Elon Musk Discusses New SpaceX 'Block 5' Rocket

Published on May 10, 2018
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As the launch preparations for the Bangabandhu - 1 were underway Elon Musk took time out to discuss the re-usability of the Falcon 9 rocket and his vision of a fully recoverable and reusable rocket. Not only that he expects to be able to launch land and launch again the same day.


  • Here is transcript of whole call (remove space): www.cnbc. com/2018/05/11/full-elon-musk-transcript-about-spacex-falcon-9-block-5.html

  • Sola panels, hype loop, spacex and tesla damn ty from humanity for driving us forward no matter what the world owes you.

  • is that car still on the way to Mars if so can it take pictures of Earth on the way and is it going to take photos when it gets to mars if not what was the FUCKING POINT Elon please answer my question from ---- Mr BULLSHIT

  • This video sucks, is this the best that can be done ?? I don't think we need this kind of piss poor stuff.

    • Maybe so, but SpaceX was not the one that put it on US-tv. Someone someplace had to make the decision to publish it even with the problems it has, thats the person to blame.

    • Jim Becker yes it's the best, you should blame SpaceX because the whole quality of the call audio WAS actually that bad...

  • Not sure if the bad audio was making the close captioning go wild or if Elon was really saying things like "I hope face punishment bullies words but that is unequivocal Indians conservatives wood brings back tennis beer statement please don't punch Rico's intention to dress in performance" ... say what???

  • We all will pass away. Eventually. So, people with BIG money want to make sure they will leave behind their own "Egyptian Pyramid". I get it. But why also don't pick on a really important and even more difficult problem - advancing public education en masse. So far no one was able to do anything in this area. Why? Because no one really tried to. Why? Because for many people with BIG money that is not really a problem. And even if it was, and even it they could contribute to it, what would be left behind beside a plaque on a wall? www.cognisity.how/2016/11/4projects.html

    • I'd prefer to have a viable colony on Mars thanks to Elon rather than to have some newfangled education system which i'm sure the education bureacracy would transform into another common core disaster.

    • Well then, Go do it! What is stopping you from doing what you feel is important. Elon is doing what he feels is important. So,.. get off the sofa and make a difference.

  • Could the upper stage be useful in some way if it is put into Low Earth Orbit? As tanks for staging a moon or mars mission perhaps?

  • The recording is very bad, not easy to follow.

  • Please for the love of God PULL THE MICROPHONE OUT OF YOUR ASS!!!!

  • The squeaks must be what happens when you make a phone call from the future.

  • 1980 wants it's recording quality back.

  • It's really extraodinary that ONE person has been able to accomplish so much. I really wish we had more people with even just quarter of his talent. And that is not praise.

  • 30:18.. who let the dogs out? LOL!!!

  • This call in a nutshell... Elon - "Jeff, I can't *squeak* hear you" *squeak* "Now I can, go ahead" *squeak* Jeff - *WOOF WOOF* "was wonder-" *ARF ARF*

  • The grid fins are nowhere near the largest Ti forging a fan disc for a GE9x or a Trent XWB is much larger and more robust.

    • That makes far more sense

    • If I am not mistaken, the fan Ti fan blades are forged individually, and fit into slots in the rotor hub for modularity and ease of maintenance. It is much cheaper to and easier to replace one damaged or cracked blade than replace the entire front of the engine.

    • Is the front fan actually a single forging? That's incredible, if so!

  • Impanel a Grand Jury Bring evidence of the September 1, 2016 Attack on the AMOS 6 satellite Bring an Indictment against Creepy Obama and all the Obama Clowns Go to Court - Present evidence of willful criminal destruction of property of the US Rocket launchpad facility to a jury - abide by the decision of the jury

  • Can someone eq out the high frequency and reupload

  • Thanks for posting - I hope future posts are possible

  • Wow, Elon, your phone quality is trash. Wasn't those calling in, it was you!

  • the audio quality is very bad

  • SpaceX Falcon 9 did not explode by mistake on Sept. 1, 2016 Creepy Obama gave the order to blow up AMOS 6 on the launchpad

  • I couldnt really understand what he said.. which bearing costs 6million dollars?

  • Reminds me of Steve Jobs teleconference when talking about ipad

    • Alvian Choiri Apriliansyah I never got the point of comparing Elon Musk to Jobs. Was Jobs involved in 3 entirely different industries (not companies)? And did he ever have the position of chief architect or engineer as Musk has with at least SpaceX? Did he speak about the products he makes as if he knows it inside out as Musk very frequently does with just as one example the rocket engines or the battery chemistry? And the most important of all did Jobs ever had a humanitarian mission as Musk does at least with Tesla and sustainable production of energy with the batteries? Just because the media repeats this comparison it does not make it right and we know they have a very shallow view if things except very few. Also if you find an extremely technical (not marketing) speech Jobs had or any humanitarian effort during his lifetime please share I am happy to change my mind. If someone else is using his money after this death towards humanitarian efforts that does not count.

  • What are those squeaks? Is he twirling in his chair?

    • That's the sound of his Tesla robots trying to build a Model 3.

  • Why all the blah blah. Where's the footage?????

    • They are using telephones.

    • 'cause it's a recorded telephone call with journalists.

    • This is a conference call that happened before the launch. The launch has been aborted and will be attempted again tomorrow around the same time.

  • Hmm I thought you weren't supposed to record this...

    • How do people get invited to this call?

    • Michael Farrell well you're flat out wrong just like the guy who commented before you. We would know we actually talk to SpaceX regularly, matter of fact this reply comes from pad 39A this morning, so...

    • Exilon yes, Elon used a crap speakerphone

    • All other channels I've seen have said rebroadcast was not authorised.....

    • Was the audio this bad through the phone or is it a side effect of the recording instrument?