Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

Published on Dec 4, 2018
A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.
Thursday: Adventure sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • In the movie they do have solar panels, and i dont recall solar panels being loud

  • I hope they make "a quiet place 2"

  • That movie was asscheeks

  • I died at sin 58

  • it’s a nonsense movie

  • Oooo his name is sammmmm (like if you get it (because nobody watches the ads) )

  • is it just me or does he sound like Dave from A lucky Penny Shop?

  • These guys need like a tesla or something

  • You just got a like for a dark souls joke

  • Why didn't they make a waterfall at their farm using a pump & piping? They would've been able to fart constantly with no repercussions

  • I remember my hearing aid would go crazy every time they would screech. Holy shit.

  • I hate you for using the term "Rocket Man" leave the past alone.

  • Everything is wrong with A Quiet Place

  • The most boring movie I've ever seen!! "A quiet sh***" this is the best tittle for it

  • I still don't understand how in these kind movies that there is no army kicking these creatures ass. Yes, these are dangerous creatures but they all have a weakness that would have been revealed leading to the army to kick there ass and therefore little need for these actual events to happen.

  • This movie was awesome. Also could you do everything wrong with youtube rewind 2018

  • Super nice😂😂

  • I enjoy these videos but have to point out INCORRECT SINS IMO: 7. Of course they don't loot plastic packets or plastic tubes of pills, they make too much noise! 11. Of course that happened, then they stopped making papers because it made too much noise! 17. It's basically a year. A year later. 25. There are millions or smells, textures, temperatures, the point you're missing is the creatures mainly depend on sound. 28. Yes, that is exactly what happens! 44. Crashing through the house would cause too much noise to pinpoint where she is, so sneaking in is it's best option. 48. Biting through the umbilical chord would work. 66. You explained the reason for it. But still gave the sin. (!) 69. If the creatures know prey is here, why not set up shop, live there, check there, explains why they returned. 73. YOU REMOVED A SIN AND NEVER POINTED OUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH THE ENDING. Sure they can distract, unveil and kill one of these beasts but when two come at the same time surely one will attack whilst the other one is getting shot? Just to point out Quiet Place is a good film, not a massive fan but I couldn't help but notice these obvious reasons you may have missed :-)


  • Infinity War is coming today or Thursday

  • alright thanks to this I finally know these characters names XD

  • finally

  • My stomach just growled loud AF while watching this ...

  • Why wouldnt the monster sinks into the corns

  • They don't get eaten they kill them for silence

  • Evelyn stepping on the nail made me go wide eyed because I and everyone else knew what was coming once she made noise, SERIOUSLY, I wasn’t the only one to go wide eyed and even whisper a “Nooooo,” even my dad who is almost never dramatic about anything, went wide eyed and said “Well, she’s fucked.”

  • *teacher turns to write on the board* friend: *whispers* hey dude--- teacher: SHUT UP i'm close to believing that my teacher is a monster

  • The bags of chips and candy are still there because they are a "loud food." they are so loud to open and hence the creatures would hear you, same with the drugs, it would be so loud to carry them around.

  • This used to be a good channel , it just seems like you give movies sins, whenever you just comment on something even if it's not an error. I get it tho u need views so u have to constantly upload smh

  • Have they sinned the Netflix horror "Open House"? It's hands down the worst movie I've ever seen and I've seen the DBZ and Mario live actions.

  • If those monsters are blind, how are they avoiding obstacles while running and not bumping into trees all the time?

  • i was waiting for it

  • Damn why ruin the movie for me.

  • OMFG SOOO TRUE!!!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • One thing that really grinds my gears is the fact that the US has sound weapons and never thought about using them. Also why didn't anyone think to set up giant sound stations around cities to blast loud sounds or music or w/e to drown out sound like the waterfall. or just make man made waterfalls everywhere.

  • what if they die cuz they died

  • I lost it at you assuming the baby was throwing up racist signs, to communicate with his deaf sister... #dead 🥴

  • I sleep walk and scream at times soooo I'm dead .

  • Boi you should do a RAP song

  • Oh yeah speaking of military. Why don't they used those sonic waves weapons

  • Sin: you bought some popcorn but you can't eat it cause it's too loud and you're forced to keep it there to not break the silence

  • this dude is so annoying. literally his whole channel is hating on shit. what does he even like

  • "I assumed thats racist" HAHAHAHA

  • “Sometimes when you’re playing dark souls, you just kinda realize it’s impossible and give up.” That line right there made this whole video for me holy shit

  • Thank you for adding in the prayer from Talladega Nights!

  • People enjoy movies that don't have this bullcrap MOVIES DON'T NEED THIS SHIT

  • 0:36 that is a cochlear implant.... very different from a hearing aid.

  • Haha

  • This movie is fucking amazing


  • Hated this movie

  • Anything but a sound plan.

  • this movie was made by teachers so that kids could keep quiet in class

  • What if they couldn’t hold a fart? This place is just doo doo

  • What happen if they thought theyre gonna poop but its only fart

  • This movie was hilarious every time they were in a situation where they had to be very quiet I remembered of Peter from family guy hiding in the attic munching loud as hell on those chips😆

  • If this was real Gary Indiana would be the first place to be eaten 😂

  • my name is beau

  • i loaf your channel cause it makes watching the movie super funny XD

  • Someone is a basher to the movie even they said it was a succesful that even critics do like it.

  • a loud place

  • I love the signs music. At the end, am I the only one who knew it?

  • Full fuck you mode 😂

  • The candy and nuts would be to loud to open, same reason there are still bags of chips on the shelves

  • 30 on trending


  • I’m just gonna mention that the candy and chip bags (along with the pills and prescriptions) would make to much sound to take/open.

  • People satisfied when the little boy is at fault yet he has no fucking clue about this terrifying event. Its the parents fault and the girls fault. Some of you guys call the kid dumb when the parents literally decided to make another child????? Only retards think of others as dumb without a careful analyses.


  • Um the bed is good for a door so sound won't get out i5s plopls all that math

  • "Everything wrong with A Quiet Place in 13 minutes or less" *Video's more than 13 minutes long*

    • they're talking about the movie sin timer that's in the top right hand corner of the screen

  • The foods left in the store all make a ton of noise when opening like crisps and candy packets. Also the medicine on the shelf all seem to be pills in plastic containers. Again noise.

  • Spoil sport

  • They just should have had the kid under the waterfall

  • lmfao at the dinner at the end lmfaoo

  • For all the stupid people saying how they hold they farts for 400 days. It’s a biological fact that If u don’t fart sneeze burp or cough for 36 hours you’re body stops producing farts sneeze burps and cough. Look it up

  • I was wondering how they had sex without dying..

  • This movie annoyed the fuck out of me

  • Hearing is their only sense they made that obvious. Christ you just want to hate for fame.

  • I feel like this guys is a half troll. Makes half sense but the other half of his points are just for the fucks of it.

  • This became 9000% non-scary

  • *13 minutes or more

  • They should make it illegal to eat crunchy snacks while watching this in the theater. And I only say this because I made the mistake of eating a box of Buncha Crunch the first time I saw it. It was so quiet in the room I felt like either the monsters or the other people in the room were gonna kill me...

  • *everything wrong with “a quiet place”* *EVERYTHING IS QUIET*

  • Alternate silo scene: the kid pulls out Dwight Schrute

  • Not a hearing aid? Cochlear implant? That’s part of the story?

  • yes, i saw the movie. yes, i kept my eyes closed when i thought we'd see her foot get nailed. yes, i vomited a little when i saw it happen now when im super fucking terrified of needles/nails/whathaveyou... 5:34 get ready to close your eyes for the next two or three dings

  • why wasnt there a scene in the movie of one of the creatures just going crazy after a bunch of birds in a tree, so noisy!

  • I know it's old but you should do a roast your self challenge sort of thing, where you name everything wrong with your channel, don't take it the wrong way you are hilarious but I think it would be funny.

  • Im pretty sure the game Until dawn whas inspired by this movie

  • Wait why is there a rocket in a pharmacy store lol?

  • Can't half of these sins be explained by like, maybe the creatures weren't nearby when the family made that particular noise and so they didn't hear it? Or that maybe less than 100% of the creatures' movements are a direct response to noise, that maybe they just show up at times because they're searching around for something that might make a noise?

  • Wait so that little kid in the trailer died?! Wtf!

  • Me and my little sister went to the theater to watch this and got snacks like nachos and popcorn...WE COULDNT EAT ANYTHING BECAUSE WE DIDNT WANT TO BE TO LOUD AND WERE TO ANXIOUS TO EAT BECAUSE OF THE SUDDEN LOUD SOUNDS XD

  • Wtf live at the waterfall

  • Lmao 😂😝😆🤪

  • Me and my very loud and talkative father watched this movie. It was such a hilarious experience a couple of months ago at our house

  • Fun Fact: when watching this movie you never realize how loud a movie theater is

  • When i first watched this movie, I didn't realize the daughter was deaf until the end :/

  • Everything wrong with this video in one comment or less... "Everything wrong with a quiet place in 13 minutes or less"... the video is over 13 minutes...