Film Theory: Wall-E's SECRET Villain (Disney Pixar's Wall-E)

Published on Jul 31, 2018
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What if I told you that the Earth being ruined with garbage in Wall-E wasn't an accident? That is was all a big SCAM being run by the one organization set to benefit from it. That's right! Today Theorists I am going to show you how good 'ole BnL ruined it for everyone!
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  • *a bunch of cars ads* cars

  • 11:09 I never realized that that was the pizza planet truck.

  • But the question is, how would they profit. I am assuming that the starships dont cost money. If they did, then a very small amount of people would be able to afford it, since they dont work up there. And even if they did turn a profit, what would they do with the money. They killed the whole planet. The dollar would be worthless because it isnt backed up by anything. And their plan cant be to seize power once they reach earth, because the plan was never to return anymore. So I mean sure BNL could, but the question remains why they would

  • wow no joke boi

  • At 5:21 hes soundtrack like a robot

  • Mind blown.

  • My life is ruined

  • just use Florida as a massive fuckin landfill

  • But if BL is all about money. What are the people on the ship doing to make money to pay for all the goods? Or is their waste fuling the ship at the same time. And if so, is tge money just going around in circles? And what the hell are the people in charge buying with all the money? Seems like the passengers allready live like kings. So..... BL wants money just so it can live a life of servitude? I dont get it. Please respond

  • Go green go soylent green

  • It would be shockingly satisfying if pixar really said that this theory is true

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  • 7:32 - 7:36 "But in the world right now, _less-advanced societies_ tend to produce _more waste_ ." > Shows Kuwait as country producing most waste per capita > USA ranked 19th > Generally more developed countries mostly in darker green (more waste), while most of Africa is in lighter green (less waste) I'm sorry, what?

  • this is about the US tho, what about the rest of the countries? (no hate nor am I trying to start an argument, I'm just curious)

  • Felt it was more like plants were all dying and the planet was no longer habitable, robots were set to cleanup probably to aid with wildlife, the mass panic of people having to leave probably resulted in the cities being trashed.

  • Wait, how does that help B&L? By being the ONLY thing humanity relies on, they force themselves into a corner...oh wait, that’s the movie, got it, never mind!

  • Matt pats videos are each sold separately

  • I think we all know corporate greed is what will REALLY kill us all.

  • 5:01 oh hello there gravity falls i didn't think i'd be seeing you here today. says the person who's watched the whole season over 15 times over.

  • EE VA! Also goodby Delaware, your a trash can now.

  • Over 7 million subscribers. Congrats

  • BnL is literally the government

  • mat pat: the world **puts up picture of the us**

  • But the people don't pay for the ship

  • I think its funny how BnL forces people to get on their ships and then gets them to eat their fellow humans.

  • What we learned from this is that Capitalism is the true villain once again. Thanks Pixar.

  • Damn this one actually isn’t that bad. You did a good one film theory. You should still change the name to film hypothesis.

  • OK, this one is more terrifying then any horror film I've seen.

  • Don’t watch this while high I’m fucking warning you.

  • Okay but there's a problem: Why exactly would they do that? For money, okay. But what are they going to do with that money now that earth is not habitable and all they can buy is their own products? There's no point for them to do that

  • You should tell all these trash facts to the government lol

  • why BNL is evil, cause 1. they put human flesh into drink, and 2. they turned earth into a wasteland while taking away human's cash like an add does

  • spongebob is lieing, robots can love

  • Wall-E's unseen cannibalism: (marios's voice) the horror

  • I’ve got a question, Does Nagisa’s clap work (Assassination Classroom)

  • who needs money when you live your entire life on a space ship that has robots doing and getting everything for you?

  • Walmart

  • ♻️♻️♻️ go green people come on do it for the rest of humanity in the future hear that it’s the world being destroyed but hang on your helping by recycling the world isn’t being destroyed cause you recycled good job

  • kuwait isnt less advanced tho 💀???????

  • if you want a theory on 'Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas' Then like this comment!!

  • is it possible that wall-e is linked to fallout

  • Where is my purge theoryyyy

  • I was thinking on the BnL's Monopoly and I think that it is very stupid, what is the point of have all the money and the audience if you are practically the planet, you don't have rivals, don't need innovation get the most richest person in the planet does not have sense if you are de only and can't be with an other person and a plan like that need to many years, that means that the original main behind the plan are dead even his grandsons are dead, so What is the point?

  • Knnnaaaawwwledge

  • B n Large, your very best know I won't even pretend to understand how the economics behind this actually work. That line alone makes me think this theory is plausible. The fact it's still being repeated seven hundred years later makes this theory terrifying. Best case scenario I guess is that Buy N Large's main players died rich while their scheme kept running without them, leaving humans to gradually return to an Earth that was not in fact uninhabitable and start things up again with most of the world's knowledge ready for them with just a word. But even then, the Buy N Large plot is probably lost to history and thus likely to happen again...

  • Just give the trash to Sweden 😏

  • 4:18... Hey! Thats my home!😂

  • The generation of trash isn't linear, but exponential with the "economy growth". 100 years ago the rate of trash generation wasn't even a tenth of what it is now. Plus 0,0005 isn't 1/20th of 1%. 0,05% is 1/20th.

  • Doesn't this go against your other theory?If you think about it why would a company destroy a planet and not be fully prepared with food for their customers?

  • That's exactly what I was thinking. BNL is the big bad in Wall E

  • Because Cars will always be bad.

  • If you have the collectors edition of Wall-E there is a set of featurettes on the 2nd disc that actually alludes to BnL. They are called the BnL shorts (they are essentially a set of spoof ads and video memos) but if you listen carefully, this theory is actually confirmed by PIXAR.

  • I just realized that there are supposedly multiple axioms... so did they come back also? or are they still stuck in space?

  • Can you please do a theory on Avatar The Last Airbender.

  • Do Is Trolley HAUNTED???? (Trolley is from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

  • I love that randy rolls down his window when replying

  • Point of clarification, banana peels are bio-degrable and are not part of the problem.

  • *c a r s*

  • I think that there should be a theory about In-side Out. If you notice, Riley's umm concious characters are completely different from everyone else's concious characters. Why tho?

  • There’s burnable trash too

  • Recess😢😱

  • More like BORERAGNOROCK!!!

  • how would they use the mony if there just is one company there the only one how maks stuf they can't use the mony on anny thing??

  • Why would they make the Wall-E robots as well, though? (If I remember correctly, BnL made them too) They cost money while not providing much profit (I think), and they probably make the "dumpster cities" harder to form.

  • *puts up kickstarter* HELP US KILL BNL

  • When it zooms into earth you can even see that we have tried throwing it into space

  • I would absolutely say if the world was not driven by "profit" and "greed" there would have been more government spending and innovation on alternative energy...Enough to where they would be more environmentally responsible now.


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  • 11:59 Recycle Theory!

  • Nah MatPat pretty sure the Diet Coke was you you didn’t listen hey I’m only 15 so I’m bound to make mistakes we’re only human

  • Companies don't manufacture the plastic they use to package their goods. They buy that. Producing plastic requires cracking and reacting petrochemicals. Source: I fucking worked in that industry for fifteen years.

  • It's not my fault! I'm not to blame! It's the idiots who throw stuff away.

  • The cacke is a lie.


  • I once had an irrational fear of wall-e

  • Hey MatPat, can you do a theory on the stop-motion movie *Coraline* ?

  • Wall E 10/10

  • but hey this vid is just a theory.....aaaaaaaaaaaaa dum theory

  • the goverment would not agree with that unles the company gave them idk 80 percent of the money wich they wouldn't wich results with the company shuting down and earth going normal i mean trash-like normal because all other smaller companys would make products that result with more garbage and that means......this hole vid is a waste of your life people go watch something else

  • the purple cloud even shows up in your vid from 10:00 to 10:03

  • and there are scenes of wall-a's better and much larger wall-e type robots in the spaceship cruiser.they organise trash and theit's thrown into outer space nad posibbly falls on earth . that garbage x the number of cruiser spcaeship x the speed of the garbage traveling thru spcae to earth = much much garbage on earth. and that purple cloud at the beginning of the movie is possibly an undiscovered black hole type transporting thrown away garbage to earth

  • wall-e's are cheap and not good made robots they become trash demselfs.more robots they produce=organizing trash=breakdown of robot=robot trash made of meatl that needs billions of years to decompose=the post-apocaliptyc world from wall-e

  • you tryed but didn't sucedeed because of mi comennts hi hi hi

  • first coment was for the plastic bottle theory.this one is for the space garbage theory.if they use more money for there wishes and more products they couldn't make rockets to dispose garbage into space and if you did after a couple 100 years the sun will be overheated with the toxic and explosive gases from garbage and it would blow up creating a supernova destroying the solar system.and people who make much mone become real selfish.

  • you are not right. it's less money for packaging but more of the real garbage not plastic.less plasti=less money=more bottles=more money=even more plastic=even more GARBAGE!!!!

  • This video is some so meaningful in this trash filled world!!

  • William rathjie looks like mark ruffalo

  • *Buy N Large* 🖕 i hate buy and large

  • my health class is watching wall-e. *_and i'm about to drop the biggest bombshell on them that their assignment was wrong._*

  • 5:00 Let's add all the Asia trash into USA😃 then we do not need to reclaim land for landfield. 20:45 Migration between countries and space are different.

  • Its been 8 minuets now get to the point Think about how much gas & money you save by flying on paper air planes 🤪

  • 02:49 hes gonna finish this like with garbage isnt he. around one second later. fucking, called it.

  • There is a cobtinent made of garbadge

  • But if they did it for money, then what would they get in return for money? I mean they have entire mankind under their control the concept of money is insignificant, then what's the point of this enterprise...

  • I live in Kuwait well fuck

  • But if BNL takes all people to universe and takes cares of them all, then there is no use of money right? Then what should be the incentive for program if money isn’t work in this case?

  • I am eating a twinkie as i am watching this

  • So uhh, Ratatoullie theory when

  • At the point of the Wall-E story, isn't Bn'L just a big AI? I mean, at this point, what would be the point of keeping humans around? There is no money, nor no benefit to the omnipotent computers that control every aspect of life in this dystopia.