EXPOSED: You Need to Unfollow Any Beauty Guru Who Does This.

Published on Nov 15, 2018
I hope I don’t regret making this… in this video I’m exposing shady behavior that I see beauty gurus and influencers partaking in. It makes me so frustrated, because in my opinion, if you are purposely deceiving your subscribers and followers you don’t deserve ANY of them. I know I’ll probably receive backlash from people who don’t know me or what I’m about, but I really feel like someone needs to speak up, ‘spill the tea’ and let you guys know what’s going on. I love you x
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  • Stephanie, you always seem so genuine and kind and I really appreciate that about you. You are one of the very few beauty gurus I will subscribe to. Thank you for keeping it real.

  • I just unsubscribed to Jaclyn after watching this....

  • Tammy Hembrow Michael Finch

  • This beauty make tutorial thing is madness. I’ve seen girls of 11 years making tutorials with adult make up together with foundation, eyelashes, mascara etc etc… Just Crazy!

  • seeing a beauty guru work with a charity to recover from a PR issue - #paginglauralee

  • Like Laura lee when she got into shit over Twitter she done that charity video. Sooooo fake x

  • I’m totally so done with the beauty community. It’s full of lies, fake people, money hungry people and they’re so shady. I’m all for small you tubers now and totally support them. Xx

  • Brutally honest. Hahahaha.

  • Good video, you make a lot of good points Steph. Unfortunately there are a lot of fake people out there, using charity is a bit of a low move. You make US-tv a better platform 👍 xx However I cannot believe the people dropping on Jeffree Star.... goes to show that people really do only remember mistakes from ten years ago.... and the people throwing shade obviously have never made a mistake before or said something they later regret 🙄🙄 Jeffree gets dragged into drama.. you cannot expect someone to jump on him in order to make a name for themselves by calling him out and for him to sit there quietly and take it?

  • So happy I found your channel ❤

  • How about Gabbie Hanna promoting Kenza cosmetics to her followers (mostly comprised of young impressionable people smh) and not even addressing it?

  • "Using charity as a way to recover from drama or controversy." *COUGH COUCH HATCHIIIIIIIIII LAURA LEE COUGH COUGH BRAH*

  • you couldn't possibly re-make this video but just make it 5 seconds long and just answer the question you posed in your video title, could ya?

    • I don’t make videos for people who want to be spoon fed in 5 seconds or less.

  • I'm late commenting as usual..... I've unsubscribed to so many beauty influencers, beauty whatevers. And the ones I've unfollowed, not gonna actually name names, but the ones that are just so fake, only about making money and having more followers (followers they dont even care about, only the number) ....I wanna watch someone that actually loves makeup, actually loves trying new makeup, is honest about if the makeup is good or not, and not worried about how many subscribers and followers they have, not worried about how much money they make, they do it because they love it..... another thing that bothers me is people getting all this free makeup, showing off their "collections" those aren't collections, they didn't go out and buy and collect that stuff! It was gave to them! And then regular people watch it and think that's the kinda makeup collection they need to have. And I'm not hating because people get free makeup, that's good for them. But I dont like for anyone to brag about what they have, how much they have, how much money they have, what kinda house they have, how many and what kinda cars they have, that sickens me! There are people, children who dont have homes, dont have food to eat, cloths to wear, let alone makeup, or private jets or what ever. If some one is so well off, they could MAYBE brag about how hard they have worked, how far they have came, and HELP OTHER PEOPLE! Not brag and show off about how much they have! I've unfollowed several people I use to be subscribed to simply because of that. I dont watch these videos to see what all they have, how much money they have, or other stuff they have...... I've also stopped watching people that are racists! And I dont think there is an excuse for that! That's who they are, no matter how many apologies, once it's been said or done, it's been said or done and I'm done with those people. And I dont think it's right or fair for one person to be ridiculed for it and then another do it and say "oops, did I say that, sorry" and everyone be ok with it! ....... I think stephanie is genuine, she is who she is, what ya see is what ya get, but shes also caring and respectful!!! There are some others, again trying not to name names, but try n come across as just being honest, or blunt and they are just ignorant and disrespectful! Unfollowed them too........ ok I may have the biggest rant on here, I'm kinda all over the place, but said what I wanted to say (ok there is more but I'm gonna stop)

  • Ugly bitch

  • If you go out and do charity work and go out of your way to film it and show how amazing you are, the only charity work your doing is for yourself

  • You should also unfollow any guru that has a "code" with a scamming company. Smh

  • I’ve started to really like you and your channel.

  • Yes and unfortunately, all of the above that you've been talking about WORKS. It works and it keeps them relevant and gets them followers. They keep being toxic because it benefits them and it continues to work.

  • I am here to support smaller channels that are laid back and down to earth people. I am sick and tired of this drama, PR hauls and huge 1000+ $£ hauls and flashy extravagant life. I want someone to relate to. Here are some channels I really enjoy and are relaxing actually :D RawBeautyKristi, Jessica Braun |JAMbeauty89, nicolerenee, Samantha Ravndahl, PopLux and RachhLoves. Share yours :)

  • Elle Loves Tea made a video about this video and she really dragged Stephanie the whole time. I don't get it, I don't feel like this is just for attention. So sick and tired of people hating her, she's dope.

  • Well said! ... you go girl ...

  • Now subscribed I love people like you Wayne goss xsparkage and bubzbeauty

  • Side note: Your face & hand are WAY far apart in skin tone! Foundation shade too dark?

  • I truly love you!!!!!

  • Trisha paytas just did this!

  • I love shani but she has 100% done one of those loop giveaways before when she went to Mykonos with tana mongeu and a bunch of other people

  • lol shots fired! Laura lee !!!!!!!

  • Gal you have some good points however it took you 7 minutes to say about 3 things 😂

  • omg i felt the same way abt the charity thing THANK YOU subscribed

  • Omgggg girllllll you took these words righttt out of my mouth!!!!!

  • You are not "beauty guru", you are drama channel.

  • Honestly this is the content i want to make! xxxx

  • 100% agree. I actually unfollow when I can tell they have sold out. This happens when you see all the bigger influencers all humping the same product - usually an expensive one (Tatcha comes to mind as does Farsali). They don't tell you they are paid for, but let's face it - you know. and, once someone becomes involved in drama, I'm out as well. It's sad this country seems to want big, ugly gossip and bad behavior to be part of their lives. It's a big reason there is so much turmoil. Too many people with no life live for ugly behavior.

  • Yups

  • I've seen COUNTLESS companies on instagram selling baby products doing the exact same !! It's not just limited to beauty gurus. I never knew it was fake! Thank you for bringing light to this!

  • Sub to PewDiePie instead


  • I’ve received so many e-mails asking me to be a part of a loop giveaway for a trip/cash prize etc and they always ask you to put in money and promise that your ig will grow. It’s super super sus.

  • Why has no one said Dani Mansutti??

  • Couldn't stop looking at the white lines under her brows...

  • Yes to all you said! Subscribing after watching this. Keep doing YOU girl! 👏🏼👏🏼

  • you know what annoys me though? Taking one picture as "before" then photoshoping the same picture and claiming it as "aFtER". Yeah.

  • Whats with the tranny make up this is like the emperors new clothes where no one says anything 🤨

  • Did a lot of talking but didnt really say anything.

  • Wayne Goss Hindash Sineady Cady Lisa Eldridge Sona Gasparian Tati are some of the most genuine beauty gurus I've seen on US-tv

  • That's why I love you! No bullshit, straight to the point, no gloss. Amazing.

  • I immediately Thot of Laura lee and that girl that made a vid about tati ~ both annoying people ~ u, Wayne G and J* r my faves ~ everyone thinks J* starts drama but he doesn’t ~ he doesn’t need it, he s got it goin on already ~ love u Stephanie!💕🌿💕

  • I don't really agree with you on the so-called "loop" giveaways. I have done a couple of those on Instagram together with other influencers, and the prizes were definitely real! Each of us paid money to buy the big prize or prizes and they definitely were won by someone. I would never deceive my followers by asking them to follow a bunch of accounts for nothing - honesty is very important to me, too. And I know other people who do real giveaways, and these happen regularly. I am not saying there aren't scam giveaways around, but definitely not 99% of them.

  • Good for you for have the guts to expose the truth and warning people! You look sensational as a brunette! :)

  • I adore you

  • Unrelated to the video but I have to ask... is that your real eye colour? I have never seen anyone with that colour eyes before! It's beautiful.

  • Stephanie, you're just such an awesome and genuinely beautiful person, not just your STUNNING looks, but your heart, your energy, your spirit, your authenticity, it's what all the influencers and guru's should be aspiring toward. NEVER stop being the pure and bright shining light of a soul you are. Your realness, your honesty, your truth deserve so much more recognition and applause... Aaaaaaaaaaand can we PLEEEEEEEEEASE get a Stephanie Lange cruelty free vegan makeup line? A good brush set too?!?!?! I'd feel secure about purchasing ANYTHING with your name on it, amirite ladies?!?!?!

  • You talk so fast it’s hard to figure out what you are saying

  • This video gained a subscriber! You're awesome!

  • Thank you sis!

  • Promo Codes are a scam too

  • I agree period

  • How does your face breathe with so MUCH makeup ? Looks awful

  • Your just adding onto the drama.

  • I love honesty I have unfollowed a few who are like you described.

  • Wayne Goss and you are the only mua I watch for actual makeup tips/advice. The rest are just entertainment.

  • I intentionally went to follow you on Instagram because of how much I enjoy your honesty!

  • who are you to tell people who they should and shouldn't follow

  • Just follow the over fifty crowd.... We’re just too tired for that shit.....

  • The LORD MACLEAN has saved me and he came save you too! Go take a look in the search column for John Maclean. He is everything!

  • Hell Yes!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • Can someone please tell me what James Charles did? I keep seeing his name and I’ve never seen him doing anything dishonest

  • I clicked on to say that eyeshadow is not blended

  • Honesty is beauty ❤️

  • Best video I’ve seen ALL week!!! AMEN GIRL AMEN🙏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼👏🏼

  • Makeup is cute, topic ok, but her foundation is too dark. Look at her hands compared to her face in this video....or tips of her ears.

  • I think it's the gay guys who bring the drama. That's my non biased opinion

  • "people who use charity to 'recover' their careers" **coughs** Laura Lee

  • Thank you so much for this, Stephanie 🎈💕💖

  • I strayed away from watching ANY beauty community videos for these reasons. This video brought me back to YOUR videos. So thank you.

  • Trisha Paytas does the giveaway thing a lot

  • Oh my gosh! I've been complaining about all of these things in the beauty community to my husband! Subscribed for life! 💕

  • Go girl.. you're the goat of makeup

  • Trisha Paytas, Manny MUA, Laura Lee, here for the tea, Nikki tutorials to name a few

  • Trisha Paytas, Manny MUA, Laura Lee, here for the tea, Nikki tutorials to name a few

  • Stephanie check out Ashyle Kyle. She did a video and you're the biggest feature. You're the entire last three quarters. In a fantastic way btw about this video

  • Ugh I hate loop give aways!!! Like I’m really going to follow 30 people just for a bag (even if it was real)!

  • People need to know also, that there are companies that will promise you followers/ clicks, etc for $$$. Bet that is one of the ways they do it to create these fake giveaway scams. Yes, the "created drama" is an old way getting people talking. Hollywood stars have even done that (I.e.-get married/divorced when they arent trending, doing something crazy or dramatic) so, it doesnt suprise me that YT channels to the same thing.

  • She looks so plastic

  • Good Lord your makeup is hideous!

  • I'm just trying to figure out what lipstick she's wearing...

  • You are awesome! And this is why I like watching your videos!! Honesty IS the best policy!

  • Are you being subtle with that star back there?!😜

  • I NEVER enter giveaways where you have to follow anyone. Sometimes I enter ones where you need to tag people if it's 1-3 people, but other than that I don't "do" giveaways. Sometimes they're such obvious scams!


  • I have alot of admiration for you and your courage to come forward with this important information. Its become a sick competition. US-tv "beauty gurus" slaming and shading eachother for views. I've see huge names in the beauty industry promote drugs to there young easily influenced audience. I've heard of buying subscribers. There are sad sides, like anorexia, suicide, cruelty. Those who are nasty will get theres karma is our friend. She'll get them,. My heart does go out to the family's of those young youtubers who took there lives. And hope that those who suffer from anorexia, recover well,. 💜 💜 💙 💙 thanks steph, cool informative video. Xxx

  • You should watch Shae, Thatgirlshaexo. No filters, no drama, talented, an actual mua, funny af, positive and just an amazing human being with a big heart. :) Same with John Maclean.

  • Why not attend licensed international makeup artist competition , read carefully it could be toxic cosmetics

  • We need finally give respect to official licensed international makeup artist vs taking advice from unlicensed makeup artist

  • Cough *tana* cough

  • Huda beauty does that often too

  • Stephanie don’t get involved please just do you your never going to win

  • I entered in a giveaway that tati had and also one that chloe morello had and both of them never followed up on it or announced any winners. I watched every video that the both of them posted for several months and neither of them mentioned it at all. it made me sad because I loved tati and always noticed how that in her pr unboxing videos she talks about things she’s giving away to her subs. i’m glad that you’re honest about this because I never noticed anyone else talking about it.

  • well said Stephanie.