Flau'jae: 14-Year-Old Rapper Earns Golden Buzzer From Chris Hardwick - America's Got Talent 2018

Published on Aug 8, 2018
The young rapper returns with a touching and heart-wrenching original. Flau'jae's amazing performance earned her the golden buzzer from Chris Hardwick!
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In season 13, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and host Tyra Banks in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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Flau'jae: 14-Year-Old Rapper Earns Golden Buzzer From Chris Hardwick - America's Got Talent 2018
America's Got Talent


  • She didn’t diverse the golden buzzer. She was alright. I say this since the thing that bothers me with her writing is she will repeat a lot of the time. Last song it was more than half was being repeated. This song, started strong then she went back to repeating stuff. If she didn’t repeat a lot of her lyrics I believe that would make her a stronger song writer and so on.

  • soundcloud.com/multibramos/trap-lord-produced-by-multibramos

  • Damn that moment when he pressed the button!! 😱😱😍😍😍😍😍

  • Who else clicked on this video because you remember her from the rap game

  • She better as battle rapper

  • She gotten so better because on the rap game she was horrible 🙄 she really have grown

  • Loved her on the Rap Game! SO happy she's on America's Got Talent!! She deserves the attention :)

  • I'm sorry but I feel like her story and rapping about run violence and sadness is what got her on . Because she is not good her has no beat and her voice is not good. Should be called come with a day story and we will put you on



  • She from the rap game



  • My eyes got watery

  • Better off making a yt channel. Nobody watch American idol anymore

  • 😭who is cutting those onions

  • Flau’jae is so special!

  • Omg I love her


  • She definitely 100% doesn’t deserve the golden buzzer

  • Mediocre, won't realistically ever make it into the industry.

  • That so sad that her dad died

  • Teach me how to rap I love your singing get it girl you earn the goldon buzzer

  • We want to see TALENT not hearing private lives.


  • I have the same story as her

  • Im cryin bru

  • I understand rap but I don't think she's that great to get a golden buzzer

  • she watched 8 mile 1 to many times

  • A second chance after the Rap Game🙏🏾

  • music was horrible for this song

  • She's so good, and she deserves to win!

  • Look I used to live by her I love herrrr that’s my girlllllll

  • 🔥🔥 like this comment u think so

  • 2 golden buzzers. Wow.

  • Chris Hardwick really hit the big time. From host of the Talking Dead to a judge on AGT.

  • She's good but her beat wasn't doing her justice

  • Isn't she from the rap game

  • My brother like boy rappers but she is 10×s better then any of them

  • Was it just me who was waiting for a chores like g-easy songs

  • chilsssss

  • When I first saw her performance I cried... love her......Just need to work on her breathing...that's all that needs improving ... I was really hoping Simon mentioned it so she could practice on that before the lives...

  • If you ever saw Flau'jae on "The Rap Game, you've gotta be in tears. She has grown so much in performance. Proud of you, girl !

  • This gave me goosebumps when he hit the buzzer😍😥😭

  • Did anyone else cry or am I the only one?

  • OMG

  • I'm typically not an emotional person but I genuinely felt tears building up watching and listening to her. Her flow is great to be so young. I really hope she goes far and doesn't lose herself along the way.

  • She took the Criticism she got from “The Rap Game” &’ improved. She really has a story

  • the rap game did not do her talent justice 💋🙌🏽

  • The first time I’ve ever cried over and audition video 😭😭

  • Thats not rap

  • 3:37 how that women looks at her mom is so rude..

  • Greatness here yall beautiful lil sis fr

  • Guess who I'm voting for...

  • Another black person rapping 😒

  • I know she miss her dad but may her dad rip

  • She should make the songs longer so we can relate more and understand her in a better way cause its too short so like i keep wishing it isnt so short

  • Very good job👌👌👌👌👌😃😀😘😍

  • gave me chills tbh

  • The rapper was great! But (in general) America's got talent is turning into America's got sad backgrounds and special needs.

  • So proud of her, she’s come so far

  • She off the rap game

  • Wasn’t she on the rap game

  • Talents must be taken very serious

  • She’s the girl NF

  • she is fourteen and has time to grow and work on her breath control she was great so stop hating

  • Someone needs to give her a record deal. I would love to hear more from her❤️

  • Rapping is dead but the song is good tho

  • She is lyrically so talented, I would love to see her write for passionate rappers like Logic.

  • Are you from the rap game season 4 or 5

  • I remember watching her on the rap game she was the best one on there

  • It gave me chills

  • Stop hating and appreciate a good work. Ride on girl...wish you all the best!

  • She deserved the golden buzzer. She is making her fathers dream of being a famous rapper come true. She made her father happy along with her mother. She deserved that.

  • ❤️❤️

  • Her lyrics are from the heart and make sense unlike some rappers

  • She's amazing! Best rap and lyrics from her heart. Goosebumps... i was crying..So much deserved the golden buzzer!

  • She is a great rapper, her lyrics are sick, she has meaning, she has good beat and tempo, BUT she needs to practice her breathing. She can get far, I have no doubt about that, and she will definitely make records and albums if she keeps at it but she needs to work on her breathing if she ever wants a to do concerts. Yes, she could lipsink but it would be more impressive if was actually doing it.

  • *my eyes are sweating*

  • Wow no Chris Hardwick timestamp? Come on internet... you let me down today..

  • Flau'jae's father was Camoflauge. He was killed during a drug deal gone bad. He had gold teeth that he liked to flash along with large sums of cash. He had a rap sheet (literally) and had been arrested and did jail time. Just because he was signed to a record deal it did not take the ghetto out of him.

  • I jumped off the porch at that age..

  • What an inspiration

  • wow beautiful

  • These damn onions man!!!!😭

  • Inspiring. She connected her story with a golden buzzer. Love her

  • Stupid Just. So she get the AGT G Buzzer.

  • She is the BEST!! An outstanding role model to not let people take you down!! Very smart, talented and a kind young women. All the best, you are AWESOME!!!

  • How to she get ? Golden Buzzer. another player is so sat. I Don't want that standard . Lower level.

  • She probably won't win AGT, but she is going to have a bright future. Very powerful.

  • She made me cry ❤❤😢

  • This was mad dope. She got talent no doubt. "I'm just tryna get this green like a herbivore" She giving us Instagram captions for days lol. Might have to react to this

  • mehhhh, there have been way better performances that deserved the golden buzzer.

    • Yeah you're right, she was very good, spreading a positive message in a lyrical way that is easily interpreted and appreciated by so many is a hard thing to do. Sorry.

    • oh look i have an opinion, and was defending someone. what a nightmare. And it's actually hard to write lyrics that make you feel something. One wrong word and it looses everything it had. Jsut saying.

    • Big deal, you're listing a bunch of things I do when I write and present an essay. She wrote lyrics, she's not special. Anyone can do that and make them good, but it doesn't mean they'll be successful. She didn't have good flow, she didn't hold her breath properly, her rapping was decent at best.

    • writing. making sure the lyrics fit. getting the flow right. being able to talk clearly. being able to get your breath back quick. getting a good beat. its actually pretty hard. and yes, it isnt as good as a gymnast, but the judge can like what he likes.

    • It's not nearly as hard as being a phenomenal gymnast who spent their entire life practising, or an extremely talented daredevil who puts their life on the line during every show. There's way better acts that get snubbed by young kids with moderate to good talent.

  • I started crying and running around my house

  • I am not going to 😢......... No no no.... Damn... 🤧😭😭😭😭😭😭😤

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  • The passion!!!!!!!! The skill!!!!!! The lyrics!!!!!! She's only 14??? Imagine when she's an adult! Go baby go!!!

  • The ending was so beautiful

  • She was on the rap game and she killed it

  • Good job kid 👍🏻