Published on Oct 31, 2018
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  • Red back spiders have red black widow spiders have all black


  • Love the spongebob trap music

  • Wˀaˀiˀtˀ wˀwˀaˀaˀaˀaˀaˀaˀ

  • I’m scared of birds

  • the one fear I still can't get over: tripping over... yes. it's that stupid yet I fear such thing like the same way I fear the feeling of falling. shits in my way to my desk in my room? well I try to mario jump it like it's a pirana plant instead of pushing it outta the way(this is also due to my lack of will to do boring crap like cleaning). I try to sit down instead of falling onto my butt when stub my toes, to a point where it seems like my butt is more important than a possibly a toe with 3 trillion extra joints. as for falling, it's because I hate uncontrolable movements that also happens to be fast, making me want to stick my hand into the gross gaps between the seat in a bus if it's at that "too fast, too uncontrolable" state... planes? same shit. boats? fuck I hate the fact that the water exceeds 10 feet, with the other fear I have of fish eyes and big crap that is almost or even bigger than me. like, why? any transportation methods with me having direct control over all variables, I hate them with varying degrees with the subs and trains being the least hated.

    • horror movies... they also scare me. list of movie type that I ain't scare of: lots of gory yet just psycopathic. zombies. any forms of zombies won't scare me, just make me want to puke if one's too disgusting. minor jumpscares that can be expected, like shit in zombie movies. list of shit I'll never watch unless I probably have a group of exosists with me: ghosts. abandoned places... with a non-ghost related horror anomally. any movie with that "dun, dan, dun, dan... DUN DAN DUN, DAAAN" thing going on in the background before a jumpscare.

  • Is no one gonna mention that at 1:27 death’s scythe looked like soul from soul eater. (Shoutout to my fellow anime lovers)

  • How to make a top comment: 1. Say something about the background. 2.Say : who is watching in 2018/2019? 3.Say a random joke. 4. Do what I am doing now. 5. Make a list. 6. Being LazarBeam and saying something. 7. Doing the Read more Joke 8. Making a long comment. 9. Say : like if you still reading 10. Saying a meme. 11. Saying : Hi random person scrolling through the comments! 12. Copy pasting like me! 13. The notification squad thing. Like if you agree ( also one :D )

  • you killed spiderman

  • So ifntoynare forgotten then u die For The Last time?? Just wiped out of existence and Nothing art all happens?? What of X is experienced this Maybe we should all Remember NEVER FORGET X

  • That was the same ring tone AS my

  • yo I dont close my eyes to long in the shower either. I am like scared that a snake is gowing to crawl out of the drain

  • 7:12

  • same i get scared in the shower its so wierd

  • well , you wont have a hospital bill anyways. you live in firkin Canada XD

  • I was so scared of that end..... wich just proofs Your point

  • Soul eater reference

  • Dewwwwy....

  • *I was expecting a jump scare*

  • 0:55 Spiders are arachnids not buggs

  • Lol same, I never injure myself unlike everyone else I know.


  • I got mottephopia which is fear of moths and OHHH GOD ARENT THEY TERRIFYING

  • 5:30 *I cannot believe they killed off Sans Undertale*

  • Does anyone know how long making these types if videos take

  • Your fears are exactly like mine.😱

  • Dude,being forgotten is my fear too

  • I am also afraid of bathrooms Wow, I am not as weird as I thought

  • Scary= Anticipation

  • I'm terrified of dinosaurs. I didn't know that was normal...

  • That guy’s ringtone was *S A U C Y*

  • I'm not afraid of anything. Fear is a state of mind. Once you master that state of mind of manage to ignore it (like me), you sort of become fearless. I'm not scared of the dark because when my mind tells me something might lurk in the darkness, I know that it MIGHT. Not will be. There's no point in being afraid of something that may or may not even be there.

  • I tried jump off a swing in 2nd grade. I have a scar on my chin now. I'll let you wonder what happened.

  • I bet half of people left during the white screen

  • relatable

  • *My credit card bill* HAHAHAHHAA ME

  • I'm scared of all the same things he it's 4 some reason I'm mostly afraid of taking a shower I'm closing my eyes for too long

  • OMG ! That bloodymary thing IS SO TRUE!! 😂

  • Im fear to darkness.

  • Nice.

  • Is that Gonjiam Hospital(?) reference? 🤔🤔

  • If coco was a real thing there would always be that one person that doesn’t forget you and that person is yourself


  • Destroy half of the galaxy, it's sure that you will be remembered! :D

  • Oh no my credit card bill

  • People Still remember Edd from Edd's world, so You'll definitely be remembered my dude.

  • 6:38 I see that someone watches Vinesuace. Respect.

  • Well my fear is actually death and when the world ends cuz idk when i was a kiddo idk why i fear them... and rn my fear is when i am going to shower and i have to close my eyes because of the soap on meh eyes i wash it fast and open it quickly cuz i though someone is staring at me.. and another one i dont look thru mirrors when washing hands or face like that cuz i always see movies that you see them in da frikin mirror and yea thats all ;-;

  • 2:37 that’s my actual ringtone

  • 5:56 is such a mood !! i cannot

  • The quote by HP Lovecraft was used in the series "Graveyard of the Pacific" in Ghost Adventures! Reeeeeeeee

  • I think 6million people will remember you.

  • Dom 6.8million people who won’t forget u

  • I thought it was funny how dom replaced the book of life with coco, idk, just sayin...

  • I have full poriferal vison. I can sense thing behind me

  • Bloodymary Bloodymary Bloodymary 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • Damnnnn Dom. That hit me deep. The last thing i want is for my family to forget me. Ihave depression and when i was in my darkest of times i always said that I want to die, im ready to die And now being on my anti depressant pills that the thought actually kinda scares me. Some part of me says that if its my time then Ill greet death like an old friend but now the thought that I have pushed back has resurfaced.... that im not ready to die... i dont want to die.. so thankfully im not the only one thats kinda scared of death

  • My fear is that my toenails will randomly grow to like 60 inches and will break in my shoe. My toenails growing really fast is a curse.

  • The skeleton looks like SANS..


  • wow, I never thought someone with bad Eye sight would feel bad for us with good eye sight

  • my laptop has been freezing randomly lately, and that ending got me...

  • Im also scared of bathrooms

  • a am afraid of bathrooms too...

  • I watched til the end lol

  • you will never be forgotten don't worry

  • did dom try to pull of a british accent when quoting that quote

  • i am scared of the bath room too

  • I also have a crippling fear of bathrooms

  • cutoff prevention, the fear of youtube cutting off the last few seconds of your video

  • 7:05 Or do we? Hi, V Sauce, Michael here.

  • Smitty man Jensen lol sponhebob

  • Lebron James hairline

  • why....does this have so many dislikes...like what is even dislike-worthy about it

  • I have the fear of losing someone important to me.

  • 5:00 So relatable

  • i have a fear of deep sea monsters.. the fact i don't know how to swim makes it even worse.

  • 4:56 thats so me lmao

  • Am i the only person who stayed till the end for some thing to happen?

  • What if someone remembers you after you have been forgotten? Like someone stumbling upon and old photo or video etc.

  • the alien had 3 nipples

  • jeez I was expecting something near the end of the vid on the blank screen -.-

  • Horror movies are 99.9999% not scary once you've played a few horror games..

  • i am very scared of being forgotten and losing everyone that i love. and then there is something else that i am very scared of, which is... losing everyone i love being forgotten when i do finally die and then being reborn as a new soul and forgetting everything in this life that i am living now and then life repeats itself that’s what I’m scared of 😔

  • i am like domics

  • I would be the 1st one dead in a horror film

  • I have the fear when if you close your eyes to long monsters will appear, so when i put my t shirt on i cant see for afew seconds and i hate it 🥺

  • Lol, the white screen

  • It's his hat Mr.Krabs. He was number 1

  • Finally someone else with my fear of bathrooms

  • Feel bad for me i can legit see behind me almost

  • I have an irrational fear of people being behind me. Like if I'm walking down the stairs and someone decides to walk directly behind me instead of beside me I legit think he is about to falcon kick me down the stairs. Or when I'm sitting in my desk and someone sits on the desk behind me and their legs and my back are almost touching i get extreme anxiety and want them in my eyesight but since they are so close it would look weird if I suddenly turned around and stared so. I'm also sometimes scared of random urges i have. Someone is walking in front of me and my mind instantly says PUNCH HER IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD obviously I'm like uh hell no brain tf. Or I'm near a window that covers the entire wall and my brain is like RUN OVER AND RAM YOURSELF INTO THE GLASS. I don't know where this is coming from i never had trauma or abuse and I'm not suicidal so wtf?

  • what is with this long pause??

  • I broke my nose and I didn’t go to the E.R

  • I think that when he was trying to not be forgotten, Domics forgot to finish the video

  • 4:26 and then sometimes your brain literally manifests such things.

  • I'm not afraid of being forgotten. It'll happen eventually

  • That spongebob ringtone

  • I also scared of going to the bathroom after 12 am

  • He is very smart and makes me comprehend why I should not have a fear of fearing