Film Theory: Is Deadpool Trolling Us? (Deadpool 2)

Published on May 8, 2018
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The final trailer for Deadpool 2 was released and I noticed something VERY interesting. This guy they keep focusing on, Peter. Is he REALLY the average Joe they want us to think he is? Or is there something lurking beneath this every man facade? Something POWERFUL? Let's find out!
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  • Theory: MatPat gets every theory correct, and movies change the script, plot, re render everything after his video.

    • That's a long shot😂

    • Someone well except Fortnites theory about where the meteor will strike but yeah.... Although its a game theory...

    • Yeah did u enjoy how he was in the movie for about 10 minutes and then died.

    • Yeah i really think so too, i mean look at the bendy theories, after he covered the game, the meatly suddenly made changes around the game......isn't that suspicious...?

    • Someone y'know what? your probably right.

  • I freaked out when I saw Sherlock, I love Sherlock. 😂💓

  • Easy peter issssssss captain diabetes

  • Matpat was kinda right... the trailer was trolling us with x force... just not cable

  • He was right lol

  • Oh wow I he really got this one wrong Peter died within like 10 seconds

  • Hey this theory was right

  • I think the whole xforce was just there for a joke. (Except domino)

  • Peter- **dies**

  • 1:51

  • Hahahaha, Matpat really wasn't expecting them to kill off the majority of X-Force so quick.

  • There’s more to Peter then you know. Of course there is

  • Peter dies, tho.

  • Peter W, what’s his power? It’s lacking powers.

  • Wow ti's all wrait


  • this cant be more wrong

  • Sorry but he died in the movie

  • this is completely not related to the video but it would be kinda cool(and also make marvel a shit-ton of money) if they made a spider-verse movie with Tom Holland, Toby Maguire, and Andrew Garfield... just saying

  • Matpat actually got one right!!

  • He actually got this right

  • I love how he got the death of Peter totally right

  • Omg did you not watch Deadpool he dead Peter w

  • He was right it was all a lie

  • papa can you hear me?

  • 2:09 witch you aren't he dies grousamly

  • Well it's actually kinda sad. And funny

  • SPOILERS: I'm laughing the entire time cuz Peter just died on his first jump

  • You were right

  • Wow he is 100% right! That NEVER happens

  • this is SO WRONG XD

  • He got it right

  • I haven't gone to the theaters in a little bit more than three years. I just wait until it comes out on DVD/digital release and buy it that way. Edit forgot a period.

  • Welcome to Deadpool. Peter is literally just peter and that’s it.

  • MatPat, as much as I love you and everyone and everything in it, you are right

  • Lol, you got the theory right, Peter does die in the first dangerous situation

  • Holy Shit you were right for once.

  • Just pointing out the one who controls probably: ability to win, 100

  • Psych *S P O T T E D*

  • So wrong

  • Deadpool 3 should say and dont even try to make a theory about any of this mat pat

  • Captin Britain is better than captain America he should get a movie he is awesome

  • Now if try to find meaning in every little story and every little thing, you’ll just drive yourself crazy trying to find an answer. But there isn’t always an answer, sometimes a story is just a story -not exact words but pretty close quote from Mr. Hippo

  • Looks like you actually were right this time, Peter did die a horrific death like almost instantly

  • He died(peter,kinda)

  • Almost there Mat, almost there.

  • And he dies

  • Dude, the entire x force dies besides the lucky person

  • How incredibly wrong this video

  • You where right oh my gosh

  • Did you know a stunt woman died on the set of deadpool 2. I saw the filming in Vancouver about 2 hours before it happened when I was on holiday... scary, huh!

  • He died in a minute :D


  • U we're 100% right matpat.

  • I love so much how only the Peter W. survived the landing. :D

  • It was bs

  • It's sad that he died

  • Gus from psych

  • What if Peter W IS Peter Wisdom but a CHILD of Peter Wisdom, just a Junior. I dunno.

  • It's pretty sad that this theory was wrong. It would have been AMAZING

  • Ha ha they all die ha ha

  • you are right

  • Sugarbear

  • He died within the first 45 minutes i QUAKING😂

  • I waited 9 minutes for you to tell me you have been wrong

  • Peter w died in the movie

  • Peter dies

  • wow mat actually predicted that peter would die in the first 3 minutes of the movie

  • When he said knives I immediately thought Sebastian from Black Butler

  • I'd watch deadpool's commentary on infinity war

  • Good job you were right

  • Holy crap, you got one of these things right, nice job man

  • Matt patt you should horse gamble do poker or put bets on fights

  • the power slurp sound though

  • pinkie pie was also in the movie of deadpool 2 and pinkie pie is from my little pony friendship is magic

  • Matpat it sound likes you have been stalking Peter 🤔. Whatever

  • Lol so much work and facts for him to die in the move

  • WHERE WAS BOB!!! I thought Petter was going to be Bob from the first movie, but No!

  • On your next film theory do how old is Deadpool😃

  • nation personality rat ride flat queen learning apart.

  • SPOILER Peter does not have a secret instead he from acid on his face

  • Peter kinda reminds me of Ned Flanders

  • We Need a new Intro .......!!!!

  • that's why I love deadpool

  • Ha wrong

  • "The trailers have been gearing up for this movie to be about X-force" how surprised he must have been

  • Honestly the one time where I wished MatPats insane theory was right, both Peter and X-Force were kind of a lame gag, I hate when somebody introduces characters that end up being a complete throwaway.

  • I’m actually kind of happy matpat was almost right

  • Lol I love how petter died so early in the movie

  • Spoiler: Pretty sure Deadpool went back in time and saved Peter in the after credits Deadpool also said "I won't let anything happen to you sugar bear" to Peter w (:P)

  • Look up what if Danielle became dan phantom on US-tv

  • Well he dies.....but at the end is brought back at the end.

  • You got it bang on this time. Right down to him dying in the first dangerous situation. Nice

  • L l l I lies

  • 😏 deadpool and marvel know if they have DP and spiderman in a movie together us shipper will be onto that like hurry wolfs to a cow in a open field 8:47

  • Everyone is saying all of his theories are always wrong, but hey, remember when Scott said his FNAF theories were perfect? Oh ya, I should specify which time since Scott has said MatPat nailed it because he has done so many times. Does no one consider that?

  • "Mr" pool lol

  • You were wrong, he wasn't even in 30 minutes in the movie

  • selling out deadpool deadpool:of coures i am # i cant spell

  • He was right, he was 100% right about everything. Even Peter's death. 👏🏾👏🏾 I'm proud of u Mat.