Film Theory: What is the Bird Box Monster? (Bird Box Netflix)

Published on Feb 5, 2019
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Bird Box is one of the BIGGEST horror movies right now. It's inspired dozens of theories trying to answer the BIG question. What is the Bird Box monster? Today Theorists, I'm throwing my hat in the ring and I think we've hit on something big! You see, the monster in Bird Box has left a lot of clues for a creature we never see. I've gathered the evidence and you are going to want to hear this! Let's go!
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants, Koen Verhagen, and Chance Cole
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
The Bible
Encyclopedia of Demons in World Religions and Cultures
The Call of Cthulhu
At the Mountains of Madness
Get Out
Bird Box


  • Why the hell did you use the great red dragon on the cover of your photoshopped “call of Cthulhu” book? He’s not Cthulhu, he’s a dragon from the apocalypse. I’m surprised that you didn’t bring him up, “the great red Dragon and the Lady Cloaked In sun” depicts a PREGNANT LADY under the powers of “Cthulhu” as you depict him

  • Ist your Parents having Sex

  • I love 17:27 we got a creepypasta, a kaiju a zombie a xeno and an Egyptian greek gods and a celtic/norse goddess

  • Or God, since according to the Abrahamic religions, no one could possibly look at it without going insane or dying,

  • Btw I honestly think that the monster is Satan.

  • 0:13 I wonder how many times MatPat laughed trying to do those noises.

  • Exploding eyeballs.....HERMAEUS!!!!

  • Puca is a skrull and the skrull is rhodey

  • I just watched the skrull video right before this and that skrull and rhodey shapeshift in this video got me good

  • MatPat fucking dies

  • Its just shaggy on 7% of his power

  • So you are telling me that the monster is a Boggart.

  • The bird box book was before a quiet place

  • What happpens to blind people? Even criminals can't make them see the monster.

  • Huli jing is the nine tailed fox

  • Maybe it will make kill yourself?

  • It’s also impossible to fathom nothingness But that can’t be personified.

  • The bit from the bible sounds like something put of an elder scrolls prohecy.

  • Nine tailed fox!! NARUTO😂🙆🏻‍♂️🙆🏻‍♂️😂

  • Night-Gaunt looks like monster bendy (?) that his name? edit: no _beast_ bendy

  • It's thanos in his finale form you over grown big toes 👺

  • All hail Pastor Pat!

  • the monster is PATMAT, Matpat's alter ego. he owns LIFE THEORY and MEDIA THEORY. Patthew Matrick has only 9 subscribers (the cult that worships him) and 7.3M haters (Matthew Patrick's subscribers, the ones that killed themselves. How's that for a Disney kill count, Matt? 3rd place?

  • Why is he saying the 9 tailed fox is Chinese? Isn’t it japanese?

  • Maybe you should make a book theory

  • A bird

  • 18 mins to say... you don't know. Couldn't atleast keep the shamless plugging out either, huh? I hope you're editor's are being paid.

  • That bitch hands her the baby then continue to watch the wndow after wars lol

  • Lol boy and girl . that women has daddy issuess

  • The movie was ridiculous acting lol


  • This is the dumbest shit i have seen in a long time.The creators of this movie are probaly bankrupt by now or lost a lot of money on this...but if i had to guess i will say its a 4th dimensional invasion.A being of pure energy

  • Just subscribed this

  • *Horny

  • It actually isn't a rip off the book came out 4 years before a quiet place

  • The monster is Shrek.. Shrek is love.. Shrek is life..

  • This was not right because charlie new what it was doing he said very clearly 'it on your worst fears' which how whould he know if he hadnt seen it though the whole thing was made by charlie even the monster cause he knows what it looks like and didnt die so he made the monster i figured this out all by myself not from the video i will replie again 1 day

  • Why is it called: The Bird Box? it has nothing to do with a bird box, unless the monster is really a demon that has taken the shape of a bird.

  • is it the NAZI technology that are abandoned and then possessed by demon??

  • looks like 7.9k people hit the like button while wearing a blindfold.

  • Depression

  • .-. Shaggy is the monster he used 1 percent of his power look at the leaves it’s green it was moving it was SHAGGY i just noticed

  • I thought the monster was social media personified.

  • No one knows but the dead, no Man's thought are God's thoughts. Only GOD knows.

  • that moan at the beginning this guy is totally a masochist

  • its Gygas, which is also gaster, and sans, and papyrus, and chara, which means ness is the true evil in bird box

  • The monster is a filthy Hanzo main.

  • We need more Lovecraftian movies. Something about ancient space demons/gods is super interesting.

  • What about the movie called Open House? WHO THE 🤐 IS THE KILLER?!??!!!

  • Monster has already been revealed it looks like it has macrocephaly, extremely pale and you can see the veins. The mouth looks slightly like a turtle beak on a human

    • It was revoked though since it wouldn’t be scary enough and even if it was the director agreed having a monster that isn’t seen is better.

  • What if it was the three monsters that revolve around infinity are the it's not one but three monsters...and to make sense to pea sized brain human beings who believe religion and started to follow the rapture plans?

  • Could have been my mother in law? She's enough to scare the buzzards off of a shit wagon!

  • Daredevil had that iconic imagery first...

  • i bet the bird box monster is anime charaters

  • Your greatest fear, and sorrow and psychos don’t have sorrows or fear

  • They say what the monster is

  • MatPat you need life alert 0:13

  • the monster in Insidious the last key is Surgat

  • My favorite part was 5:03 😂😂😂 just crapped on its everyday bro 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Takes off blindfold and subscribes again just because and sees the monster " Awwww crap "dies

  • Here is my in-depth analysis (read the whole thing!): "The Creatures" are The Truth. Reality. The way things really are in the real world. The main characters of the movie are snowflakes. They cannot accept the truth because the truth appears so horrible to them that they can't live with themselves anymore after having seen it. Once they have seen the truth they want to kill themselves as soon as possible. The world hasn't changed at all. But deeply affected by the degenerate PC culture, more and more people turned into snowflakes. Until the number of snowflakes reached the critical mass and... snowballed downhill. The evil immune guys are of course the evil conservatives and libertarians, who live in the real and not imaginary world. They are unaffected by knowing the truth, actually prefer it, and the truth actually appears beautiful to them. Some of them attempt to aggressively educate the snowflakes and open their eyes to show them the beautiful world around them, which in turn accidentally makes them want to kill themselves anyway. Notice that there is not a single normal white male in this whole movie. The old lawyer guy could have been one of the normal ones, but we will never know because he was killed in a knife fight and did not kill himself after seeing some "horrible creatures". We also will not know about the couple or horny love birds that took the snowflakes' car and drove away, maybe they were also fine. The last resort for these snowflakes to not kill themselves is to abstain from learning the truth, blindfolded and always hanging out together in "safe spaces", preferably with blind guys who are physically unable to see the world as it is. The end.

  • You awsome and cool

  • Open your eyes and lets begin

  • BTW I looked it up its supposed to be create In are imagination it could be any thing in our imagination :)

  • I knew it was cthulu and it's ok if they pull up new stuff about him like call of cthulu the game mythology is changed for the people

  • Never watched it

  • “So what if I’m the mOnsTeRrRrrrRrR”


  • The monster is jake Paul singing


  • If you're reading this, i literally just finished watching this movie in a huge house, howling wind outside with creaky doors right after having a really cold shower. I shat myself. I think this movie and "A QUIET PLACE" are two films that really really made me anticipate a lot. LOVE IT. I doubt those dislikes could make a better movie (intro)

  • If they got to Greenland, you know it's serious

  • The part about the monster being octopus Jesus (Cthulhu) is hilarious because one time I had a Cthulhu tree topper for my Christmas tree 😂🤣

  • God is real he has saved my life so many times and I’m sure he will again repent and believe in Jesus Christ

  • Alternate theory. Angels have come to earth to bring about a rapture this explains the multiple forms the angels take even the bible describes angels as completely different things. It would also explain why the criminally insane people dont kill themselves. they are not worthy of the rapture so the angels use them as tools. this does not explain why they cant pass through doors but it is an interesting idea. the talk about seeing infinity made me think of how when god spoke to moses he appeared in the form of a burning bush because laying eyes on him in his true form would kill people Edit: I typed this right after they said the infinity thing and had no clue it was going into it lol whoops

  • what if the monster is actually the friends we made along the way?

  • so what if im the monstAäåeÃeAeeAaaAE

  • How is the monster?

  • I know you said they sometimes don't react as if it is their fears, bad memories etc. but to add to that if you saw your deepest fear or a dead relative it wouldn't cause you to kill yourself after 2 seconds of looking at it. It's almost as if they are forced to do it, you can see this in the scene with Tom where he is trying to stop himself from killing himself but it looks like someone has his hands and are putting the gun to his head. I don't get it. I feel like if you saw something like that you would be mentally tortured but you wouldn't stick the scissors you had in your hand into your neck. understand

  • The monster is just someone who has a carpeted kitchen

  • There's a quote in the bible were john can only look at gods back cause if he looks at his front john would die so when they see the monster they die and there bodies need to despose of themselves

  • The monster is a bird shape as a box that's why its called bird box or it could be a box that makes bird noise and flys

  • Maybe it is a cthulu styled monster that as the books describe basically doesn't realize that the humans exist. The humans are merely "allergic" to the beings looks.

  • my idea is that it could be a manifestation of pure corruption formed and feeding on negative emotions within humans and then killing them when its satisfied and the only way it could have been created is by the humans own corruption for power and money and also the common corruption that lives within us.

  • I have a theory... The bird box monster is Justin Bieber let me explain -The pictures the man drew obviously fit Justin’s face -the maniacs were the fan boy and girls who are obviously under the delusion than Justin doesn’t look very terrifying -And who wouldn’t go into a flaming car after seeing that face.

  • The bird box is the devils rapture instead of picking you up it puts you down

  • I thought it was just smoke or black steam

  • The monster is slender man

  • Mma fighter “mean” Keith Jardine plays the bearded criminal

  • I like your analysis of the movie, but I still wonder, why is it called Bird Box? What does, I assume, a bird house have to do with suicide monsters?

  • Ur SOO smart!!!💖

  • Rapturing Cthulhu... Sooo, the flying spaghetti monster from the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

  • No ill never remove my blind fold

  • what he said at 7:42

  • I love how u go so deep into these theories!

  • What about goatman? I think it can shape shift and mimic voices, but i think its a bad guess, considering it's not "Infinity" like cthulhu, or is it?

  • I always thought it was a boggert from Harry Potter because different people saw different things. Like that woman who got into the burning car seeing her mom.

  • I thought it was a Happening ripoff.

  • Octopus Jesus

  • I feel like I am at church when you are reading stuff from the Bible