Game Theory: How to BREAK Mario! (Mario Tennis Aces)

Published on Sep 8, 2018
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Step aside bob omb. Keep on flying Bullet Bill. There is a new weapon causing damage in the mushroom kingdom, and this one is fuzzy, round, and squishy. One of Mario Tennis Aces coolest features is allowing you to break a players racket. But just how fast would you have to hit the ball in order to do so? And what other consequences would arise from that much force? Well that is what we're about to find out.
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  • Its confirmed! balls are the strongest weapon in Mario tennis aces, including... Some other type of balls...

    • +mads nielsen It actually should be "types"

    • *Flashback To Luigi D Video* *Vomits*

    • Dark Megumin hey I saw you on gio films

    • How come you get pinned

    • 7300 likes NOICE

  • What if the tennis ball hit the chain chomp🎾➡️⚫️🔗🔗

  • I was subconsciously listening while playing roblox. I heard "mega pascals". I thought Giant Chameleons from Tangled

  • Thanks dad

  • MathPat? More like MethPat!

  • This was uploaded on my birthday

  • If we are to consider Mario universe physics Wario would be fine but feeling terrible because he has survived being COMPLETELY covered in fire and survived becoming a zombie so Wario might as well be having the world's worst migraine

  • It looks like Nintendo's been watching your videos

  • *H O L Y F U Z Z Y*

  • The miner IS super obnoxious to keep track of.. -A Clash Royale Player

  • Mathpat . . . I like that

  • Is matpat a techer

  • Something I think doesn't get mentioned about Honey is that it'll let you track the price of things to see if you're getting the lowest deal. It'll alert you to when it's cheapest if you want as well

  • Wow! Clash royale Miner!!! 7:31

  • Mama Mia that hurt!

  • *_Wah._*

  • I'd like to point out one thing: The break on the handle of the rackets are perfectly clean, implicating that the rackets are made with two pieces in some way stuck together, be it by adhesive or by a poor weld. I had something else to point out but I forgot...

  • When you find out that you’re 1,5 centimeters taller than Mario...

  • Dude your a better phys teacher than mine

  • I would honestly pay attention in class if you were my teacher😂

  • Funny enough I actually have one of those Wilson racket


  • You are so good

  • Do a clash Royale episode

  • *_Fry walks into the recording room_* SHUT UP AND INSTALL HONEY

  • My physics class is coming back to haunt me

  • Shouldn't the variable be on the left side of the equal sign, not the right?

  • 13:00 that took a dark turn

  • I actually managed to get my science teacher to play some videos from matpat

  • He was using images from Bioshock when talking about honey

  • In Romania we do high school physics in the 6th grade


  • I’d get honey but I got mobile which there isn’t an app for it and I don’t wanna download something onto my phone not from the App Store. Sigh maybe some other time

  • NO Kirby is the strongest!

  • 16:42 is it bad that I would actually love to see that?

  • 1:16 watch in in class

  • I would want your mathematical and scientific episodes to be watch by my class but..... it would be embarrassing

  • Was anybody else thinking about pascal from tangled with giant muscles at 11:05 ?

  • It's acully 6th grabe math know with carrying and all that but yup it's 6th

  • 0:14

  • MatPat, Doesn't usually take 3 zone shots to break a racket, it takes 1 special shot to destroy a racket

  • 2019 booooooooiiiiiiii

  • Oh nooooo!

  • Mmmm.... Fig bars

  • He was showing special shots not zone shots

  • Surely the tennis ball would break from the impact force of the racket if they did the charge shot that fast? No harming the opponent's racket (and arm) if the tennis ball is kaputted! :P

  • i really like your intro no homo

  • 0:14 shut up Peach I'm more worried about the tennis ball is bloody

  • The Mario logo on the racket is just the Wilson logo turned upside. Please make a theory on this

  • Great plug

  • I made my own Mario theory that shy guys are evil toads

    • Why? About same size, they can take off their mushroom part, maybe they took it off to join bowsers side and their new costume is the shy guy. They where the mask so mario doesn’t find out. But if they reveled what a shy guy looks like. I’m wrong. I’m a kid and I did not play every mario game.

  • Downloaded so I can afford merch

  • im in the third 3rd grade

  • Did he say brazzer or browser or bowser

  • XD the start od the vid

  • Can’t it be made of Cotten candy

  • What about steve

  • I still try to figure out why a few uploads has Swedish titles and descriptions...

  • FYI Mario and Luigi have no last name

  • Your videos are fun but l don’t understand anything

  • さすがはマットパット氏。マリオにおけるテニスの存在について理解をしていらっしゃる。 Don’t translate this.It's not worth it.

  • "

  • Yet again a good game ruined

  • *will smack it* *for a racket*

  • Uh wow I don’t want to play against Mario

  • yoooo wtf this is what we were JUST doing in my physics class change in momentum and all thats WILD

  • any other british people cringe as he said "ah-loo-min-um"

  • I want you to be my math teacher

  • 10:37 the picture shows square not cubic cm

  • This is why I hate Mario tennis aces.

  • I use honey lol #honey

  • why does he have to make everything so creepy just look at the intro

  • when one of the question on the test say "Show your work"

  • He said Force x time coooonfusiiiing

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  • I don’t think you are right

  • Yes


  • 1:01 *no. Steve is* (Note: MATPAT ACTUALLY SAID ABOUT IT)

  • Nintendo turned the difficulty to easy for this one didn't they, EVERY THING IS REALISTIC FOR ONCE! EDIT:Just ended it and just like MatPat, sorry for the early hype

  • 2:17 HiT oR mIsS

  • i wish you were my physics teacher

  • I told my science teacher about your "what is kirby" video and we watched it because she saw how much info was in it. I just hope she didn't go WAY back and saw the boob video.

  • Rip ronnie

  • Rip ronnie

  • Peach:Oh NOOOOOO Me: shut up and stop holding dat blood soaked tennis ball GERMS PEOPLE

  • idk how honey works, it works for mexico? i want to buy some tacos, mmmmmm tacos

  • Goku would be able to Dodge that ball though. So this theory needs film theory counterpart

  • I know I'm kinda late to this but what if the rackets are made of plastic (which is what it looks like to me) and not the professional materials like titanium? Would they still die?

  • my theory is just its just a game and its magic you saw mario make fireballs out of his hands and how he make iceballs out of his hands and how link can take a sword out of a stone that will make him time skip his holl childhood away and how kirby can eat something bigger so yeah its just a game but i like your vids keep it up

  • I hated learning momentum and impulse, WHY IS IMPULSE J! WHY! It confuses me like displacement being X! I'm such a confused boi

  • ❤️well...If only people played tennis like that.....that’s horrific.

  • IT'S OVER 64 newtons

  • 7:25 we really lose half points from using the wrong units

  • it was 6 clicks!!!!! I am suing you!!!!

  • When you said partical accelerator I thought of The Flash.

  • None of this changes the fact that the AI is BULLSHIT

  • Innopropraite matt pat sheesh you have a son how would you like him to see your Luigi vid

  • A game trying to get away with being unrealistic: sneaky sneaky Game theorists: you will not get away

  • Ti-83? What happened to the Ti-84?