Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

Published on Nov 29, 2018
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Groot became a fan favorite right away despite, or perhaps because, he can only say the simple phrase "I am Groot". Now, so far in the MCU we've seen only two people able to fully understand the little twig - Rocket and Thor. What I want to know is, can you or I learn to speak Groot? Could it be a REAL language? Let's find out!
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  • I am groot. Translation: Hit that notification bell!!

  • I can't believe you did this...

  • Matpat is getting closer to vocaloid Seriously omg this would be so much easier to explain if you quantify it to Vocaloid parameters

  • You already are adorable matpat

  • I am groot Translation:waluigi for smash

  • I am Groot. Translation I am Groot.

  • There's no way. I've been speaking the english language for almost 24 years and being in college I hear new words every day. 173,000 words sounds like like an extreme low-ball

  • 9:19 I know oboes are bad but, harsh

  • Im groot Translation: Im you

  • Hey speaking of morse code, is that image of the blinking trophy on the theorist gateway in morse code as I think it is?

  • Rocket was best

  • I am groot II amm Grooot (Everyone talking I am groot)

  • Toorg ma i. The twig.

  • Neat

  • Where the hood a-... Nevermind.

  • But Matpat, the way Groot talks, he’s saying full sentences. You calculated for words. He would say “I am Groot” and it would mean “Buy yourself some Game Theorists merch before it’s sold out.” And with your version of “I am Groot” you would have to say “I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot I am Groot”

  • Mourn from ds9

  • 0:34 Yes

  • This reminds me of gibberish


  • Ngl I was half expecting you to speak in those few words the whole video while using subtitles

  • 3:22........................Russia what happened?!?!

  • 70% of comment section- translating groot's language 20% of comment section- random memes and comments 9% of comment section- people talking about THERE theories 1% of comment section- turning the comment section into percents

  • Mat im waitong for the Avengers End Game theory?

  • 🤓


  • 3:26 BREAKING NEWS *new* country discovered in Europe with new a blue, white and red flag.

  • He forgot ferb

  • When MatPat is discussing the way in which somebody might speak a language, he seems to be implying that none of the ways in which you could deferentially communicate a phrase are based off of objective terms and phrases while that philosophy of linguistic language is false. Something communicated in a language is given its meaning not because of what was communicated but only within the way it's interpreted. Therefore, no matter what anyone says, or what anything happens to be, it is a language as long as it is interpreted as one.

  • Manderian mother calls down her son Son: I will be down soon ma Mom: DID YOU JUST CALL ME A HORSE

  • 1:21 yeah you have next to dipper and rick and deadpool

  • I AM GROOT Translation: Groot didnt always have this weird language, earlier in his comic history from his origins as a villain to his break out appearances in Annihilation and the new modern team of the Guardians first major appearance, groot was very capable of full english sentences, and to be honest, he was well written! my personal favorite Groot line was a scene where they guardians were crawling through the sewers, Groot being rather miffed about the situation, as he himself is technically a monarch, says "Crawling through the sewers is futile, FUTILITY IS BENEATH GROOT"

  • I saw game theory in a dictionary today

  • Memes will live

  • As soon as MatPat said, "you don't like Cheetos?", I realised I was eating Cheetos at the same time.

  • Incorrect Cantonese is the hardest in my opinion not counting the dialects. Because of the many tones and other things that I can’t explain

  • they use tear duct occalation (sorry i can,t spell)

  • they covered this in an episode of ultimate Spider-Man, vision explained it

  • Am I groot?

  • Matpat how would you say I am Groot in I am Groot

  • Even without the Hardened Larynx or however you say that MatPat the time, it would take to learn this language would be Extremely long due to the number of Variables and even small mistakes can change the meaning completely not to mention the fact that after 15 Humans will have A ton of trouble learning a pretty basic language unless they devote a ton of time into it and that is for a basic language.

  • I don't know why i started to die at 7:19 😂😂😂😂

  • #Groot

  • 0:25

  • I am GROOT Translation: if I see one more translation comment ill lose it

  • Why Diet Coke?

  • That whistle thing is true but they only whistle so they don't have to scream if they are far from each other, they still use other languages like Spanish

  • *Mat, addressing Chris:* "You know I never forgot about you... *SLURP*"

  • Wow the Mandarin word for ‘mum’ is made of the radicals ‘woman’ and ‘horse’? Why?? 😂

  • I laughed just upon seeing the thumbnail.🤣

  • 3:22 MatPat what the fuck, that's not the Russian flag!

  • Nope

  • You should do something about Fantastic Beast!!!!

  • we've only really seen one of groots species, groot, so maybe its like pokemon and they only say what there called. but good vid (atleast in the mcu)

  • 我都不喜歡中心 Meaning: I also hate chinese

  • I mean 1:21

  • 1:22 pause it and it will show GROOT🤯

  • This is extremely important information, make sure you take notes everyone, this'll help you pass your GCSES it will 👏

  • MatPat, just a theory suggestion: I think it would be interesting to touch up on Knights of Sidonia and PHOTOSYNTHETIC HUMANS. Like, would it be possible for a human to survive through the products of photosynthesis, if yes how much of the stuff do humans need to produce, and what would it take for us to achieve it, like, say, how long do we need to be exposed to the sun, etc. and i dunno, maybe also the health implications of being a photosynthetic human?

  • A guradians of the galaxy ep there you go on 1:21 on the third row.

  • 3:22 the russian flag is wrong

  • 0:19 Check, Check, *aND SCREW YOU*

  • Isn’t “timbre” pronounced like “tombra”

  • It hurts me that you didn't know it was a language before that

  • 12:48 Rip ears 😖

  • Groot doesn't use "I am Groot" as a word. He uses it as a sentence.

  • I'm Groot

  • I am groot is a sentence. Not a word. So Groot language have sentences as much as English words. So groot language is bad.

  • silbo is based on a prior knowledge of spanish, so it can't be understood otherwise its just mimicking the rise and fall of words that you would get if you were speaking spanish normally, but the whistling allows for people to communicate at farther distances, like btw mountains

  • I am Groot Translation: I am Groot

  • Mat pat "talking timbre of a talking Timber." Me "talking timbre of a talking timber whos, talking on twitter."

  • I know one german word that`s like "I am Groot" the word "Kiefer" it can mean "jaw" or "pine" the only diffrence is the article "die Kiefer"=pine "der Kiefer"=jaw. But in the german language you dont use the articels very often I am Groot

  • I am Groot. Translation: Stop it! Just stop with the translations of "I am Groot"!

  • I always thought the "most annoying noise in the universe" was the funniest noise in the universe.

  • You forgot the clicking language

  • I am hungry

  • "I haven't done a Guardians of the Galaxy episode." It's RIGHT THERE! Like LITERALLY AS YOU'RE SAYING THAT! *checks the video itself* Oh well, I guess YOU haven't done a GoG episode. WiseCrack did on your channel. Also, whatever happened to Film Legends?

  • 00:17 pickachu does talk sometimes tho...

  • Groots "language" is finite, which natural languages aren't. In natural lanugages you can always "invent" new words, groot can't do that if his entire vocabulary extends to "i", "am", "we", "are" and "groot". Also, in natural languages, you can always invent new sentences by combining meaning-bearing elements (morphemes or words) in a way they have never been combined before: "establish" vs. "establishment" vs "establishmentary" vs. "establishmentarian" vs "establishmentarianism"... or "I see a cat" vs "I see a cat that scared a dog" vs "I see a cat that scared a dog that hunted a man" vs "i see a cat that scared a dog that hunted a man that ate an apple"... Groot's "language" simply lacks syntax, which, according to the vast majority of linguists, would disqualify it as a "natural language". The keyword to look at is called "recursion". An interesting read in this regard is the ongoing "battle" between Nevins et al and Dan Everett.

  • Honestly if matpat was my science teacher I’d actually learn something and pay attention

  • I would say Groot's language is actually only consisting one word, technically. I mean, you can might as well consider 'I am Groot' one word since you can't change the order of the words or even leave any out. Groot never says "Groot Am I" or "Am Groot." So it's honestly one huge word for him at this point.

  • I prefer older groot

  • I AM GROOT I am GROOOOOT I AM groot I am groot.

  • Oh my gosh!!!! A HOODIE has a HOOD?!?!!! ITS UNTHINKABLE!!!

  • I am Groot Translation: *stan BTS*

  • lol i wasn't paying attention, my gecko distracting me so much

  • How do you do this every time?

  • I am grooooot! Meaning: don’t touch my diet coooooke!

  • Isn’t there a language that is only used through whistling? Edit: 2 seconds later, matpat proved me right

  • Mandarin is hard. I started learning it and accidentally called my friend’s mom( and his family does speak mandarin) a horse. 😬

  • the intro is amazing

  • im... im the only one who doesnt really favor groot arent i

  • i am groot Translation: i am groot

  • Next we will learn Yoshi! Yoshi. Yoshi yoshi... Yoshi!

  • MatPat: you can't speak groot Also MatPat: *speaks groot*

  • you are racist for saying just Ma I am Chinese

  • Im guessing how he says "i am groot" and the situation is how they understand...

  • If you lived in Silbo Gomero and couldn't whistle would you be considered mute?

  • Eat my ass

  • You forgot gamora 😭