Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less

Published on Apr 10, 2018
Ferdinand. It's not bad. It's kind of fun. Certainly more worthy of its Oscar nomination than Boss Baby. But whatever... here are its sins.
Thursday: Something adventure-y.
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  • I can imagine a movie named no mistakes with 100 mistakes

  • Lol

  • Did you mention how guapo should have been long dead before ferdinand got to the butchers

  • What the heck so is it um... 16 OR 15 I guess its a mistake

  • I was practically cinema sinning this while watching it with my younger siblings 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • What about when the horses dab I hate when movies try to be more “hip” doesn’t help

  • In acashin

  • Fluffy is the best comedian ever

  • He forgot to sin the dab In the dance scene

  • Omg, this movie is supossed to be in modern spain? These people have only seen Spain in google maps! XD I'm surprised they aren't all dressed like sevillanas

  • Damn dude it's just a Kids Movie!


  • You also forgot that Tres wasn't actually dead because he returns back at the end!

  • The Horses just Dabbed! Isn't that a Sin?

  • I hate the animation for this movie

  • I don't understand why they are taking full grown bulls to a slaughterhouse. When they are young, if they are designated for slaughter, they are castrated so they do not become aggressive and produce testosterone, which alters the taste of meat.

  • Know what's a sin? No one has original ideas anymore so they have to take a children's book and completely ruin it, dragging the story on and on...

  • Fancy mentioning a movie that reminds me strangely on how World War 1 started with just the movie title!

  • Can you do Lucky Number Slevin? It's one of my top movies, but I know there are a lot of flaws. That said, I think they do an interesting job of having a character call out most of the required efficient movie tropes. I'd like to see it torn asunder

  • This is spot on. Very spot on

  • Do the greatest showman!

  • Leave it plz gosh and plz stop saying bad words

  • The animation in Ferdinand looks a bit off, at least to me. Maybe it's the character animation, or maybe it's the backgrounds and settings, but for whatever reason, this animation looks DOWNGRADED when compared to Blue Sky's other projects.The studio can do much better than this.

  • 9:18 if that actually happens then CinemaSins will have predicted the future and will be required to add a sin for predictability AND another one for the freakin' dance off

  • My little brother and i tried to watch this movie and we both couldn’t stand it,he fell asleep halfway through the movie and i couldnt remember a single thing that happened

  • Where are the moms???

  • If the movie is placed in madrid why there is a sing to fucking valencia wich is at at least 4 hours in a car

  • Did you know that the original Ferdinand book featured a mother on a peaceful farm, and Ferdinand was sent to fight and his mother was ok with him not fighting, and he didn't fight, soo he was sent back without having to fight.

  • 12:21 I’d say there’s a pretty good reason it’s Angus with the line “I’m a bull not a doctor”

  • *22 years* ?! F*ck that makes me feel old

  • just subbed.. haha ur soo funny man

  • I feel bad for David Tennant

  • This was actually a book first and he did end up getting stung by the bee, but honestly it’s still sinnable because of how hard he reacts for his size.

  • 12:33-12:50 is legit straight from Over The Hedge. Several animals driving, then a car hitting a ramp and spinning in slow motion through the air...

  • number 3 was alive! that is the greatest reveal within the entire film!

  • at 12:15 me my sister couldn't laughing lol

  • That Scottish accented bull was a highland cow

  • Alright we need to build a wall!

  • Speaking of Unreal Tournament, does anyone still play UT3 online?

  • 12:20 he's a bull not a doctor! get it? ..... get it???

  • This channel should be called “everything wrong with”

  • ddr scene 9:23

  • the worst problem is: no lap dance

  • Is no one going to comment on the "Vebstoch" .... They literally threw in the German word for "bitch"...

  • 08:35 -- Also, cowlick.

  • They forgot the spears that they stick into the bulls spine.... it’s acceptable for a kids movie.


  • He's so big cause he's free range.

  • The fact that you’re putting sins on a cartoon fantasy movie... Sin count overload 127827252782737.

  • No, it won't be Thanos and Captain America....it will be Thanos and Peter Quill. Or maybe Spiderman.

  • I'm sorry, I can't watch this. I know what happens to fighting bulls in real life, and it makes this hard to watch.

  • "The war against the machines." HAHAHAHA

  • The bull with the long hair is also the new scrooge mcduck in ducktales

  • Everything wrong with Enchanted

  • chicken farmer?? I thought he was a florist...

  • I don’t know if i get the uno, dos, cuatro joke

  • 10:51. I can vouch for that. My radio turns on when I hit a pothole. 2003 Kia Optima. Seen better days. =D

  • A movie entirely about bulls, yet no allusion towards Lamborghini. Unbefuckingleivable.

  • Your sooooooooooo cringy

  • Is cinema sins stupid? Ferdinand was based off an old book. In the book, he got stung by a bee. It is not supposed to make sense.

  • Do rango its dry boring

  • Every thing wrong with the last Jedi ?????

  • Apparently in the actual book, a bee sting caused FERDINAND to be picked to fight a cowardly matador. So a sin should’ve been taken off for accuracy.

  • This channel is everything but good. Companies and people spend months and sometimes even millions of dollars and hard work to put together movies for many audiences. In this case, the audience is young children and many parts of this movie are fiction. To say things against movies such as Ferdinand and the other movies you’ve spoken out against is completely wrong. The fact that all this channel does is wrongly criticize movies (that are mainly fictionally based) and saying that they have flaws that are not correct according to human discoveries is wrong.

  • Stop with the racist calls

  • How hasn’t Fox/Disney taken this down yet

  • You do realize this is a movie they can make anything up with no explanation id hate to watch movies you.

  • I loved this movie for one reason. My favorite comedian is in it. YAY FLUFFY!

  • Somehow, I laughed harder than needed at the "bullshit" joke of the guy.

  • This, was a VERY BAD MOVIE!

  • Lol

  • Sigh... let me explain 10:25 for all you people who ignore bullfighting, when the bull s excelent or when the bull defeats the Matador he is treated as a stallion...

  • To be fair Marvel did make star lord dance to distract the bad guy or something idk guardians sucked.

  • tbh cute movie but I saw in in Spanish with my parents (old people love animated movies) and it sounds awful in English

  • Well it is a kids movie so they suspect none of the kids know this stuff (but i do :3) but in leap and im saying this cuz i watched it recently the statue of librety was its green color not bronze. Like boi its history they should have known that 😠

  • What do you have against people who eat apples, CinemaSins?

  • How to make a cheesy cliche movie about bulls even cheesier “it all started in istanB U L L

  • I've now developed a nice(?) habit of picking apart movies like this when I watch them with my friends. I am no longer allowed to watch movies with my friends without someone finding a way to keep me quiet so I don't ruin anything. Also, I think you guys should find the sins in ParaNorman. I've found a few myself, but I know for a fact there's plenty more.

  • Sin 125 that chop house is totally fake don’t they shoot the bull first! Instead torchering the bull with a smashy smashy machine!!🤨😏

  • I love animated movies. But this is the worst.

  • Movie are finding your video and is steal your sins

  • 4:40 11? As in 11 from Stra... Oh, ya'll know already!

  • do Peter Rabbit

  • #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting.

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  • Where is El Grande Padre?

  • I mean... that is just how water in a bucket works.

  • What a load of bullshit!

  • Have you done The Last Jedi yet like to know your view be funny like The Force Awakens.

  • You Forgot OVER THE HEDGE!! Lol

  • but like has he not seen the book?

  • Nice

  • i watch it and is nice i have a movie in my ps3

  • What about roll credits for each time they said Ferdinand

  • Shouldn't you take a sin off for them giving you what you want?

  • Um pretty long because he grew up to an adult from a kid when he was taken care of

  • You realize that Ferdinand goes through almost the entire movie without sniffing flowers so no flower addicted

  • They named him his correct name on coincidence

  • He filled it all the way because of all the other bulls hitting him would knock it all

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