Gary Payton weighs in on LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison | First Take | ESPN

Published on Jun 4, 2018
Gary Payton joins First Take and weighs in on the LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan comparison.
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  • i was actually surprised the first time i heard they compared lebron to jordan. respect to lebron he is good. but to compare to jordan, honestly i did not see any reason to compare. mismatched. i think they only compared and matched lebron to jordan so the lebron merchandise will have value. thats all i see. hahaz

  • the hand check... period

  • the jordan had pippen arguement is old. wade, kyrie, love, bosh, allen.

  • If drama queen James played in the 80s n 90s this idiots wouldn't be disrespecting MJ comparing queen James to MJ!!!! Far more better players to play against Malone Barkley Olajuwon Ewing Duncan Magic Bird Payton shaq etc etc just to name a few just look how weak the east is 3 or 4 teams below 500 make the playoffs if MJ played today in his prime he would destroy every team with average team mates!!! What makes queen James so good is his opposition playing against mediocre players game is so boring I hardly watch it!!

  • so many homeless on this video hahah

  • Lebron is better off the court were it all counts

  • You are disrespecting L.J. Stephen and G.P. wasnt no tough defensive assignment Lmao !!!!!

  • All these niggas thinking lebrons better than me, compare the stats fool. And if you think otherwise fuck my wife. I’ll see you soon!

  • Everybody has a day off work, just chillin’. 😎😆

  • Absolutely.... LeBron didn’t have a Scottie Pippen because lebron had all star teams ... and he going to have another one in LA ..... Gary isn’t going to say anything good about Jordon because he got burned by Jordan over and over again

  • R we still fucking comparing MJ and LeBron? Get a life guys!!!

  • MJ nough said!

  • MJ mastered the midrange and post which allowed him to conserve energy for defense. 1 or 2 dribbles and shoot. Lebron still gets the ball and backs up and dribbles around like Harden. He takes 4 to 5 dribbles and takes it to the basket. Kobe followed the MJ blueprint and thats why he was able to win rings after Shaq left. Crying that Lebron doesnt have help is no excuse because its his own fault for leaving teams and putting uncertainty into his teammates. Kyrie stated he didnt like not knowing if Lebron was going to stay or go so Kyrie just left the ship before it sinks.

  • And MJ doesn't do anything?

  • LeBron is not as great as Jordan. But SAS is painting with broad strokes...I remember when LeBron took Derrick Rose as an assignment in the fourth quarter of their playoff series when Rose was an MVP. And he literally shut him down. Just stuck him and made him completely ineffective. In the fourth quarter. Playoffs. LeBron can guard anyone. Not Jordan though. Jordan was a murderer out there, and he would take whatever opportunity, over and over again, and punish defenders with L’s. Both great, but to say LeBron won’t guard he best? Dead wrong. He did it, and shut an MVP Drose down in several fourth quarters.

  • No comparison Jordan is way better and always will be class of his own labron is trying but can not even come close jordan is the best Labron koby they tried but they cannot be like mike

  • See how nobody brings up Kobe ? Soon nobody will bring up LeBron either ! Coming soon !!! Is Zion better than MJ ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan will snatch the soul out you.

  • You cant compare Jordan and Lebron becuase they're two different players with different approaches to the game. Lebron should be comapred to players like Magic and Oscar Robertson because they like to get others involved and look to make the right basketball play every possession. Jordan is more of a scorer so he should be compared to similar players like Kobe who always look to shoot the ball and are more concerned with playing 1v1 basketball

  • I grew up in the 80's and 90's real good times for basketball even the early 2000's basketball was entertaining.Really hate the way the game of basketball has changed teams depend more on the three ball players want to complain about playing to many games and sit out old school guys played everynight didn't complain put their blood sweat and tears.

  • I definitely miss old school basketball.I used to love to watch players like MJ,AI,and GP way more exciting and competitive.I used to watch basketball way more back then don't really watch it too much the players and the refs fucked up the game with all these pussy fouls they call.

  • gary payton salty he couldn't beat mj

  • I'm not basketball fan but is that comparison like messi vs Ronaldo ?

  • Love GP. You get a sermon on basketball everytime you listen to him.

  • Jordan and LeBron walked into a bar.... LeBron said to Jordon, you are a great player, let's play on the same team and win some championships... Michael said to LeBron, you are a great player as well, but I rather player against you then with you for my chips! There's no doubt that's how it would play out if both players were in their prime! This is why Michael Jordan will always be the GOAT!

  • Lebron is the goat

  • Is that the glove or dmx 😂

  • Gary Payton spoke the truth... Enough said

  • The point that stephen a smith used against lebron that he runs away from the best player an doesnt guard him is just silly. It doesnt make sense at all its just your ego. Its like a 5"5 guy tries to guard a player that is 6"10 just because he wants to prove something.

  • mj is the goat period lebron is a top ten all time but ill reassess his # when he retires but i still got kobe bein better than lebron look at every game they played against each other kobe always came out on top even when kobe shut him down guarding him in all star game

  • I’m tired of this debate Jordan did all this in 12 seasons Lebrownie has had Bosh Wade Love Allen Smith Irving Shaq Jamison Boozer Haslem 😏

  • Michael Jordan - G.O.A.T

  • Is gp short for gained pounds

  • if you are reading this your parents are going to die in 5 years(sorry i have to do this) to undo the curse repost this on 5 videos

  • I used to physically get sick when I missed a Jordan Bulls game which was rare, I don’t think we will ever see that type of player again with that type of competition, he was a freak of nature in the best way.

  • Try chasing a switch against Golden States 3 pointers.. you will cry ..

  • The Glove’s In The MF Building!

  • March 11, 1989 doug collins decided to put MJ in the point guard position against seattle. He finished that game with 15 assists, very next game MJ finished with 21/14/14 against the pacers in only 32 min of playing, he reached the triple double mark in just 21 min. MJ continued to play the PG position for the rest of the season in these 24 games he averaged 29.3PPG, 10.6APG, 8.9RPG 2.4SPG. March 24th-April 14th MJ recorded 10 triple doubles in 11 games, including 7 straight triple doubles. In the one game he didnt record a triple double he finished with 40/11/7. So imagine if Jordan chased stats instead of championships.

  • does anyone go 😠 whenever you see kellerman!?

  • Gary Payton talks like a pastor

  • James did it verse Rose a few years back G.P. and Screamin A Smith

  • Lebron is the Goat. 💪

  • He did say he guarded the best PLAYERS. ALLLL THE TIME

  • LeWho let's you have as much cake as you want while he gets his. Jordan will take your cake and eat it in front of you. Everytime you get cake, he'll do everything he can and take it away from you. If he likes you, he might just share a little lol

  • To be the GOAT you should change and transcend the game. MJ had the mentality to rise to the challenge, he was born to be the best. Lebron just wants to beat MJ. and be remembered as the best. MJ cared about winning. 6 rings in 8 years. 10 scoring titles, 5 time all nba defensive team. when you are the best on both ends its hard to question why he is the GOAT.

  • Lebron is one of the greatest and future hall of famer who will always be talked about when he’s gone so just accept his greatness and stfu

  • Jordan was a Alpha I didn't let no one question his grit James is the king he ain't a Alpha because if he was none of these NBA star would not be getting max contract because James would put all these mofo$ on the welfare line

  • What was that guy talking about trying to compare Lebron to MJ's season with the Wizards - stupid analogy - Lebron aint 40 yet!

  • LeBron better not get locked up or go on trial man they'll catch him in a lie they'll ask him if he ever defended or takes the stronger defensive assignments and he's going to lie😂

  • Lebron should starts a bit loose on dominating and trusting his teamates.. he succeeded in miami when he share ball with wade and also cavs when they have kyrie..

  • Lebroom has to do so much on offense so he gets a pass on defense? That’s BULLSHIT GP! A basketball player has to play offense and defense. This is not football Gary!

  • cavs played a crap basketball,why? 1).you have one of the best point gaurd in the league but they haven't use it. have one of the the best power/small forward in the league and self proclaim best player in the world but he hasn't played he's position. 3.lebron james is a great player but he doesn't have winning mentality,he doesn't know how to win the game just like russell westbrook difference between mj and lebron,MJ knows how to win the game period

  • This white guy is such a dick rider it's ridiculous

  • Most people forget MJ’s play electrified “must see” TV. Most forget his shut down defense on his opponents best player & still be able to dominate offensively. Lebron can’t do that even when he had Kyrie. Only in the past 6 years, has Lebron been willing to take the winning shot despite being able to dominate driving to the rim. It’s funny in the finals he drove to the rim easily, but then passed off to have his teammate consistently miss. Sorry Lebron isn’t close to MJ. He’s superior physically & in this era of touch fouls, he should be dominating. I’d rather watch Bird & Magic.

  • Dmx payton jajajaj

  • Make less teams and put all the best players together. Re draft. Kd shouldn't have went to warriors, they were beatable

  • Alot of people hating on LBJ if he retire right now who would you really watch. Not warriors they'd beat everybody, next NOP, rockets, C's and Philly, some people might say Okc

  • When First Take had the topic last year's episode on LeBron quoting that he's "chasing the G.O.A.T.", this basically opened the discussion to compare him to MJ. He's acknowledging that he's the best and he wants to beat the best. So no one can't say "we shouldn't compare to players at different positions" or say "well it's a different era". Because the King himself took the challenge and he already knows the backlash from it. Now if LeBron just simply said I'm tryna be the best small forward or point forward then the convo in my eyes would not be as hyped as it is.

  • Michael Jordan had to do the same thing #guard the best player and do the most work on the team . so stop it man

  • And why was Scottie the best defender? Because he guarded the best offensive player in practice (which MJ requested) as well as 1 on 1 after practice with MJ.

  • just saw it was gp and clicked

    • gp is the best clickbait-that-works-withouth-being-a-clickbait

  • GP exposing some trues right there

  • LJ GOAT(going on another team)😁

  • I remember an instance in 2010. Rajon Rondo was slicing and dicing the Cavs defense. LeBron (who was pre-Miami and still pretty energetic) said he wanted Rondo. LeBron ended up shooting 3 for 14 the next game and Cleveland got killed by Boston. Anyway, here's an article to back this up:

  • What the fuck type of argument or comparison is this... Were not debating over who is the best player of all time by focusing on who they want to play defense on haha

  • Wait a minute, how old was MJ when he played for the Wizards? He played his best years already. Max wtf are you talking about

  • I hate how they say how Lebron doesn't have top caliber players to play with. Ummm....Hello? He hand picked his team 2 years in a row. Seriously?

  • Every generation will have their own goat

  • Look at the window @ 1:44.

  • There was no reason to switch back in the day cuz there wasn't a lot of snipers that could pull up for 3 off the dribble consistently

  • NAme the player that Jordan did this against? This is just not true, Scottie did that. I still think MJ is the GOAT, but people are recreating pockets of information to discredit Lebron. Its just a different game and lets be honest, Gary Payton said "he was guarded by Jordan"; MJ is bigger, stronger, faster, and Gary couldnt shoot. This is dumb...

  • We can compare and contrast all day, but Jordan is the best.

  • One of the best trash talkers ever

  • Mj is number 1. Kobe is number 2 and lebron is number 3. That's what history is going to say

  • Totally different era period

  • peep all of the gsw bandwagon dick riders

  • why they always say lebron didnt have nobodies on teams he played,,he did join a superteam in miami and lost 2 finals there and he wasnt known as a great defensive player with the heat, gary payton argument saying he didnt have to work hard defensively cause he playing with potatoes on his team is bullshit, he was shitty defensively in miami and he have bosh and wade with him.

  • The Fact that everyone is putting Lebron in the conversation as Goat and he's still playing Should tell you something.. The Fact the Warriors just Won The Championship and the discussion is still about Lebron.. Jordan Is the goat according to most but when it's all Said and done Lebron will Surpass him just admit it.. We have never seen a player as dominate as Lebron.. take away the Rings Lebron is the Goat Hands down.. If the Rings is the only criteria to being the Goat then Jordan not even the Goat he not even second to being the Goat if its about championships.. Lets stop this fukn debate and appreciate greatness once he retire then ok Ppl can debate on whose the Goat.. But as of now Lebron is still breaking Records set by Jordan and others he's still adding to his resume when it's all said and done no one in history will have stats like Lebron Stop hating the Man.. If People are true basketball Fans you would understand without being Bias.. i dont wanna hear Jordan wanted to win more or his winning Mentality blah blah at the end of the day Everybody in the Nba wants to Win... Lebron rather pass where Jordan rather take things in his own hands they are two different type of GREAT players.. Just admit we are all witnessing GREATNESS in Lebron appreciate it if you are a True Basketball Fan stop Hating and down playing this man talent

    • A King(Goat) can't/wont be King(Goat) Forever someone always comes along to Take the Throne its Lebron Time

  • Its not up for debate anymore. It ended when he was 2-4 in the finals. Stop talking about lebrick and maybe hell just retire and do us a favor. Hes not even the best player in the league right now. KD has more tools than him.

  • MJ built the modern NBA player and perfected it at the same time. That is GOAT status in any industry. It’s not Lebrons fault Michael did it first, and did it better. MJ wins on all fronts: professionalism, branding, team play, fire. All leading to 6 for 6 (sorry lebron, 2 for 4 with Miami). And a reputation for invincibility when it’s time to create history...bulls had losing record before Jordan came back in 1994/5....72 wins the next year and another dynasty ....debate over . NBA, just end it by placing MJ as the new logo

  • RIP kellerman

  • lol if Stephen A coughs ... he'll spit out MJ's nut sack...

  • Lebron the Goat. Jordan was in a system and Lebron is the system.

  • GP

  • MJ was the best of all time at winning, Lebron is the best of all time at getting his team mates involved.

  • Mj the 🐐

  • GP is one of the best of all time

  • they say michael jordan will always gaurd the best player. lol that is such a joke. so patrick ewing was the best player on the knicks. now show me one footage of michael gaurding ewing. ill tell you something lebron will gaurd any position. so are you telling me jordan was gaurding karl malone? lol are you telling Jordan gaurded barkley? these people are talking out of their ass. when they talk about Jordan as he never missed cluth shots. fuck and when they look at the stats they see how better Lebron is. but no Jordan is perfect to these old fucks grow up.

  • Bullshit.....he was checking Paul Pierce. That's why Pierce hates him!

  • U crazy if u think lebron is on a Jordan level an i like LeBron..

  • people want lebron to be better than Kobe and mj because he is a likable guy but to look at talent and skills. he is not even close... lebron james fans consider somebody to be the best just based on being liked and not on their talent and skills..that is why he has millennial fans who are dumb trying to choose a person with more likes in Facebook and twitter and considering him to be better just because he has more likes... why doesn't anyone see this? look at the talent and skills people

  • lebron talent is not even close to Kobe and mj... if you take away his big body what will happen?

  • lebron use no. 23 because he is michael jordan's fan so stop comparing them

  • What these donkeys fail to appreciate is that altho MJ had Pippen, Bron had Wade, Bosch, Love, Irving . Bron is overated and his biggest flaw is that hes not a leader of men. Watch game 1 after the game goes to OT due to JR being a complete idiot. Rather then pumping his guys up, strategizing and being a leader, Bron just sits slumped in his chair pouting .Ask yourself , who would you rather follow into battle? Bron is just another overpaid spoiled athlete who is all about himself. Fuck the Nba and fuck LJ

  • that's why i respect gary when he picked stockton. his opinion is valid to me.

  • LeBron do b runnin

  • They are not in the same era.. .!!!

  • So many excuses for this dude

  • Waiting for Payton to start rapping ruff Ryder s anthem

  • LBJ 100% has taken PEDs Sports science is much more advanced today. MJ was just a winner. LBJ is good at losing.