walked. Also nobody posts up blocks out or sticks hard in your FACE defense so players like james harden etc can freely shoot the 3

  • MJ at 40 years old Was dropping 40+ - 50+ points in games and was averaging over 20 points per game. ...FACTS

  • New NBA is underachieving, the time these new players spend on social media, old players dedicated that time to learning a new skill or step or shot. Jordan would put a big ole boot up these boys butts. The players are not as good, just like glove said. Whatch tha tape. LeBron avgs 20-7-5 in Jordan era Jordan avg 42- 7-5 in LeBron era. LeBron is the worst best player alive ever, and alot of people making money off this bullshit conversation which ended in 2011, NEXT

  • What is this "leflopper being asked to do too much" bullshit.. gary you old fool... I seen leflopper play.. he lazy ass shit.. no defence and only moves if he feels like it... fuckin mr stiff

  • LeBron has no help?!?! Hello?, DWade, Bosh, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love? All of them have at least 20 ppg above.

  • Payton said lebron didnt have no help on his teams Wade and Bosh and then Kyrie and Love ?

  • I love how the glove shut down mad maxx


  • Kobe the closest thing to MJ and that's a fact!

  • Lebron is great but in my lifetime hes #3 behind Kobe and the M.J. Jordan being #1 of course.

  • Fake News. Their opinion means nothing, just a way for them to feed their families.

  • Thank you for being honest Mr Gary Payton

  • Max is talking about NBA miles on legs and it definitely matters but age is still important

  • labrone jaymes physically strong mentality weak when it counts when the chips are down

  • Kanye is they you?

  • The LeBron James hate is inexplicable. Y'all talk about dude like he hot wet garbage but dick ride KD and long for MJ like he was the Bulls MJ his whole career. Max is on point 15 years into his career Mike wasn't Air Jordan anymore. LeBron's game is at a much higher level then Mike at the same time. He didn't make the Wizards better from a contending standpoint. Even early LeBron had garbage teams in the playoffs late in his career LeBron has garbage teams in the playoffs. I like LeBron because yall hate.HATE HIM so much.

    • What!!! So u telling me a 33-34 yr old james is better than a 33-34 mj..😂😂😂.. Mike was 39-40 with the wizards came out of retirement and played for free with bad knees.

  • Lebron the monkey is a joke....

  • Is this seriously a debate?Michael Jordan whoever he was playing 4 the title I thought well their screwed never any doubt MJ was winning.

  • Let's not forget Lebron also asked for the regular season games to be shortened from 82 games to 60 games. That comment alone should remove Lebron from the goat debate simply because if you're trying to surpass you don't ask for an advantage even though you already have a big advantage in terms of the rule change. The battle tested and the stand the test of time era in the NBA are done and MJ is the goat and Kobe is the last remanent. Case closed, no if ands or buts about it

  • Lebron joined kyrie and love, before that wade & bosh. Max shut up

  • Michael Jordan is better than LeBron James also Iverson more better than LeBron James....

  • We all know lebron is for kid and we all know mj is for legend

  • There is a JORDAN RULES that set by the badboys of nba. Lebron rules theres no need easy to beat this guy

  • All other things aside, there is no argument based on the difference in the defense in the 90's vs. now.

  • anybody notice that fake bird on a string at 1:47? LOOOOOL

  • Jordan had a different team and was not asked to do as much for his team as Michael was asked. Smith as usual as full of himself. You play defense against a team and not against an individual. Smith doesn’t get it. Once the Bull started to win they competed against weaker competition. You cannot compare players from different eras. Smith’s Mano-as-Mano notions of defense is bull shit.

  • Is that a goose kite at 1:45 ?

  • Lebron could shut down GP, Jordan nor Lebron can shutdown KD lol

  • who gives a fuck about Lebron?

  • oh gary just stop bruh. you're contradicting yourself trying so hard to defend your lebron theory. stop making excuses for the man and just admit the same man that kept you, shawn kemp, detlef schrempf etc from winning a championship is the GOAT, point blank period. payton has always hated on MJ, even said stockton was more difficult to guard then MJ. lol. salute to shawn kemp, stockton and payton but MJ is and always will be the GOAT, at least in my eyes...

  • All these guys Jordan beat trying to assault his legacy.