Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)

Published on May 8, 2018
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The final trailer for Deadpool 2 was released and I noticed something VERY interesting. This guy they keep focusing on, Peter. Is he REALLY the average Joe they want us to think he is? Or is there something lurking beneath this every man facade? Something POWERFUL? Let's find out!
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  • Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

  • Ummmm guess not.

  • I was honestly excited when I saw Mat was actually correct! I was like "Yes!! MatPat was right!!"

  • I'm telling you Peter = Cable

  • peteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer.

  • you were a fool to believe deadpool wouldn't add a character souly for a few minutes of comic relief

  • It is double bluff🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • You where right Holly baby Jesus you got it right congrats Mat Pat congrats

  • Why is the guy Susan’s cheating with so definitely black?


  • Well,before the film,just a little spoiler,petrer dies.....soooooo

    • and another spoiler, he comes back thanks to time travel shenanigans

  • He died. In fact , all of them die in 5 minutes (except for Domino) , so it isn’t a movie about x force.

  • You know what Matt deserves partial credit here, they didn’t go as far but DP2 did mislead us about the role of X-Force and the mid credits reset everything so I’ll give him this.

  • Mat pat seems to be quite TOXIC when he is wrong...

  • the indian guy in deadpool was lit

  • You are right cause he does die

  • He did die right away 😂

  • I was silently hoping Peter W was a somebody so that matpat would feel trolled but nope... You got it right matpat

  • Your theory is right

  • If you got a dollar every theory that was right you’d have a dollar

  • peter dies.... LOL

  • You know what, I haven't taken your seriously since the whole Overwatch vs TF2 thing. Seriously do some Fucking research before you Fucking piss off millions.

  • Everyone in the comments: "MATPAT GOT THIS ONE RIGHT" Uuuh, what did he get right? Peter didn't save the day, and the deadpool v cable story played out in the movie. I don't see what he got right?

    • The comments are referring to Matpat calling Peter W a trolling move towards theorists, aka people thinking he'll turn out to be Peter Wisdom from the comics will go to the movie and find out he's just a regular guy that dies immediately (which is precisely what happened).

  • When you realize peter literally dies the second he lands

  • MatPat, you were more right than I think anyone imagined. Jesus flipping Christ that X-Force scene...

  • The theories are usually wrong, but it's still a lot of fun

  • Interesting but your wrong...

  • Peter dies

  • Matpat ... your theory is half right in this movie ...I watch it and you are right about he just an average person, but he didn't even die once ... at the frist time ,he lost his arm and he ran away and the second time when deadpool time travel back and save him to told Him go back home , because deadpool love his little "yoge bear"(which is Peter w) .

  • GUYS PLZ HELP ME. So im doing a important school project about the news and how it sometimes is not the most trustworthy. I remember an film/game theory where mat pat talks about the summer of the sharks and about how “dangerous” the news told us it was, while in the same summer 48.000 people got hurt because of their toilets. Can someone plz tell me witch episode it was, thanks a lot

  • Wow u gut it rigt

  • It's funny how he actually got it right at the end, for once :p

  • You were so close MatPat So close

  • No deadpool is not but I love how he puts so much effort into these videos give the guy a round of applause

  • lmao yoo you were so right like 90 percent of the X force dies in the first time theyre shown... like literally minutes after

  • Mr. Stark i don't feel so good

  • Yet again you failed us

  • Lmao Peter died in his first 10 minutes


  • It’s so fun to see your theories come true at times

  • mat pat was actually really close

  • Matpat who is yokio?

  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooope he dieded

  • Do a theory on Marvel and DC being connected somehow because in Deadpool 2 Deadpool has multiple DC Universe references I hope you hear this idea matpat sincerely AJ

  • MatPat was right!! What an awesome film and an amazing theory, as always.

  • Holy shit

  • Am i the only one who got the psysh easter egg?

  • saw da movie

  • Peter isn't just a nobody he is a sugar bear

  • holy fuck, you couldn´t be more right

  • Peter did die

  • okay mat. you were completely spot on on this one. even with his death! you did well on this one.

  • WRonG

  • god when will these channels die, talking BS for no reason

  • Peter W did survive the movie, so there's hope

  • You were right!

  • Very accurate.

  • 10:40 ... well....

  • .... not again....

  • Wow he actually got one right

  • Gus from psych 😂😂

  • spoiler ahh yes, this movie is about the x force a team which was on screen for 3 mins before all of them died including brad pitt

  • SPOILER ALERT! He actually did it everyone, he got it right! 😮😆

  • Mat gets one right

  • And how wrong you were

  • L

  • No one tell him what happens in the movie

  • Marvel: oh no he got it right, time to rewrite the movie

  • It was a really good idea Mat , didn’t get much screen time of peter tho

  • This might be me being stupid but I thought Thames was pronounced Thames, not Thams...