Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)

Published on Sep 8, 2018
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Step aside bob omb. Keep on flying Bullet Bill. There is a new weapon causing damage in the mushroom kingdom, and this one is fuzzy, round, and squishy. One of Mario Tennis Aces coolest features is allowing you to break a players racket. But just how fast would you have to hit the ball in order to do so? And what other consequences would arise from that much force? Well that is what we're about to find out.
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  • Its confirmed! balls are the strongest weapon in Mario tennis aces, including... Some other type of balls...

    • +querky makeup scifi geek ahh good to hear, Good luck on the script! :D

    • Dark Megumin i didn’t realize you replied to my comment, don’t worry I’m completely safe. I’m an author and what I posted was the beginning to a short story I’m in the process of writing


    • Yeaaah...

  • The new move: Nuclear shot

  • So basically what your saying is to break a racket, kill everyone, and go back to the future, irl you need a flux capacitor attached to your racket.... I really hope something got that reference...

  • 9:05 did you put a pic of YuB here..?

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  • Speaking of Nintendo, the launch of Switch Online has changed how you play your games and what games you play. With this newest change to the Switch, the popular game Splatoon, which is almost entirely online, has received many changes. One being the moon now appearing during splatfests, except the fact that this moon is HUMONGOUS! Could we expect a theory of the moon being so big/so close being the cause of the flood that made humans go extinct in the game series?

  • Do a geometry dash theory matpat

  • Ugh mathhh

  • Lol, you even make saving money sound funny XD

  • we wouldnt watch this video because you sad "stuff" about luigis... ""eggplant"" and 8:21

  • Pat you are a pretty damn good mathematic

  • Dear, Game Theory/ Specifically MatPat, I have a special request that you may enjoy digging into. After reviewing your channel and being heavily invested in the fnaf videos you have done I have stumbled across a game you may enjoy deciphering equally as much due to its depth and inability to spell things out clearly. You are capable of doing research that boggles me to the point that I label all your "theories" as fact. League Of Legends has immense character lore and immense characters but nobody can seem to be able to pin down a total lore connected mosaic or the relationships romantic or other that the characters have to each other. If anyone can do this I believe it is you and I think it would mean alot to fans of League if you provided a total question answering complete picture for league of legends lore including timeline, overlapping stories, relationships and more. Unless you have already done this in which case I am an idiot. Regardless thanks for your channel and I hope you consider my request.

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  • MatPat, can we get a Fran Bow theory?

  • Man i hope i was you when i was at highschool

  • The speed required for the tennis ball to snap a titanium racket in half would be about mach 651.66. wow.

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  • Is Honey Moble friendly?

  • You talking about ultimate shear strength gave me minor PTSD of materials science lol

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  • im actually gonna show this to my teacher lol


  • No lie I spaced out.

  • Oh god I did NOT miss your scratchy voice.

  • Thats a possibility but it could also be because of the material the rackets made of since you assumed that they are made of these three elements only.

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  • Australians, we love oursleves some tennis.

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  • AT time 10:16 the Mario's racket is Wilson letter upside down, who is exited about Luigi's Mansion 3? And don't forget about the splat fest on now.

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  • What other horrific things BALLS could do....

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  • 10:40 you said cubic instead of square 🤷🏼‍♂️

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  • Hey Matpat had a issue with Honey for whatever reason it didnt work for me idk if its my browser or what

  • We actually watched a game theory in class

  • Being a plumber, a doctor, a tennis player etc, what is Mario's total salary? And hus friends?

  • Am i the only one who kept smacking my computer to the tune of the intro? yes? ok....

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  • can you do a theory of peachette!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If I were to guess is that if all the rackets break from the same point then it probably is a manufacturing error. So that they are likely to break.

  • Can I just say explaining the math is something that’s been missing. I really like how the physics is explained. Thanks Mat Pat.

  • Does Star wars battlefront 2 answer the question of Rey's parents?

  • why isn't this a "The SCIENCE" video

  • Matpat someone else actually did the math on something similar as a tennis ball traveling that fast. It was with a baseball traveling 90% the speed of light. It’s part of a really interesting and funny book called What if? It’s really cool. In this case the results might be slightly less severe, but it’s still pretty cool

  • 7:10 I actually made this same change at work when calculating shipping cost on huge orders over the Summer, because a) our scale maxes out at 25lb., and b) ounces suck to multiply. It will be forever burned into my memory that our calendars are 0.27KG each...

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  • This was a boring episode

  • Tutor me , this vedio already helped me pass my physics unit test

  • Mat’s obsession with infomercials really shows at the end 😂

  • OK so this is going to be EXTREMELY OFF TOPIC but I think a good theory can come out of one of the games that just went V1.0. In other words, the game "DISTANCE". I thinks a theory is there for what actually happened to the city they portray in game. and yeah its far fetched that mat pat and game theory will even see this but if they need a new theory to look into, I think "What happened to the city in DISTANCE" would be a good one. here's hoping for my comment not to drown in the flooding inbox of game theory. here's hoping.

    • this is here because this is last theory they have done as of 9/20/2018. this comment will not be Ctrl-C Ctrl-V-ed on any other theory on behalf and respect of Game Theory, and will not take up space from otherwise more whitey and thought out comments. It is a simple request and suggestion and is meant to be nothing more. This is not a threat or "YOU DO THIS OR SPAM COMMENT" but merely a fan wishing for more entertaining content and wishing he could give input to the "Theory Jar". if there are more direct ways of contact to Game theory so I could help get this to them it would be appreciated by me. If you have such answers just Reply under this comment. Thank you if you read this and a Big thank you if any of the Theorists read this. I hope you all have a fantastic day.

  • Tell me, have you ever considered becoming a teacher all? Maybe when you decide you're done with US-tv? Because you'd make a good physics teacher.

  • It's the apocalypse at the Nintendo universe

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  • What if the rackets were made from wood? That would be the reason to why the rackets weren't hollow and why they break easier. Yes I know that it's not very professional but it's mario.

  • "Will smack it for a racket." *matpat...*

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  • Spoilers for the vid! An that, my friends, is how to create a nuclear explosion by playing tennis...

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  • So what would the numbers be if said mario racquets were hollow instead of solid?

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