Eugene Volunteers At The Trevor Project

Published on Dec 3, 2018
TREVOR MIGHT BE EXPERIENCING HIGH VOLUMES AND WAIT TIMES RIGHT NOW, if you are not in an immediate crisis but still looking to connect with someone more quickly, their online community,, can help you connect with other young people between the ages of 13 and 24.
Eugene volunteers at The Trevor Project, the world's largest suicide prevention organization for LGBTQ youth, and explores the training process it takes to become a lifeline counselor. Visit The Trevor Project at
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  • Oh god I can't see Eugene like this! (I can somehow always feel Eugene 's pain I somehow knew that his past was always something in him till date)from the day I saw him on US-tv. And this always saddens me . But do not forget we all love u and all of the try guys. GUYS OUT THERE, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO COME BACK TO AND THIS TIME IT'S OUR LOVE SO EVERYONE LOVE YOURSELF AND REMIND YOURSELF U DO MATTER

  • I am a Christian myself and I’m bisexual. I hate how Christians can twist God’s into something it’s not. Telling someone to kill themselves because their trans FIRST isn’t going to do anything, isn’t going to make them “normal” and SECOND God says to love all. Where does God say in the Bible to discriminate The lgbtq community? Exactly. Nowhere. If you’re a true Christian you’ll respect other people no matter if you disagree or not. Thank you.

  • only 2 genders dumbasses

  • Hello Trevor Lifeline this is Eugene what’s going on? Me: omg is this Eugene from the try guys? Thank you my depression is cured

  • I sEnsE tHe dOg iS iN ThErE

  • "I have a friend let's call her Stacy" OH MY FUCKING GOD EUGENE SAID MY NAME

  • you made me feel that man, love ya Eugene

  • I wish I had seen this kind of content when I was younger. But even when I was in high school just about 10 years ago I don't feel like GNC folks got much publicity so I went most of my life thinking they were basically as rare as unicorns, aka, not a real thing. Then in a group therapy setting I met someone who was trans. Hearing them talk about their life and their struggles with their identity it suddenly hit me that this was also me. That there were others out there. I found support groups and finally came out. I know the "cishets" always say we are pushing our agenda too hard but it's only because so many of us wish that this kind of information was more visible for us at an earlier age and we think about how much of a difference it could have made in our lives if we had found our true selves earlier in life and we don't want others to have this information slip by them so we have to make it known. I wish I'd had the ability to watch this video 10-15 years ago. Now all I can do is try to slowly introduce this subject to my sister's kids to raise awareness but I face other issues because my family is very religious and not accepting and my only hope to maintain connection with my family, in the future, is for them to not grow up also in ignorance and intolerance.

  • 0:15 seconds... best moment 0:30 seconds... 2nd best moment 0:56 seconds... 3rd and stop ❤️😭

  • It would probably be a good idea for me to call them.......but my mom probably wouldn't allow it.......and I can't make calls without her knowing bc our house is kind of small XD ( I'm not suicidal, I'm just kind of stressing about my sexuality right now....and have been for a long time...) haha...don't mind me just venting to whomever will listen..

  • gender identity confusion fucking check your pants your either male or female

  • These EXO ads just... make me super jealous

  • I’m crying so hard right now. Come to Brazil Trevor Project, we need you guys here, we are alone and dying by the hands of homophobe. We need help. Every day on the internet, in the city or in WhatsApp I see LGBTQ people getting oppressed and killings themselves, I see my friends dying inside cause they can’t come out because of this homophobic world that we live. I’m tired of hiding myself as a woman and a pansexual. We are tired of this filthy world that we live on. We just want to be free. And I honestly believe that this project here wold help us a lot.

  • I don't get how this video gets so many dislikes.

    • I think someone is brigaiding against the video. They probably shared it in an anti-LGBTQ space to rally people to come here and downvote and leave hateful comments.

  • I hate babies

  • Thank you

  • I won't explain my personal life but I would love to call Trevor but I'm terrified haha anyone else?

  • Hi, Im a AFAB, my names Alex and im a closeted Transgender male.

  • I cried...don't judge me

  • so thankful that you guys are using your platform to bring awareness to this valuable resource for those who might be struggling out there.

  • Thank you so much, Try Guys. Everyone knows you as those crazy guys who strip naked and do wild stunts but you are all such amazing people beneath the surface. Thanks for being such great allies to the LGBTQ community and making videos like this.

  • I am so happy, that i grow up in save surroundings, where i was able to never being judged of how i want to be. I am bi, still had to go to depression and shit, but not because of my sexuality and this video made me realise, how happy and thankful I am for everything. I just hope, that one day, the way i grew up will be normal and we all won't be judged, just based on the person we love anymore.

  • Eugene i love you a lot. Thank you for being such a wonderful person.

  • Eugene got me tearing up❤😢

  • Eugene- "People would sit on me" Hilarious

  • 0:18 tho!😂😂😂

  • Ive never known about Trevor, thank you

  • He has Ryan Reynolds energy

  • Awww eugeneeeee you made my heart melt when you started to get emotional..literally.. Ughhhhh.

  • Lul

  • Eugene is such a queen

  • Sjw trash

    • Shaun Raymond Bigot trash.

  • This is beautiful

  • His suit for the interview instantly reminded me of harry styles

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  • Gays are bad and STUPID

    • Well, speaking of stupid, scientific studies has actually shown that there seems to be a correlation between homophobia and low cognitive abilities.

    • Germany is STUPID and BAD.

  • gay kill there self more because nature trying to fix itself so have them self-destruct

    • matteo gottie Being this hateful is unnatural. Have you tried meds?

  • get meds gay is unnatural

    • What meds? Homosexuality completely natural and exists in more than 1500 different species.

    • matteo gottie Nope, gay is 100% natural, kid. ;)

  • So much love for this 💜

  • 🤢 🤮

  • im so happy that eugene can finally embrace and express who he really is!! i followed his content for years now and I'm sad he felt like hiding for so long. but he's on the right path now

  • Isn't it great we have such an open-minded president the first president in history to run on pro-gay marriage.. thank you President Trump ❤️❤️

  • Not real official councillors.....scam

  • This is so beautiful. I have so many friends that are in lgbtq+ community , including myself, that watch the try guys. And the fact that they recognized this and used it as a platform to spread such a powerful message is beautiful. God bless.

  • Yes I'm late to this but I feel like it would be a good idea to list where to call for other countries. Might help someone outside of America

  • 1) This is really, really awesome. I wish there was a "love" button and not just the "like" 2) I love that suit 3) I would totally sit on Eugene. Just sayin'

  • So, not that it's any of my business but, is Eugene gay or bi or just... "queer"? What's his deal? How does he identify?

    • Elwood Scott Pansexual

  • I am crying, I myself am a Christian and I am reading comments about how awful the LGBTQ+ community is being treated by so called Christians. I am so sorry that they treat you like that and I am even ashamed that they would call themselves that when The God I serve loves each and every single person equally. So do I and it breaks my heart that the LGBTQ+ community has to hide for being who they are. I am at a loss for words, if any of y'all would like to talk my insta is @happiness4ever15 you can DM me. (Or you can call the Trevor lifeline its up to you).

    • The issues I face with my family being religious is that they don't believe being trans is a real thing. I came out to them a year and a half ago and they say they still love me but say that enabling me (aka using my preferred name and pronouns) would be wrong and they flat out refuse respect me in the way I need it most. It's like being slapped in the face every time they say something wrong and their excuse is "It's gods way". It has left me with a horrible disposition and attitude towards religion. Especially since I was raised in that environment and was once an intolerant person which created self loathing because I was really being intolerant towards myself and I get angry about the "what if's"... Mainly, "what if I had been raised in a household that supported LGBT people?" How much better would my life be, then, if I had been able to come out as a teenager, instead of at 25? Or even as a kid? Which was the first time I ever told anyone I was trans, in the way a 5 year old can without fully understanding the complexities of sex and gender.

    • The amount of Christians who agree with ISIS throwing gays off roofs and calling for it to be a thing in western countries is horrifying.

  • I'm crying so hard, I'm a younger pansexual and I have depression and I've wanted to kill myself to many many times, it makes me feel good to know I'm not alone and there are other people like me

  • 1:10 that redhead is cute

  • I would love to volunteer my sister and best friend both attempted suicide but both lived. I did live through my brother die so I can relate

  • Ew

    • Falloutman 342 Start loving yourself, buddy! :)

    • Erik C ew

    • Falloutman 342 Don’t be so hard on yourself!

  • Ahhh Eugene crying made me cryyyy 😭

  • The full acronym is LGBT what the fuck

  • he is gay almost confirmed..?

    • skwinny Semp Pansexual.

  • Just wanted to remind all of you who tried killing yourselves over being LGBTQ, there is a valid reason why. You are mentally disabled with a severe disorder. Much like a eating disorders you need psychiatric help or it will cause harm or even your life if left untreated. Your sick, get help. Its not right.

    • Henry Lafontaine You ever tried getting psychiatric help? Or meds? You’re sick, get help. Its not right.

  • What if some people aren’t LGBT but need to talk to someone because they feel like they want to commit suicide??

    • Erik C oh


  • This was an amazing video and I love all you guys

  • Eugene got emotional and then I got emotional.

  • I feel like Eugene has really been able to come out and be himself since making try guys, before maybe he wasn't able to do that at buzzfeed as there were always fan girls in the comments obsessing over him. It might have been hard coming out fearing you audience wont accept you or support you and watch the content you are making which is basically your livelihood. I just recently had a classmate I went to law school with come out he ended up moving to a new country and starting new there. Sometimes a new environment helps.

  • is there something like that for Canadiens?

  • Thanks for posting this, i called and talked and went through my stressors and it was very amazing and helpful and it was very great!!! I feel better about things and about coming out!!! Thank you

  • Can i call them if i am just asking for help but not suicidal? Because i would love to talk to someone about coming out, but idk if i can call them.

  • Is Eugene gay I don’t care if he is but I just want to know

    • PliantMeat35 Hes pansexual

  • This was wonderful.

  • Where are the lgbtq family at!!?

  • Beautiful

  • This makes me uncomfortable

  • If I had a piece of garlic bread for every gender I would be sad because I only have 2

    • Gender is a spectrum, dear. You’re thinking of sex ;)

    • This isn't the place for comments like this, take it to an identity politics video

  • i had no idea trevor was i thing now i wanna help out there because i know how they feel its hard so dont bully it is one of the main reasons kids commit suiside #savethekids

  • God hates lgbt

    • Really? And what's Santa and The Easter Bunny's opinion on the subject? And what does Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood think? Or Hansel and Gretel..? Or Voldermor or Sauron? While we're on the subject of characters from a book. Like God.

    • barrett hahn God loves lgbt. God is gay ;)

  • Is Eugene bi or gay?

  • This really hit home. Thank you so much for making this video

  • Gays and lesbians its fine and natural All the other ones are unnatural and a mental illness. Stop supporting dilusions of mentally ill people. Ur making it worse

  • I actually feel so touched that Eugene volunteered to do this. Myself, I am young, and I am bisexual. Of course, I’ve never been bullied because of this, but whenever I say I’m bi, somebody will always just make a face and leave. And there are a lot of other things that hurt me daily. I am depressed and suicidal, and right now I’m under a lot of pressure. I’m working really hard to get out of this situation and I’m doing my best. Wish me luck!

    • Gacha Asker hey love💕 i just wanted to say you are so strong and so loved on this earth. Its hard for people to understand sometimes and you just have to take it with a grain of salt and be the best bisexual badass you can be. If no one has said it today I love you and keep killin it.

  • Shit like this should be banned on US-tv it's fucking disgusting

    • Helping kids is disgusting?

  • Mentally disabled.

  • Eugene looks like harry styles in that suit

  • I recently applied to be a Crisis Worker for the Trevor Project. I've received help from them before, and they were very helpful! My calling in life is to become a therapist, and I believe starting here is a great way to get experience before going to school for therapy!

  • oh shit

  • Im bisexual and i dont think i couldve made it to this point if it wasnt for the fact that almost all my other friends are too and we decided to all come out together and it made everything so much easier cause we were never alone and we always stick up for eachother... that was 4 years ago and most of us are still best friends and still talk to eachother... I know im lucky that i had people to talk to like that and whenever i meet someone whos struggling i try to talk to them and help them cause i remember how it felt when i thought i was all alone.. sometimes we just have to stick up for eachother when times get tough

  • I would say this is the most meaningful and important videos the try guys have done so far. Thank you the try guys for it

  • We love you Eugene! ❤

  • I’m not thinking about suicide, but I think I’m too young to come out and I need some emotional support. I’m afraid to tell anyone because I live in a very homophobic place (Georgia). Does anyone have a recommendation of somewhere else I can get support from?

  • Eugene sounds and acts kind of gay

    • [winfield original] ...And..?

  • The ending of the video made me cry a little bit. Last night I broke down towards the end of my shift at work. I thought about committing suicide, the pain and sadness felt all consuming. If you know what that's like then you know it's different for everyone but also extremely difficult to explain and put into words what happens with your mind and body. I was shaking and I felt my anxiety spike. I'm still not feeling okay but I'm glad I watched this video.

  • I’m literally so proud of u guys there’s so much shit that happens to u but u keep going

  • There is no confusion, male or female 😂 how is this hard??

    • +Dom_112202 according to science, it's a spectrum.

    • Dom_112202 It literally isn’t, my dude. Do some research ;)

    • Erik C it literally is 😂 wtf?

    • IO9802 no 😂 science my guy

    • Its not that simple, dude.

  • Broooo that She-man was ugly as fuckkkk

  • Wish I had this growing up. My mom walked into my bed while attempting suicide. She broke down while stopping me from hanging myself. I still have my struggles at age 33.

  • I live outside the US soo I can’t contact the hotline. It has been a hard time for me because I can’t talk to anyone and I am not out jet. I am bisexual and asexual I think. I just desperately need someone. I am not suicidal but have social anxiety and am a little depressed. I can talk to nobody and nobody around me can give me any advice on the topic. I feel lost and lonely.

  • What if Stacey is Ariel and Carl is Ned!!!

  • i cried at 4:50

  • I am going to give these guys a call one day. Should be interesting


  • If you want to be a tranny then you need therapy not drugs and surgery.

    • D Nah, you need therapy. Good luck!

    • +IO9802 You do.

    • You're the one who needs a therapy.

  • what is that fat thing

  • Your never alone in the world .

  • Wait what Eugene is gay???

    • King Flawless Pansexual!

  • My tip if your suicidal is to find someone to help you and find something to help others. I honestly don't care what your problem is. fix it, get aggressive, get better at what you do, get smarter and never stop. If things are hard slow down