Everything Wrong With Ferdinand In 16 Minutes Or Less

Published on Apr 10, 2018
Ferdinand. It's not bad. It's kind of fun. Certainly more worthy of its Oscar nomination than Boss Baby. But whatever... here are its sins.
Thursday: Something adventure-y.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • 0:53. Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

  • How many times are you going to use that racist joke

  • In the Disney Silly Symphony the horses were for the picadores. I think that's how you spell that.

  • This was originally a Silly Symphony from Disney.

  • “Yeah I know there’s a Radish and a PENIS EMOJI there but come on!”

  • 15:08 omg tres is missing (sorry if i spelled that wrong)

  • Wow. This was torture to watch. :D

  • Two things first: why do people think that Scottish accents are funny Two: my parents have been to Seville when it was 45c Oh yeh that is inaccurate depiction of Spain oh btw I don’t live there I’ve been to Spain years I a row And now the stream of angry idiots hating on me for not living in Spain or something

  • When he said that the bee thing was stupid it's based on a childrent book, the children's book is actually good though

    • In the book ferdenand is just a calm bull who likes to sit under a tree and smell flowers, but one day the men who choose who goes to the bull fight came everyone was trying to be the toughest but ferdenand just went to sit under his tree, but he sat on a bee he freaks out and starts running around wild, the men chose him and he had to be the bull in the bull thing and thats all I remember

  • that terminator dub at the end was hilarious

  • And he’s name is JOHN CENA

    • N Kat Throughout this video, +Cinemasins never mentioned the name of John Cena.

  • Are we not gonna sin the fact that angus was given a literal cowlick

  • It's an odd request but what about reviewing the movie(s) Skulls...you know the series about the secret organization that originates in college and alleged had people all the way up to the presidential office?

  • Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights please

  • when angus says "Looks spectacular", try adding: And that is how Angus was blinded for life

  • Now I know why the nuns sighed SATAN

  • everytime I watch a movie I just grab my phone and look up [insert movie tittle] everything wrong

  • Another sin; why did all the new bulls look so much more puny and not-bull -looking when their fathers look like real bulls and were so much bigger. The calves were normal looking, so shouldn't they look more like their fathers?

  • In way too many movies do people know the name of the animal. For instance, Beverly Hills Chihuahua. I could think of so many more, but you get the point.


  • This movie is bullshit

  • "Some other hispanic anthem" do you seriously want to listen to Despasito for the next 15 yrs?

  • 9:39

  • 15 minutes or 16 minutes???

  • Do everything wrong with the dark tower

  • I think it is kind of weird how he doesn't mention that the horses Dabbed.

  • I was waiting for that Sonic gag. Was not disappointed.

  • hi

  • 10:43


  • Me: Pass the penis emoji? Friend: The fuck you just said? Me: The eggplant you idiot

  • **Nina and Ferdinand bite from the same carrot** Discount Frozen. _ding!_

  • Please do EWW “ Boomerang (1992)”

  • I am disappointed in that movie or any movie that takes place in Mexico and the can't even say Taco right!!!

  • If Ferd has been growing 4 years, why does Nina look the same.

  • Sin 14. That’s what I said!!!

  • I remember watching this movie in school and being the only one who noticed that incest joke.

  • Plainrock "124"

  • Wow someone actually mentioned my country's name and it wasn't in a bad way! Yay America! Thanks for learning! :D

  • they had people capable of being really good at comedy like anthony anderson and kate mckinnon and an amazing ensemble cast like this could have been so much better

  • You forgot about the horses dab

  • If this movie took place in New Orleans, 12:39 would have made a lot more sense. Yet, alas, it cannot be.

  • Less worried about the wedding than the wedding night

  • #endbrotherism

  • As a spanish person this movie just makes me uncomfortable. Their accents and all the stereotypes are just... ugh. Also I really don’t get why some of them have “spanish” accents and others don’t.

  • 8:40 Donald Trump should've voiced him.

  • add a sin for quatro being the fat hedgehog, but he's in correct proportion to one, my sister has one, trust me they always look fat

  • How did you miss the perfect opportunity to use John Cena's theme at any point at the end?

  • The only thing I loved in this movie is uno. The rest was annoying, cliche, and anticlimactic unfortunately

  • Despacito

  • I didn't even know Gabriel Iglesias played in this, I only want to watch this now because of that

  • you never saw the book

  • me and my friend watched this and got twice as many sins

  • Me: (running) hay look a very good place rock I could jump on it and and escape Bad guy: JERRY WUT THE FUCK WHY DID YOU PLACE THAT THERE!!!!!!

  • the dance off was the best part of the movie

  • I actually have the original book that still that they.based the movie on and the book is just the scene of the bull farm with Ferdinand sitting at his tree getting tricked into looking tough by the bee sting and the arena scene

  • "we do not speak of Tres"

  • Why do you keep saying that the bull is sentient and self aware? What do you think animals aren't sentient or something? I mean I've heard that one before but it's still retarded.

  • what about that part in the dance off when the horses dab?

  • Reaction:Porcupines doing Macarena Me:aaawwwwwwww

  • 16:56 - Is that from Rocky 4?

  • I loved the sonic the hedgehog reference in the credits it was fun

  • 2:41 another sin The roof falls and Nina's doesn't get hurt at all

  • This whole damn thing and not ONE John Cena joke!? EPIC FAIL!

  • The "flower bull did it" part. It's just to good. Is there anything else to say?

  • "wHeRes tHe bEeF???????"

  • the goat's pupils are wrong

  • My bull Po, got stung by a bee and went berserk. Nearly destroying the fence and killing my dad. Minus one sin.

  • The original flower loving bull story, which was nothing like this movie, had a bull in a flower field, getting stung by a bee, which led him to flail around, which caused humans to take notice. Then, at the bull fight, he just sits and smells the flowers, making for no interesting fight, leading to him being let go. No farm family. No dead father figure. No self awareness, festival, or anything. Just a boring bull that liked flowers, who was saved from death by being boring

  • can there be a cinemasins movie??

  • My name is Ferdinand... it was kinda awkward to watch this movie 🎥😑

  • Why didn't you sin the fact that there are freaking German horses in this ridiculous film ( I'm not being offensive to Germans but their voices made me leave the cinema).

  • Summary: LOGIC

  • I guess you haven't been stung by a bee.... *dick*

  • hey look, its a dance battle

  • The bee part is in the original story. The just followed it

  • this film was wonderful

  • This movie is actually based off a book (it was much better in the book)

  • Really disappointed Peyton Manning wasn't allowed to say Omaha in this movie.

  • One thing I can't help but point out, 124 sins? What happened to 3? Ok I'll leave

  • *CRAM*

  • Referring to that bee sting plot point, if I remember, that was from the original book.

  • 13:23 the sign says "Avenida calle de Barcelona" or Bacelona street avenue.

  • Fun fact some guys actually let a real bull loose in a china shop... nothing broke

  • just watched it for the first time, time to ruin the great experience because i for some reason love it!

  • Yo you missed the book :am I the only one that remembers the book. This is so far off the book except for the bee and flower part :/

  • 13:26 That's Spainist

  • 0:59 / 1:51 I mean, come the fuck on. You could say that about literally any animal in any childrens movie ever.

  • Ok so don't sin the creates of this movie for the bee sting. The movie is about a book

  • Tres didint die... he just ran away to fight a fat man in a robot suit a million times over while meeting a mutant fox and echinda. Fight a robot version of himself. And live long enough to see his world plummet into broken physics (glitches) madness with a terrible "edgey" villain and meet his past self for the 2nd time!! And the hedgehog at the end of the movie is a fake made by said mutant fox to make tres's friends feel better. (I went way to far didint i?)

  • I’ve actually read the original Ferdinand book and this movie is NOTHING like it!

  • "Bulls in Belize......astonishing"

  • 5:36 lupe the discount Rico from the penguins of madagascar

  • you need to retire these "everything wrongs with" these movie shits

  • Yea half the time there was nothing on the screen and almost all the characters are talking to nothing

  • I like how you said spoilers, when no one would care

  • how avengers infinty war is happening Star lord hey thanos dance off *starts dancing Thanos: what the heck *nebula stabs through back of his head P.S not how the movie actually happend

  • 12:25 I did legitimately laugh when I seen this

  • I Have To Say One Thing You Missed: *DABBING HORSES!!!*

  • you know CinemaSins the caterpilars became a butterfly because Ferdinand kept on smelling flowers