Friending a Fox!

Published on Jun 29, 2018
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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and the team try their hand at friending a red fox!
How do you friend a fox you might ask? Well get ready to find out!

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  • Every times I see a red fox, my first thought is Nick

  • I love the sass he gave you when you try taking back your microphone muff XDDD it was like something a small child would do lolololol

  • What does the fox say

  • R.I.P. RonRon 1 like = 1 Preyer

  • In the south of london you can see many


  • Foxes are so adorable

  • What does the fox say

  • That fox is effing cute! It made me miss my cat and dog. They live with my parents.They are mostly the only reason why i come home for a visit.

  • I like that the zebra just sits there for the whole video

  • Swiper no swiping

  • The smell was the horse *facepalm*

  • Soo thats where dora got the thief fox

  • 5:25 Fox: Dont mind me just sniffing yoir butt... Coyote: Boot. Me: Boot huh, yeah bootie 😂😂😂😂 7:46 Fox: And scratching your butt.... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • SWIPER NO SWIPING! >:l Lol :3

  • 2019 anyone


  • 2:43 FHOTO BOMB

  • This is the cutest

  • Coyote says a bad word 3:45

  • That’s why they call swiper swiper

  • I know how i got her

  • Every time the fox made a cute noise me heart melted

  • 🦊 This is Swiper every like we get the more microphones he steals

  • So what does the fox say?

  • 6

  • Oh I would love to meet a fox

  • Awww! He's like a puppy! 💗😭

  • we no like pets only tolerates

  • Hello coyote Peterson I love watching every single one of your videos and when it's possible I will be starting to make videos like yours and other type of videos for my channel while watching this fox video and the other video that you had with the baby fox it reminded me of the fox that I've seen over the years visit my yard and my grandmother's yard which is across the street and that it would hurt squirrels and small birds and mice around there and we get amazing photos if it stays still that is next time he shows up I will be taking a photo and sending it to you to show the vibrant colors he has stay wild coyote 🐺🦊🐺🦊

  • What does the fox say 8:36

  • I love foxes u can really see my profile pic is a fox

  • Man it’s like he’s treating him like a dog and that’s. Good thing

  • I wonder if he's a fur farm rescue? He seems very acquainted with people

  • Important fact: Red foxes are Canids, not Canines. The Canid family includes foxes, dog, wolves,and other basal canidae creatures, but each are split into separate genuses. Canines are the genus of dogs and dog-like animals that are close-enough-related to each other to interbreed and produce fertile and infertile offspring. They include: dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals, and dingos. Foxes belong to a separate genus known as Vulpes (or True Foxes). While similar to Canines, Vulpines are incapable of reproducing with any Canines, as they have a vastly different number of chromosomes compared to Canines. Vulpines, along with Basal Canids (Tanuki and Red Pandas), Canines, Maned Wolves, and Gray Foxes (which are actually not members of the Vulpes genus, but closely related) are all Canidae.

  • Swiper is so cute!!

  • I thought I heard it say "Lamont, you big dummy"

  • Awww, did you at least give some bacon to the fox, that's mean

  • You just see a zebra in the background

  • FLORIDA!!!

  • 2:45 zebra

  • I think you meant to say "Befriending" a Fox, right?

  • 3:38 he sounds like the squirrel from Ice Age

  • Swiper look, it's a duck :O

  • Show a hegog

  • Forest: Friends: WTF was that!? Me to friends: that's a red fox.

  • I had never seen a nonanimated fox befor

  • Coyote Blah, blah, blah.... Swiper: *swipes mic cover* Coyote: Blah blah OHHH HE GOT THE MIC COVER!! Lol!!

  • Lowkey want me a pet fox 😭

  • fox go FLOOF

  • 3:16 I be like Y is swiper always swiping!?!?!😂😂

  • So cute

  • This is real like action on Dora the explorr

  • how do people bting themselves to dislike this stuff?

  • Imm year of the fox i have fox theeth 😆

  • My dad owns a red fox, his name is u

  • Is up close and personal with a zebra

  • Y is it that most animals go for coyotes hat

  • A family of foxes live on my garden

  • Hey Coyote did you know the fennec Fox is the littlest Fox in the world

  • Friending a fox in roblox get it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • When i heard the name swiper i was just thinking off Dora...

  • Coyote: his name is swiper! Me: if you don’t get that bootleg Dora name away from me-

  • It’s kinda weird that he coyote says it’s a boy then a girl

  • Squeaky boy

  • What does the fox say?

  • hey coyote what is a fox :a dog or a cat like a lion is a cat and a wolf is a dog what is a fox

  • Swiper from dora the explorer

  • Ronron.. :(

  • AWWWWW 😍

  • Swiper no swiping

  • How did I find the cute corner of Brave Wilderness? There's the Otter episode he uploaded on the day I wrote this comment, then the Ocelot episode, now this

  • Did u hear he said he do not want fxcking give it back

  • Mr Zebra in the background just chillin' 2:44

  • *red fox takes microphone* *my brain* swiper not swiping!

  • ring ding ding ding dingeringeding

  • You can tell they’re having trouble

  • I love foxes

  • ...and now we know how he got his name. I think he swiped all of our hearts.

  • So cute

  • Awwwe

  • Swiper Cute Floofer Definition: big baby, sneaky boy, floof boy Example: Swiper is adorable

  • You are so brave

  • I had a fox in my garden

  • ITS SWIPER FROM DORA THE EXPLORER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0o0

  • FFfffffooooooooxxxxxxx food🐇🐁🐀🐔🐓🕊

  • Did anyone think the zebra felt a little left out

  • Now you're making me want a pet fox by the way I challenge you to catch a fennec fox

  • We used to have grey foxes that had kits under our barn. They'd slowly move up our driveway back to the woods as the kits grew older. I went looking for my mom once up the hill and found her watching grey fox kits playing around one of our big trees by the horse stalls. They were really cute! Though I did get chased by the daddy fox once when I was 5. That scared me really bad. O_O

  • Freaking cute


  • The fox thought the microphone muff was a mouse or a rat

  • Named it after Dora's enemy lel

  • 2:44 *_casually has the Zebra in the background_*

  • The sound that a fox makes is so adorable


  • what does the fox say

  • Swiper no swiping

  • Swiper took the fluffy thing from the camera

  • How did he not say swiper no swiping