Everything Wrong With A Quiet Place In 13 Minutes Or Less

Published on Dec 4, 2018
A Quiet Place is a great movie! We loved it. But like all movies, it still has sins, so we did what we do and pointed them out in a video.
Thursday: Adventure sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Yea he got it pretty good this time. Yea was dum and not well put together. Stop makong stupid movie's damn you.

  • The racoon did get killed though.

  • And they couldnt just kill the shit out of the baddies why>?

  • Bad times to have diarrhea I guess

  • The girl just watched her brother stand there and she was the closest to him!

  • Bro why is it so quiet

  • At the end, you should have edited it so Leo says "NIGGA!".

  • Sin #18: They have solar panels

  • 10:06 GAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man my sides hurt

  • Confession time. Here's what i got: This is the only horror movie that's made me cry butter tears.

  • Ifeel Marvel is super idiotic than this.

  • Mom found the poop sock

  • 10:34 dark souls reference I'm dying 😂

  • *kids.*

  • My biggest problem with the movie is that the military never thought to send out a few helicopters with stereos and machine guns. Seems it would have ended things rather fast. We see the things jump, but you have to figure a few hundred feet up, you could still put holes in them without worrying about being hurt. Or place explosives around a stereo. Seems there are a lot of solutions. (Ok, not my ONLY problem. I wondered where they got the silent electricity from as well. And the fact people were putting out newspapers about how society had collapsed. But that happens in a lot of movies.)

  • K this movie is so wrong the girl hit the nail and the that ear guy or he can hear eap rape miss the nail on the stair's why TRIGGER OVER 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999

  • How

  • Wait how did it miss the nail ???? in the stair's WHAT THE FUCK >:

  • 72 Less than Zootopia (sorry if spelled wrong)

  • imagine if the monsters of and quiet place a bird box joined forces?

  • The hearing aid is a prop it is what the dad made and it didn't work

  • Shouldn't the monsters be attacking anything that makes sound? Like the waterfalls? And if you say they only attack prey, then that's bullcrap, bc the creature attacks the timer in the basement

  • Military be like "we found out that the creatures has super sensitive hearing!! Should we tried make a high frequency sound?? Meeeh let's not shoot and tried. Let's kill our self!! Yeaayy"

  • also nobody figured out how to use sound as a weapon like rig up some dynamite to a radio or something

  • Me...😂 You read my mind

  • One nitpick, the creatures don't eat people

  • Welcome to cinema sins the world of logic

  • Stupidest this is come to find out? 12 guage splats em dead ...meaning ANY shrapnel explosive would have sufficed all along ..meaning DUHH military WOULD have prevailed in short order ....how stupid a plot was that??? Ya know?

  • I agree how and why would they have sex in a time like this With all the moaning and groaning and they yes daddy’s And what were they thinking “Oh let’s have a baby during a time where people are going to die is a very high chance”

  • Could damn near qualify as "Alien 10" sans Sigourney Weaver...yaknow?

  • What was With the fireworks? Alien 4th of july?

  • You just can’t hate this film 😂

  • Oh bitch he did it

  • In 13 minuits or less. OMG YOU WASTED 32 SECONDS MORE OF MY TIME

  • 0:40, that's a CI (cochlear implant) dumbass. I'd expect you of all people to realize that there is a difference

  • You should watch the theory’s about this, it would clear up a lot of these sins 🤗 Like how they might have an audio loop or destroy technology feed back ( besides audio feed back )

  • all they had to do was be able to sound proof a bunch of guns and figure out a way so they can make a nuke that doesn't make any sound. But I guess alien demons are more realistic than that and it wouldn't be realistic to put that in a movie. :(

  • it was 383 days since beau died when it said day 472

  • There wassnt even a bounus round to be made

  • This movie was good..had to be...jeremy actually removed a sin for is last critique....

  • They left the chips because beau is one of those guys who chew really fricken loud.

  • Its not a generator its solar pannels

  • .50 cal would go right through them. Unless these things are made of adamantium or plot armor (hmmmmmm), the laws of physics still apply to them. Never mind surviving their planet exploding, then surviving the impact into Earth and the heat involved in reentry, they're made of flesh and bone. Nothing of their size can have built in armor plating that can withstand every kind of damage, especially rather larger bullets moving super quick. TL;DR Plot armor is fucking stupid.

  • Sin: oh yeah, watch your kid be in danger while slow Lee is the only one who cares

  • The whole “sound is allowed around the waterfall” thing isn’t true. You would have to be on the same pitch as the waterfall. Not only that, I can imagine what the aliens did when they first landed on earth and heard water.

  • The home has no door just a big ass opening

  • The creatures dont eat they kill to make the planet less noisy for there ideals

  • The real question is why the fuck would you nail a nail up on a flight of fucking stairs

  • All there gear was probebly stocked up on before the creater takeover

  • Hearing and feelin are there only senses

  • They used solar pannels to power the basement tvs

  • Its not about no noise its about as minimal noise as possible, unless they have there ears open the its about no noise

  • The creatures are realy primitive they only beat us cuz there dam near imortal

  • The missing posters are there to show that this wasnt just some fast paced alien take over and that it was just a series of more and more people going missing till there wasnt enough people left to stop them from outrite taking over the world

  • Also putting battery's together makes sound

  • I get triggered when u say marcus Thats my name

  • I swear to god I’m not lying, I literally just walked into the living room and my dad was watching A quiet place right after I finished watching this video. That’s 1000 sins right there

  • Ok I blame the daughter for Beau's death....

  • these smart comments actually make me feel stupid

  • They’re using solar panels on the roof, not generators

  • I honestly just come to this channel to watch a movie in less than 20 mins

  • i do have answers for a lot of these sins

  • You forgot the fact that usually it takes days for a woman to fully recover from birth

  • The only way I can watch horror movies is on Cinema sins.

  • You see Regan lay down on a giant patch of sand later, that’s where they get it.

  • So.......Aliens are librarians

  • The monster entered the house quietly because their wasn’t a door

  • *If You Want See More Details About Deaths, Go To Dead Meats Channel And Check The Kill Counts*


  • if their hearing is this super duper efficient just get a colossal speaker and blast some really earsplitting sounds like an alarm clock or something. pretty sure their heads would fucking explode

  • I haven’t seen the movie but maybe the nail was “don’t step here bc the board creeks” I remember having to memorize the stairs sneaking around when I was little

  • dude your funny XD&&

  • ummmm they don't have generator they have solar panels no sound

  • I read this video everything great with a the quiet place

  • RIP Jim

  • False. There is nothing wrong with A Quiet Place

  • Apparently none of them have any bodily functions at all!

  • The creatures have Sitrep Pro. All you need is "Dead Silence Pro" and you should be fine.

  • Um that is not a hearing aid it is a cochlear implant they work better than hearing aids however the deaf culture is that of a proud caulture knowing that it would be hard to understand why in a civilization where noise is not good and American sign language is used by every one why would that child need an implant

  • The movie won a award nominee, asshole!

  • Use me as a bird box ripped off quiet place button

  • *puts bitch lasagna on* *all aliens immediately die*

  • Hush Hush The world is quiet (If you get this song reference I will respect you)

  • Seriously, i'm appalled that Jim left Pam and their two kids. Emily Blunt is way bigger catch, that's for sure, but still, leaving two kids? Dwight even kicked you out of his survival bunker for this, didn't he?

  • Kid: *Activates airplane thingy.* Dad: *Slowly turns around and then starts to run at him thinking he could make it.*

  • Boy: if I was the monster I would kill myself Monster: *pukes*

  • These videos are the only way I can watch horror movies without dying.

  • They could've- idk maybe get some sound proof foam and put it everywhere?

  • Furry dumbass

  • The raccoons get killed

  • This was actually a really really good movie and I recommend it

  • The raccoon was actually killed the movie after this

  • Hearing Sight What's next taste? Dont taste or die 😂

  • Can we just also point out that Regan knew to cut the sound wire before turning the toy rocket on AFTER the kid died? Sure, the pliers weren’t opened at the beginning, but then that begs the question as to HOW she opened them later on.

  • Im all for a lot of sins but i feel a few aren't fair. If the monsters find you through sounds, bags of candy and chips are loud as hell to open, and bottles of pills make a lot of noise too

  • Every thing wrong with your channel in 10 seconds

  • Lol this is stupid

  • Jim

  • How did you not mention the most obvious sin? If they just built a place near the water/waterfall.... roll credits

  • But it’s such a good goddamn movie