Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less

Published on Apr 10, 2018
Ferdinand. It's not bad. It's kind of fun. Certainly more worthy of its Oscar nomination than Boss Baby. But whatever... here are its sins.
Thursday: Something adventure-y.
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  • Did he say "death by chew"?

  • do everything wrong Whit jeffy

  • 15:36-15:49 my two favorite after sins parodies

  • Ferdinand looks like a 2000lbs + bull. Even being gentle he would be very destructive. Also they are NOT bred for gentleness... just like riding bulls aren't. So 5000 sins for this kids movie sending the message that bulls can be pets. Hell even oxen (adult steers) can be dangerous because they are so big.

  • the fact that this came out the same day as the last jedi

  • Lol! Sonic the Hedgehog music! 😂

  • Like how do they know his name is Ferdinand

  • Im a bull, not a doctor! says david tennant

  • us-tv.org/tv/video-RoIJtobSOqc.html?t=828 time to make a 'coming' joke

  • 8:12 is the middle of the video

  • Wait, quatro is my favorite comedian?!

  • 14:49 And thus the Flower Bull steakshop was born. The end.

  • I see the reddish and the penis emoji😂😂😂👌


  • They skipped so many scenes. This movie is unsina-bull.

  • Nothing is too much Kate McKinnon!

  • Dude, I slept on a plane when it crashed and didn't wake up until after the crash, so the baby liking life-threatening situations is understandable.

  • I like your videos a lot

  • 7:18 “cinemasins uses Unreal Tournament reference in a sin. All the PUBG and Fortnite playing viewers are delighted by this reference to a CTF game released within 3 years of their birth.” That’s right. I’m sinning your sin. Deal with it.

  • You should have sinned the dabbing horses

  • The sin tally has to be a joke on the hedgehogs right?

  • Fuck they had to add John Cena into this movie; and as the main character, and it’s about wrestling, well bull fighting, but nevertheless it’s fighting and he’s the main character coincidence? I think not

  • This movie is “bull” pun intended

  • I agree with the bad pun.

  • Hmmmmmm, calling a white horse a "pasty faced gluestick" ......I've got to say, in a world with racist talking animals, that's pretty fuckin funny.

  • Your cistcist

  • They said hard right and took a hard left you didbt menthion it....

  • CinemaSins, I officially challenge you to do a sin count for ads. Like if you agree.

  • 6:58 because the other one can’t see

  • Once again another freakin movie that I saw and Cinemasins did but I. Never. Knew. Had. An. After. Credits. Scene. Now I wanna watch this movie again just to see that specific scene cause I'm curious about how that goes.

  • So the sins are 124......why not 1234? What happened to TRES!??

  • You know this is based on a book right?

  • Well yeah, it's a giant passive bull who likes flowers...

  • Wait did he watch the movie before he did the rating?

  • The horses are stupid af.

  • this is dumb and boring

  • He forgot to talk about the goat calling Ferdinand f bomb

  • Ⓨⓞⓤⓡ ⓢⓞ ⓕⓤⓝⓝⓨ Ⓛⓞⓛ

  • The final sin count was 124 or 1-2-4 or Uno-Dos-Cuartro. Coincidence? I think not

  • For me, Ferdinand is a good movie

  • Angus Would Make A Good Burger 😂😂

  • UMMM 15 MINUTES IT SIAD IN THE TEXT BUT 16 IN THE TITLE I SINED CinemaSins LOL but i cant be the only one seeing this

  • Wow mean nuns

  • 6:23 sin, I would just like to add, The bulls were moved to the adult side. Because of this, the horses were mocking the bulls way before. Had to have. And although their fathers were mocked, there was no reference of them. Not even from the humans!

  • The bee was from the book

  • Aren’t the bulls butchered after fighting, can we just skip to that?!

  • well i don't know how he knew how to jump onto that train like that, maybe they are self aware

  • >one more sin for movie being based on a less than 10 minute short.

  • 124 sins have Uno Dos and Quatro

  • Blue sky aka furry land

  • You saying “penis emoji” is extraordinary

  • I live this movie

  • in tagalaog(filipino) guapo means handsome

  • Ypu should've added 10 sins for the fact that they didn't tie up the bulls nuts, and they let the bull live, two of the most unrealistic things ever

  • As an actual ranch hand, I feel like it's important to point out all the flagrant errors I see from that perspective. On the other hand, I don't feel like writing a dissertation's worth of information... I would subtract the sin for the bee sting, though. Horses and cattle alike will freak out and bolt from far less; I personally ended up getting thrown by a stung pony one time...

  • Why does the ranch owner whose name I dont know look like the guy from Big Hero 6 whose name I cant remember? ... Callahan? I think his name was Callahan. ... or Callaghan. ... I think it was something like that...

  • “Where’s the beef?” With the cows

  • My cousin wanted to see it and my Aunty asked me if I wanted to see it too and I said no (bc it looked really bad) after they watched it she told me it was really bad

    • It's better than Minions but worse than Sing.

    • ​+Quagamerwii ShyGuyz OK that was just my opinion on the movie, its fine if you don't like it

    • SplatterCakeBatter You and your Aunty are stupid because this movie was good.

  • If you look at some of the road signs the movie takes place in France, Poland, Ukraine, Portugal & Spain.

  • Do one on rise of the guardians

  • 12:15 night to day while switching scene

  • Most horse are inbred for breeding and character proposes soo yee

  • so i take it this movie has a lot of bull?.... ill see myself out

  • So what I don’t get is you sin for maquina not being the exact machina. Then when maquina is the ex machina, you also sin. make up your damn mind boi.

  • 12:25 😂

  • Who here read the Ferdinand original book?

  • At the end fucking tres came back


  • The bee is like the one thing that goes with the story

  • I actually really loved this movie! Lol but I was glad you made this

  • Algun español?🇪🇸

  • 24:00:00 wait it’s still going?

  • hey on the bull chophouse it goes 123458? +1 sin

  • 124 stands for uno dos and Quattro but no tres




  • 12:46 I think they forgot what a seat belt is, because if they put their seat belt on, that wouldn't happen.

  • after all the cinemasins episodes i really feel i could make a movie with less than 5 sins

  • How much money does he spend on movies and popcorn


  • They dabbed. Yes I watched the movie. The horses dabbed and I lost date in all humanity.

  • I like when he does the ist things One of them is here 2:54

  • THAT FACE 13:42

  • Like this if I get you Read more

  • Penis emoji!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Why sin Maquina ex machina? Explain!?!

  • everything wrong with ferdinand. talking animals.

  • Wait a minute the title says 16 minutes but the video says 15 minutes

  • Nobody questiones how the horses dabbed during the dance battle?

  • CinemaSins sins the bee sting being the reason why the bull freaked out when it was in the book, clearly showing that CinemaSins did not do their homework? +1 Sin for CinemaSins

  • Yep. This is a good movie for teaching kids that Bulls are only used for breading, Rodeo/Animal Abuse/Being sent to the slaughter house

  • This movie was ment to be based on the original Ferdinand book.

  • The bull in red paint somehow didn't got chase from the anthers bulls chase him lucky him 5:05

  • Bullyees btw

  • 3:49 and this is where I clicked off the video and looked at 16 others right below it,or right beside it.

  • vegans made this movie 1098765434567897654356789 sins

  • 0:50 sans 9:40 sans So much puns. Despicable. Despicable! DESPICABLE!

  • 9:15 Im dying... right a ferdinand started dancing, BIG BANK came on on the radio and he danced in PERFECT tempo with the song

  • 12:03- Guapo would be amazing at CinemaSins.