Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)

Published on Jul 31, 2018
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What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn't an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That's right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good 'ole BnL ruined it for everyone!
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  • Oh well it was a good cause getting everyone into space

  • My mind is blown away!!! 🙀🙀🙀

  • But you don't really make money off people who don't work all day and just eat your soilent green away. the axiom would be like a money-biotope with no new money coming in. No one is shown having a job on the cruise everything is done by robots.

  • Wall-e... cars?

  • Actually at recess I spend a lot of my time cleaning trash

  • I have a secret Read more

  • Matpat please respond

  • Can you please do a theory on how wall-e and the uthere robots can love and disobey orders

  • 5:03 yah... just get a bottomless pit to throw your garbage in... That's what's done in the Gravity Falls universe. (Ironically not where I'm from but oh well)

  • when you talk about BnL It reminds me of the controlling nature of our government and how we are just trained to consume and consume without even thinking. does anyone else feel this way

  • *how dare you*

  • Leaving each day? What happened to all the other ships

  • I meen , u can recycle it

  • This made me feel better about climate change.

  • But wait. In materials on DVD was say that BnL already controlled everyone company and even everyone grovement on Earth. Thay have already entire power on planet. But this theory is realy good and very posible. Mayby it was thay way to stop revolution or something and take even more power.

  • All that cars merch

  • 0:20 XD

  • I think this is one of his weakest theories

  • Hey can you do an episode on Voltron Legendary Defender?

  • he did

  • hi

  • Do a video about how long tangles hair is and is it healthy for a human to have that long of hair

  • What happened to the pixar timeline video i cant find it

  • I I like robots (including wall-E and Cozmo)

  • Hey MatPat! Now I'm wondering... How does the economics work while in the giant spaceship?

  • 11:04 i thought he said they have the 'memes' to do it

  • "Complete and total garbage" you called?

  • 🙇🤗

  • *claps hands* Wow

  • WE DIDN'T LISTEN and now Buy and Large will destroy our planet We should've bought the space ship cruise 😓

  • I actually dont think that bnl did it for the money becuase if they left the earth why would bnl want money if they woudn't be able to spend it

  • The theory does not work, when one considers caloric burn. Just assume a daily need of 1500 kcal per day, which is low because of the sedentary life style. One body would last about 66 days. However we are talking about 700 years! Even today there are techniques around allowing to grow plants and such. Remember: Algeas are part of soilent and can be grown in tubes with Led. For all the economists out there: The end of all plant grows was most likely an accident similar to the Dinosaurs last episode. 5 years to return was obviously intended. The Billionares on board don't need to work, as they live of interests. Sadly without economy, there is no return of investment. But how should they know beforehand anyway?

  • This explains why parents complain that items these day are cheap

  • What I don't understand is...where are the people who run bnl? They never once try to stop the return to Earth, to crack down with their seemingly limitless power...nothing. It's as if the company is entirely in the shadows. But perhaps they are. Or perhaps the Axiom is merely one of many, and they simply don't bother to stop one single ship when they have many more to earn money from.

  • *Each sold separately*

  • 😨

  • can thanos snap away the trash?

  • This is late but that doctor Raphjee looks kinda like Mark Ruffalo...

  • Bruh we are not all american lol

  • 11:09 I just noticed that pizza truck from Toy Story.

  • 7:51 i am mexican and i tell you my school recycles, my city recicles, I CALL HAX

  • How is BnL the biggest villain for destroying A planet. Have u even SEEN Star Wars (lul) Also look into the pixar theory, it is VERY interesting

  • BRILLIANT theory!!!

  • *Ah capitalism...still one of humanity greatest threat*

  • Wait... If they have a monopoly on everything, what's the point of having money anyway? I mean if you're the only company that exists, how would you charge people when they don't have any means of making money? That sounds like a pretty stupid business decision to me.

  • Btw,have you ever thot about how wall_e loves another robot ( forgot the name ) What if BNL courupted the robots and on that way people just could go to space,that were thare's only safe exit Just to think about it

  • Why would BnL need money if the only way to spend it is on BnL products?

  • how did that much trash get into space anyways?

  • You know Disney never covered who exactly is the leader of buy n large in ANY of there movies

  • Woah, woah, woah... Why is it that at 4:18, where he says LITERALLY ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD does it show the trash bags going to TEXAS???? What you trying to say Mat?

  • Hmm.... B&L sent out MULTIPLE ships, right? (8:38) But in the events of the movie, we only see one ship. What happened to the rest of them? I need another Film Theory......

  • Wait wait wait, idk if anyone else thought or commented this but.... if the passengers don’t walk and have everything done for them by robots, how do they reproduce? Lol seriously think about it! Do they have special robots that help and lift them into a bed together and like help them do the “movements” necessary to make a baby? Trust me, I hate myself for even having this kind of thought so I’m sorry to anyone who actually stops and reads this and now has this thought in their head as well. But it is something to think about lol.

  • Why Texas

  • The biggest hole in this theory, I don't see all those fat guys on the future rascals working... So how are they are making money to give to BnL exactly?

  • What if the BNL makes the robots (wall-e) use flamethrowers with uranium gas, the gas i think they used it in the space ships. And BNL is sending other robots to clean the ashes. And after operation to clean the earth the robots is starting to plant after that The landing operation is starting. After planting seeds And the space ships is gonna land making humanity back to normal Aanndd cut. This took me 45min to complete I kinda feel like a teacher I'm crying

  • But it is 700years and people aren't rich so and people die so less money but maybe they do have a lot of money but what if they did and people have kids but it has to be a long time to get married and have kids but they Maybe have the hole world on that ship so maybe it would be all right but the money are they gonna kick them out of the ship when they don't have enough money

  • What about all the cemeteries?? The land is all used isn’t it?

  • *S O L D S E P A R A T E L Y*

  • I've got one question. Why would BnL destroy earth for money? You can't really use money that way

  • Buy in large =WALMART!!!!

  • BnL wanted the humans out of Earth because the machines wanted Earth for themselves.

  • I love the Buy N Large is all evil theory

  • But what happen to the other ships

  • 6:40 do i see myself sum poland

  • I too, am a garbologist. I’ve in fact come up with a grand strategy to study trash closer than ever. Be trash. I’m doing it very well.

  • 10:59 LOOK AT HIS FACE

  • wall e

  • 5:03 Oh my gosh! Gravity falls! I love that show!

  • I think forcing people to live in space under a monopoly is actually a bad financial decision for B&L. Since B&L has a monopoly in everything and most people don't seem to have jobs, money should lose its value, so in the long run, there wouldn't be any profits, since any cash would be worthless. Even if people did have jobs, money would still be worthless since the only company anyone, including B&L, could buy from would be B&L. Is the company just making a horrible decision, or could they have an ulterior motive, like taking over the human race?

  • I just realized something, mat pat, PLEASE READ. First of all: why don’t you only see Americans on the ship And second: why aren’t any of them working to gain the money to gain resources on the ship? Maybe they possibly... took the cash from the government perhaps???? What if we have taken the idea of wall-e all wrong, what if the real message is about how conglomerates are taking over our lives and leading us to a life where most of us, ALL OF US EVEN suffer from obesity

  • It’s just like actual litter, where corporations blame us for littering when their dumping is the vast majority of the problem

  • This theory is great

  • Oh my God.

  • Yay 😁

  • But what's the point in money if only one company exists in the world (B&L) in a isolated space ship!? What is money really going to do?

  • I not love myself....

  • You should make a Reality Theory. Btw I love your vids but some of them are scary.

  • Also at the end the buy N large robot didn’t want everyone to go back to earth because the robot was programmed by obviously buy N large

  • Wait, but we never see anyone on that spaceship pay for anything, or even work for that matter. so where are they getting the funds to buy all those human milkshakes?

  • i dont understand this one thing the people in axium dont have money???? i dont think they do i mean they probably dont work they are just there to be there and no services are needed becuz everything is controlled by robots so im confused... pls some one tell me the answer

  • Do a theory on ways we could get rid of trash, like what you said, sending it to the sun or smth idk I think that would be interesting

  • Do a theory on the CW Flash Serius

  • you completely ruined my favorite movie starting with the cannibalism theory...

  • was still humans. Just a different fuck up.

  • hey matpat check out the new movie on netfiix next gem make a theory about that because i love the information you use in all your theories

  • The best Film Theory video I have ever seen.

  • I thought when you started on the "impossible to have that much trash" route you were going to say something completely different. Namely that plastic = petrol = we've nearly run out of that = no way to keep producing junk that can;t break down. But of course, that'd just mean you'd have to /try/ to make stuff that can't break down out of plant materials to replace plastic.

  • I find it sad how in current time when you ACTUALLY recycle anything it just gets sent to a warehouse full of recycling making the recycling problem more worse and if you LITTER or throw out the plastic ,glass, or other things then it gets ether 1) swept into the ocean and kills off marine life in the ocean or 2) animals eat the stuff so much that it fills their stomachs and they can’t actually eat or drink real food or water so the die of dehydration or starvation or 3) it gets taken to a land fill.

  • In England we recycle. It's the Americans that screw the planet up. Just them. No other country's, Europe, Africa, nope. Them and Canada cause all of the problems!

  • Is Amazon the real life equivalent of BNL?

    • Probably not. BuyinLarge owns like everything.


  • Kudos to you. Your so smart

  • 4:48 wrong generation

  • Like a fine oiled machine; reduce waste increase production. It’s only waste if it serves no end. I guess, then, that you could’ve gone deeper and looked at schooling in Wall-E. To say that the education level dropped and so did the maintenance of machines would be accurate as to how the world could achieve that possibility. If humans became so self absorbed in the utopian life technology created and forgot to continue to push on wards, lounging on the shoulders of titans, what would happen?

  • Also my garbage company is BNL Legit

  • I Think you forgot about biodegration Pat

  • The Cake is a lie

  • 4:44 Big ol pet peeve of mine - archaeology is exclusively the study of past humans and the environments in which they lived. Dinosaur bones (and all other pre-human biological remains) are the purview of paleontologists. There is very little crossover between the fields. There are even archaeologists that specialize in ancient (but not so ancient as to predate our closest ancestors such as the australopithecines) faunal remains, which is called Zooarchaeology. But these remains are usually considered in their relation to human subsistence strategies or paleoclimate reconstructions as a means to understanding ancient humans. Basically, if it isn't fossilized you probably want to give it to a zoologist or a zooarchaeologist, but if it is you hand it to a paleontologist. Side note - there is also paleobotany, which is the study of ancient plants. Really useful for climate and diet reconstructions. TL;DR: Archaeologists only care about humans. Paleontologists do dinosaurs and stuff.

  • Interesting video also, it seems that it could have been something else like a government thing as others said for the last message of the BNL president, they had masks, so deadly gas they did not know about. He was still there after they all left, he said it would be longer for the problem could not be contained. Also after the humans made no contact the AI with the captain took over. BNL worked for the government, also with Cars they died off, the gas problem they had it was running out, expensive, an energy problem. Yeah it gets messy Cars vs. Humans. that''s my 2 cents about it after watching this video on both these movies.

  • It’s kinda like the movie passengers where only a certain amount of people where willing to move out into space