Fry Bread Tacos from a Native American Food Truck - Cooking in America

Published on Feb 18, 2018
In this episode of Cooking in America, Sheldon hits up Seattle's Off the Rez food truck where he learns all about fry bread, the Native American staple.

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  • I appreciate your business, yet as a Native American, pow-wow as a name for a burger is offensive. I hope to visit & try your burger, yet we use different flour.

  • Mmmmmmmmm.... Frybead I love Frybead ♥ Where I'm from they are called Navajo tacos

  • Lovely, we make a lot of breakfast items in our neck of the woods. I like rolling em long and throw some hot dogs an chili on those mfrs. Starts with great bread tho, quick mini pizzas are taste too. Fast food chains are terrible these days, had tahco bhell the other day, opened it up to add some sauce. The damn burrito looked like a fully loaded baby diaper, bar aint to high these days.

  • Great to see Native American food getting a platform.

  • it be cool to visit that place, I used to live on the Navajo rez and moved to phoenix around 8 years ago so i’m literally “off the rez”

  • dont forget about the burger...... 5:01

  • Hey it's Sheldon from Top Chef! You were my favorite

  • U say the traditional one that's not how the traditional one is made I am native American

  • OMG>>>yummmm! Well now I know where to go whenever I'm ever in Seattle! (And yep, you can tell he's Blackfeet...he's got that Browning accent! hehe)

  • I'm 25%native American my grandfather did not teach me how to make native american food I want to learn

  • Sheldon looks stoned!😂

  • Is it just me or do native american dudes sound like they are allways high😂😂😂

  • Dont call it indigenous food. It was born on the reservation when we were most oppressed and that's all we had.

  • My parents make these 💖💖💖 it’s the best

  • portlandia

  • Seattle watup!

  • 😕I grew up with fry bread in Puerto Rico , we call them tortitas.. I didn’t know it existed anywhere else.

  • I love this

  • I live here in the south , Tennessee and my Mom makes fried bread almost ever day !

  • I have never seen, Blackfeet on this platform. So Proud. Would love too meet you.

  • As a traditional Navajo One of my things to master is making dough and the fry bread

  • does the dude cooking have makeup on ?

  • i wish there were frybread trucks at every corner

  • I like injuns I just wish they didn't have such weird accents I knew it was coming I didn't want to click the video I said these injuns are gonna talk weird and it's gonna cause me stress... I was right. But the food looks delicious.

  • Honestly... there is NOTHING really "Native American".... every nation has a fried bread....

  • Looks so good!!! Thank you.Subbed and scribbed.God bless.

  • Well this was a type of food that was introduced pretty late, as when they where on the rez, because this was the food rations they where given by the government. Back then it was probably less tasty, and fancy looking. I love how you take something so universal (many cultures have them) and simple as fry bread, and make it so tasty, and fresh. I make this maybe twice a year.

  • Just had some Indian tacos Lastnight 😋😋

  • So a Mexican sope?

  • Yummm!! Awesome video, love the history share as well..great work

  • I'm native myself and it always comes as a surprise to mr seeing people have interest in our culture, mostly people talk about other races and not about native americans often.

  • Really nice food like that your using huckle berry jam. The burger looks awesome.

  • Yummyyyy

  • There called Indian tacos

  • There called Indian tacos

  • Going to have to track these guys down next time I'm in Seattle.

  • This is just like fry dumpling in Jamaica festival dumpling

  • Hey what's the recipe they are using? Can u please post it..? That be awesome

  • I am Cree/ Mohawk/ Arcadian and I love Navajo fry bread plain! I make it often!

  • This video made me homesick.

  • I want to learn how to make fry bread this looks bomb AF

  • Oh lord, what did I do to be blessed with this video? I never knew there were so many variations. I only thought about traditional Indian tacos, Wojapi sauce, and dipping it in soup soup soup. My mom would use bread for burgers, prairie dogs, and ham sandwiches and that was it. Now I'm going to ask her to experiment more and more. ^^

  • The American sopes looks great.

  • Braddah Sheldon, always love your videos. You proudly rep da 808 and neva forget wea you come from. Stay ha'aha"a 🤙

  • I wanna slap that engine woman's butt

  • Broo the "pow wow burger" is called a bannock burger in Canada

  • Ik this as fry bake

  • Fry bread is concentration camp food.

  • bruhhhh, i'll never forget making my first batch of zaasagokwaan on my own....dumbass me didn't consider the only other times i made it was with my aunties for powwows or big dinners,,, so there i am,,, alone in my apartment with enough fry bread to feed 40....

  • fry bread is European influenced im guessing wheat is not native to the Americas.