Everyone's Favorite Turtles!

Published on Jul 10, 2018
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On this episode of Dragon Tails, Coyote and Mario go on a backyard adventure in Central Ohio to discover a very common but very lovable reptilian species.
Get ready to meet everyones favorite turtle!
*This video has been re-uploaded, the original version included an editing error discovered by the audience, thank you to those who pointed it out. We simply used a supplementary b-roll shot in place of the intended clip. We try our best to produce content of the highest quality possible however sometimes we do make mistakes…this mistake has now been corrected, we apologize for any confusion.*
*Please never attempt to catch or handle wild turtles.
Dragon Tails explores the incredible world of snapping turtles and all of the folklore and myth that surrounds one of the planet's most ancient and misunderstood creatures. Get ready to take a journey deep into the remote swamplands of the Eastern United States with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson as you join him on his quest to find a world record sized mud dragon!

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  • Hey Coyote Pack, this video had to be reuploaded, see description for more info. New video out Wednesday:)

    • You should do a video with box turtles, that would be awesome.

    • Thank you for making this if you didnt i would have failed my report

    • Brave Wilderness ŕŕŕ

    • Hay Coyote make a video with a coyote

    • Brave Wilderness I live in Ohio

  • kind of cool how its neck folds into itself like that

  • 2:11 i had that turtle

  • My favorite turtle is ninja Turtles

  • I've caught those turtles before.

  • Eh I like tortoises

  • I LOVE TURTLES! My turtle at home is a Red Eared Slider turtle

  • I catch 15 to 18 every time on a good day

  • I had my turtle d ogjr

  • This is chad 🐢 He wants an army every like i add one turtle

  • Hey Coyote! Bit confused after watching this. We live in CT and we have the Eastern painted. But I have NEVER seen one with that dark of a plastron- they are all yellow-tan like the Midland you showed in this video. But no red line down the carapace. Any idea why?

  • I have a western painted turtle. Her name is Tilly, and she is a rescue.

  • In elementary school, I owned a pair of red-eared slider turtles, and I loved them. They are very very similar to the midland painted turtle but have a red streak on the side of their head rather than all over their body.

  • I have 2 painted turtles

  • Midland turtle was so shy while Eastern turtle stretch neck v far

  • Those live in my backyard... is it normal that I have a pond in my backyard?

  • How the you catch that

  • You sound like an American Steve Irwin 😂

  • I’ve caught one of those had to dive under water


  • I've got a pet painted turtle

  • Man,that neck is long (4:31)

  • I have a pet midland female painted turtle that my dad found in our woods

  • I thought he was going to say look at the top of his head

  • This is great because normally we should not handle the animals you handle but this episode we could actually hold the animals you should do more of these videos that we can hold the animals you feacher

  • I love my eastern painted turtle...hes beautiful . Hes got do much personally, greets us when we come home, dives off of his turtle dive, sleeps on his side...like wedged between the huge rock and glass of tank. He truly is one of the best pets ever . Theres more but thats a bit about Mr turtle

  • That second one is not an Eastern painted. Easterns are extremely easy to identify as the scutes on their carapace line up in straight rows. The vast majority of other turtle species including other painted turtle subspecies have alternating scutes on the plastron - like both turtles you caught. Because the eastern has such a rare but obvious characteristic it is extremely easy to identify.

  • The way he snatched that turtle out of the pond caught me so off guard haha

  • i had a panted turtle its dead........ 😭😭😭😭😭

  • I have a southern painted turtle named Leo cuz leonardo da Vinci was a painter GET IT? He has a VERY visible red line down his back, it's much more visible than the one that u were handling. Nice job btw

  • So i have him as a pet . He was small than a penny so i named him tiny and now he is a beast. He is a red slide ear turtle and he loved to twerk if kept in shower or someone touches his back shell. He loves eating mosquitoes😂😂

  • Favourite not favorite

  • They also let me run their heads, they just sit there as I do it, but the other one came up and bit me when I was rubbing the other one, I'm like, r u really going to bite the hand that feeds u😂

  • I have two yellow bellied sliders.....they freak out Everytime u walk pass the glass, they get even more excited when I pick up the container that holds the food😂

  • Coyote how do you catch a painted turtle

  • So cute!!! Turtles are my favorite!! Sea turtles specifically but all turtles are adorable!!

  • I have one

  • 4:57 wtf is that moving little thing over the tutrle's neck...? a worm of sorts? if so how come it dissapears all of a sudden? its weird, looks like magic.

  • I have a box turtle

  • I have a yellow bellied slider

  • I love the colour display on the turtles.

  • I thought it was red ear sliders or something

  • That turtle is in my moms lake

  • the turtle was like: “nope”

  • My owners found a female Red Eared Slider Turtle named April.

  • I had a 3 leged box turtle he went missing I let him to stay in the wild but we were friends

  • I have 2 turtles of this type

  • Hi Coyote you inspire me by catching all the animals you catch. And I love watching you jump in the lake to catch the snapping turtle in dragon tales. I also like the series beyond the tide well I got to go I hope you get this I’d love to be on your amazing adventure show bye ps.I love your content

  • do you know why my turtles fight each other? my older turtle who we had for 7 months is biting my baby turtle who we just got and im trying to train him to not bite my baby turtle but nothing works.. can you help me??

  • I'm sorry coyote, I like my alligator turtle better. But his name is Spike! And you literally said "Don't keep snapping turtles"

  • I catch those super often! Happy you made a video with one! :D


  • I love turtles

  • Hi coyote I have a pet turtle but I have no idea what type of turtle it is,is there anyway that I can send you a pic of it and you can tell me what type it is,P.S I love your videos I have watched nearly all of them I love animals so much I am your biggest fan love you💕💕😍😍

  • 3:57: coyote said midland painted turtle 4:01 coyote said midland painted turtle again by accident

  • Hmmm who is faster??? These guys in water, or my own pet red eared slider turtle that is still too small. (My pet turtle eats when I feed her. I give her a lot of food, but she won't grow. Sad for her, but good for me I guess)

  • Is it just me or do turtles always look triggered or derp

  • I’ve had a painted turtle before I found it at a pond and it just came up to us so we took it home and it lived for a long time

  • My favorite part is when there heads pop out and I also have a pet turtle

  • I have 3 Eastern Painted turtles, 2 female, one male. My male Painted, Longtail, has recently passed at age 8 due to a sickness that wasn't really curable. I'm very sad, and we had him the longest, he lived at my grandma's house, and we were very sad to see him go so early in the morning. E love, and miss you, Longtail Buddy.

  • My turtle thoroughly enjoyed this video lmfao.

  • ❤🐢

  • Everyone's favorite turtle c Coyote:SNAPPING TURTLE

  • I always see midland painted turtles by my house I even saved one that got run over by a car

  • When he held the turtle it looked like a pokeball. Or bakugan

  • I had a painted turtle! We got it from the wild. We had to release it because I “didn’t take care of it” ps I did take care of it


  • My favorite turtles are African Sideneck Turtles!! They always look so goofy and cute

  • I just got a painted turtle last week lol, only a southern painted turtle

  • No one gonna talk about the head of the tutle? ?😂😂

  • I have a turtle

  • i have those in my backyard pond

  • ive been bitten by wild turtles,geese,cats,dogs'lizards and pinched by wild crawfish catching and releaseing wild animals is fun

  • What does markiness mean

  • I disliked because you kept introducing your name in every video

  • I like turtles

  • come here to BC Canada and see our rabbit problem :D

  • Why does coyote almost always wears his clothes in the water

  • I don't have a painted turtle but I do have 3 red eye turtles 😊

  • I once found a baby eastern painted turtle when I was fishing and looking for minoes as bait

  • One this is the best video I’ve seen!

  • Yalayasım geldi

  • Those turtles are so cute

  • I’ve been bit so many times by them but we have a tank with ten turtles i think there’s two midland and the rest eastern

  • So I have a snapping turtle in our probably 100-50 FT pond and we really want it out. Do you think u can remove it and safely give it a new home. It is only a common snapping turtle

  • I love painted turtles but in Canada it’s very hard to get one I was about to get a eastern painted turtle but i got a musk Razorback I love her! But it has a boy name and it’s a girl Because I just found out it’s gender

  • now i know why turtle neck sweaters are called turtle neck sweaters

  • I had a western painted turtle for a while and it was the sweetest turtle ever

  • I have turtles i have soft shelled turtle and box turtle

  • I like turtles

  • Hi

  • My dad saved a painted turtle on the high way but it had no red on it? Why?

  • I have caught snappers that are about my hand to elbow length and Midland


  • *The Thumbnail LOOKS JUST LIKE MY TURTLE!!!!* *Is that you pete?*

  • I live in Midland no way that's a turtle that's named after the place I live

  • Here in Australia my favourite is the Eastern Long Necked Turtle.

  • You said a midland painted turtle was different than a midland painted turtle.

  • We have one of these turtle So! :D

  • An eastern painted turtle but my dogs nose off so be careful ( it was also really big, like a foot long)