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Published on Mar 21, 2018
*Subscribe Here* bit.ly/1U6GJFP Hi guys! Today I am doing the biggest closet declutter and organizing that I've ever done! This is Extreme Konmari Method Decluttering and it felt amazing to get rid of so much that I wasn't using and pass it on to someone else! Please give the video a THUMBS UP if you enjoyed it and would like to see other parts of the house decluttered :D
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  • I can’t with makeup I’m trying to limit myself because i buy and buy and i only end up wearing it once or twice and then they expire.

  • Just did my konmari decluttering this week after watching her on Netflix lol

  • Did anyone else catch that at 3:13 she holding up the same shirt she’s wearing?

  • I’m literally decluttering my closet while watching your video. It’s very motivating and I find it very therapeutic to clean, declutter, organize and rearrange everything and anything.

  • Great video

  • You Americans have too much stuff!

  • Love your style and you have a dream house and closet! The vanity is to die for! I love the flowers and vases you have - where did you get those from? And the silver dresser? Really gorgeous!

  • Extreme consumption results... Tons of products unused waiting to be used in one house. I was not a consumption goddess but I still got rid of many things and it made me relaxed. Recommended 😉

  • Smells like farts lol your accent

  • I would LOVE to know where you got the pink velvet photo boxes!! and im sure many on here will agree.

  • Where did you find the pink boxes?

  • Where do you get your vanity table and lights from?

  • ...sad say this but i got rid of 20 bags of old crap i didn't use.. most of it was stuff from my teen age years lol..😒 didn't realize i was holding on to clutter.. 😅

  • Very motivating. Good idea about getting rid of clothing....

  • That sparkly jacket would look so cute with high rise black pants and a bandeau black top

  • An I have the makeup please I live in cape town

  • Amazing😃👍❤

  • This is one of the best declutter videos I've seen on US-tv!

  • lol turn on captions at 1:40 your welcome 😂

  • those boxes are so cute, where did you get them??

  • 1:43 with closed captioning.😂

  • Saludos. Me interesa saber de donde es el mueble de los maquillajes con las gavetas (cajones) transparentes. Gracias =)

  • HI, Liz! I'm not sure why I haven't seen this before, but you did such a terrific job! It must've been a daunting task, but, girl, you did it! Don't you feel a lot better now? 😀

  • Hi Liz, I’m been a huge fan since forever. Can you tell me where you got your bracelet holder?!

  • This is so interesting because I’ve had a period where I had a lot of stuff for being a European but I’m starting to realize after watching a lot of clips that we put our money into real estate because a lot of cities are New York prices or slightly lower which means smaller spaces and way smaller closets so it’s an seriously interesting contrast .

  • I'm not sure if you already have one but you should definitely sell your pretty clothes on Poshmark

  • I love this! Even though it’s the nursery room you still kept your beauty area! Till

  • Is there any more give away?

  • I'm doing a clear out of my wardrobe this weekend, like you I really need to let go of items I haven't worn in a while.

  • U have an amazing clothes and accesories. Im impressed

  • You have a nice soothing voice and no nonsense approach. I just do not understand why you need so much makeup though but I am sure you must have good reasons for that.

  • I think you did great! But there is still so much left 🙈Maybe you could repeat this process after a while and get rid of more? I think it would be interesting to see if you really use al this stuff! :)

  • anyone else notice that she had two but first, champagne shirts

  • i so need to do this

  • Hate to be that person...but here’s a plug. Hers my video about my decluttering progress. us-tv.org/tv/video-PEYKCsBNyls.html

  • Such a cute sock thief 😂


  • You did great! I’m inspired to do the same thing.


  • Why was it soooo satisfying to watch that clothes pile shrink ? 😂

  • Love your videos!! Could you please share which vanity you have from impressions vanity? Also it looks like it is a floating vanity - maybe a video on that set up? Keep up the amazing work really love your organization videos!

    • I think i found it is it this one by chance impressionsvanity.com/collections/vanity-tables/products/slaystation-plus-vanity-table?variant=34772022723

  • Your dog is so fricken cute

  • What a great video needed this motivation to declutter my closet

  • Liked immediately when the sock thief was caught red pawed!!

  • dumbfounded how so many people can accumulate so many things when one only has one boey, one face and one pair of feet to cover

  • Send me everything you don't love...great job on clean up....i need to do same...

  • Love the vanity!!!

  • I am so in love with your makeup table 😍 the glass top so you can see all the pretties 😍😍 I wish I had room for one

  • Excellent video. I like how clear and straight-forward your process is. :)

  • How can a person have so much stuff! Even after decluttering, you have so much makeup! Do you even use it? Or is it going to get spoiled and you have to throw it out. Also so many clothes! Do you wear everything? or is it just sitting in your closet. It's been three months after the declutter so I'm wondering.

  • I’m looking for these types of videos because I’m moving to a different house and my room is a huge mess. When you go in, it looks nice and clean, but if you look underneath my bed... no mames. But this motivated me to be clean and more organized. Thanks for that

  • Love you and I entered the giveaway

  • Meee

  • That was a lot of stuff!

  • It turned out so pretty! Well done :)

  • Now I want to declutter my room lol That's what I'm going to do lol

  • This is one of the best and nicest declutter videos I have ever seen! 😍

  • Lol, l love you sock thief!

  • Cutest sock thief ever! Awesome job I might add. Can I live in your closet? :)

  • 3:12 damn she have 2 of these

  • anyone else notice that she has two of the same shirts that say "but first, champagne"?

  • Girlll just donate all that to me 😂

  • WOW! this motivated me to clean out my closet!!! i love this video

  • Imagine getting a pair of Gucci glasses from ur sister

  • where did you get those velvet boxes I can’t find them on amazon

  • I want your wardrobe!

  • What an adorable sock thief! 😝

  • sock thief? but an adorable one :D

  • She's so fortunate to be able to have an income to support this. Good on you.

  • @MissLizzHeart amazing video! Where do you get your closets from and the make up Jars that you do for organisation in the Jars? And your make up counter that you can see you make up trough?

  • At 3:12, she was putting away the shirt she was wearing! LOL 😂

  • das Geld sollte auf dem Konto von deinem Kind sein und nicht in Plastiksäcken

  • Dang girl u have a lot of money to buy Gucci

  • I’ve been putting off a declutter of my closet for a few months now....but this video has been a kick in the pants! Thanks! I think you did great!

  • So i need advice....I'm 29 weeks pregnant and moving 7 states away from my apartment i am in now. I have an 8yr old boy. And at my moving date i will.be 32 weeks pregnant and im freaking out because i think ive pretty much packed my hoarding worth of my tqo bedroom apt. And im.moving into a two bedroom duplex and i will be sharing my master bedroom with my newborn and theres very limites closet space. So how do i declutter in the middle of a move, a new baby, and preparing for babys arrival. Oh and im having a c section at 39 weeks. 😔 overwelmed big time. Any suggestions?

  • Where’d u get ur vanity

  • Where is the make up desk from?

  • If I have to much perfume I use one for air fresher lol

  • You should sale your things honestly donations don’t go to people who need it they re sale it ! It should be your money ! Think of it like old clothes have to go buy getting money to spend it on something else ! 😊

  • WOW - I love your makeup table! Where did you get it? I'd love to have one!

  • Omg I'm cracking up. I accidently had left the automatic subtitles on and when you talked about Mrs meyers peonies scent the subtitle said... yea you guessed it... penis scent. Omfg can you imagine 😂

  • I love ur vanity n the closet too 😍

  • It's really hard to wear unless I'm travelling? I could understand not wanting to wear the same thing twice but geesh

  • I love your sock thief!!! New subscriber. I spent 2017 decluttering, donating and selling things to minimize. It's very enjoyable to see others on the same journey. Great work!

  • Your sock thief is cute. 😄😄😄

  • I have that same Shakespeare hoodie and it's one of my favorite pieces :)

  • Thanks for sharing! God bless you! Very nice!

  • Wow, what a great giveaway.

  • I absolutely love your closet.

  • Were is the shelf were you keep your makeup from?

  • WHY CANT I DO THIS?! Im so inspired but i justify keeping everything

  • I love your channel. 💞

  • Yo nececito todo lo k estas votando desde peru regalame

  • Your aesthetic is #goals

  • I just found your channel and watched 3 of your videos. Very nice work Miss Liz. I really like your mirrored chest of drawers--Can you please tell me where you purchased it? Thank you :) Please enter me in your makeup giveaway contest. Blessings to you.

  • so funny seeing someone declutter something you use all the time. the mac velvet teddy is my number 1 perfume haha

  • Hi a new subscriber here .

  • Great video! I also gave my son my room and I need to move my desk into my bedroom. Thanks for the inspo!

  • U can use thred up they send u bags to sell lightly used designer or not stuff not saying u need money obv but ur helping ppl who won't tudn around n find it at a thrift just to sell it on they're themselves. So pretty

  • Nesting like a boss 💗💕