FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer)

Published on May 11, 2018
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  • He almost win

  • Noooo! Why ryan higa dies

  • Paco's really good at acting

  • Make the movie

  • You are good Catcher.

  • Pub what?

  • Why don’t I get his videos in my notifications?

  • Dear Ryan, can you make God's Plan into a sad song?

  • I see what you did there with pub jesus man

  • I pro at pubg

  • Trailer

  • Do a beyblade burst /god/cho zetsu

  • Oh my god this is too good 😂 btw I hate fortnite so this as so funny

  • Did he get the sponsorship tho🤔


  • How was he still flying without holding the Umbrella ☂ that is weird

  • Man u are soo funny

  • Ey fortnite yaay

  • You have add like someone playing puge and the other just getting mad

  • Last NigaHiga video I watched was his How to be Ninja, How go be Gangster etc videos in US-tv's first years LOL I had no idea he was still relevant, what

  • hey ryan do you play clash

  • If this was a real movie i would definitely go see it!!! 🤩

  • *uh is someone going to revive me or we starting over?* Lmaaaoooo I love this!!!

  • Who's trying to play fortnite (ps4) comment your psn and ill add you

  • Honestly, I love NigaHiga and I have been watching his videos for more than four years. Not to say I am a die-hard fan that has and will support him forever, but I do enjoy his content and I think that he may just be one of the last legitimate creators on youtube that don't regularly take advantage of trends, clickbait, and other US-tvrs to gain views. Not to say he's perfect, but he is better than 95% of other creators in that regard. However, I am mad at how US-tv and their users have turned out. Ryan made an amazing video called How To Get Views On US-tv that he and his team must have worked for a while. His video made the normal view count of four million. He then made a decent video with great digital effects and general humor that the mass population of Fortnite players can relate to, called FORTNITE The Movie (Official Fake Trailer). That video garnered less than thirteen million dollars. It just goes to show that the twenty million people and more who say they enjoy NigaHiga don't but do enjoy Trends that they force Ryan to use in his videos. Let him become himself in terms of being a content creator and stop forcing him to do stuff like this. If you liked this video, then check out How To Get Views On US-tv. It, in my opinion, is his best video up to date.

  • I got a Fortnite ad before the video XD

  • Real trailers are around 2 mins but cool

  • Gg

  • Boi u trash a pubg

  • Fortnite sucks.

  • The Asian always wins.

  • Dear Ryan, can you do a parody of a parody

  • Dear Ryan, Can I be in A Dear Ryan

  • nigahiga i heard of you and saw you on xbox

  • Boogie bomb i got boogie bombed xD

  • _taco_

  • guys come look at my live stream i know how to get free vbucks

  • Yes.raptor won.


  • RAPTOR!!!

  • I knew it was gonna be rocket riding

  • wp...

  • You mean so good at fortnite but so bad at PUBG

  • Wow it just turned in to a movie

  • When the brick tried to hit him I thought it was coming right at me then I just flinched every time I replayed it

  • 🍄

  • Fortnite movie 2!

  • You can’t even say the name PUBGsus man! He doesn’t realize he finished it XD

  • Blastphamoushd HD TV 2

  • Nice I love this video

  • He's playing clash. Hahahahha I do that all the time I'm at 3861 trophies nerddssss

  • Bro........THIS IS LIT🤣🤣🤣

  • Nice

  • Whats pub

    • TheLittle OneSana there is another battle royale game called pubg (player unknown's battlegrounds)

  • How does it feel to be the best youtuber on youtube?

  • lmfao

  • Dear Ryan Do an infinity war Parody

  • Nice

  • Shoutout to small shuyan

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  • lallzls

  • cheesy but verry good and cool

  • LOLA

  • Kkk muito legal 👏👏 congratulations

  • Well done video

  • IM DEAD!!!! hahahahhaaaaa

  • Make an actual movie plz

  • Not enough hopping for Fortnite

  • Crazyyy😍