Published on Jun 21, 2017
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  • On the fit me blush, it does take a couple times building it up but, use a stiffer brush. I use a kabuki brush to apply mine.

  • I appreciate all of the things that you did here but seriously, get your face checked. Your face skin's screaming for help. Instead of covering and hiding the damages of your skin, try to heal them. I feel so bad for your skin. I think it needs to breath. Too much for your make up. You're beautiful even without it. Just that your skin needs healing.

  • Elf, nyx, bh cosmetics, milani, too faced

  • Woah. The girl at start of video without makeup and at end look completely different. It makes me realise how fake makeup is 😐 I am glad we have the option to change our face or enhance it but it does make you wonder what guys think when they see you in your natural state 😂 You do a great job of your makeup, I have no idea what I'm doing with mine haha blush, bronzer, highlighter all are same thing to me!

  • U need to keep away from makeup

  • Wow nice to watch ur demo Wonderful ❤

  • Thank you so much for doing this viedo I wanted to see this viedo from such a long time and I would reccomed a full face using mac

  • i love maybelline makeup

  • I love this makeup look so much!!! I always come back to this video for some reason :)

  • This foudation oxidized or not plx tell me

  • Plz do a full face makeup revolution brand ,milani ,loreal and nyx tutorial plzzz

  • i never comment on vide0s; so understand how serious i am. you need to study Jessica simpson and how she styles her hair her makeup the color of her hair everything and create her look on you. you are her twin. please attempt it you are gorgeous and would look just like her

  • You're pretty with or without makeup

  • The blush n highlight kit i mix the dark blush with the light and it looks grate to me. I have darker skin tho so idk if that has an affect on it to..llol

  • She looks like Jessica Simpson. Great makeup tutorial.

  • Do you have rosacea or something?

  • I use the highlighter and i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • so lovely

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  • Watched your first video!! Absolutely love your tutorial Casey, you made it look easy so thank you!! And also, can anyone help me list out all the items she used in the tutorial😅

  • u look like alissa violet

  • I love the eyeshadow!

  • Elf

  • Can you do a video of your favorite drugstore skin care

  • Your beautiful

  • What shades of fit me foundation and concealer did you use??? Love everything Maybelline!!!! Thank you for this awesome video!!! :)

  • Sisters not twins hahah loveee that

  • Anyone know what that brush set is? The red ones??

  • What were the red brushes did you use they are so pretty

  • Full face of BH Cosmetics PLEEEEASE!

  • physicians formula and pur :D

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-ydEz_ypCUVI.html

  • Ok I love maybelline so much!! 💋 from Greece 🇬🇷!!

  • Drug store products are excellent for beginners. Like me. LOL.

  • Nice tutorial. Super luv 😊💕

  • i learned how to do eyeshadow..it look messy bcoz of wrong brush used

  • She remind me a little bit like Jessica Simpson

  • does anyone know what brush she’s using

  • I would love to see a full face tutorial with urban decay products!

  • Maybline is thee best make up. Affordable and cute. But if I want expensive I get naked brand or too faced.

  • Guуs I just fоund free $6245.this аwеsоmе cash gеnеrаtоr:(just go to) freepyp.win/?12dums its working.

  • Please do some collabs❗️❗️

  • h ME NAME RoaxiNei

  • Casey do a Milani lipstick try on, the matte ones! They're so gorgeous😍

  • so when you get the loose powder is it supposed to be the same color of your foundation or go a little lighter for a highlighted look ?????!!

  • I love how close you are so we can actually see your skin and how everything really looks.

  • Hi, what lens are you using and Camera

  • Can you do a full face only using wet n wild or covergirl?

  • Damn looks awesome but I do not have time for all that

  • I loved the eyeshadow on you!

  • us-tv.org/ch/UCYAE6TS9iavnbzR5pONUJSg

  • us-tv.org/ch/UCYAE6TS9iavnbzR5pONUJSg

  • "Will fill in products used ASAP?" Girl, it's a year later. Time to fulfill your promise! Having said that, I'm glad there are other procrastinators out there.

  • This look is so pretty. Like this 1 brand video. Thank you.

  • U rght sde shadow went too high

  • Good job. Some must tries here.

  • FULL FACE OF ABH ❤️ Please?

  • how did u clean the eyes ? like how did u made it nicely outlined becoz before it was that neat?

  • I love my rooftop palette! I think it came out great!

  • Vary nice

  • I wish she had used dream matte mouse 😞😞😞😞

  • If you are light used the fair/light powder. Casey is right. Light is too dark for fair and light skinned people.

  • Nyx

  • I'd LOVE to see a BEST OF video for MASCARAS! Both Drugstore & High End ... I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a *better* mascara. I've been hooked on Rocket from Mabelline (which I was shocked) and I love one of the ones from Wet n Wild but it's a little too dry. So I combine both right now. :)

  • I love make up

  • Can you show more European brands? Sleek Makeup, Beauty UK, Pierre Rene, Verona, MeMeMe etc?

  • نسخة بيبي عبدالمحسن.

  • Milani!

  • Anyone want to support my small channel? I will subscribe back ❤️

  • Idk how oh don’t like the eyeshadow palette I just bought it cause I seen either Tati or Jessica Braun recommended it and I’m in love with it.. yes there’s no Mattes but I never just use one palette to do my eyes.. love the shimmery brown colors!! 😍😍

  • Do a self tanning routine!

  • Can you do a video on you filming set up including a list of the items you use?

  • I user the Cosmetica from Manhattan Cosmetics andere CATRICE/ happy😍👍💓🌸

  • I think you put to much blush you look like clown

  • Casey!!! can you compare the rimmel stay matte loose powder vs the maybelline fit me loose powder?! I know you love the fit me and I also have it, but I saw Rimmel stay matte loose powder at walmart and also target I believe!! If you can get your hands on it, I would be so interested to see how the two compare! maybe even compared to the rimmel stay matte pressed powder too?!

  • This is soooo much concealer 😱

  • Casey - can you possibly recommend a decent brush for applying Bare Minerals powder foundation (matte)? I appreciate any suggestions you may have. Your skin looks flawless here!

  • I think after she applied the powder it looked better 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Does anyone know where the red brushes are from that’s Casey is using?

  • Thank you for not doing the 3 minutes of speaking that have nothing to do with the tutorial. A lot of youtubers do that now but you get right into it which is great!!@!

  • Col-Lab? Pur? They sell it at JC Penney it's called Origin Makeup

  • you look like Alissa Violet

  • It's a gorgeous look for daytime. Really enjoyed this video.

  • Do lorea'l full face makeup products, plz?☺😊

  • Can you do this for nude by nature????

  • She looks kind of like britney spears when she have makeup on

  • You should really try more of the fit me blushes b/c they are awesome in the darker shades

  • The milani eyeshadow primer is awesome! My oily eyelids stay matter all day long

  • Love the fit me foundation! Use it all the time!

  • I don’t know why but you remind me of Anna ferris 😂

  • Maybelline is my all time favorite drugstore brand for makeup. I feel like they’ve really stepped up their game recently and came out with a lot of amazing new products!! Especially their face products.

  • Loreal Lash Paradise is AMAZING!!!!!! You will love it!

  • Makeup 101, don't put shimmer in your crease...

  • You look beautiful with and without make up and kind of self tanning do you use

  • Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands to be honest!

  • In my opinion too much products on the skin, but you are able to looked natural, great❣️

  • I use a bath and body works candle lid for foundation too

  • Full face using only highlighter ❤

  • Does anyone know the bronzer brush she uses and other like the Pointy brush ??

  • I love the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation! Love the video!