Published on Oct 31, 2018
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  • What's the werd end of the vid

  • I just got a youtube friend request from a scammer thats trying to be you When i found out it was a scam i started crying His name is Domic’s

  • You smell bad

  • Hey Dom you probably have Paruresis if you have a fear of bathrooms

  • If I get scared I just say to myself quote if demons are real so is god

  • When's your birthday? I'm guessing in September or October... Please answer true or false...

  • I will always remember you!

  • There are a lot of spongebob memes in this domics vid

  • Hollow knight boys

  • I got injured once cause someone jumped on me while I was reading

  • Nice video

  • You don't actually need content anymore to make your videos longer, you can just put a blank screen and people will still watch to the end. LOL

  • I fucking hate cockroaches.

  • Train To Busan…ARMYs WYAAAA


  • 0:56 praise the sun my friend solaire is proud

  • Fear isn’t real. Fear is what u think what u are going to happen in the future

  • I have the exact fears

  • I luv train to Busan tho I still cried the 2nd time I watched it ;-; It’s not rlly scary but it’s sad

  • Now i will live with perpetual anxiety, trying to achieve something in my life to not be forgotten. Thanks.

  • Not to be mean just constructive criticism There really should be a trigger warning when talking about death and how we’re gone after we die because I literally started having a panic attack

  • yas hollow knight

  • No one is scared of the dark they are scared of what is in it

  • At 4:25 he used butts on all the monsters🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I jump off the swings like dat alllllll duh time I still got no visits to the ER


  • 4:00 haha it has 3 nipples

  • Same the end noting

  • Canada vibs

  • Canada has hospital bills? Spoiler alert: No there isn't and I'm Canadian

  • The shower and toilet ones relate to me.

  • d name of d vid is fears and my name is feras XDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • yeh.... Hollow knight is good. 06:38

  • I’m not scared of the dark I’m scared of what’s inside the dark

  • Just stumbled across your channel Domic, and have to say, love it. Lived in Toronto for 8 years, moved away and miss it terribly. Keep producing amazing content!

  • “I can’t just assume it’s a black widow! That’s racist!!” BEST. LINE. EVER 😂

  • I'm Batman

  • My biggest fear is spiral slides.

  • I HATE DOLLS literally if I see one I will have a full on panic attack

  • 4:20-4:29 ......Devilman crybaby?!?!?

  • 4:46 hahaha got'em

  • Achondroplasiaphobia is a fear of midgets?

  • guys I saw the book of life before coco

  • "Stop re-making a asian horror films" i honestly agree 100%

  • The bacteria that burped after consuming the last of our physical being, keeps our memory alive long enough for me.

  • I once had a porcelain doll.She used to stay in the bedroom. I used to comb her hair in two braids. In the morning her hair was always a mess. There was, also this feeling that she looked at you whenever you looked at her. My mother gave her away to her friend's daughter. Her friend looked at it and said: " It feels like she is looking straight at you". I was kinda creeped by that because I felt the same thing. I never liked dolls.

  • I don't have fear if I'm drunk hahahaha I walked in the cemetery alone hahaha

  • I don’t have good perifiral vision but my imagination is scarier than the movie so it dosnt really work out

  • I am depressed know thanks domix

  • Coco is a rip off of the book of life stop it,!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • U know what's impressive? Not having depression.

  • 7;31 is anyone here

  • I have the plastic foams part of sidonglophobia. The feel and sound makes me CRINGE OUT THE BACK OF MY HEAD.

  • I’m scared of closed doors that aren’t see through cause I’m scared there is something that wants to eat me behind the door and when I’m not looking they eat me(this is the reason I always open doors)

  • Wait so Hitler was not forgotten so........

  • I am watching this at 3am I am scared

  • Just remember everyone so that they never go to the last death land

  • The black widow had me dying Du-doom crash

  • Fear of the Unown? That Pokémon is so weak!

  • When I watch horror movies I don't get scared because I'm shouting about how stupid the people are

  • is it weird that i'm scared of humans? i mean like clowns and criminals.well guess evil clowns are criminals so just criminals. *sighs* i shouldn't be worrying about this stuff at this age.

  • WE ALL WILL LIVE IN ETERNITY Is what I believe heh.

  • i did lol

  • *Student loans*

  • Yes, Book of Life, the original, I love that movie...

  • Sry to inform you but 99 procent of people alive right now are gonna get fully forgotten in the next 200 years

  • ahhh.

  • May you tell me the programs you work with please! ??????

  • #afraidofbathrooms

  • When Black Widow came up I was like *Oh, so this is where you’ve been during those time gaps.* Also, are you a marvel fan?

  • Whos domics?

  • im scared of spiders

  • Button: Press me and you will save the world but no one will remember you after seeing you. Domics:*nervous shaking*

  • Why do I have all the same fears as you

  • Horror movies don’t really scare me, I wasn’t scared at IT at all

  • I have the same bloodymary fear!

  • 3:20 Definitely me

  • 1:03, okay so the first time I watched this I wasn’t in the marvel fandom but now I am and this cracked me up it’s just Natasha’s head on an actual black widow

  • I like the end. As said, the unknown is what we fear the most. And Silence is the modern unknown.

  • I have good perifafel vision (has to do with eyesight I can’t spell)

  • Wait- Your jaiden animations brother?

  • I'm scared of toilets ;-)

  • Rest In Squish Spider Man


  • 3:34 i go by this, most horror movies depend on you focusing too much then jump scaring you, if you just don't focus you won't get scared

  • 4:25 That's a lot of butts...

  • Goku son

  • OMG ! so nice & beautiful it is! I love it soo much😍😍

  • I don't get why people are scared of Clowns can anyone here tell me why people are scared of Clowns?

  • Dude I swear to God I have the same fear 4:54 I thought I was the only one

  • Where’s the sellout ad?

  • No one will ever forget you if you go on a mass murder spree.

  • I said bloody marry 3 times I front of the marrer

  • 2:06 Dom this is Canada, we have free health care

  • Dbz

  • I am not afraid of anything 😎

  • Chi Cha Ron! Any filipino viewers? HA HA HA HA HA

  • We share the same personality At least %45

  • lol krusty crab ringtone