Gabby Barrett Debuts New Single "Rivers Deep" - Finale - American Idol 2018 on ABC

Published on May 21, 2018
Gabby Barrett sings her coronation song "Rivers Deep" at the American Idol Finale in front of a live audience and Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on American Idol 2018.
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AMERICAN IDOL, the iconic series that revolutionized the television landscape by pioneering the music competition genre, will return to airwaves on SUNDAY, MARCH 11 at 8|7c, at its new home on ABC.
The nationwide search for the next superstar kicked off in August 2017, as the Idol Bus traveled from Portland, Oregon, to Orlando, Florida, in its pursuit for talent, covering 23 cities across the country. Auditioning was made easier than ever as hopefuls also had the opportunity to submit audition videos online, as well as via select social media platforms using an official tag, #TheNextIdol, cultivating over 300,000 posts. Also, for the first time in “American Idol” history, hopefuls had the opportunity to audition through a livestream platform.
Helping to determine who America will ultimately vote for to become the next singing sensation, are music industry forces and superstar judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie. Emmy® Award-winning host and producer Ryan Seacrest will return as host of the beloved series.


  • Love this song Gabby

  • Not like her other performances she has given but she can saang. Great sound could have been better but its all about learning and she still young but daym she is one hell of a singer and i hope people can follow your success

  • Rivers Deep is a really catchy song. Personally, I think this and "Most People Are Good" have been two of my favourite performances from this artist. If not performances, then at least the vocals(the full audio of Gabby's single is out somewhere on US-tv) make it a powerful and dynamic song to listen to.

  • She always looks like she's been doing this for years. I don't know what all this hate is about personally love her. I think she's got great stage presence and voice.

  • She should have won!

  • Rivers Deep is such a great song!! I just want to sing,clap,and rise up to it!! Reminds me of the gospel I heard in my youth

  • I love this song u r great

  • Some people should stop hating on Gabby Barrett if you do not like her then shut the hell up. Gabby is the future of music. If you do not like some of her songs then why are you guys hating or tripping? are you people delusional or just saying that you are better than her? Look no 1 is better than anyone in any music sense. A drummer a singer and a bassist etc it has to click. You guys are terrible debaters. do me a favor internet trolls leave Gabby Barrett..she does not need your dam opinion and neither do I. I respect GABBY whether is won or not. She is going to sound good live for the for see able future.

  • This girl has more musicality in her little finger than 99% of the people commenting here.

  • this song is about cade.

  • Idol writers did not write a song that is Gabby worthy!

  • I love this song!!!!

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  • Reminds me of Demi Lovato

  • I still think she should have one

  • This is literally one of my favorite songs now!!!

  • Wow that was painful to hear to much high notes in her voice I didn't think the song was good for her for me personally good thing she didn't win it'll be painful to hear from my ears

  • For the Judges to criticize Gabby for not moving around during the song is ridiculous. What the heck is standing at the mike with a guitar in hand. Those kind of remarks were stupid.


  • You should of took it for American idol

  • I love you gappy yes I'm a 10 year girl but gappy if you see this I love you and I'm a 10 year old singer I'm feeling good

  • Gabby should have won American Idol. I think her range surpassed the other two. At least I voted for her.

  • idk but i love this song

  • Jus bought that song. I think its great.

  • She is my winner no matter what you said...

  • you are the bomb Gabby

  • fuck you hatersss!! be educated !! send yourselves to mental hospital !!

  • Now why gabby didn’t win?? She had the best voice for the 3 runner up 👏👏👏👏

  • Beautiful song !!!! Can’t stop listening to full version on Spotify


  • #1

  • As for the songs she picked - not good for her. I believe she’s best with soul music

  • Wow, Luke and Lionel look fabulous! Love their outfits ❤️ Katy Perry, is always looking her best because she’s a natural beauty - I am always looking forward to Katy Perry as to what Glamours look she’s going to come up with next 💕💕💕🌹

  • You lost because you picked two wrong songs. Your best songs were Areatha Whitney and I hope you dance. You had the show you picked some bad songs that are not good for your voice.

  • Love it

  • Absolutely amazing, bet all these haters can’t even sing a single note like you do! 💕

  • Love this song so much and Gabby did really well

  • Bye bye Felicia. You thought you had this in the bag. Lmao. Got your panties in a wad for nothing.


  • she can sing

  • little carrie underwood

  • Gabby could have won if she didn’t get so cocky. She had an amazing voice she’ll be big but she needs to humble herself more.

  • Melhor música ❤️

  • The ugliest voice of an American Idol evah!

  • Can't quit singing this song in my head. I've watched a bunch of great music videos since, but nope, this one is stuck in there for a bit so thanks a lot Gabby;). Bravo !!

  • Such a pretty song

  • Rise up rise up rivers deep badass song and she can sing for real

  • Her voice is SO disgusting, no wonder she didn’t win....

  • 😇

  • I'm gabbys first biggest fan

  • Gabby should have won

  • She’s too screechy

  • She’s not original enough but when she puts her own style into a song it’s bad and too nasally or whatever let her do her thing if u don’t wanna listen to it don’t there’s no reason to comment hate I personally love gabby u can tell music is her passion and I love her voice leave the girl alone

  • She sings to nasally for my liking. Kinda like Miley Cyrus in her old days. I think her voice needs to mature a little bit more. 🤷‍♂️

  • She's so beautiful!!

  • She is the BEST!

  • I think her voice and range are of better quality than Maddie's, to be completely honest. I was expecting Gabby or Caleb to win, but don't have a problem with Maddie winning. She is talented too and all three have great careers ahead of them.

  • 3 finalists should’ve been, Dennis Lorenzo, Noah Davis & Harper Grace!! Ridiculous!!!

  • She goes to my school, she’s a cyber student. It’s incredible how she is handling this! Being a cyber student myself I could NEVER do this! And she is! I’m so proud of her

  • She reminds me of a New Miley Cyrus

  • so all three contestants sing country? I didn't realize that until just now.

  • The choice of the last several songs completely killed the chance of winning. She is fantastic and will do well, but acting like a star and actually being one takes time to grow into. Love her talent without a doubt.

  • Gabby definitely should have won she was by far the best out of the three

  • Thank u America 🙌👍🤣

  • I love Gabby. We really thought she was going to win. But hey! She is still amazing. Love you Gabby! GABBY AND CADE FOREVER!!!!!!!

  • 👃🏻

  • She did great throughout the whole song Katy was definitely hating and everybody loved it plus the other two go along with whatever the first judges says smh it's wack she did great

  • Seeing all the hate in these comments is a direct relation to where we are as a society. Everything has turned competition. If somebody doesn’t agree with you or you like someone else better, you start bashing others?? It’s all about love folks, we are ONE, and in this together. Posting hateful comments about others is directly attributed to how you feel about yourself. Spread love.

  • I loved her at the beginning (after the first audition, because that was weak) but I think she lost a little bit her essence ...also, country is about feelings and telling stories and she always seems too focus on the vocals and 0 feelings.

  • Luke helped her put this song together in the studio.... It’s a good song I’ll buy it on CD... Lionel summed it up ....

  • Seriously

  • Once it's been doctored "In-Studio", and it has several other singers vocals stitched in, and having been tweaked and "reverb'd" and saturated with other worldly effects (echo, echo, echo, echo, echo)... only then will a gullible cult like public drool all over it, not only will they drool but they'll salivate like ravenous Hyena's!!!

  • nice

  • Look already have a single for her..... I'm sure she was forced to sing the garbage song. Its not her and I can tell shes not enjoying it. Shes a country girl and thats popish garbage!

  • She does a lot of SCREAMING vs singing

  • She was so good wish she wold of won I was voting on her

  • Who cares if you don’t like her.. there is plenty of artist ppl don’t like it. You will either listen to her music or you won’t. It’s that simple.

  • Gabby.. I'm so upset... You deserved to win American Idol! But I'm excited to see where your career goes! 😊

  • I can't say I care for this song myself, but she had a huge range of vocal ability that the other two seriously did not have. Almost any singer could do what Maddie Poppe does, so it was kind of weird she won. She did have a cool vibe though, so I get why people liked her.

  • shes from church but i dont see any humbleness in her

  • caleb.gabby.i hate Maddie.

  • What is she wearing...

  • I hope she wins!!

  • she thought she had it in the bag... nope 3 place bye.

  • Yuk. This hurt my ears.

  • She just has that look on her face like shut up, I know what I’m doing. Doesn’t take criticism well

  • Lionel’s advice didn’t make sense. She’s done choosing songs at this point

  • I am wondering how she made it this far when all I see is people complaining about her. Lol

  • She needs to find her on voice and hopefully get away from idols curse. She a beautiful girl and can sing. Good luck

  • You are praising incorrectly; Show is a joke that uses young talents for their own solipsistic means to their bank, and hurts the children’s’ life spirit. I saw the real singer let go in the second round, and after hearing the end I now understand how duped people are whom watch this program, but the world is slowly ending anyway. Sing about Jesus - PRAISE GOD and the Holy Spirit - Pray for repentance before you leave this Earth.

  • I so prefer this to Maddie's and Caleb's. In my opinion, all of the contestants this season are not that great but Gabby is the okay one for me. Some of her performances are cring-ey but she has vocals I really love (the control and vibrato). No hate to others tho. This is just my preference.

  • Gabby is a power house, the only outstanding singer so far in the finale. Maddie is an amateur with a bland 4 note vocal range. Caleb sounds like every other male country singer out there, not unique.

  • Carrie Underwood's higher notes were cleaner though.

  • Her voice sounded annoying during the low notes, like quacky. Higher notes are okay. Just a little screamy at times.

  • She came in 3!

  • The way I see it, she will do so much better without being under The American idol contract. She didn’t win, and I’m glad. She can do her own thing and she is already a lot better than Maddie and Caleb. Lol. Sooo I don’t know what some of you are thinking... but Gabby is fantastic. You are all deaf if you think she can’t sing

  • Annoying

  • Lmao her face when they giving her criticism

  • Goooo Gabby !

  • This girl is in the finale?!?!?!?!!!?!