Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)

Published on Aug 5, 2018
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Did you know Theory Merch can have the same kind of mystery as FNAF? Get your Back To School Theory Wear and solve our puzzle! Today Theorists, we are finishing the FNAF timeline! What you've been WAITING to know is - how does this story END? Where have all the games been leading? Well Theorists, I am FINALLY going to tell you!
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  • I bought merch but didn’t get a treasure hunt clue????! 😭😭😭😭 @TheGameTheorists

  • hey game theory, can you do a theory based on the height of an inkling/octoling in splatoon 2??

  • :) This is so detailed I love it


  • First there was Half Life 3, then Portal 3, now people are gonna be saying for years ”FNaF 7 CONFIRMED!!”

  • Love the merch But i cant buy it ):

  • I hope that there isn’t a fnaf 7 because this story is starting to give me a headache.


  • I guess god gave them second chance? Note:i am not a scott cawton (Damn am bad spelling huh?)

  • Do a sea of this theory please

  • You wannna know something creepy? I had a dream when I was little that i was IN Five Nights At Freddy's and I couldn't escape, all the animatronics haunted me and i felt like I was gonna die, then my mom woke me up for school, I woke up screaming, and she asked what happened, I told her about the dream and she helped me calm down, but I was still crying, and the worst part is I could feel the animatronics whenever I felt around. That dream still haunts me to this day, and sometimes I feel as if that dream was real, or even a reading of my future. Pls don't reply to this spamming things like "your just trying to get attention" or "your lying for sympathy" I'm not doing any of that, I'm telling the truth.

  • Now can the FNaF theories finally stop

  • Matpat:*makes final fnaf video* Scot:*says he's done in interview* Scot:*puts new teaser in website* Scot:*dies*

  • Im listening to this while reading the Silver Eyes

  • I know what is in fredbear NIGHTMARE

  • It keeps bugging me how easy scot put this i still think we could be henry and afton is the one we shouldnt have killed .Theres a line in nightmarrione that says "I am the fearfull reflection(nightmare) of what YOU have created" It just seems strange but i dont actually know who made the puppet and probably it doesnt matter but i needed to say it .And if the nightmares where real (made by afton to keep michael from going to that place again(freddy's)) Then his line of "I am remade(remade refering to normal freddy),but not by you (henry)by the one you should not have killed(afton) Im probably wrong tho Pls debunk if you read all that XD

  • It actuallymdoesnt end here cuz u need to light up the screen innthe gravebarea.. who is that name?


  • MatPat, can you do a theory for how tall inklings and octolings?

  • If Michael was a robot, why would his skin rot, as portrayed in the sister location custom night update

  • Welp Puppet should be dead. Remember "After that night". After killing Henry's daughter.

  • Do a portal theory

  • Almost 4 minutes of plugging merch at the start of the video... nice matpat...

  • 3:36 tho :)

  • Game theroy you are not done yet you still have to figurout what the animatronic mean when they say the you should not have killed. I'll help you Henry killed William because nightmare Freddy says this I was but not by you by the one you should not have killed because William built nightmare Freddy to keep Michel afton from going to Freddy's

  • RIP

  • Wow 8.3K dislikes (what is wrong with you people who disliked this video)

  • Good job you deserve a ice cream cone

  • R.I.P Matts friend

  • I literally predicted that Friday was Henry and foxy was William in that specific like anime cat seen in custom night

  • Can u do the theori of roblox jhon doe Ps love your vids

  • mat:haha take that Scott i win. 2 years later Scott:not today mat well 2 years from now mat:God damn it Scott!!!

  • Hey Matt! I just thought of this. Please tell me your opinion! Ok so let’s start with Ultimate Custom Night. When Puppet talked about the character you play as in the game! My opinion is you are purple guy! Why I think this is that? Because it’s all in the puppet. In FNAF 2 the phone guy says I never liked that puppet thing. It’s because the phone guy (I think) is Henry! Because purple guy.. well William purple guy. Told Henry to watch out of the puppet because in Fnaf 6 the security puppet watches out. And William does not get caught killing. But in UCN the puppet says the others are under my protection. In other word saying that William or you can’t hurt them anymore. And she also say that she recognized you. Like when you killed her at the window. And she also say the others are like animals but I am Very Aware. Like she was always thinking! Like Henry says. And as always That’s Just a Theory. A GAME THEORY!!

  • Is the mystery in the backpack? Me and my brother got a notebook and a pop socket, or is it in all of it? Because I spent all of my spending money for the notebook. Edit: I tested through the packaging, and I still can’t find anything, is it just a paper with the first clue, or is it more hidden in the notebook?

  • I have a question why where you working in a burned down pizzarea when you dont need to because its been burned down

  • I have had a question since like 1st grade why in the fanf 3 trailer Bonnie looks at the camera at 35 seconds¿

  • I've got it. Michael Afton is actually the Exotic Butters. *What do you mean the video finished already.*

  • *Just you wait MatPat JUST you wait* 😂

  • Here's my question. Wasn't Henry dead in fnaf world?

  • Finally finished! I am done! Yeaaaaaah! Well, that's it. I am done with this game.

  • I'm thinking if Scott wanted to create a new FNAF game, only for make insensed every theory that you did 😂, no, ok, he would never create it. Anyway everytime that you repeted "remeber" I thought that you say "IT'S JUST A THEORY!" after, when you said "IT'S JUST A THEORY!" you didn't say "remember" before, so this thing made me in disappoint :/

  • Hey Matt Patt can u do a little night mares theory

  • Wait in 1987 there we’re robots 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • R.I.P fnaf.. :(

  • I hope Scott finishes this story now but starts a new one because I love Scott's games.

  • Matt why dont you do an ark survival evolved theory

  • Okay *cracks knuckles* Let's see if I can summarize this: Prelude Era: Missing Children Incident 1) Fredbear's Family Diner Opens 2) Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Opens 3) Gabriel, Jeremy, Fritz, Susie, and Cassidy are killed 4) Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closes due to the missing children incidents 5) Circus Baby's Pizza World Opens, Elizabeth Afton dies. 6) Circus Baby's Pizza World closes 7) Freddy Fazbear's Reopens 8) The Bite of 83, Micheal Afton dies 9) Fredbear's Family Diner is closed, Springlock Suits retired at FreddyJr's. FNAF Era: General Game Timeline, Bite of 87 1) Henry's Daughter is killed. Puppet Possessed. 2) Puppet animates OG animatronics at Freddy Jr's with the souls of the dead children. 3) William Starts to sneak into Freddy Jr's to experiment with Remnant 4) Bite of 87, William Afton is trapped inside Springtrap, and sealed in the spare parts room. 5) Events of Sister Location 6) Events of FNAF 3 7) Events of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Simulator 8) William Afton dies, and is sent to Hell. Probably not 100%, but I know some people were having a hard time following so hell with it, I tried :P

  • Thanks for the spoilers mat

  • Ooh LETS watch this *realizes its 3 am* LATER MAT

  • Matpat:Hey now that fnafs done and every other game let’s see some old tweets (looks and see slender vs fanf) I FORGOT SLENDER!!!



  • Its not fun anymore, its just too complicated

  • wow I was so lucky to be able to grow up on this game, it is truly a wonderful game and it was a wild ride trying to solve it. Scott did an amazing job in this game and i never thought it would come as far as it did. Matpat thank you for helping us solve this mystery you are insane for doing this but it was great.

  • G Ga Gam Game Game T Game Th Game The Game Theo Game Theor Game Theory Game Theor Game Theo Game The Game Th Game T Game Gam Ga G

  • T Th The The f The fa The fan The fa The f The The T

  • I swear, MatPat has posted at least 5 different " Final FNaF Theory" videos.

  • I’m sad because what if fanf is really over

  • Nope you're wrong. The fan influenced William into killing the puppet

  • MatPat: The last game... Scott: HOLD MY BEER!

  • Is it ever said as to why Afton kills Cassidy, the first victim? Or who she was?

  • Matpat.. What about funtime chica..

  • I have a question. Are William Afton and Springtrap two different entities? Because they were two characters in Ultimate Custom Night and it confused me when they called Afton Springtrap. Plus they don’t look the same which added to my confusion.

  • Finally watched all the theories

  • arent the books noncanon?

  • What if this whole thing was a plot to boost each other's careers? Scott comes up with these crazy game ideas and Mat makes them work out in a theory? A conspiracy theory? Hmmmmmmmm?

  • Pleaseeee don’t be the end. 😕😭

  • stop talking about this stupid game

  • Scott+netflix=5 seasons and 2 bonus movies must happen. No movie theatre release to ruin it like Hollywood does

  • Can you do a Game Theory on the game WE HAPPY FEW???? If you never played it please do, it's a good game. 😁😄🙂🎭

  • 16:33 Is that why u get a piece of ennard in the action figure thing, sister location figure thing 🤔

  • That’s it,The Games our done, the books have Ceased, the theorists have concluded there theory’s, and were just waiting on the movie(wonder how that’ll go?) but after that, what’s next, what will Scott do?, make games but make them non canon, start over with a new story, make a new franchise with new characters and a new genre?, retire?, who knows, but we do know one thing, whatever it is, fnaf has changed all of us for the better

  • Please can you try figuring out the color code on Pokémon go? Is there truly a pester ball to unlock!????!

  • You should do a theory on the little man and cat in wario land 4

  • I think we should make a Discord Server for the Merch Quest

  • Key blade 14:25

  • R.I.P FNAF 2014-2018

  • Scott Cawthon: *Makes one more game* Matpat: *Inhales and is about to scream* Me: *Stops him* Please dude, just don’t worry about it

  • Dream* not break XD

  • Game theory is it real life or is it a break? And if you listen to lefty you hear a girl voice

  • Charlie is also a terminator ok thats odd ILL be back....

  • Hmm... Purple guy is like loter and zarton

  • I have a question (you don’t have to answer because it’s probably nothing) why/how can rockstar foxy kill you when you don’t have him selected?

  • Bambi is no orphan!

  • I hope scott finished the series now,this is the perfect ending

  • 10:12 *FINLAND*

  • *has already had 2 weeks of school* BISH! U LATE!

  • Wait I'm confused what happens if you get the gold coin AND solve the mystery

  • mat you failed scott did not answer the suit question he is telling you you failed the timeline and its about the suit. if you have not whatched the intervew whatch

  • Mat pat take a brake from fnaf

  • good job Matt, watching this for the first time I was impressed, but now I realize the fatal error you have made in the timeline, you specify that in Micheal's final moments in fnaf 4 it can't be the puppet which goes against what you said about how he made the sound discs and used them to make the nightmare animotronics because of him running off to "that place again" in midnight motorists, which in the source files is titled "later that night" which is referencing the security puppet minigame which is where the puppet gets possessed, meaning that when you said that the puppet couldn't have been possessed when the bite happens has to be false.

  • Matt I know probably there are already 100 people finished but I'm still going to buy shirt, socks, and backpack well nvm backpacks are sold out :(


  • Gg

  • Where’s the rest of that mass effect theory?

  • "Something is beautiful because it will last..." If you get my reference u win five bucks

  • Game Theory Smash Brothers 5 came out can you do another Smash Brothers theory when it comes out

  • RIP FANF ;^[

  • I just noticed that you can see the price corner shelf in fnaf 2 where you wind up the box for the puppet

  • 22:26. Are You Actually Suggesting That Bendy and Doki and Neighbor and Nite are all childern of FNAF's core concept???!! If so, then which animatronic(s) will each game be murdered and forced to possess?