Film Theory: Can You Speak Groot? (Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy)

Published on Nov 29, 2018
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Groot became a fan favorite right away despite, or perhaps because, he can only say the simple phrase "I am Groot". Now, so far in the MCU we've seen only two people able to fully understand the little twig - Rocket and Thor. What I want to know is, can you or I learn to speak Groot? Could it be a REAL language? Let's find out!
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    • But Thor is not being taught he just have the blood of Odin so he can understand any language every language

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  • He says five words. In the end of movie one he says "we are groot." Love you MatPat.

  • 12:03 NatPat it’s GERMANY

  • Why is the title of the video how to speak Groot I can you everyone can watch.. I AM GROOT!!!

  • You could use how many letters in a word to make a groot language like for example: ia mgr oot iam Translantion: hi how are you?

  • Also Groot explained the all his experences in the marvel universe to a celestial being just by saying: I AM GROOT in one of his comics

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  • In infinity war the last thing two of say is rather to rocket and groom does talk like us but we only hear i am groot

  • There is a guardians of the galaxy video in the scroll he did tho

  • I always die during the intros and get yelled at for laughing to hard

  • Some people use 0 words it’s called being mute

  • 0:35 dress in a groot costume and your good to go


  • 1:21 es you did, you did the "why guardians of the Galaxy is the best movie" video

  • I am Groot. Translation: I am Groot.

  • I am batman... . . Oh shoot wrong universe

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  • i think you're adorable NO MATTER WHAT

  • The problem isn't that there are too few words... the problem is that the three words together have the meaning of one word what would force Groot to say "I am Groot" several times in a row to make a full sentence.

  • could groot be a pokemon? i mean he haves leaf powers and can only say his own name

  • 12:00

  • I wanted too speak Groot

  • What if i am groot means i am groot and there just making stuff up?

  • The character that Rocket Racoon was based on died a couple of weeks ago🥺

  • how would you right things down in groot??????

  • I am GrOoT, I Am GrOoT, I am GROOT

  • Lol i wonder if any of the people that Will see this comment notice that groot is the exact dutch form of big. coincidence?

  • I am groooooooot!!! (Your intro is getting old!!!)

  • "I'm not complaining about some cinematic stinker or even ruining a childhood classic" Me: wHo ArE yOu AnD wHaT hAvE yOu DoNe WiTh MaTpAt

  • I know why rocket raccoon can understand groot, it's the language of nature!!

  • 0:25i couldn't stop luaghing

  • I wish I could learn bird language (the language that's all whistles). I suck at whistling though

  • MCU: Entish is way long let's make simple Result: I AM GROOT

  • for some reason when groot yelled "I AM GROOOOTTT" i said it mimicking "HOW DARE YOUUU!~" and then i wrote this comment writing for some reason...

  • Good Theory... but can you speak Peepachu?

  • you have done a video on Guardian of the Galaxy before, 'why guardian of the galaxy is the best movie ever'

  • That is only in the comices, the movies have some mager diffrences.

  • I was teaching my friend Korean and she said hell instead of rat. The beauty of language misinterpretation.

  • It wouldn't work when typing. If I type I am groot and think I! AM! GROOOOOOOOT! in an angry manner while doing so, you wouldn't know if I'm calling you a d bag or asking you out, would you?

  • That Wistle was so well made and positioned that i thought some1 was behind me

  • Before mat-pat says something about drunk. Me:Is mat drunk?

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  • My god what a nerd! I love you. No homo, but just a bit. Your funny.

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  • Timbre is pronounced tamber

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  • I am Groot. Translation: I am Groot

  • There are actually 9 pitches in Cantonese.

  • I nearly disliked this video but i did not because it's just a comment theory

  • You very smart to be able to know what to research. I wouldn’t even know where to start...

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  • Mat pat is one of the best theory channels that I know that uses statistics and super smart math great job mat I am groot: you are awesome

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  • Wo hui Kang Zhongshan wen! (I can speak Chinese!)

  • Well, some tribes communicate just in tongue clicks. Other tribes communicate in "Reeeee"

  • my favourite is star lord and then groot

  • Can confirm that Chinese is hella hard to learn

  • IIII AAAMM GRROOTT Como que en las canarias hablan silbando!!!?? Tengo que ir algun dia😂

  • I am groot i AM gRooT Translation: Thai is the hardest language. No Groot is harder.

  • Ever wonder why there's usually two villains in the movie, and that the dumb one is mostly tall and the smart one is mostly short?

  • I can speak norwegian, english and mandarin chinese... not kidding

  • you ask are you adourable now but nobody understood what you said btw i love ur vids

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  • 3:06 I mean Pokémon can communicate soooooo. I guess so? Also. I LIKE CHEETOS

  • I am Groot Translation:thank you i now know how to speak Groot

  • You know how we Groove dies in The Infinity Wars well I kind of think he's going to come back cuz if you haven't watched the first time he's come back and it's just everything is weird he's just a normal person so he's nowhere near going to die

  • I love groot and roocket rakun

  • theres actually a lot more than just one whistled language, theres about *40!*


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  • How do I speak game theory

  • Who else watched "They're taking the hobbits to Isengard" for 10 hours after this?

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  • Read a comic you can tell what hes saying. (Random fact)-(Groots bisexual)....So yes I guess lol :)

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  • but can i still learn to translate it

  • I am groot,No I'm already groot,what about star lord?I'm already star Lord. YOU SHOULD HAVE PICKED ROCKET

  • He said We are family in the infinity war dad

  • yeah..but we won the war...

  • I am Groot Only my imagination

  • Groot:I am Groot Groot translation:I have a plan Starlord:see groot understands Groot:I am Groot Groot translation:wut do u mean?

  • You could also do I never said SHE stole my money

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