Fortnite | Real Life Battle Royale!!

Published on May 11, 2018
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Hey guys! Go check out the first Fortnight we did!
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  • Are all the guns Nerf guns?

  • Why was the purple blaster 4 hits to kill and the blue blaster was 3

  • I would have the gille suit

  • This was so funny it made me laugh

  • Rest in pepperoni's Kevsito

  • Can't they just use blue Gatorade for sheild

  • It was not as good as ive seen

  • You guys should get in buildings.⛏🏢

  • how did that happen

  • Team edge someone hacking your videos I saw in chads video watch it ?????????

  • that's the best vid i've ever seen

  • Cool The Matt skin got a bear cosmetic

  • R.I.P golden chest

  • Try playing save the world with husks and some purple sky and a purple storm ⛈ edited have some ppl be husks and they have to fight the ppl if they get hurt to much they fall down and they spawn at the start they get revived or they use a live

  • Woaw

  • my cosin loves your vids

  • You should add carts

  • roses are red violets a blue i got click baited so did u

  • You could of revived your teamsters

  • You guys now that purple is better than blue

  • It's is a duo bobby

  • bobby is cheating!

  • I have been on team edge for probably...a hour? And sometimes I can't tell the difference between J-Fred and Matthias

  • FORTNITE NOT DOESNT WORK!!! lendendary is gold then epic this purple then blue then green then gray. How gold can 2 shot but purple 4?

  • All deaths 7:47 7:51 10:58 11:33

  • Purple is epic and is normally better than blue because that is rare

  • A purple should be 1 hit or 2 cuz it’s a epic

  • Blind highlight assembly testify deer greatest magazine buck citizen gravity black

  • This looks like il

  • You guys should make a solo game with all the people in battle universe and team edge

  • What's in the shields?

  • Ooohh the cringe hurts

  • Yo this is cool

  • someones hacker ur youtube channel check chads and v vid

  • Better the gun more hits to kill

    • Blue is 3 purple is 4 gold is 2 WHA

  • Is that a ghillie suit...?

  • What happened to Mathias’ beard?

  • Bobby is a hacker he was able to hold to gold guns at the same time

  • Are the chug jugs full of water

  • T7:n

  • wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyllllllllllllllllllllllp

  • Gillie suits aren’t in fortnite...

  • part 2 or 3 or WHITCH EVER

  • Fortnight is stupid I hate it

    • Jose Moreno yes it. Is stop talking ok ok

    • no is not 👊👊👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Booby sounded like Walmart yodel boy at 2:30

  • Where can I get those guuuuns?!

  • I’m seeing all these ‘stop comparing Ryan’s video to this video they are different...’ but I haven’t seen a single comment actually comparing them and being like ‘oh this videos is better’ or ‘oh I like Ryan’s video more’ I find this a bit the Odd1sout 😏

  • I hate fortnite and even I found this entertaining

  • Fortnite sucks


  • Bobby:I have one solo win in fortnite Me:man I suck at this game Also me:47 solos 36 dous and 47squads

  • Ich habs mit nem fall Schirm gemacht

  • Did anyone else notice that blue was better than puple

  • 1:13 no that’s save the world :3

  • Can’t they revive their teammates

  • Hi

  • Hi

  • Pls dowland link :D

  • Intro was sooo funny I’m crying with laughter right now 😂

  • K

  • Omg before I watched this I got a fortnite ad

  • Is it weird that purple took more shots than blue did

  • Uhhh I think Epic is better than Rare sooooo purple is better than blue

  • can you make more plss

  • this video is asoume

  • When I saw the tumbnail I thought you were jumping from 200 miles in the air and blasting each other with ar’s

  • These guy's dont play fortnite purple does more damage than blue

  • Joey had the right tactic bush gang

  • Ghillies are in PubG not fortnite you got your games mixed up haha

  • hi love the vid

  • Why was blue better than purple?😂

  • Why is Bryans landing so freaking fabulous ._.

  • Best Fortnite mock-up I've seen. Part 2 please!

  • Just sayin purple is better than blue

  • Super

  • Super

  • Booby nooooooooooooo⚰️☠️💀

  • if only you guys were actually skins

  • very good

  • You obviously haven’t played Fortnite because a blue (rare) gun is not stronger then a purple (epic) gun No hate luv the videos

  • Bobby your playing duos not solo

  • This shouldn't be good because fortnite but team edge makes it good

  • Bryan and his brother WHERE THE BEST

  • lol I love how their colors in order goes gold blue purple green when it’s gold purple blue green gray 😂🤣

  • Mathias and J-Fred, brothers on the same team.

  • I would actually build a base there if i was in the video lol

  • This is so funny and I love team edge😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😘😍

  • Bryan should’ve been out he was hit earlier

  • More

  • Last ep was soooooo jnfare

  • "my leg went pe pe" that part was funny

  • Purple is good in fortnite its legendary

  • You should have played with paint ball gun's

  • Joey was right, the best one to live, is the one who can sneak around

  • #211

  • Purple is better than blue!!!!!!

  • Bobby its not, Lets team up Its, LETS SQUAD UP!

  • If only purple ment 2 shot

  • People talking about the purple, blue guns are just stupid... does it really matter that much to you that they couldn’t do one thing right... like why do you care... “that doesn’t make sense, oh no”, Like shut up

  • "Are you trying to distract me while Bryan sneaks up on me?!" **Meanwhile on Bryan's team...** *_Practices ballet dancing_*