Friending a Fox!

Published on Jun 29, 2018
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In this episode of On Location, Coyote and the team try their hand at friending a red fox!
How do you friend a fox you might ask? Well get ready to find out!

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  • Swapr no swapping

  • Swiper- takes mic Coyote- SWIPER NO SWIPING Swiper- awww man Coyote- gives mic back to crew

  • 2:42 i jump cause the zebra come put of nowhere

  • Swiper: ooh is dat a squirrel? Swiper: I want it. Mario: Swiper no swiping! Swiper: too late.

  • Who else saw the polar bear

  • I love red fox

  • I LOVE FOXES! THEY ARE MY FAVE ANIMAL! because there r foxes in this video, I will: comment subscribe turn on the notifications and like! you deserve it because of all the bites stings and pinches you have had, must have hurt.


  • Hi guys my fav animal is a dog what’s yours? Who’s on team dogs for life


  • *Swiper no swiping*

  • So cute!


  • I mean it's a rescue center but the enclosure is still way too small for a fox :/

  • Every 10 likes i will add a fox Exept for mine My like counts as 10 🦊

  • i just can't ignore that fat zebra in the background

  • haha i know why the fox is called Swiper! hahahahahaha! ya know the fox off Dora? SWIPER NO SWIPING! hahah

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  • For every like I will add another fox 🦊 🦊🦊 I’ll start by being the first like

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  • *"WHAT DOES THE FOX SAYS...?"* ME: 3:34

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  • When is cayote meets cayote

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  • My last name is FOX!😀😀😄😄

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  • So cute

  • Awww foxes are my spirit animal and people need to stop killing them

  • I love fox’s they r my fav

  • My mom sees a fox almost every night because she works at a casino and gets off work at 1:00 am

  • I would gladly have a fox for a pet... But they keep on swiping

  • The fox is so cute

  • Well 5 years later we finally have the answer on what the fox says

  • so so cute !!!!!!!!!!! :3

  • SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adorable! Your so Great with animals

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  • 6:27 Yeah I know, ning ning ning ning-ning ning-ning

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  • So cute! I want it!

  • So cute

  • swiper no swipeing when you said the name was swiper it made me think of dora the explora

  • He named the fox Lupin....... Like if you are a Harry Potter Fan

  • my mom wont let me get a fox :( I am still happy to see one ;)

  • Foxes are actually not true Canines, in fact they are their own genus and species! Though they share the Canidae family which includes Jackals, Domestic Dogs, Wolves and Coyotes, Foxes are regardless their own genus and species. their closest relative is other Vulpes genus members, while the red fox known as Vulpes Vulpes is indeed in the Canidae family, they are in their own classification of animals!

  • The zebra at 2:35

  • SWIPER NO SWIPER. SWIPER NO SWIPERRRRRRRR Also I have a pet fox because when I was 5 me and my mom saw a fox and she opened the car door to get a better picture and it jumped in the car so now I have a pet fox

  • So what does the fox says

  • So this is what the fox says

  • Why does he keep saying just playful bites?

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  • I am cutified

  • 3:47 nani

  • And it’s my favorite animal

  • It’s so cute!!

  • i know why the fox is called swiper because swiper swiped the camera peice

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  • If you find a baby fox What do you do Leave it or keep it

  • Her name reminds of Dora swipper don’t swipe

  • 3:29 it's like trying to get a toy back from a dog😂😆

  • I see them every now and then in my area. I'll spot them in my backyard or in a field on the roadside of my commute. I know I shouldn't, but I always wish I could feed them. They always look so shaggy.

  • When will coyote get a coyote

  • 3:01 Swiper no swiping! ...Sorry, guys, I couldn’t resist 😂

  • Kuramaaaa

  • It’s so beautiful I love swiper

  • I went camping once in the Arizona desert, and at night after me and my friend set up camp, we heard some of the most horrifying screams, then a laughter like sound much like a child's. I think they were kit or desert foxes, not red, but it still shows how vocal those cute little buggers are.

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  • I just saw your interview with Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning!!! You have me hooked on your show!!! Foxes are one of my favorite animals!!!

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  • Zebra on background at 2:44

  • Ohhhh those cute sounds...

  • You tamed a fox! You are a prince now!

  • Fox named swiper, swiper no swiping

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  • S W I P E R NO S W I P I N G

  • In the winter the Arctic Fox have a special tail called a “brush”. I got it from a book just so you know!

  • This is swiper 🦊 one like one food

  • How is it a red fox if its looks orange

  • Oh come on, not even one " Swiper, no swiping"! Maybe if u had said that 3 times like dora the explorer says to her Swiper he wouldn't have stolen the microphone fluff! Lol!

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  • I think we officially know what the Fox says

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  • Take a drink every time coyote switches genders between for the Fox

  • The foxes are as crazy as my dog find the difference 🦊🐶

  • Fox took his mic. Dora the Explorer: 1 Coyote Peterson: 0

  • Is the fox from Dora lol

  • At Halloween me and my friends saw a red fox , cat and another fox fighting

  • Man I wouldn't be grabbing the mic... taking stuff from a fox is so scary. Even my baby girl is hard to get things from

  • Cute red fox sound FOX SOUND SO NICE

  • He looks like my corgi!!! Same fur Color coat. And my corgi has a tail too

  • I Guess you should say what does the fox say?

  • Omg foxes are just like dogs... MIND BLOWN!!!!!!