Published on May 10, 2018
FILMED ON: May 7, 2018 💖

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  • Hi word of warning I once Had TV on a set of draws and the TV had fallen on my child when she had open one of draws hi no no

  • Loved this needed this lol 😂 😍

  • There a secret door in the boy bedroom?

  • Kristen, I’m a fairly new subbie here and I’m binge watching your videos. Love everything about you and your family and videos. You are real, nothing fake, and that’s why I like watching. Just wondering if you remember the brand and color of blue that your boys bedroom is painted? Thanks a bunch!

    • The Kasper Family That’s ok.

    • Thank you so much!!! I wish I could remember 🙈 it was from Walmart and not very good paint actually.

  • Great job!

  • You should get them a bulletin board!

  • I'm trying to clean out Mr 5's room, was slow going, so unmotivated, so I search up a video or two, find this.. and now it's like have company! Lol.. 😋 Thanks so much for the motivation, I really need it! Let's do this! 😂😄 x

  • This is such an awesome video but what I would say is that you stop talking and just keep swallowing and it might bother some people, not me but I wanted to tell you just in case

  • A white eraser might take off all the crayon scribble. Painting the brown dresser would like refreshed! Good job! Looks great!

  • Thanks for showing us what a REAL bedroom looks like with kids, you see some that are like this is a mess and I am like what where? haha! Enjoyed this I am now Motivated to tackle my girls room. Thank you! New sub x

  • Random question, just watching decluttering videos. Why do you put the boys sheets on backwards if you don’t pull them down? If that makes sense lol. I feel like people usually do that just to show the sheets when they make the bed. I truly hope that makes sense lol I’m not trying to be rude at all!

    • Just the way I do it 🤷🏼‍♀️ out of habit. Sometimes I do fold them down 😋

  • Oh my God. This girl is super cute. And the video is good also

  • I absolutely LOVE the room transformation!!

  • You did great!! It was very inspiring. You still kept a LOT too!!

  • I'm guessig the boys' beds weren't as heavy as they looked, or you're really strong lol You did a great job decluttering and organizing.

  • My brothers used to always tape things on the wall so I bought them a magnetic board and some magnets so they could display stuff without ruining the walls

    • That is the same thing I'm thinking and when they want they can change the pictures on it.

  • Great job!

  • what is that small door in the wall of the boys room for? is it a laundry shoot?

  • actual decluttering starts at 8:33

  • Great motivation! Seen your channel for the first time and subscribed!! Don’t want to be offensive but there is too much toys in the house. I know each household and kids are different but with 5 kids...small kids!..I’ve learned that more toys don’t make them play better or more or make them happy. It’s just more for you to clean up and to store. Maybe give it a try one day :). Greetings from Germany! :)

  • Yes I need to go through my daughters toys. She has way to many.

  • that was amazing

  • The crayon will come off using magic erasers :) Mr Clean. Im loving your videos and ideas :)

  • You are AWESOME SAUCE!!!! Good for you & good job! I'm going to clean off some papers on my buffet table

  • This is my first time being on this channel! Love how its 29 minutes! Great work👍You not only cleaned your boys room and got rid of a lot of junk you got me off my butt and on to cleaning my sisters room 😂👍

  • Everything looks like hand me downs

  • Finally a REAL life cleaning video! Love it! Very motivating 👍

  • Finally a video of normal kids and normal house , other videos are always perfect, but now I feel my house and kids are normal

  • I love you

  • Wow you did a great job.

  • The amount of "stuff" you have is overwhelming glad your donating it as children can not be expected to maintain so much stuff it's crazy just looking at it as an adult, more quality less quantity yo!

  • Woah, this was amazing. Well done!! Looks so much better.

  • yay! you are such a good mom #sorrynotsorry don't be afraid to purge

    • I just realized "don't be afraid to purge" sounds dark but you know what I mean!

  • 5 and 7 year olds should be making there own beds and straightening there room and play room. declutter yourself as a mom and teach your children chores.

    • Kristen Kasper of course it is. figured i would share the tip because its rare that children do chores anymore. atleast have of the adult men and women actually don't know how to clean wash clothes etc.

    • 99% of the time they do it. But I am their mother and if I want to go in and change sheets and make beds and clean, that’s my choice. 😘

  • what is it that small door

  • my name is brayden

  • This is amazing! Well done! I love that book container, it looks like it’s soo handy. Definitely motivated....not sure whether it’s motivated to declutter or to keep watching your videos!

  • I know this is a past video but all I'm thinking is you go girl! I'm 11 and I'm going through my toy room at the moment and it's so cluttered. I feel like I can't do it but this video gave my some really got motivation

  • I'm only 2 minutes into the video but some of those long adjustable metal bracket shelving in the little nooks for books and toys wpuld be cost effective and really awesome for storage.

  • So funny! My sons name is Brayden and our second choice was Brody. Got so much done! Good job mama 💓

  • Wow, that was a lot! Great job!

  • If I can give my honest opinion.. that little room could’ve been kept as the playroom with that cubical shelving unit, and their cute bench and table, books and toys could have their designating spot for example all books on the top shelves and toys inside their bins, the toy chest just makes them take all the toys out for them to find one toy, the beds in their room looks good but not with the benches and table, toy chest, dresser, and that book organizer, all that will create a bigger mess in their bedroom I’ve would hang the tv on the wall for them to watch in their room, but these were just my ideas I know everyone has different ideas and you do what works for you.

    • Kristen Kasper nice 👍🏻

    • There actually has been no mess and no issues since this rearrangement because they don’t really play with toys anymore. The small room is going to be my US-tv filming room 😉

  • You got so much accomplished! 👏🏻

  • And this video was so cute and satisfying, earned my subscription

  • It’s amazing you can still be so productive with three little ones running around! You’ve got motivation!

  • Look really good!

  • This was in my recommendations and this what gave for tomorrow on my planner

  • I've been decluttering for two years it's a journey!

  • I'm a 15 year old mother of 4 and the cleaning motivation helps me to get moving thank you

  • This does not help me at all. You have SUCH AN ANNOYING voice and you are jebbing more then cleaning. IF YOU ARE GOING TO TALK THE WHOLE TIME, THAN DONT MAKE A VIDEO ABOUT CLEANING, MAKE IT ABOUT TALKING THEN!!!!

  • Great motivation! Your so methodical and I love how your kids got so involved.

  • Omg my eyes almost popped out of my head when you pulled the beds out and there was a bunch of stuff underneath 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I feel your struggle!

  • Great vlog, but maybe shorten down the talking about what you have to do/workdescription a little bit? You have such a sweet channel, keep up the good work!

  • You did a lot!!! GO GIRL!!

  • I had to laugh when you moved the bed! I have 2 boys share a room too. Luckily there is no space to put anything under bed, but yeah your struggle is real and so relatable to most regular mums.

  • Ugh.. I'm way to familiar with the under bed abyss of toys.. Lol

  • My son is only 7 months and he already has so much crap from family, friends and myself! I was given so many clothes, and was lucky enough to sell most of them!! I gave a lot of his toys and baby gear to some coworkers and friends- I was planning on saving ALL of it for my future ‘son’... But I can’t stand clutter and the fact that I’m moving within the next 6 months really puts things into perspective and I can’t imagine all of it sitting and wasting space when someone else can be using it. Love watching these videos. Simplicity feels so good😍 still have more to go but I feel amazing and less stressed!!

  • i wish i could declutter with my daughters help, but instead of her helping whatever i try to throw away she pulls back out lts never ending lol

  • What if you made that empty room another bathroom?

  • Omg

  • THANK YOU for making this incredibly motivating video!!!! You got me off my butt and back to work on my house! I needed to make another cleaning video and now I’m filming it. So thank you! I will do a shoutout to you for getting my butt moving 😄💕🌸 love from another PNW momma 😊

  • Awesome job!!!

  • Are you going to video the closet ? I would love to see how that turns out! Looks great. 👍👍

  • Thanks for keeping it real! Action starts at 8:40! ;)

  • Wow aweseme decluttering !!

  • You could make that little room your office.

  • My son would have loved the Thomas table

    • Aww sweet Glad my son didn't see it he would have wanted it badly

    • Oh yes my boys loved it for many years 💖

  • Lol you’re so patient to clean all that up!

  • OK Ms Kristen -- I'm cleaning out my closet --- thanks to you! I am working on filling up a ThredUP closet clean out bag --- I'm up to 43 pieces of clothing that is going buh-bye...and more to go! Thanks!

  • Thank u for the motivation!!!! I decluttered our room and it felt great. Much love!!!!

  • So proud of you! Love this video!!

  • I am so impressed. You made so many decisions and worked tirelessly and got much done. Love your work girl ❤👍👌😘

  • could you make that small room your office?

  • Happy Mother's day!

  • I love your channel! Can you do another what I eat in a day?!

  • Love this!! Great job mama!! You look amazing!!😍💐 Happy Mother’s Day!

  • You could chalk paint their dresser in a blue to match and it would look so cohesive for their adorable room! Great job and hard work! I had to do it often when mine were little and these were hard days to clean out all the toy stuff! God bless you all!

  • You could get two bulletin boards and hang one on each side of the room for them to put their art on. :)

  • Wow you did so well. That is an amazing space your boys have up their. Hopefully it will be easier for them to keep on top of. This was very satisfying to watch. More videos like this please !!

  • Thanks for showing us the realness:) I'm glad I'm not the only one who's kids room looks like that

  • Great video !!!

  • You are amazing girl👍that came out wonderful. My favorite part was when the baby show up ready that book 😚😚 and when you move tje first bed all that stuff under that was funny. 💜💛💟💕 a heart for all of you.

  • Id be curious know what is below the room that use to be your nephews. Is it possible to make that extra space another bathroom? Loved the video as usual.

  • Also, how long did it take them to demolish all your hard work? ! Haha

  • Damn i wish i lived closer! Because what youre selling is the exact stuff ive been lookimg for haha Turn the little room to bathroom! As a kid i always wanted a bathroom connected to my room thru my closet... so weird but i wanted it so bad haha

  • I have been decluttering my house loke crazy this spring! With baby #3 coming this fall i realize we have way to much stuff!

  • Soooo sweet!! your kids helping you 😍😊 love them!!!

  • Oh to be young and full of energy!! GREAT video!! I am having arthritis issues, I assume or where my potassium is off, with my knees and I work for a while and have to sit. Our pool I open but not warm enough to get in yet so that’ll be my exercise for my knees and hopefully help!! And horder ... that’s my husband!! I’m bad on clothes and working on that but he keeps everything!! His corner in the LR where he sits .. I don’t touch.. he knows what is what there.. the rest of my Lr is good lol

  • I'm coming over from our girl Danielle's channel and just wanted to say hi. Any friend of hers is a friend of mine lol. Seriously though, you are too cute!

  • This is so therapeutic for me to watch! My husband and I just decluttered our entire house over the course of 6 months. It is time consuming and sometimes very hard. But now, I'm in love with everything in my home. Watching other people declutter makes me want to keep going. So inspiring!

  • I noticed some pen stains on the boys wooden seats you can easily take that off with a magic eraser sponge keep up the good work xxxxxxx

  • Ohohh what was under those beds! :D kids are little hamsters! You rock Kristen! I'm amazed with your quick decision making in setting the toys and books apart. I struggle a bit with that. Decluttering can be a bit emotinal, letting go and moving on to the next stage of their lives. I'm over 10 years older than you, so your energy inspires me to keep my pace with my 7 and 16mths girls.

  • I've been trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle also.....It feels so good to get rid of a bunch of clutter! Annnnnd I seriously can't get over your hair, I freaking love it!

  • You should keep the cubicle and make your office upstairs. Just a thought. Love your vids.

  • Love it!!! Now you got wanting to work on projects again!! Thanks for motivating us!

  • Also: what about turning those built-ins as dressers?

  • 29 minutes?! Praise Jesus!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • My favorite videos ❤️❤️ so so so paint that chest of drawers, has beautiful bones.

  • If you have that extra room why not move one of the boys in there?

    • They like to share. We have 5 rooms in the house and they got to pick. They have shared since they were tiny little ones so they like to stay together 😊

  • Wow...what a huge job! I love this video❤ I am so inspired! You must feel so much better already having that done! Whew...